Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1928

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia,
1928 - Mfm # 4026, NSARM, Halifax, NS

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B. Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4026. ; placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site : ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 ; E-mail : Published on Wednesday. Absent: Jan 11 issue.

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930; e.g. S for South; E for East As in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer!

*No Vitals for 7 Nov 1928; 26 Dec 1928 issue has torn pages no visible vitals.

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Alders, Elsie, E. Married at New Ross, 4 July 1928, to Walter F. Washburn, s/o George Washburn, St. John, NB. [BR 11 July 1928].

Allen, Faye, d/o F. T. Allen, married at Bolivar, NY, 18 Aug, to Paul Caldwell, Portville, s/o Rupert Caldwell, Berwick, NS. [5 Sept 1928 write up].

Archibald, Emma see Bligh, Enos.

Aylward, Mabel Kathleen, d/o Walter Aylward, married at Falmouth, Hants Co., 26 Sept, to Wilfred F. Horsnell, Aylesford. [17 Oct 1928 write up].

Balser, Peter, s/o Hiram Guy Balser, Canada Creek, died at New York, 6 Nov. [14 Nov 1928].

Banks, Charles A., died at Vancouver, BC, 21 Mar., 75 years, of Aylesford. [11 Apr 1928]. [BR 4 July 1928].

Banks, Stanley F., Morristown, died at Berwick, Sat., 60 years, s/o George Banks m. Elidie Foley, Halls harbor. [10 Oct 1928 obit see 17 Oct 1928].

Bennett, Mrs. -------, w/o William Bennett d/o George Sanford, Waterville, died at Steam Mill, 30 Jan. [8 Feb 1928 obituary].

Best, Claude L. see Fredericks, Lillian V.

Bezanson, John, s/o George Bezanson, North Mtn., died at Warren, NH, Easter Sun, 80 years, b.6 Aug 1848. [11 Apr 1928 obit].

Bezanson, Mary, see Sawler, Judson.

Bligh, Enos, died at Brooklyn Corner, Kings Co., 82 years, m. Emma Archibald. [24 Oct 1928 p.2].

Bowlby, Carrie, died at White’s Corner, Kings Co., 15 June, w/o Vernon L. Bowlby, 22 years. [27 June 1928].

Boyce, Evelyn L. married at Woodville, 22 Aug, to Earle B. Brown, s/o Allan Brown, Brooklyn St. [29 Aug 1928 write up].

Brown, Absolom see Rainforth, Mrs. Sarah J.

Brown, Allan see Boyce, Evelyn L.

Brown, Earle B. see Boyce, Evelyn L.

Brown, Elizabeth see Osborne, Alexander Black.

Brown, Marcus F. see Jones, Beatrice H.

Brown, Peter see Osborne, Alexander Black.

Brown, Sarah J. see Rainforth, Mrs. Sarah J.

Caldwell, Paul see Allen, Faye.

Caldwell, Rupert see Allen, Faye.

Calkin, C. W., died at Baseline Road, 4 June, 90years [13 June 1928 – obituary].

Campbell, Mrs. Joseph J. see Crowell, Mabel V.

Card, Wineva see Craig, Wineva Idell.

Carey, Jane see Taylor, Mrs. Henry.

Cavanagh, Joseph, Centreville, died last Tues. accident. [18 Jan 1928 obit].

Chaffee, Edith Blanche, married at Aylesford, 13 Nov to Alvin Lawrence Uhlman, both of Millville. [5 Dec 1928].

Chambers, Emily R., wid/o Collingwood Chambers, Halifax, d/o Francis Webber, Sackville, died at Berwick, 27 Oct, 80 years. [31 Oct 1928 obit].

Charlton, J. H. see Charlton, Leafie A.

Charlton Leafie A., wid/o J. H. Charlton, formerly, Middleton, died at Berwick, 31 Dec 1927, 72 years. [4 Jan 1928 obituary].

Charlton, W. H. & Henrietta see Rood, Lucy R.

Chipman, Ethel see Webster, Judge Barclay.

Chipman, Col. Leverett Deveber see Webster, Judge Barclay.

Clairmont, Muriel, Aylesford, d/o Cecil Clairmont, formerly of Aylesford, married at Chevy Chase, D.C., to Leland H. Ross, New York City, [29 Feb Chevy Chase, D.C.] [Register 14 March 1928 write up].

Clark, Marion K., d/o Arthur Clark, formerly of Grafton, married at Worchester, Mass., 2 Jan., to Harvey Savage, Berwick. [4 April 1928].

