Miscellaneous stories - Champion Factory expands


An article in the Danville Commercial-News of Wednesday, February 25, 1925, described the expansion of the business. 

Champion Factory Increases Plant

 Industrical concern establishes branch cabinet works on Cannon Street

   With the demand for its output increasing by leaps and bounds, C. V. Champion & Co., manufacturers of the Champion corn popping machines and toastwich machines, has been compelled to seek additional space, despite the fact that the period of its occupancy of its new factory building near Garfield park may be measured in weeks.

   A lease has been secured on the garage building at 2403-2405 Cannon street and within 30 days Nathan S. Lager will have installed complete woodworking equipment for the manufacture of all cabinets used for the machines.

   Mr. Lager will be given the contract for all the cabinets and will put a force of from 12 to 15 men to work in the branch plant.

   The Pierce & Erickson garage, at present occupying the building on Cannon street, is seeking new quarters and expects to vacate the place by March 1, after which Mr. Lager will begin at once the necessary remodeling and the installation of machinery.

   The C. V. Champion company is one of Danville's infant industries, but has enjoyed a tremendous growth. A contract was recently signed with a Chicago sales concern which involves a million and a half dollars worth of corn popping and toastwich machines within the year, and the company has established an office in New York city, which is expected to handle a bigger volume of business than the Chicago contract.

   The company's new plant, 50 by 160 feet, is located in the industrial district just off East Fairchild street and west of Garfield park, and enough ground has been reserved to permit the building of additional space on the factory building, which will be needed very shortly.

   C. V. Champion, Inventor of the machine, is president and treasurer of the company, George E. Olmsted is vice-president and J. T. Dickinson is secretary.

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