The Irish-born in Districts 16-30 of the 1891 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Census Records

This compilation covers Districts 16-30 of the 1891 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Civil Parish, St Paul's Ecclesiastical Parish, South Municipal Ward Census. I will be documenting the Irish-born surnames and their occupations in this section. The Surnames will be noted under their associated occupations with additional information provided if a place name in Ireland (such as a County or Townland) is given. My primary objective is to identify the Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran and Gahagan families living in Huddersfield; they will be documented on their individual surname pages in addition to this page (regardless of where they were born).

It is important to keep in mind that despite the fact that the Irish continued to migrate to England throughout the 20th Century, their numbers dropped considerably after the peak of the famine in the 1840's. This page only identifies those born in Ireland. As the 1891 census takes place nearly half a century after the biggest famine of the century, many Irish-descendents in these census records will have been born in England and not Ireland. I will highlight the Districts and any documented places of origin in Ireland in Red and the Irish-born's Occupations in Dark Green.

District 16 had one Irish-born: Mary Autliff whose husband was a Congregational Minister. They lived on Trinity Street, Westfield with their children who were bron in Yorkshire and Lancashire. James Dickinson a Chemist and Druggist was born on the "Irish Channel."

Three of the four Irish immigrants in District 17 were living on Bradley Lane: Kirtland (Civil Engineer), McConnville (Cook, Domestic Servant) and Majary (Revenue Officer) and Smith, a General Servant was living on Cambridge Road. There were no Counties of origin were given.

All of the Irish-born in District 18 were living on Swallow Street, Black Lion Yard and one was on Spring Street. Hailing from County Galway were Edward Brennan a Mason's Laborer (his wife Bridget was from Mead, likely County Meath and daughter Julia was born in Newtown Ireland), Catherine Gannon a widowed Hawker, Martin Kennedy a Mason's Laborer (wife Elizabeth and kids from Yorkshire), Julia Mannion a Widow, Margaret Horns a Hawker and James Flarty a Plaster's Laborer. Hailing from County Roscommon were: Thomas Cain a Mason's Laborer and his wife Bridget and Patrick O Raffery and his wife Mary a Rag Sorter. Patrick Jordan a Laborer-Excavator was from County Mayo, Mary Ann Barret a Widow was from Dublin, Ireland, Bridget Welsh was from County Cork, Ireland and Thomas Maguire a Merchantile Agent was from Kilouran, Ireland (there was a Killoran in both County Galway and County Tipperary). Surnames Keating, Mannion (General Laborer), Martin (Agricultural Laborer) and Henry (Brick Layer's Laborer) were all born in Ireland.

The Irish-born in District 19 were living in Grunswick Place Convent, on Upperhead Row, Roebrick's Yard on Upperhead Row, St George's Square , George Hotel, George Street, New North Road, Henry Street and Fitzwilliam. Hailing from County Sligo were Michael Ducy (Farm Laborer) and Nicholls Brannan (Mason's Laborer whose wife Jane was from Huddersfield). John Tracey (Laborer) and his wife Mary Ann (Charwoman) were born in Galway (2 sons born in Yorkshire). Isabella Sharp (Head Chambermaid) appears to be from Hongford, Ireland (Longford?). Hailing from County Antrim were Joseph Chesney (General Laborer whose wife Isabella was born in Yorkshire, 3 kids Durham, 1 Lancashire and 1 Yorkshire) and Kate Flynn a widowed charwoman. Hailing from Coleraine, Londonderry were Eleonor Given (a School Governess) and her daughter Emily a Music Teacher as well as James Bullock a Woolen Manufacturer (from Coleraine, Ireland). There were two Irish immigrants from Belfast: Mary Brooks (Charwoman) and John Quinn a Farm Laborer. The following surnames were listed without specific counties of origin in Ireland: Harrison (Clerk in Holy Orders) and the following sisters of the Mark? Holy Cross and Passion (Grunswick Place Convent) Dunne, Kearney, Shanahan, Malone, Stanly and Pensden and Roman Catholic Priests Dolan and McAcliffe. In addition to those listed above with connections to the church were surnames Ford (Police Constable), Carrol (Ireland Revenue Officer) and Gillren (Mason's Laborer).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 20 were living on Kirkgate or on branches off of it such as Peel's Yard and Chadwick's Yard. The remaining immigrants were living on Market Street, in the Cherry Tree Hotel on Market Street and on New Street in the Caretaker's House for Yorkshire Banking. There were no counties of origin in Ireland given for these Irish immigrants. There were four Mason's Laborers (Connelly, Fliharty, Flynn and Hasty), 2 Navvy's (Rotkin and Glayson), a General Laborer (Thay), Street Sweeper (Connelly), Gas Maker's Laborer (Riley), a Bank Porter (Baxendale), Painter (Burn), Grocer (O'Brien) and 3 Grocer's Assistants (O'Brien children), a Hawker (Calleghan), Rag Sorter (Cassidy), Domestic Servant Waitresses (O'Brien and Nahon) and Kitchen (Thompson). Finally there was one listed without occupation (Briggs).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 21 were living on Schole's Square, followed by the Beast Market, Rosemary Lane, Byram Street Crescent Inn and Primitive Street. Patrick Kennedy (Mason's Laborer) and is wife Catherine (Lodging Housekeeper) were from County Roscommon, Hughe Pearce (Master Tailor) was from Lurgan (daughter Sara Ann from Huddersfield) and Mary Lord was from Dublin. The remaining Irish immigrants were listed without specific origins in Ireland including General Laborer (Costlow), Laborer (Johnson -2), Tailor (Handsbury), Herbalist (Nelson), Gasworks (Johnson), Gas Stoker (Devnil) and Dunn (no occupation listed).

