Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1927

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia,
1927 - Mfm # 4025, NSARM, Halifax, NS

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B. Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4025; placed on the internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centres (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site:; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; E-mail :

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930; e.g. S for South; E for East As in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer! No vitals for 9 Feb 1927 issue.

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Anderson, James Alfred, married at Waterville, 25 June 1927, to Lulu Maud Jewers of Waterville. [29 June 1927].

Alcorn, Frank LeRoy see Gould, Gladys Hazel.

Anthony, Edith, married at Moose Jaw, Sask., 26 Feb., to Dr. C. W. H. Skinner. [9 Mar 27].

Armstrong, Mack, inf/s/o (John William b.9th ) died at Middleton, 17 Jan. [2 Feb 1927].

Armstrong, Ira Wilbert, died at Berwick, 5 August 1927, of Kingston, age 14 years. [10 August 1927 obit]

Ashe, Charles, died at Berwick, 14 Sept 1927, born in Ireland, age 73 years; married Amanda Best. [21 September 1927 obit]

Baird. Gordon Bennett, Somerset, died at Halifax, 8 Mar., age 32, native of Chipman, NB, m. 1917, Margaret Price, d/o Rev. David price. [9 Mar 1927 obit].

Baker, I. W., died at Berwick, Fri. Last, age 78 years s/o T. & Lavinia Margeson Baker. [28 September 1927 obit]

Baker, I. W., see Chute, Mrs. W. H. J.

Baker, T. & Lavinia Margeson see Baker, I. W.,

Banks, Anthony Borden, see Marshall, Edith Belle

Banks, G. N., see Marshall, Edith Belle.

Banks, J. Norman, died at Worchester, Mass., 11 Sept 1927, formerly of Millville, NS. [28 September 1927 obit]

Banks, Wylie Dean, see Fredericks, Josephine Mildred.

Barrows, Bertha see Lane, Alfred.

Beals, Louis, died at Auburn, 5 May, 73 years.[11 May 1927 obituary].

Beals, Rev. F. H., died at Wolfville, Wed. Last, 71 years, born at Inglesville, Anna. Co., N.S. [23 November 1927 obit]

Beardsley, Mary Elizabeth, wid/o Samuel Beardsley, d/o Samuel Orpin, age 75 years, died at Berwick, 6 May. [11 May 1927 obituary].

Beardsley, Samuel see Beardsley, Mary Elizabeth.

Beeler, Arthur C. s/o Enoch F. Beeler of Yarmouth, died at White's Corner, Kings Co., NS, 25 Oct 1927, born at Annapolis Royal, 54 years. [2 November 1927 obit]

Beeler, Enoch F., see Beeler, Arthur C.

Best, Amanda see Ashe, Charles.

Best, George Leander, died at Prospect, Kings Co., 22 July 1927, age 99 years. [27 July 1927 obit}

Bezanson, Alberta, see Wright, William Hallett

Bezanson, George, see Dunham, Mrs. J. E.

Blenkhorn, Ella w/o Loran F. Blenkhorn d/o James G. & Matilda P. Patriquin of Wolfville, died at Canning, 17 Nov 1927. [14 December 1927]

Blenkhorn, Loran F., see Blenkhorn, Ella.

Binns, Alfred, see Binns, Annie

Binns, Annie, died at Berwick, 30 August 1927, w/o Alfred Binns, age 72 years. [31 August 1927 obit]

Bishop, Mrs. Percy see Woodworth, Dr. Percy C.

Blenus, Arthur see Blenus, Cecil.

Blenus, Cecil s/o Arthur Blenus, died at Woodville, 5 Mar, 4 years 2 months.[23 Mar 1927].

Bligh, Celestia see Woodward, Celestia.

Bligh, Jeremiah see Woodward, Celestia.

Borden, ….., see Sommerville, Emma B.

Boyd, Ralph F., see Powers, Nina.

Boyd, Roy Edward see Ritchie, Hazel Gladys.

Brown, Simeon, died at Lakeville, 18 June 1927, aged 79 years. [June 22 1927].

Brown, Simeon, died at Lakeville, 18 June 1927, aged 53 years. [July 6 1927].

Bryden, Charles Leander, s/o James Bryden, Union Square, died at S. Berwick, 12 Apr., 92 years; m. Elizabeth Osborne, of Scotland who d. abt. 1914.[20 Apr 1927 obituary].

Bryden, James see Bryden, Charles Leander.

