Submitting to GAAAG


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Submitting to Georgia African American Griots


We are always in need of volunteers and donated data. Considering how busy our lives tend to be, we have listed ways in which volunteers can help our project as well as some

of the records that we are in need of.




  • All donated data/records must be African American related. Records that include other races are acceptable as long as African Americans are included.

  • No copyrighted materials will be accepted unless written authorization has been obtained from its author and is included with the submitted material.

  • Authors are allowed to submit their own compiled data.

  • Birth certificates/records must be of individuals born December 1905 or before

Where do I start?


  • Donate records that you already have

  • Compile a list of the African American Churches and cemeteries in your community

  • Compile a list of schools in the local African American community

  • Visit the Courthouse and use a digital camera to photocopy data such as "Colored" Marriage Records and other records relating to AA's

  • Visit the Main Library's genealogy department and photocopy or use a digital camera to copy pages from directories showing AA's

  •  If you have records that need transcribing and it is too time consuming, contact GAAAG and we will transcribe them for you

  • Survey local African American cemeteries and submit the names and dates of individuals buried there. Partial listings are accepted

What records does GAAAG suggest I submit?


Birth certificates

Birth registers

Records of slave births



Deeds of Emancipation


Marriage Bonds

Marriage Records

Marriage Certificates

Bible Records

Slave Schedules

Mortality Schedules

Plantation Records


Death Certificates

Death Records

Cemetery listings

Cemetery Surveys

Slave Narratives


Church Histories

Church Reports

Church Records

Local School Records

Local Town Histories

Military Records

Surname & Queries

Land Records

Oral Interviews


This list is only of a few records that are available to researchers wishing to donate to the project. If you have records other than what is listed, feel free to submit them.

They will help researchers in their quest for knowledge.


  • Partial listings of records are acceptable. If partial listings are submitted, please state that they are.

  • Please include your name or the contributor's name with all data being submitted.

  • If the record is for a certain county or location, please include that information within the document

  • Records/data should be submitted in Word, Text, Excel or jpg formats. If the format in which you submit your record has to be changed, you will be notified.

  • If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, feel free to notify us.

  • Thank you for your interest in submitting your records to Georgia African American Griots and we look forward to your submission!