The Irish-born in Districts 31-41 plus the Infirmery and Model Lodging House of the 1891 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Census Records

This compilation covers Districts 31-41 plus the Infirmary and Model Lodging House of the 1891 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Civil Parish, St Paul's Ecclesiastical Parish, South Municipal Ward Census. I will be documenting the Irish-born surnames and their occupations in this section. The Surnames will be noted under their associated occupations with additional information provided if a place name in Ireland (such as a County or Townland) is given. My primary objective is to identify the Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran and Gahagan families living in Huddersfield; they will be documented on their individual surname pages in addition to this page (regardless of where they were born).

It is important to keep in mind that despite the fact that the Irish continued to migrate to England throughout the 20th Century, their numbers dropped considerably after the peak of the famine in the 1840's. This page only identifies those born in Ireland. As the 1891 census takes place nearly half a century after the biggest famine of the century, many Irish-descendents in these census records will have been born in England and not Ireland. I will highlight the Districts and any documented places of origin in Ireland in Red and the Irish-born's Occupations in Dark Green.

The Irish-born in District 31 were living on Northgate, Beaumont Street, Bradford Road and William Street South. The Following Irish immigrants were from County Roscommon Ireland: Henry Goulden (Cotton Wool Dyer) and his wife Ellen (their daughter Mary C was born in Chicago, Illinois as was son Henry and daughter Elizabeth was born in Huddersfield). Kate Craig was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Craig was a Foreman at the Gas Works) and Stanley Hamilton (Electrician) was also born in Dublin, Ireland (wife Amelia was born in London, 2 kids - one born in Lancashire and one in Yorkshire). The remaining Irish did not list places of origin in Ireland. Their surnames are listed under their occupations including General Laborers (Kelly, Joyce, Karney, Lally, Ryan and Tully), Bricklayer's Laborer (Kelly) and Gas Maker (Flynn).

The Irish-born in District 32 were living on Birkby Hall Road, Blacker Road North (and the Fever Hospital on Blacker Road North), Birkby Fold and Clayton Fields. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. Four of the five Irish immigrants were listed without occupations including Bowyer, Cooney, Fullarton and Wallis. Burrows was a Ward Maid in the Fever Hospital.

The Irish immigrants in District 33 were living on No. W. Norman Road, No. W. Halifax Old Street and Cowcliffe Hill. Phillip E Walker (Draper's Assistant) and Mable Walker (School Teacher) were listed as being British Subjects, born in Ballimore. I think that they may possibly be from Ballinamore, Ireland. There is a Ballinamore in Mayo, Leitrim, Longford and Tipperary. They were living with Gertrude Walker (Tailoress from Yorkshire, Lindley), all boarders with the Pickup family from Yorkshire. The remaining entries for the Irish-born in this district did not give places of origin in Ireland. They included a Coachman Domestic Servant (Elliot), a Police Constable (Burns) and a Mason's Laborer (Nolan).

The Irish-born in District 34 were living on Hetheroyd Hill Road (and National Schools on that road), South Cross Road, Delve's Fold and Molebeck Cottage on Bradford Road. James Jenkins (Woolen Weaver) and his wife Julie were born in Dublin, Ireland. Three Irish immigrants were from Belfast, Ireland: Henry McIlray (Woolen Printer) (his son was born in Huddersfield), Hugh Hamil (Farmer) and Mary Brook (husband Allen was a Laborer; he and 3 kids were from Huddersfield). Finally, Jas Alexander Scarr (Forman Tailor), his wife Margaret and son William were born in County Down, Ireland (2 kids were from Yorkshire, Bradford).

The Irish-born in District 35 were living on Fartown Green and Ashbrow Road. Maria McGrath, a widow appears to be from Waterford Mewater? (son Vincent is from Huddersfield) and daughter Alice was born in Dublin, Ireland. Abigail Battye was born in County Down (her husband Rhodes was a Fancy Cotton Manufacturerer) and one child was from New Zealand and one was born in Australia.

