William Hall VC, RN

William Hall VC, RN

Able Seaman William Hall VC, RN
Able Seaman William Hall VC, RN

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William Hall was the first black man to win a VC. Born in 1827 in Nova Scotia, the son of a freed slave, Hall volunteered for the Royal Navy some time before 1852. In November 1857 he was part of the Naval Brigade from HMS 'Shannon' which helped to relieve the British Residency in Lucknow, winning the VC alongside Lieutenant Thomas Young. Hall remained with the Navy, rising to the position of Quartermaster and Petty Officer in HMS 'Peterel' before he retired in 1876.

Transcribed from the (all but one obit.) Register, Berwick, N. S.

  • A Nova Scotian V. C. - January 11, 1900. The list of V. C.’s, on which are now some 180 names, will doubtless be augmented during the present war. In running over the list of those who are entitled to wear the little bronze cross, one encounters the entry, "Hall, Seaman William, India, 1857".

  • A Bit of History. - January 25, 1900. In connection with the interesting account given in your issue of the 11th, of our Nova Scotian V. C, Mr. Hall, of Avonport, King’s County.

  • Obituary September 6, 1904. From the Daily Times, Moncton, N. B.

  • Obituary September 8, 1904. From the Register, Berwick, N. S.

  • A Kings County Hero - September 14, 1938. A correspondent of the Toronto Globe and Mail calls attention to the fact that August 25th was the anniversary of the death of the only Canadian-born negro to be awarded the Victoria Cross for valor in battle.