Scott-Carter-Furman-Smith House

Scott-Carter-Furman-Smith House
photo taken about 1968 by John Linley and Robbie Hattaway

Militia General John Scott, originally from Virginia, made his home in Baldwin County building the first frame home on S. Wayne St. In 1809 the home, purchased by the state legislature, was made into the home of the governor. Three years before General Scott purchased a large tract of land in south Baldwin County in what is now called Scottsboro and erected what was called the  John Scott-Carter-Furman-Smith House. Farish Carter purchased the home and plantation about 1813 and  additions to the original structure in were made. Greek revival columns were added in 1820, and a verandah was added in 1880.
Owners: General John Scott, Farish Carter, John H. Furman, Farish Carter Furman, Emma LeConte Furman, John R. L. Smith, descendants of John R.L. Smith
The house was demolished in 1968. A subdivision, Furman Estates, is on the site now.

source: Architecture of Middle Georgia, THE OCONEE AREA by John Linley

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004