Miscellaneous History Stories


Neighbors helping neighbors – Story

Coal around Catlin – Story

Stop LightA Stoplight to Remember – Story

Stone in City ParkMystery Answered

Stone in Catlin City Park names mine superintendent, W.G. Halbert. Story

Squires family from Catlin recalled by 1923 school reunion pamphlet. Story

Maple sugar making and a Maple Sugar Camp in Catlin are remembered. Story

Class of 1932Scrapbook traces history of Catlin High School's Class of 1932. Story    

1934 phone bookWho was "1" in Catlin in 1934? You can find it in that year's Illinois Bell telephone directory. Story  

Church drawingA sketch from Mary A. Church's scrapbook, drawn when she had the mumps at age 80.

The Old SeminaryA history of Catlin High School and a list of alumni from 1882 to 1922.

LetterheadA Civil War soldier's letter describes the 1861 Battle of Belmont.

War Letters from Lt. William H. Busby (WWI) and Lt. Rose Caroline Krusich (WWII).

Entrance to Jones GroveSociety volunteers lead a virtual tour of Jones Grove Cemetery in Catlin.

Photos of the Hinton and Moody families contributed by George Joseph (Joe) Moody.

1908 train wreck1908 Train Wreck

Newspaper article describes the wreck of the Continental Limited in Catlin in 1908.

Bentley residence1915 Directory

List of patrons for a 1915 atlas of Vermilion County with pictures of people and residences.


1936 newspaper interview

With George Patterson who came to Catlin during the Civil War.

Catlin Power PlantCatlin Power Plant

Article by Herman Byerly from the Catlin Church of Christ booklet "Catlin Homecoming" concerning the Catlin Power Plant.

Glass-sided hearseEarly Catlin Photographer

Clarence "Tad" Church's photographs and photographic equipment at the Catlin Heritage Museum

Opera House

1961 newspaper article on history of the Opera House

1881 ad for Dramatic Entertainment1881 Ad

1881 advertisement promotes a "Dramatic Entertainment" at the Catlin Seminary.

On the Back

An 1879 end-of-year letter from Tilton Brothers to its customers.

Catlin Inventor

Newsletter article on Catlin inventor Charles V. Champion Sr.

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