The Irish-born in District 22 were spread out over numerous streets including Kirkgate, Spivey's Yard, Castlegate, Old Post Office Road, Dock Street and Moore's Yard on Dock Street, Windsor Court, Quay Street, Leadbeater's Yard, Rosemary Lane and Denton Lane. There are a large concentration of Irish immigrants in this district (many of which give counties of origin in Ireland) and a large number of Irish surnames on these streets who were born in England (but likely descendents of Irish immigrants). Hailing from Dunmore Galway were Mary Dunne (widow, mother in law of Maria Moran) and Martin Rocktigan (Mason's Laborer whose wife Winnifred is from Lincoln City and 8 kids from Huddersfield) and Annie Murphy is also listed as being from Dunmore, Ireland (husband John a Dyer and 6 kids from Huddersfield). Patrick Burmingham (General Laborer) was from Shanballymore, Galway, Ireland and John Melia (Bricklayer's Laborer) was brom Mileanna, Galway, Ireland. Patrick Mahon (General Laborer) was born in Loughrea Galway and his wife Ann was born in Castlerea Roscommon Ireland (3 kids born Huddersfield). Julia Dawson and son Patrick (a Grave Digger) were from Tulla, Ireland (there is a Tulla in Galway, Clare, Limerick and Tipperary). Also from Galway were: Michael Cunningham (Mason's Laborer whose wife Bridget was from Mayo), William Connor (Mason's Laborer), James Monahay (Hawker) and his wife Catherine, Martin Hanley (Tailor whose wife Mary is from Staffordshire, 2 kids Huddersfield), Patrick Noon (General Labor) and his wife Catherine, Alice Broderick (Woolen Feeder whose husband James is a Chemical Laborer from Roscommon), James Burke (Navvy), Mary Hopkins (widow and her son Patrick, Stationary Engineer, daughter and grandkids from Huddersfield), Henry Porter (General Laborer), Michael Moran (Wool Mill Hand), William Biggins (widowed Hawker, son and daughter born Batley, Yorkshire) and Comyns (General Laborer). Hailing from Roscommon were: Michael Cooney (Mason's Laborer and his wife Mary), John Doosey (Mason's Laborer whose wife Margaret was from Wicklow, three sons Huddersfield), Thomas Kelly (Gardener) and his wife Bridget, John Tierney (Mason's Laborer), John Mulligan (Mason's Laborer whose wife Mary was born in Huddersfield, Michael McParlin (Gas Co. Laborer whose wife Kate was from Halifax, kids Staley Bridget, Huddersfield, Bradford and Halifax), Sabina Morriss (widow, son from Huddersfield), General Laborers including James Branon THomas Mulaney, Anthony Kelly, John Ryan, Thomas Carney and John Connor, Bridget Murphy (Rag Sorter from Castlerea), Thomas McNulty (Mason's Laborer, widow, with son/daughter from Huddersfield), Mary Reynolds (son Patsey Mason's Laborer also from Roscommon, daughters from Huddersfield, Granddaughter from Oldham), Tim Flaherty (widow, General Laborer), Thomas Caufield (Tailor) and his wife Catheirne (Waste Sorter), daugher Ann (Waste Sorter), daughter Agnes (Rug Weaver) and son Patrick (Rug Weaver). Julia Brady a Widow was from Mayo and the following were from: Patrick Rattigan (Mason's Laborer, wife Maria from Rawcliffe, 4 kids Yorkshire), Patrick Scully (Bricklayer's Laborer, wife Ann from Oldham), Michael Marren (Mason's Laborer whose wife Mary and 5 kids were born in Huddersfield) and Martin Keelty (Tailor). James Kennedy (Mason's Laborer) was from Waterford, John McGrath (Mason's Laborer was from Tipperary and his wife Margaret from Wexford), John Lacey (Navvy) was from Tipperary and Thomas Hart (Navvy) was from Tyrone. Hailing from Limerick were: Margaret Connor (husband Daniel from London was a Tailor), Michael Kennedy (Tailor) and Jeremiah Foley (Hawker) was from Athea Limerick and his wife Mary was from Kilrush, County Clare. Hailing from Dublin were Mary Whelan (widow and her daughter Marian a Hawker) and John (Pot Hawker) and Maria Keegan (9 kids born in Huddersfield). Finally, Mary A Booth was born in Belfast (husband Arthur from Almondbury). The remaining Irish-born did not give places of origin and include Mason's Laborers (Banbury, Burke, Cairns, Dawson (2 from 2 families), Disken, Duke, Gildea, Herbert, Kenny, Marrin, Melark, Melia, Rattigan, Rourke (2 from 2 families) and Scally. The Irish General Laborers were Birstte, Brennan, Burns, Clark, Flannagan, Hanlon, McCormack, McWaller, Slater, Smith and Teahill. Other laboring occupations included Agricultural Laborer (Neary), Chemical Laborer (Setley, Brennan), Bricklayer's Laborer (Blake), Gas Stoker (Mularchy), Gas Worker's Laborer (Clansey, Kirwan), Furnace Tenter (Stanley) and Plaster's Laborer (Carns). There was a Worsted Refiner (Kelly), a Machine Fitter (Kelly), a Color Maker (Morriss) and a Feeder at the Woolen Mill (Pender). The Irish held several other miscellaneous occupations including Pedlar (Knockton, Ryder), Pot Hawker (Dunn), Hawker (Boyle), Rag Sorter (Lawn, Dawson), Charwoman (Murphy, Carns, Abraham), Green Grocer (Lardner), Watch Deal/Clothier (Lonryn) and those without occupations listed (Carrol, Coleman, Dawson, Dunne, Foley, Gallagher, Gildea, Melia, O Malley, Reynolds, Ronan and Sykes).