Clements, Mrs. Harold G., died at Hyde Park, Mass., 18 May, 29 years d/o Dwight Fuller, Welsford. [30 May 1928 obit].

Collins, Enoch L., s/o Robert F. & Elizabeth Collins, died at Middleton, 11 May, 91 years; b. near Berwick. [16 may 1929 obituary].

Collins, Mrs. Hattie, wid/o James Collins [d.1902], died at Meyronne, Sask., 11 Jan 1928, formerly of Nicholsville, Kings Co., NS. [25 Jan 1928 obituary].

Conrad, Glenn W., s/o Winburn Conrad, married at St. John, NB, 25 June 1928, to Majorie E. McConnell d/o George McConnell. [BR 11 July 1928].

Conrad, Winburn see Conrad, Glenn W.

Cook, Eva see Corkum, Nelson.

Cooper, Carl, Springhill, died at Coldbrook, Wed past,.[22 Aug 1928 see Accident].

Corkum, Nelson, s/o Charles & Catherine Corkum, died at Berwick W., 11 Nov., 74 years, b. Chester, m. Eva Cook, North Range, Digby Co. [14 Nov 1928 obit].

Cotter, Douglas Owen, Berwick, married at Berwick, 11 Feb., to Gladys Annie Fitzgerald, Little River, NS. [15 Feb 1928].

Coulter, Olive E. M. see Pineo, Herbert A.

Craig, Wineva Idell, d/o Kempton B. & Wineva (Card) Craig, S. Lincoln, Mass., married at Waltham, Mass., 24 Nov, to Robert S. Foote, s/o Hartley Foote, Woodville, NS.[12 Dec 1928].

Croft, George, died at Kingston, Wed, 30 years.[26 Sept 1928 p.1 obit].

Cross, George A. see Hiltz, Elsie Idella.

Crowell, Mabel V., d/o Frederick Crowell, Halifax, married at Waltham, Mass., to Percy A. K. Gould, s/o late Ingraham B. Gould & Mrs. Joseph J. Campbell, Aylesford. [28 Nov 1928].

Dauphinee, Thomas, inf/s/o, died at Berwick, 27 Mar. [4 Apr 1928].

DeMont, Sadie Pauline, d/o Dennis Demont, Kingston, married at Berwick, Thurs past, to Frank Douglas Parker s/o S. H. Parker, Berwick, residence, Truro.[22 Aug 1928].

Dimock, Mrs. Herbert, died , last evening (7 Aug), at S. Berwick, 80 years. [8 Aug 1928 see Accident].

Dimock, John see Dimock, Joseph.

Dimock, Joseph A., died 13 June 1928, [Middleboro, Mass., Gazette], lived in Berwick, b. 8 Dec 1837, Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, s/o John & Sarah Dimock: m1. Annie Stevens d/o Rev. James Stevens; m2. Lydia J. Vaughan, Newport, Hants Co., NS. [BR 4 July 1928 long obit].

Dimock, Sarah see Dimock, Joseph.

Dixon, Jennie, Berwick, married at Middleton, 14 Nov., to Alexander W. Marshall, East Torbrook, NS. [28 Nov 1928].

Drew, Sadie, d/o Melbourne Drew, married at Kentville, 8 Dec, to George Hall, Berwick.[19 Dec 1928].

Dunn, Mrs. Martha, w/o Albert Dunn, died at Ottawa, 28 May, 93 years 5 months, b. Bridgewater, resided Lawrencetown,- her bro. Wm. Whitman. [6 June 1928 obit].

Durling, Thomas, died at Waterville, Sunday, 80 years. [30 May 1928 p.1 obit].

Durno, Fraser MacDonald, died at Cambridge Sta., 22 May, s/o James F. Durno, 18 Months. [23 May 1928].

Eisner , Joseph B., died at Grafton, 7 June, 82 years [13 June 1928 obituary].

Elliott, Edna Gladys, d/o W. K. Elliott, Berwick, married 30 June, to David Andrew Hall, Cupar, Sask. [Cupar, Sask. Herald – Register 25 July 1928 write up].

Ells Dr. G. Manning, died at Chattanooga, b. Berwick 2 Jan 1865 s/o Joseph Ells. Register 21 Mar 1928obituary - Memphis, Tennessee, paper 5 March ;].

Emery, Prescott Wardsworth, see Williams, Florence May.

Emery, Robert S. see Williams, Florence May.

