Visscher Family
Visscher Family
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Harmen Bastiaanse Visscher [DeVyselaer], carpenter, was born in 1619 and was in New Amsterdam as early as 1649. Soon after he came to Beverwyck. In 1675, his father, Bastiaan, was living at Hoorn, Holland. Pearson's Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany states, "He had a garden on the river side below Hudson Street, and a house lot on the west side of Pearl Street between Maiden Lane and Steuben Street. He was the village surveyor in 1666. His wife was Hester Tjerkse.

Harmen Visscher and Hester Tjerkse had:

  1. Johannes Visscher born 1669 md Elizabeth Nottingham
  2. Bastiaan Visscher
  3. Nanning Visscher md Alida Vinhagen
  4. Frederick Visscher md#1 Margriet Hanse md#2 Elizabeth Sanderse Glen, widow of Evert Wendel
  5. Tjerk Visscher md Femmetje Janse

Bastiaan Visscher (Harmen), brewer, married Dirkje Teunise, daughter of Teunis Teunise de metselaer. Bastiaan was buried 23 Apr 1737.

Bastiaan Visscher and Dirkje Teunise had:

  1. Hester Visscher baptised 17 May 1684
  2. Maria Visscher baptised 10 Oct 1686
  3. Geertruy Visscher baptised 20 Aug 1693
  4. Anna Visscher baptised 26 Apr 1696
  5. Hermanus Visscher baptised 5 Jan 1700 md Sara Wyngaart
  6. Teunis Visscher baptised 3 Apr 1702

Teunis Visscher (Bastiaan, Harmen) baptised 3 April 1702 married 10 Jan 1727 Machtelt Lansing.

Teunis Visscher and Machtelt Lansing had:

  1. Bastiaan Visscher baptised 24 Mar 1728 md Engeltie Van Den Bergh
  2. Isaac Visscher baptised 8 Nov 1730 buried 16 Nov 1731
  3. Isaac Visscher baptised 15 Sep 1732
  4. Dirkje Visscher baptised 4 Apr 1735
  5. Jannetje Visscher baptised 5 Feb 1738
  6. Teunis Visscher baptised 17 Jun 1740
  7. Johannes Visscher baptised 12 Feb 1744 md Annatje Pearse
  8. unnamed child baptised 14 Dec 1746

Teunis Visscher (Teunis, Bastiaan, Harmen) baptised 17 Jun 1740, son of Teunis of Albany, married first to Marytje Tymessen, daughter of Bastiaan Tymessen of Nistoungjoone, 22 Oct 1767, and secondly, Elisabeth Groot, in November of 1789, who died before the baptism of her last child, Henry. Teunis, widower, may also have married Elsje Roseboom, widow, 31 Dec 1788.

Teunis Visscher and Maria Tymeson had the following children:

  1. Teunis Visscher born 26 June 1768
  2. Jannetje Visscher born 21 March 1770
  3. Johannes Visscher born 5 Dec 1771
  4. Bastiaan Tymeson Visscher baptised 18 Oct 1778
  5. Machtelt Visscher, birthdate unknown married Abraham Vrooman 23 Nov 1790, son of Johannes Vrooman and Sarah Van Antwerpen.
  6. Mayke Visscher baptised 10 Oct 1782 married Johannes Swit
  7. Eldert Visscher born 31 May 1786
  8. Eldert Visscher (twin) born 24 Aug 1788
  9. Esther Visscher (twin) born 24 Aug 1788

    Teunis Visscher and Elisabeth Groot had the following children:

  10. Teunis Visscher born 23 Jun 1798
  11. Henry Visscher born 12 Mar 1805

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