The Irish-born in District 23 were living on Kirkgate, Castlegate, Boulder's Yard, Forrester's Arms, Bradley Passage, Swift's Yard, Old Post Office Yard, Dock Street and Dock Tavern, Watergate, Mill's Row, Jowitt's Bridge, Fisher's Yard, Hall's Yard and Bate's Gate. There were no Townlands or Counties of origin in Ireland provided. The highest concentration of Irish were employed as Mason's Laborers including surnames Abraham, Cummings, Cuniffe, Dillon, Dolan (3 from 3 families), Durcan, Fahey, Flaherty, Fynes, Gordon, Green, Griffin, Hanagan, Heddington, Hoban-2, Joyce, Kelly, Kennedy, Lynch, McGuire, Moore, Mullin, Murray, O'Connor, Rafferty, Riley, Rodgers-2, Ryan, Quinn and Stead. Other laborers included were Stone Mason (Riley), Slater's Laborer (Lalley), Brick Maker (McPartland), Bricklayer's Laborer (Swift, Nestor), Laborers (McPartland-2, Currans, Moran, Mullin), Furnace Tenter (Farrell), Gas Stoker (Kilbride), Gas Workers (Hession, Kirwin, Quinn), Plasterer (Down, Ryan), Warehouseman (Jones), Railway Porter (Costello), Chemical Works (Berke, Dolan, Gatley, Lenerhan, Mulleague, Mooney, Vizard and Whitman). The following Irish immigrants were employed in Textile Industry related occupations: Rag Wool Sorters (Clarke, Griffin, Grogan, Shardon), Rag Sorter (Eagan), Woolen Piecer (McPartland), Wool Flock Sorters (Hopley, Morris), Rug Cropper (McKinin), Rug Weavers (Jones-2, McLinin), Weaver (Rodgers), Cotton Piecer (Costello-2), Woolen Feeder (Brennan), Retired Cotton Weaver (Power), Linen Weaver (Hall), Cotton Sorter (Rafferty), Dyer (Dewan), Tailoress (Bennett, Roddy), Cloth Hawker (Healey). The Irish also held the following miscellaneous occupations: Silk Nurse (Crosland), Green Grocer (Brennan-2 from 2 families), Charwoman (Helegan), Umbrella Maker (Hall), Baker (Brannan), Cigar Maker (Gildea), Small Ware Hawker (Ward), Hawkers (Clarke, Cooney, Nolan, O'Brian), Black Smith (Muller) and those listed without occupations (Conlan, Connolly, Culhane, Finn, Ford, Haigh, Hailofer, Hinchliffe, Kelly, Kenny, Lemon, Owen, Ryder, Swift and Quinn-2.

