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We hope that you enjoy our site. This site contains over 4000 files (images and text) representing many YEARS of hard work and devotion in displaying the history of the Kings County, Nova Scotia. This work is provided freely but we would like to ask that you please consider making a donation to the Kings County Museum, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. in exchange for any help our site gave to you.

A great section to read regarding this area of the Valley at Confederation. Written in 1929 by Berwick's first Mayor. Click Here

This link holds well over 100 articles dating back to the late 1800's ... and written about a variety of topics - many are historically significant.

Various Years

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Berwick - 1908
The Register newspaper of the Town of Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia was first published in 1891. The issues from 1891 - 1896 are gone (I found an article dated in 1897 that stated that the Register office burnt down in 1896). On June 13th, 1901 there was an 1891 ten years ago column, so, at least in 1901, the early issues were still in existence. The earliest issue that I have access for is the year 1897, although all of the Oct., Nov. and Dec. issues for that year are missing as well. The editor and publisher in 1897 was John E. Woodworth. The subscription price was $1.00 a year, in advance. The extracts that I have posted and shall add in the future will consist mainly of births, marriages, deaths, community columns and various stories relating to the Annapolis Valley and surrounding areas. My main interest is the Bay of Fundy and the lives of the people who made their living on it. (Phil Vogler, Berwick, Nova Scotia. )
  • A special thank-you to the The Register Office (in Berwick, Nova Scotia) for allowing me to research past issues and post them on this site. The paper is still published today and remains a vital link to community news.

  • D. O. Parker - 1897, Berwick, Its People and Institutions as I knew them about Sixty Years ago. (30+ sections). This page has been updated recently and now contains all of the sections (that we can find) as well as information on Rev. D. O. Parker.

  • Men & Events of 50 years ago - S. C. Parker, 1927. Samuel Chipman Parker - "Men & Events of 50 Years Ago". A series of articles written for the Register in 1927.

  • My Early Girlhood Days In Berwick - 1929, Mary (Molly) Elizabeth Darling. It is not a "make believe" as the children say; it is a really true story, a memory sketch including some of the current events of that time.
    - Mary Elizabeth Darling"

  • Cook Family History - important historical documents involving the Cook family and the Harbourville area.

Newspaper Vital Statistics
The Register (Berwick) & The Outlook (Middleton) and other newspapers.

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S. (C) .
** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Please Note - We do not provide look-ups

Vital Statistics, 1866
The Star, Berwick
Vital Statistics, 1878 - 1879
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1880
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1881
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1882
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1882
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1883
The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1884
The Spectator, Annapolis Royal
Vital Statistics, 1885 The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown
Vital Statistics, 1889
The Canning Gazette
Aylesford Union 1897 Aylesford
Vital Statistics, 1900 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1901 Register &
Middleton Outlook
Vital Statistics, 1902 Register &
Middleton Outlook
Vital Statistics, 1903 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1903 Outlook only
Vital Statistics, 1904 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1905 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1906 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1907 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1908 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1909 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1910 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1911 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1912 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1913 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1914 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1915 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1916 Register only
Can not find 1917 on film or Register
Vital Statistics, 1917 Advertiser
Kentville & Outlook, Middleton
Vital Statistics, 1918 Register only
Can not find 1919 Register
Can not find 1920 Register
Can not find 1921 Register
Vital Statistics, 1922 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1923 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1924 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1925 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1926 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1927 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1928 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1929 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1930 Register only
Vital Statistics, 1931 Register only
  • Some years may be incomplete, as not all years are available on microfilm. Rather than have you do without we decided to post what was available. In the years from 1912 to 1922 there are a number of missing months, possibly a couple of years, but we will post what we have when we can.

  • Miscellaneous vital statistics from Annapolis County newspapers prior to 1900.

  • Odds and Ends - Vital Statistics from miscellaneous newspapers and dates from Annapolis County, and Kings Co., Nova Scotia

  • The vital statistics compiled by John Parker for the years 1866 - 1899 from The Register and The Star, Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia, were published by GANS in The Nova Scotia Genealogist in 2001. This includes other early Kings Co., newspapers as well as the Star in other incarnations out of Wolfville and The New Star out of Kentville. The earliest Star vital statistics are from 1866 with scattered issues. The publication is available online at the GANS site, in PDF format by clicking here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