Ewing, Perley G., s/o Albert Ewing, died at Factorydale, 4 Aug, 21 years.[8 Aug 1928 obit].

Farnsworth, Anne see Harris, Frederick Elisha.

Fisher, Fred S., Somerset, married at Halifax, 26 Apr., to Elizabeth McNab, formerly of Scotland, recently Halifax, residence, Somerset. [2 May 1928 write up].

Fitzgerald, Gladys Annie see Cotter, Douglas Owen.

Foley, Elidie see Banks, Stanley F.

Follett, Mary see Holland, Mrs. William.

Foote, Hartley see Craig, Wineva Idell.

Foote, Robert S. see Craig, Wineva Idell.

Fredericks, Lillian V., S. Waterville, married at Waterville, 31 Dec 1927, to Claude L. Best, Prospect, Kings Co., NS. [18 Jan 1928].

Fuller, Dwight see Clements, Mrs. Harold G.

Garland, Herbert A., married at Somerville, Mass., 29 Sept, to Olive E. M. Coulter, both formerly of Berwick. [10 Oct 1928].

Gould, Frederick see Crowell, Mabel V.

Gould, Ingraham B. see Crowell, Mabel V.

Grimm, McKenzie, s/o S. A. Grimm, married at Westboro, Mass., 11 Feb to Madeline Noyes, Topsfield, Maine. [29 Feb 1928].

Grimm, S. A. see Grimm, McKenzie.

Hale, Mary see Lawrence, Wm. Rufus.

Hall, David Andrew see Elliott, Edna Gladys.

Hall, George see Drew, Sadie.

Harris, Frederick Elisha, s/o Thomas Rees Harris & Anne Farnsworth, died at Aylesford, 5 Dec, b. Aylesford, 5 Mar 1867 m. 12 Oct 1892 Agnes McIntyre d/o Wm. McIntyre. [12 Dec 1928 obit].

Hiltz, Elsie Idella, married at Somerville, MA., 24 Dec 1927, Berwick to George A. Cross, Somerville, MA. [8 Feb 1928].

Hiltz, Marie Laurie, married at Aylesford, 25 Jan, to Alfred M. White, both Morristown. [8 Feb 1928].

Holland, Sr., Mrs. James, Sherbrooke, died at Antigonish, 25 March, 64 years. [28 Mar 1928 obituary].

Holland, Mrs. William (Mary Follett), Wolfville, died at Aylesford, 16 July, age 75 years.[25 July 1928 obit].

Horsnell, Wilfred F. see Aylward, Mabel Kathleen.

Howell, Genevieve Leora see Sweeney, Frederick R.

Huntley, Blanche Viola see McGrath, Blanche Viola.

Huntley, Thomas P. see McGrath, Blanche Viola.

Jamieson, Clarence, died at Digby, Thurs. [26 Sept 1928 p.1 obit].

Jefferson, Mrs. Alice, wid/o Henry Jefferson, died at Halifax, 31 Mar, formerly of Berwick, age 65 years. [11 April 1928].

Jones, Beatrice H., d/o Mrs. George Jones, New Ross, married at Lakeville, NS, 5 Apr, to Marcus F. Brown, New Ross. [25 April 1928].

Kaiser, Otis T., Billtown , died at Hantsport, Fri. Am. [8 Feb 1928].

Keddy, Amos see Keddy, Beatrice Leona.

Keddy, Beatrice Leona, d/o Amos Keddy, Millville married to Keith Moody, s/o Samuel Moody, Berwick, at Berwick, 7 March. [14 Mar 1928].

Keddy, Stella E., d/o Amos Keddy, married to Percy O. Tupper, Lake Paul at. Aylesford, 20 March, 1928, [28 Mar 1928].

Lace, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Pleasant Valley, 6 Apr, 81 years, b. Isle of Man.[11 Apr 1928 obit].

Lang, Gladys H. O., late of Glasgow, Scotland, married at Waterville, 19 July, to Harold S. Palmeter, Halifax, NS.[25 July 1928 write see 1 Aug 1928].

Lawrence, Wm. Rufus, died at Lakeville, 7 Dec; m1. Mary Hale, Lakeville;m2. Blanche Reid, Lakeville.[12 Dec 1928 obit].

Leary, Nan Ellison, d/o Capt. Charles Leary, married at Weymouth North, 24 April, to Rev. James Abbot Winfield, Kentville. [2 May 1928 write up].