The Irish immigrants in District 24 were living on Northumberland Street, York Street, Hawk Street, North's Yard and North's Yard Northgate, Bradley's Buildings on Northgate, Brick Bank Northgate, Union Street, Thomas Street, Haye's Buildings on Thomas Street, Benson's Square, Lendall's Yard Leeds Road and Skilbeck's Yard Lowerhead Row. The following Irish were born in County Galway: Ann Robinson a Widow who was "maintained by her daughter" (2 daughters born in Huddersfield), John Mullanney (Bricklayer's Laborer), John Mulany (General Laborer whose wife Matilda is from Warwickshire, 3 kids born Huddesrfield) and General Laborers John and Patrick McDonough and Patrick and James Melia. Fanny Blannies (wife of Alex'r a Herbalist from Scotland) and Patrick Connelly (Lab. Gas Works) were born in Roscommon. John Callaghan (Mason's Laborer) was born in County Mayo. Five Irish immigrants were born in Dublin including Henry Paine (Goldsmith) and his wife Henrieta (daughter born in Cheshire), James Heery (General Laborer) whose wife Margaret was from Liverpool and three daughters from Huddersfield, Eliz'th Mary Rolmaz (husband James was a Music Hall Manager from Liverpool) and Edward Arthur Johnson (Musician) whose wife? Amelia was born in London. Mathew Leigh (Gen. Laborer) was from County Kildare, Catherine McDermott a widow was born in County Cavan (three kids born in Waterfield? Yorkshire and one in Huddersfield), John Patric (Street Pavior) was born in Queen's County, Bridget Parkin (Baker/Confectioner) was born in Limerick (husband Charles and 3 sons Yorkshire), Thoms Clelland (Stone Mason) was born in County Down and his wife Sarah was born in Monaghan (3 kids Scotland, 2 Yorkshire), William Pearce (Tramway Conductor) was born in Armagh (wife Martha and 3 sons born in Huddersfield) and finally Harry Fox (General Laborer) was born in Antrim, Ireland (wife Martha was born in Cheshire, son in Huddersfield). Patrick Vizard (Police Officer) was born in Ballenlough, Ireland (wife Eliz'th and 3 kids were born in Yorkshire). Ballinlough is a Townland in Cavan, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, Kings, Limerick, Lough, Mayo, Meath, Queens, Roscommon, Tipperary, Waterford and Westmeath in Ireland. The following surnames failed to list places of origin in Ireland and are presented by occupation: Mason's Laborers (Jennings, Lonergan), General Laborers (Nolan-2), Gas Stokers (Durkin, Lynch, Sullivan, Walder), Chemical Laborer (Brett), Plaster's Laborer (Fannen), Moulders (sp) Laborer (Carney), Railway Guard (Wilson), Rag Wool Sorter (Hannan) and Speed Tenter Cotton (May). Those listed without occupations were surnames Goulden, Kelly, Mooney and Pearson).