The People of Kings County (offsite) 1897 - various articles, bmd's etc. Artifacts ledgers and other doc's
Leora (Webster) Cross articles 1898 - various articles, bmd's etc. Rev. W. R. Foote
Nova Scotia's Ship of Mercy 1914 1899 - various articles, bmd's etc. Halifax Explosion - various articles
Rev. G. O. Huestis and Family Various Years Murrille Schofield Collection
Image Gallery - various pictures. William Hall. R. N., V. C. Titanic - various articles
Margaret Marshall Saunders 1938, Nellie L. McClung The Klondike - various articles
The Mary Celeste - various articles Royal Family R.G. Dun & Co.
Veterans' Memorial Fire Truck - Berwick W.W. II Kingston Ledgers 1850-60
Aimee Huntington Woodworth Acadia Freshman 1918-1922 Berwick Hockey Articles
Isaac Dexter Ledgers Alexander Graham Bell J. W. Hutchinson pictures & information
Seaside Park Hotel Harbourville The Burlington Cemetery Project  

Feature Articles

Fisherman Series 1897. An excellent series of 4 extracts by a writer called the "Fisherman." These 4 are the only extracts that have been found to date.
How Grandmother Was Lost May 12th,1897. "How Grandmother Was Lost." On April 1, 1770, Elizabeth and Moses Shaw get lost for four days.
The School for the Blind, Halifax. August 18th, 1897. August 18th, 1897. School for the Blind, a letter by C.F. Fraser, Supt., Halifax, Aug 16th, ’97.
South African Adventures March 7th, 1901. South African Adventures - “Hell’s Gate Fight.”
An Anniversary June 13th, 1901. Ten years ago today, on June 13th, 1891, appeared the first issue of THE REGISTER. Ten Years Ago Column included.
Death of Mr. E. C. Foster. Sept. 5th, 1901. In religious circles Mr. Foster has been one of the foremost lay men of the County.. .
The Jamaican Maroons. August 7th, 1902. The Jamaican Maroons. Originally from the Comorantee nation in Africa.
Old Valley Meeting House May 5, 1904. It stood where three roads met, an old fashioned, barn-like structure, with rows of many paned, uncurtained windows; its clapboarded sides innocent of paint, but bleached by the sun and storm to a soft, gray color, that blended well with the green fields and meadows which surrounded it.
A Fenian Reminiscence May 22nd, 1913. "It’s ‘thin red line of ‘eroes’ when the drums begin to roll."
The first Anglican Bishop July 10th, 1913. The first Anglican Bishop appointed in British North America was Charles Inglis
Complete Prohibition for Nova Scotia. November 10th, 1915. The time has more than come for the overthrow of the liquor traffic in Nova Scotia.
Prohibition that Prohibits. January 23rd, 1918. First class Legislation with enforcement by competent officials, ensures satisfactory prohibition.
Eliza A. Morton – Spinster. February 6th, 1918. A SNAP SHOT (By Amy Musgrave.)
Letter from Judge Savary February 13th, 1918. The Rule of the Road. - Letter from Judge Savary
SOME CUSTOMS OF THE MICMACS June 14th , 1922. We all know something of the interesting aspects of Indian life that are now passing into oblivion as our older men die and a young generation comes into being.
Hall's Harbour October 4th, 1922. Where Pirates Fought For Treasure And An Admiral Was Born.
Mr. Justice Newcombe October 1st, 1924. Mr. Justice Newcombe is a native of Kings County. He was born in Grafton – or the district now known by that name – on February 17, 1859, the eldest son of the late Mr. John C. and Mrs. Abbie H. Newcombe. His sister, Mrs. Margaret Trueman, resides in Berwick.
Memorial Cross October 8th, 1924. Memorial Cross Erected At Morden.
Pirate Hoard June 1st, 1927. Native of Windsor Tells Of Pirate Hoard. Buried On the Tusket Islands On the South-west Coast of Nova Scotia.
Story of Confederation June 29th, 1927. The Story of Confederation Sixty Years Ago - The history of Canada during the sixty years since Confederation.
1927 August Gale August 31st, 1927. Valley Ravaged By Terrific Storm
Morden History October 26th, 1927. Little Village Of Morden Has Romantic History Played Prominent Part As Setting For Early Struggle of Acadians – Lone Stone Cross Is Now Only Link With the Past.
In Pioneer Days January 29th, 1930. (A paper read by the late John E. Woodworth before the Nova Scotia Historical Society, Halifax, at the April meeting, 1917.)
Halifax School for the Blind May 28th, 1930. THE HALIFAX SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND. Its History, Present Activities, and Destiny.
Early History of Nova Scotian money November 8th,1933. MONEY IN NOVA SCOTIA’S EARLY DAYS. (By Jean Ritchie Anderson in Montreal Herald)