Lee, Amos, died at Berwick, 58 years, s/o Almond Lee, Harborville. [15 Aug 1928 obit].

Lightfoot, Annie see Mahar, Albert C.

Lovelace, Cora May married at Grafton, 18 Jan, to d/o Thaddens Margeson, Jr. Welsford. [25 Jan 1928 write up].

Lovelace, Thaddeus M., died at Grafton, Wed. last, 76 years.[19 Dec 1928 obit].

MacAskill, Marion see Woodman, Ralph Borden.

MacLeod, Daniel S. see Margeson, Howard E.

MacLeod, Evaline M. see Margeson, Howard E.

Mahar, Albert C., died at Cambridge, 12 Sept., 80 years; m. Annie Lightfoot, Harborville. [26 Sept 1928 obituary].

Mappleback, Meron Lionel, Victoria Harbor, married at Victoria Harbor, 6 Sept, to Ruth Elizabeth Trites, Aylesford. [12 Sept 1928].

Margeson, Howard E., s/o E. W. Margeson, Berwick, married at Thorburn, Pictou Co., 1 June

Evaline M. MacLeod, d/o Daniel S. MacLeod, Thorburn. [6 June 1928].

Margeson, Thaddeus, Jr. see Lovelace, Cora May.

Marshall, Alexander W. see Dixon, Jennie.

Marshall, Edna Irene, d/o Herman Marshall, married at S. Range, Digby Co., 12 Nov., to Lewis Wallace Morse, Millville, kings Co. [21 Nov 1928 write up].

McConnell, George, se Conrad, Glenn W.

McConnell, Marjorie E. see Conrad, Glenn W.

McGrath, Blanche Viola, w/o John Robert McGrath, d/o Thomas P. Huntley, died at Roxbury, Mass., 24 Feb. [29 Feb 1929 obit].

McIntyre, Agnes see Harris, Frederick Elisha.

McIntyre, Wm. see Harris, Frederick Elisha.

McMahon, Paul, s/o A. E. McMahon, died at Cambridge, Sat., 17 years.[3 Oct 1928 p.1].

McNab, Elizabeth see Fisher, Fred S.

Moody, Cecil s/o Allen Moody, died at Boston, Mass., 15 Jan, m. Mildred Simpson, burial Covenentor Cemetery, Grafton, NS. [25 Jan 1925 see Harborville col].

Moody, Keith see Keddy, Beatrice Leona.

Moody, Samuel see Keddy, Beatrice Leona

Morse, Howe B. (a memoriam), d. 3 Nov 1927, age 45years. [8 Feb 1928 obituary].

Morse, Lewis Wallace see Marshall, Edna Irene.

Morton, George, s/o James Morton, Somerset, age 61 years died at Waltham, Mass., 16 June 1928.[ 20 June 1928].

Morton, Eliza, w/o Isaac Morton, died at Somerset, 30 May. [6 June 1928 obit].

Myers, Rebecca see Timmins, James T.

Nickerson, Dexter, (Lulu Butler), born to at Forbes Point, NS, 27 Mar, a dau (Alma Grace). [4 Apr 1928].

Nichols, Budd W., died at Needham?, Mass., b. Aylesford, 23 May 1880, m. Laura Quinlan. [30 May 1928 obituary ; Needham, Mass, paper].

Noyes, Madeline see Grimm, McKenzie.

Osborne, Alexander Black, s/o Robert & Agnes Osborne, Waterville, died at St. John, NB, 17 Jan, m. Elizabeth Brown, d/o Peter Brown, Pictou, NS. [25 Jan 1928 obituary].

Otis, George W. see Roberts, Mary Elizabeth.

Osborne, Alexander Black, s/o Robert & Agnes Osborne, Waterville, died at St. John, NB, 17 Jan, m. Elizabeth Brown, d/o Peter Brown, Pictou, NS. [25 Jan 1928 obituary].

Palmer, Annie, w/o Elmer Palmer, died at Aylesford, 27 Sept. [3 Oct 1928 p.2 obit].

Palmer, Charles, s/o Thomas Palmer, died at Rockland, 24 Sept, 71 years.14 Nov 1928 obit].

Palmer, Thomas H. s/o, Thomas Palmer, died at Rockland, 19 Dec 1927, 12 years 3 months. [18 Jan 1928 obituary].

Palmeter, Harold S. see Lang, Gladys, H. O.

Parker, Edward see Parker, Mrs. Boardman.

Parker, Frank Douglas see DeMont, Sadie Pauline.