The only Irish immigrant in District 36 was Annie Swan, a widowed Domestic Servant who was born in Wicklow, Ireland. She was living on Mockleigh Road.

The Irish-born in District 37 were living on Broomfield Road, Broomfield Terrace and Springfield Place off of Luck Lane. Joseph C Kilkelly (Dispenser) was born in Athlone, Ireland and his wife Elizabeth was born in Berr, Ireland (son Anthony from Huddersfield). There is an Athlone in both Roscomm and Westmeath, Ireland. Robert Sowder (Draper's Clerk) was born in Roscommon, Ireland and his wife Elizabeth (Laundress) was born in Wicklow, Ireland. Martin Moran (Bricklayer) was born in Balla, Ireland (likely Mayo) and his wife Ellen and six kids were born in Yorkshire (Ellen and 4 kids from Rotherham, 1 from Sheffied, 1 from Huddersfield). Elizabeth Boothroyd was born in County Cork, Ireland (her husband Joseph a Railway Goods Porter was born in Huddersfield). Finally Ben Berry (Turner- Iron) was born in Ireland, wife Sarah in Wigan, Lancashire and five kids in Huddersfield.

The Irish immigrants in District 38 were living on Bk Prospect Place, Shirley, Edgerton Villa, and Hargel? Grove. None of the entries gave places of origin in Ireland. They are listed here under occupation and surname: Housekeeper (Healey), Inspector Science and Art Department Retired Officer (Lyons), Nurse Domestic Servant (Hoine) and four children listed without occupations (Mills).

There were 3 Irish-born individuals living in District 39 and they were living on Bradford Street. They include: James Donaher (Cotton Spinner) born in Limerick, Ireland (wife Ellen was born in Holmfirth, Yorkshire and two sons in Huddersfield) and Mary Ainly (Professional Cook) and John Nickilson (Farm Servant) who were born in Ireland.

There were only two Irish-born individuals living in District 40: Harriet M Cheveley (Principal of College) who was born in Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland who was living on Leeds Road and Mary Speight (Cotton Piecer, Mother in Law of Sam Nelson and mother of Emma) who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. She was living on Dam Head.

The only Irish-born in District 41 were Martin Nichols (Farm Laborer) from Kilkenny, Ireland living on Tenay Row and Mary B Hughes (a widowed Woolen and Cloth Sorter) from Ireland living on Deighton Road.

There were three Irish-born in the District Infirmary on New North Road: Rosainna Smith (Infirmary Servant who was born in Loughinnslind, Ireland), Terry Malany (Laborer from Sligo) and John Cannon (Laborer) from Ireland.

The Huddersfield District Model Lodging House was located on Chapel Hill in Huddersfield. There were 5 Irish-born hailing from Mayo (the enumerator listed them as from "Mayall" including: Thomas MacDonald (Mason's Laborer from Kiltimagh, County Mayo), Edward Flynn (General Laborer from Castlebar, Mayall, likely Mayo, Ireland), John Welsh (Brick Layer from Ballanar, Mayall, Ireland), Patrick Smith (widowed General Laborer) from Coulough, Mayall, Ireland) and John Conway (widowed Farm Laborer from Charlestown, Mayall, Ireland). Hailing from Galway were John Walan (widowed Farm Laborer from Kilroa, Galway) and Michael Connolly (Mason's Laborer from Hetford?, Galway). John Kaysie (a Mason's Laborer) was from Sereen, Sligo, Ireland. Dan Macaulay (Mason's Laborer) was born in Drimkeran, Leitrim, Ireland and John Hartney (Tailor) was born in Boadyke, Clare, Ireland. Patrick Horrigan (widowed Tailor) was from Ballintubbar, Limerick, Ireland. John Gateley (Widowed General Laborer) was born in Dublin, Ireland and Dominic O Donnell (General Laborer) was born in Boylor, Donnegal, Ireland. Finally, John Donelley (General Laborer) was born in Belfast, Ireland and Patrick Mackin (widowed General Laborer) was born in Newry, Ireland. There is a Newry in Tyrone, Wicklow, Armagh and Down, Ireland.