Historical Homes of Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia  

Woodville Plantation
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Historic Homes & Plantations
Of Milledgeville & Baldwin County, Georgia
c. 1800. Devereaux-Coleman-Hogan
167 Kenan Dr., off 441 N. moved from Hancock County.

c.1800. Roe-Harper-Specht House. moved from ?
Corral Rd., off 441 N.

c. 1804. Gatewood. moved from Putnam County in 1977
226 Gordon Hwy, Scottsboro 

1806  Gen.  Scott-Carter-Furman-Smith-1941
was located on 441 S in Scottsboro

c. 1806 The Oldest Home In Milledgeville
Major Edward White -Conn-Moore-Campbell-Flanders (link)
247 S. Clark St. 

c. 1815. Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage
N. Columbia St.

before 1818. Beulah Plantation
This 1200 acres plantation was located on the east bank of the Oconee River, opposite the city of Milledgeville, near an old settlement called Johnsville.  James Barrow - Archibald McKinley
lived here until  Barrowville home was built in 1850's. Was located on McCombs Mt. Rd - now Lake Laurel Rd. 

1818. "The Homestead" Peter Jones-Williams-Ferguson
1936     1940  1970's
240 West Washington St. 

c. 1819. Woodville Plantation
Scott-Clark -Grantland-DuBignon-Richardson-Bentley
175 Gordon Hwy., Scottsboro 

Lochland McIntosh
Clark St. across from Governor's Mansion 
c.1820. Paine-Jones
201 S Liberty

c.1820. Tomlinson Fort
Orginal location corner Liberty & Greene Sts.
Moved to S. Liberty St.

c. 1825, rebuilt c. 1890. Sanford-Powell-Binion-Mara
330 W. Greene St.

c.1825. Old Hotel, Stetson-Sanford
1936 1970's istorical Marker

c.1820-1830. The Cedars  Charles W. Howard
1936 1970's 131 N. Columbia St.

c.1820. Torrance-Lamar-Hubbard-Cline
was at 131 N. Jefferson St.

c.1820. Gordon-Porter-Ward-Beall-Cline-O'Connor 1940
311 W. Greene St.

c. 1822. Williams-Grantland Orme-Crawford-Sallee
 1936 about 1940  251 South Liberty

c. 1822. Colonel Lee Jordan's Westover Plantation 1934
Before 1942 Off Monticello Hwy on Meriwether Rd.

c. 1823. Mt. Nebo aka McComb's Mount
Photos - 1934  1940-1941
was located on Lake Laurel Rd., E Baldwin Co
Old wall  around front property still there.

c. 1825.  Newell - Watts
201 S Clark St. 

c. 1825. "Thirteen Columns"
corner of Wilkinson & Greene Sts.

c. 1832. Harris-Hall-Vinson-Snead
421 West Montgomery

c. 1828 - 1832. The Willis House
1760 Irwinton Rd/441 South, Midway
c.1830. Boykin Hall
 Whitaker House, Hinton Hall  1936, 1937
Boykin-Whitaker-Walker-Shinholster-Giles 1940
Hwy 24 E

c.1830. Marlow-Bethune-Cone-Humphrey
Corner N. Wayne & McIntosh Sts.

c. 1833 Howard-DeLauney-White-Gaas-Lamar-
Winsor-McQueen-Bass-Dean 121 E. McIntosh St.
orginally on corner of McIntosh & Jefferson

1834. "Beauvoir" "Rockwell"
Rockwell-Prince-Gov. Johnson-Myrick-Morris-Bland-Ennis-Ogden
19 Allen Memorial Dr, Midway

c. 1836. The Old Parsonage
Thweatt-Trippe-Colonel Frank Bell  140 N. Columbia

1838 The Old Governor's Mansion (link)
120 S.  Clark St . c 1838, remodeled 1867, 2005

201 N Jefferson St.

c. 1839. "Rose Hill" "Lockerly Hall" (link)
Richard J. Nichols, Tucker-Sibley-Powell-Hollinshead-Hatcher-Grassman  1937 photo
1534 Irwinton Road/441 S, Midway. 
 c.1840. "Baugh Acres"
Polhill- Stevens-Brewer-Barnes-Smith-Baugh 1981
Hwy. 243, Scottsboro
c 1850. Dubignon-Brown-Massee
corner Columbia & W. Hancock St.

c.1856-1858. Barrowville, The McKinley House
Colonel William McKinley

c. 1859. Magnolia Manor
Kenan-Jarrett-Lawrence. 731 Habersham St.
 shortly after Civil War
Hwy 441 N, 6 miles from Milledgeville

c. 1875. Westbrook-Hubert Farm
Surrey Lane. 143 Little Rd., Meriwether
January 13, 1889
Atlanta Constitution
Milledgeville's New Start
Milledgeville, Ga., January 12 (Special) Considerable improvement is going on in this city at present. Among the buildings under course of construction is a handsome residence on Wayne street by Mr. W. D. Caraker; in the same locality Mr. Henry Wooten is erecting a beautiful home; Mr. G. T. Whilden is investing $6,000 in three handsome cottages to rent on Jefferson street and is looking for good sites to erect other houses for the same purpose. He said today that it was very difficult to get building lots and that they were held for high prices. W. H. Broughton is building a handsome cottage on Clark street. Mr. W. B. Brooks has purchased a beautiful lot on Wayne street and will erect an elegant home as early as possible. Messrs. F. M. Gobert and C. T. Caraker are putting the finishing touches on their homes, which have just been completed.

c. 1880-1890
Furman - Bell - Humber 1880 - 1890

Lamar Home photo about 1890
was at corner of Jefferson and Hancock

c. 1879. McComb-Hines-Holloman -Waddell
Built about 1879 for Thomas Lawson McComb. 130 South Wilkinson

Fraly Home 1880's
corner of Montgomery & Columbia Sts

Jere Neuville Moore 1887-1893 

Horne family 1890 - 1900
corner of Jefferson and Hancock

c.1890. Sallie Ellis Davis
301 S. Clark St.

c. 1890. Beeson - Andrews 
210 N. Columbia St.

c.1890. Myrick-Jenkins-Suitch
220 S. Liberty St.

1895. Alling-Bethune-Combs
231 S. Liberty St.

c. 1898. Bearden-Montgomery
241 S. Liberty St.

c. 1898, remodeled 1910. Bell-Martin
200 S. Liberty St. 
c. 1900, remodeled 1976. Museum & Archives of Georgia Education
131 S. Clark St.

c. 1900. Roberts - Myrick
200 N. Columbia

c 1900. Dr. Robinson's

 321 West Montgomery

 c 1900. Stevens-Stapler-Edwards-Daniel-Presswood-Smith
Stevens Pottery
Houses in Coopers
Andalusia Farm (link)
Country home of Flannery O'Connor

1921. Frank Bone House - Cathy Alumni Center
517 W. Hancock St.

529 W. Hancock St.
.Places on National  Register of Historic  Places
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