Parker, James Allan Deacon, died at Aylesford, 19 Feb, 75years, b. Lake George, removed to Morristown, Baptist, funeral 21 Feb, Rev Frank Smith- [21 Mar 1928 obituary].

Parker, James Allan see Spicer, Mrs. Henrietta.

Parker, Mrs. Boardman, of Somerset; died at New York, 25 Feb 1928, Boardman Parker s/o Edward Parker. [14 March 1928 obituary].

Parker, S. H. see DeMont, Sadie Pauline.

Parker, Tessie M., died at Fitchburg, Mass., 9 Apr., 57 years, b. Chipman Brook, teacher, all relatives now in USA (mother + 4 bros.). [2 May 1928 obit].

Perry, Ellen see Spicer, Mrs. Ellen.

Pineo, Ruth Elizabeth, d/o Wm. J. Pineo, married at Brighton, [Mass.?], 27 June 1928, to Walter Bradford Whitney s/o Frank B. Whitney, West Roxbury. [BR 18 July 1928,write-up].

Pineo, Wm. J. se Pineo, Ruth Elizabeth.

Porter, Iola, died at Berwick, 22 Aug, 53 years. [29 Aug 1928 obit].

Porter, J. Milton, died at Auburn,12 Jan 1928, 59 years. [18 Jan 1928 obit].

Power, John & Eleanor see West, Mrs. Emma.

Power, Mrs. Ella Frances, w/o Owen E. Power, funeral at Brookline, Mass., 8 Feb. [29 Feb 1928 obituary].

Powers, Vernon D., W. Berwick, married at Canning, 19 June, to Helen M. Spinney, Canning. [27 June 1928].

Quinlan, Laura see Nichols, Budd W.

Rafuse, Douglas, married at Berwick, 22 Aug, to Gabriella Scotney, both of Burlington, NS. [12 Sept 1928]

Rainforth, George see Rainforth, Mrs. Sarah J.

Rainforth, Mrs. Sarah J., d/o Absolom Brown, w/o George Rainforth, died at Vancouver, BC, 21 Feb, age 80 years. [7 Mar 1928 obituary].

Redden, Mrs. Sarah, wid/o James Redden, Greenwood, died at Millville, 22 Sept, m1. Ingram C. Spinney, Greenwood.[31 Oct 1928 obit].

Reid, Blanche see Lawrence, Wm. Rufus.

Roberts, Mary Elizabeth, wid/o John Roberts, Ipswich, Mass., died at Auburn, 9 Feb.; m1. George W. Otis, Hamilton, Mass. D. 1863; m2. John Roberts. [29 Feb 1928 obituary].

Robinson, Scott, died at Black Rock, Sat., 46 years.[30 May 1928 p.1 obit].

Rockwell, Frederick W., died at East Boston, MA., 10 May, 67 years, s/o William & Lucy Bentley Rockwell, Woodville. [13 June 1928 obituary].

Rood, Lucy R., w/o J. F. Rood, died at Halifax, 19 Feb, d/o W. H. & Henrietta Charlton, Waterville. [22 Feb 1928 obituary].

Ross, Leland H. see Clairmont, Muriel.

Savage, Harvey see Clark, Marion K.

Sawler, Judson, died at Cambridge Stn., 6 Aug.; m. Mary Bezanson, Chester. [15 Aug 1928 obituary].

Scotney, Gabriella see Rafuse, Douglas.

Sharp, Susan see Collins, Enoch L.

Sharp, Samuel & Sarah Starr Sharp see Collins, Enoch L.

Simpson, Mildred see Moody, Cecil.

Spicer, Mrs. Ellen, d/o James & Nancy Perry, Ireland, died at Harbourville, 13 June, b. 29 June 1846, age 82 years b. Garland wid/o James Spicer.[20 June 1928 obit].

Spicer, Mrs. Henrietta, wid/o James Allan Parker, Millville, died at Millville, 9 June, age 80 years. 20 June 1928 obit].

Spicer, James see Spicer, Mrs. Ellen.

Spinney, Helen see Powers, Vernon D.

Spinney, Ingram C. see Redden, Mrs. Sarah.

Starratt, Mrs. Joseph, w/o Joseph Starratt, died at Aylesford, 29 Apr, 76 years. [9 May 1928 obit].

Stevens, Annie see Dinmock, Joseph.

Stevens, Rev. James see Dimock, Joseph.