Kerosene Inventor May 30th, 1934. Born at Cornwallis, May 2, 1797, the son of Harry Gesner, a Loyalist.
Mr. Bennett in Empire Broadcast January 20th, 1937. Expressing the hope that policies could be devised to bring about a wider distribution of British people among the countries of the Empire ...
Christmas Stories December 22nd, 1937. 2 articles - A Christmas Debt Paid and When Christmas Grew.
New Ghosts In The Atlantic Graveyard January 26th, 1938 By WESTON GAUL. For Sable is rapidly submerging. The island is dwindling before the onslaught of wind and tide.
The Old Tusket River. March 30th, 1938. Poem - The Old Tusket River.
Fairview Creamery April 13, 1938 and October 18, 1939. under the management of E. S. Illsley.
Aviation in Canada May 4th, 1938. Aviation in Canada.
The Old House On The Hill August 3rd, 1938. The Old House On The Hill, a poem by Alma Scott MacMellon.
The Early History Of Burlington Baptist Church August 5th, 1939. From Its Organization In 1860 To 1904 As Published In Pamphlet form by Rev. P. C. Reed who Was Pastor at the Latter Date.
Kentville Experimental Farm August 9th, 1939. Kentville Experimental Farm, article & picture.
Will Celebrate 150th Anniversary In 1940 September 6th, 1939. St. Mary’s Church (Anglican), Auburn, is the third oldest church in the Nova Scotia diocese, will Celebrate 150th Anniversary In 1940.
Early History of Somerset March 20th, 1940. Some Facts Relating To The Early History of Somerset
St. Mary’s Church At Auburn Observes 150th Anniversary July 17th, 1940. Consecrated In 1790 By Rt. Rev. Charles Inglis, St. Mary’s Has Historic Background Unequalled By Any Anglican Church In Nova Scotia. (picture added)
Historic Church of St. Mary’s Celebrates 150th Anniversary September 4th, 1940. St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Auburn, hallowed with historic and sacred memories extending over one hundred and fifty years was filled to capacity with worshippers from all parts of the parish on Sunday morning and afternoon.
Lord Baden-Powell February 5, 1941. Personal Reminiscences Of The Late Lord Baden-Powell
Leslie E. Dennison July 19th, 1945. Ex-Printer Sees Beauty, Wealth, In Native Land. The distinguished-looking visitor is Leslie E. Dennison, brother, of Albert F. Dennison, Commercial Street, with whom he has been spending part of a summer vacation in various parts of the Annapolis Valley, after an absence of more than thirty years since his last visit to this part of the country.
Kentville Elects Province’s First Woman Mayor February 7, 1946. Mrs. H. W. Porter Wins Mayoralty Contest By Biggest Majority Ever Polled In Kentville – Daughter of Seven-Times Mayor of Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Hon. E. H. Armstrong Dies February 21, 1946. Hon. E. H. Armstrong Dies At Home In Bridgewater, Following 13 Years Of Invalidism – Law Graduate Of Dalhousie University – Buried At Yarmouth.
Mr. Grant Bowles July 25th, 1946. Veteran Operator Scoops Earth On Dangerous Road.
Aylesford United Church November 21st, 1946. Church Looks Back On 131 Years’ History.
Historic Thomas Lawson Store September 25, 1947. Expatriate Recalls Old Days In Country Store. HISTORIC LAWSON GENERAL STORE. By P. F. Lawson.
St. Mary’s Church, Auburn October 7, 1948. Old Anglican Church To Celebrate its "Birthday". St. Mary’s Church (Auburn) Township of Aylesford
Ancient Picturesque Bridge Blown Up January 31, 1952. At 12.35, Monday, a single dynamite blast split the picturesque covered bridge at Horton Landing and plunged it in two sections into the swirling tides of the Gaspereaux River.
Berwick United Church History February 25, 1954. Pastor Presents Berwick United Church History.
Last House In N. S. March 25, 1954. Visiting Preacher Tells Of Last House In N. S.
Pinaud Yacht yard November 8th, 1956. Baddeck Boat-Building Success Developed From Yacht For Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.
Gala Day 1957 August 29, 1957. Gala Day 1957. Lunenburg Clown Band and the Shelburne Majorettes.
End Of Era In Church History April 1st, 1971. It would appear from T. W. Smith’s History of Methodism that about the year 1835 there was quite a religious awakening in Pleasant Valley.

Dawson City, February 1903
Do you know the man on the right in this picture, could he be
Capt. Henry Havelock Norwood of Berwick?
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Gala Day 1945

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