The Irish-born in District 25 were living on Lowerhead Row (plus the following on this street- Moore's Buildings and Rose of Shamrock Court), Castlegate (plus the following on this street- Mechanic's Arms, Mechanic Row and O'Malley's Lodging House), Quay Street (plus Kaye's Yard on this street), Rosemary Lane (plus the Star Beerhouse on this street), St. Andrew's Road (plus Hollidays Buildings Turnbridge and Aspley House Melbourrne Place on this Road), Hope Street, Rose Street, Daisy Street, Turnbridge Terrace, Violet Street and Silk Street. There were 27 Irish Immigrants from Galway including the following Mason's Laborers (Martin Fahy whose mother Margaret a widow was born in Galway as was his borther David a a Gas Works Laborer), Thomas Devane, James Hoyle as well as James Blake and son James. Also from Galway were Stone Quarrymen Patrick Birmingham (a widow with 5 kids from Huddersfield), Michael Higgins and Michael Doulan. Chemical Laborers from Galway were Patrick Blake (wife Margaret from Huddersfield), Michael Gately, William Ward (whose wife Bridget was also from Galway, son from Huddersfield) and Michael Mullin (whose wife Mary was from Mayo, 2 kids from Huddersfield). John Birmingham was a Gas Pipe Layer from Galway (wife Mary and 4 kids hailed from Huddersfield) and John Tierney and Michael Lyons were Gas Works Laborers from Galway. There were two General Laborers from Galway: John Tully and John Rocktigan. Other Galway immigrants were: Kate Millet (widowed Licensed Hawker), John Tully (Beerhouse Keeper Laborer), Thomas Wade a Pot Hawker and his wife Margaret (2 daughters from Huddersfield), Caroline Brook (Charwoman, husband is John, daughter from Huddersfield), John Keating (Woolen Teazer whose wife Mary was from Roscommon, 5 kids from Huddersfield), Barnard McCline (widowed Hawker) and finally Ann Lynch from Creggs Galway whose husband Thomas was a Lodging Housekeeper from Crossmolina, Mayo. Alice McDonald (widowed Licensed Hawker) was from Swinford (Mayo) as was Thomas Riley (Musician) and Brian Hanley (Hawker). There were 12 more immigrants from County Roscommon including: Mason's Laborers Connor Morgan and James Owens, Chemical Laborers Patrick Murray and Martin Connolly (wife Mary from Huddersfield), Plaster's Laborer John Madden (whose wife Jane was also from Roscommon, 3 kids from Huddersfield), General Laborer Michael Collins, Woolen Feeder Bridget Sykes (2 daughters from Huddersfield), Housekeeper Beer Winifred Tully, Fruiterer Rose H Eastwood (4 kids from Huddersfield), Thomas Haley (Army Pensioner-Railway whose wife Kate was born in Kent) and finally Catherine Cocker (whose husband James was a Stationary Engine Firem? from Huddersfield, 5 kids from Huddersfield and Mary Connolly (a widow who lives on her own means). The following immigrants hailed from Sligo: Thomas Donahue (Widowed General Laborer from Coloony, Sligo), his wife Kate (Rug Weaver from Ballywote Sligo, his son Thomas (Rug Weaver) and Michael Doyle (Musician). Mary Dickinson was from Cork, Ireland (her husband James a Stationary Engine Fireman and son were born in Huddersfield). John Smith and Charles Drury (Mason's Laborers) were born in Limerick, Ireland and Thomas Comyn (Fur Dealer) was born in Ennis (likely Monaghan, Ireland), wife Mary was born in Nottinghamshire and two kids in Yorkshire. Two immigrants were from Queens County, Ireland: Ann McIntosh (lives on her own means and 5 kids were born in Yorkshire) and Mary Sneath. John Plunkett (Army Pensioner) was from Fermanagh, Ireland (wife Harriet from Hampshire and 4 kids, one from Essex and 3 from Halifax). Hailing from Dublin were: Henry Short, a Musician (son James from Liverpool) and Rebecca Clarke (husband Alfred was an Accountants Clerk from Hampshire, 4 kids Yorkshire). Joseph Turner (Chemical Manufacturer) was from Belfast, brother James (Chem. Manufacturer's assistant) was born in Strabane (County Tyrone) and Ellen Schefield was born in Belfast (husband Aaron an Army Pensioner was born in Yorkshire, 2 daughters born in India, grand son in Huddersfield). Bridget Grady (Charwoman) was born in Edmondtown (town in Dublin, Louth, Westmeath, Wicklow and Mayo) and her husband Frank a Commission Agent was born in Yorkshire as was her daughter. Thomas Walsh (Publican whose wife Bridget was from Wales, adopted daughter from Huddersfield) was born in Ballianadiland?, Ireland. The remaining surnames were listed without origins in Ireland including: Blake (Chemical Tester), Ratigan (Chemical Laborer), Booth (Mason's Laborer) , Flynn, Jones, Kaye (Licensed Hawkers), Coleman (Hawker), Cannon (Laborer), Durkin (Gas Works Laborer), Duskin, Cooney (no occupation) Sheriton (Musician), Coleman (Bricklayer's Laborer), Beerhouse Keeper (Moran) and Burke (Brushmaker).