Sweeney, Frederick R., Viewmont, married at Berwick, 6 Jan., to Genevieve Leora Howell, Kingston. [18 Jan 1928].

Swindell, Susan, d/o Joseph Swindell, immigrant from England,76 years, died at Burlington, 15 Mar., b. 11 Feb. 1852. [21 Mar 1928 obituary]

Taylor, Mrs. Henry, (Jane Carey, Aylesford), died at S. Berwick, 10 May. [16 May 1928 obit].

Taylor, Laura Balcolm, 16 years, died at Auburn, 4 July 1928, d/o Milton Taylor. [BR 18 July 1928].

Taylor, Lena, w/o G. Wesley Taylor, died at Aylesford, 23 Sept.[3 Oct 1928 p.2 obit].

Taylor, Milton see Taylor, Laura Balcolm.

Thorpe, Clara B. w/o Noble Thorpe, died at Brooklyn St., 24 Feb 58 years.[29 Feb 1928 obit].

Timmins, James T., died at Waterville, 9 May, b. McNabs Island, Halifax Co., 18 Mar 1861 removed to Waterville, abt. 20 years ago m1. Margaret Myers, Halifax ; m2. Rebecca Williams, Halifax. [ 16 May 1928 obit].

Trites, Ruth Elizabeth see Mappleback, Merton Lionel.

Tupper, Percy O. see Keddy, Stella E.

Uhlman, Alvin Lawrence see Chaffee, Edith Blanche.

Vaughan, Lydia J. see Dimock, Joseph

Ward, Laird Rockwell, inf/s/o O. L. Ward, died at Berwick, 10 May, 2 days. [23 May 1928].

Washburn, George see Alders, Elsie E.

Washburn, Walter F. See Alders, Elsie E.

Webber, Francis see Chambers, Emily R.

Webster, Mrs. C. W. F., [ Mary O.] died at Cambridge, 2 July 1928. [BR 4 & 11 July 1928].

Webster, Henry Bentley & Anna Mary Bentley see Webster, Judge Barclay.

Webster, Judge Barclay, died Kentville, 14 Feb., 78 years, s/o Henry Bentley Webster & Ana Mary Barclay (Shelburne) b. Kentville, 18 Sept. 1849, m. Ethel Chipman d/o Col. Leverett Deveber Chipman [22 Feb 1928 obituary].

West, Mrs. Emma , 83years, wid/o J. Clarke West, d/o John & Eleanor Power, Weston, died at Aylesford, 1 March. [14 March 1928 obituary].

West, J. Clarke see West, Mrs. Emma.

White, Alfred M. see Hiltz, Marie Laurie.

Whitman, L. J., died at Fresno, CA., 15 Oct, formerly of Waterville, 63 years.[17 Oct 1928 see Register 31 Oct - Funeral].

Whitman, Wm. see Dunn, Mrs. Albert.

Whitney, Frank B. see Pineo, Ruth Elizabeth.

Whitney, Walter Bradford see Pineo, Ruth Elizabeth

Williams, Florence May, formerly of Berwick, d/o Walter Williams, married to Prescott Wardsworth [sic?]Emery, s/o Robert S. Emery, Dorchester, Mass.[13 June 1928 write up - Quincy, Mass. Ledger].

Williams, Rebecca see Timmins, James T.

Winfield, Rev. James Abbot see Leary, Nan Ellison.

Wood, Parker, of Harborville, s/o E. P. Wood, b. Woodville, age 30 years, burial Billtown. [25 Jan 1928 obituary].

Woodman, Ralph Borden, s/o Wm. A. Woodman, Grand Pre, m. Marion MacAskill, Winnipeg. died at Berwick, Sunday, 40 years. [2 May 1928 obit].

Young, Florence Etta, d/o Joseph H. Young married at Bridgetown, 23 May, to Paul Strong s/o Adelbert H. Young, Waterville. [27 June 1928 write up - *please check this one yourself unless you know it is correct – wording seemed a little awkward].

Zinck, Harold, died at Woodville, Monday, age abt. 27 years, b. Blanford, Lun. Co. [3 Oct 1928 p.1].


1.Write-up Golden Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Theodorus Kinsman, Grafton, NS .

2.Write up about the Berwick Bakery [4 Apr 1928].

3.Celebrates 90th birthday, Mrs. Louisa Best, d/o Richard T. Best.[18 Apr 1928 write up].

4.Celebrates 87th birthday, Mrs. W. A. McMillan, Berwick.[16 May 1928 write up].