There were only three Irish-born in District 26: Ann E Wilkie (widow) who was born in Armagh, Armagh Ireland (her son William was born in New York, USA and was an Inspector for the Royal Society Prevention on Cruelty to Animals). Ann, her son William and his niece Kate from Manchester were living on Clara Street. The only two other Irish immigrants were Hackett, a Medical Assistant living on Bradford Road and Freeman a Gardener Laborer living on Lea Street; both were born in Ireland.

There was only one Irish-born individual living in District 27: Robert Johnson an 84 year old blind Marble Mason who was born in Ireland and his wife Elizabeth (born in Scotland). They were living on Hill House Road.

The Irish in District 28 were spread out among the following streets: Hawthorne Terrace, Newtown, Lucas' Yard, Green Street, Viaduct Street, North Gate (and the Grocer's Shop on Northgate), Bradford Road, Iredale's Yard, Stock's Buildings, and Laburnum Terrace. Thomas Kelly (Grocer and Provision Dealer) and his wife Mary Jane were from Roscommon, Ireland. Florence Hilda Farrell was born in Dublin, Ireland (her father Thomas was born in Gloucestershire and mother Mary Ellen in Yorkshire), and Eleanor Brett (School Teacher) was from Carlow, Ireland. Esther Seale (a widowed Charwoman) was from Queens County, Ireland (son and three daughters from Yorkshire), and Jennie McIlveen (Mantle Saleswoman) was born in Portadown (this is in Armagh). The following surnames (listed under their occupations) did not give places of origin in Ireland: Coach Painter's Laborer (Dobbins), Navvy (Folliard), Pedlar (Boyle), Basket Maker (Small), Wool Flock Warehouseman (Small), Insurance Agent (Rooney), Mason's Laborer (Doyle), Rag Laborer (Doyle), Bricklayer (Gallagher), Tailoress (Gallagher), Marble Mason (Cavanagh), Traveling Draper (Oates), Dealer General Smallware (Gannon) and those without occupations (Conley and Small).

The only Irish-born in District 29 were living on Bradford Road North. Hailing from Ireland were John Price (Tailor's Cutter) and his wife Johanna (3 kids from Northumberland) and William Carmichael (Auctioneer and House Agent) whose wife Sarah and their 6 children were from Huddersfield.

The Irish-born in District 30 were living on Union Street, Back Union Street, Leed's Road, Whitehead's Buildings, Sanitary Lane and Learoyd Row. Hannah Jane Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland (husband Thomas was a House Decorator from Staffordshire, 5 kids- 1 from Warwickshire, 3 from Staffordshire and 1 from Lancashire) and Sophia Rowbottom was from Kilkenny, Ireland (Husband Mathew was a Stoker for the Woolen Mill and he was born in Yorkshire, 4 kids born in Yorkshire as was grand daughter). The remaining Irish immigrants did not list a place of origin in Ireland. They are listed here by occupation and surname: Dyer's Laborer (Mahon), Mason's Laborer (Molorn), Dressmaker (Broadley), Washerwoman (Clements) and Garritt who was listed without occupation.

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