Bulcock, Lewis, died at Auburn, last night', of Halifax, drowned. [August 10 1927 obit]

Burgess, Mary J., died at South Lincoln, Mass., 3 Nov 1927, w/o W. J. Burgess, Woodville, d/o Wm. H. J. & Lovinia Chute, Berwick, 85 years. [9 November 1927 obit]

Burgess, W. J., see Burgess, Mary J.

Butler, Lulu, of Grafton, married at Woods Hb., Yarmouth Co., NS, 17 May 1927, to Dexter Nickerson of Forbes Point. [July 6 1927 write-up.]

Cain, Gordon D., see Woodworth, Edith.

Calkin, Georgianna, died at Pleasant Valley, 16 Jan, 29 years. [26 Jan 1927].

Chalker, Muriel, d/o Albert Chalker of Somerset, m. Berwick, 18 July 1927, to Kenneth W. Gould of Harbourville. [20 July 1927 write-up.]

Chipman, John Ross, died at Chipman Brook, 23 Aug 1927, age 92 years s/o Hon. W. Chipman. [31 August 1927 obit]

Chipman, Hon. W., see Chipman, John Ross.

Chute, Lalia B., d/o Wm. H. & Lavinia Chute, died at Berwick, 22 May, 74 years. [25 May 1927 obituary].

Chute, Mrs. W. H. J., died at Montreal, 27 Oct 1927, d/o I. W. Baker, Berwick. [2 November 1927 obit]

Chute, Wm. H. & Lavinia see Chute, Lalia B.

Chute, Wm. H. J. & Lovinia, see Burgess, Mary J.

Clem, David & Isabel Grimes Clem see Clem, Fred.

Clem, Fred, s/o David & Isabel Grimes Clem, died 13 Feb. [heart attack], enroute from Prince Rupert, BC to Massett, b. 1866, Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [16 Mar 1927 obit].

Cogswell, Mrs. Edison W., died at Morristown, 10 June 1927, d/o Lindley Nichols of Nicholsville. [15 June, 1927 obit.]

Coleman, Nathan B., died at Black Rock Rd., Friday last, age 40 years, of North Grafton. [7 September 1927 obit]

Comstock, Dr. Frank L. see Esten, Effie Louise.

Cook, Maxwell D., see Grable, Louisa Fern.

Cook, R. I., see Grable, Louisa Fern.

Cornwall, Rev S. H., died at St. John, NB, 18 Nov 1927, [23 November 1927 obit]

Cox, George L. see Ray, Marion B.

Cox, J. Allison, see Wyman, Treva Estella.

Cox, J. Howe, see Wyman, Treva Estella.

Cox, J. Howe see Ray, Marion B.

Daniels, Nathan see Daniels, Lottie.

Daniels, Lottie, died at Berwick, 7 August 1927, w/o Nathan Daniels, age 56 years, d/o Geo & Mary Jane Rafuse. [17 August 1927 obit]

Dennison, Albert F., see Dennison, Jean Blossom.

Dennison, Jean Blossom, d/o Albert F. Dennison, married at Berwick, 22 Nov 1927, to Francis Willoughby Langille, Martin's River, Lun. Co., NS. [23 November 1927 write-up]

Dodge, Augusta , see Porter, William D.

Dodge, Una, d/o George H. Magee & Jane Gould, Berwick, died at Grand Pre, 2 April. [13 April 1927].

Dollivar, Mrs. John, (Abazail Douglas), died at Berwick, 3 Mar., of S. Tremont, age 57 years b. Caledonia. [9 Mar 1927 obit].

Douglas, Abazail see Dollivar, Mrs. John.

Dunham, Mrs. Elizabeth, formerly of Berwick and Waterville, died at Los Angeles, CA., 8 Feb. [16 Mar 1927 obit].

Dunham, J. E., see Dunham, Mrs. J. E.

Dunham, Mrs. J. E., wid/o J. E. Dunham, died at Lakeville, 19 Nov 1927, 84 years, 9 months, d/o George Bezanson, Garland. [30 November 1927 obit]

Dunlap, Hector McDonald, see Hutchison, Marion Evelyn.

Dunlap, Hugh, see Hutchison, Marion Evelyn.

Durland, Adam & Deborah, see Steele, Mrs. Miriam.

Easson, Wm. A., s/o Thomas Easson, died at Factorydale, 11 Jan, 67 years. [19 Jan 1927 obit].

Elliott, Dr. Blanche married at New York City,1 Feb., to Dr. T. Norbert Kende. [2 Feb 1927].

Esten, Effie Louise, married at Newton Heights, Mass., 15 Jan, to Dr. Frank L. Comstock, Berwick. [19 Jan 1927 write up & see Register 26 Jan].

Fisher, J. W., see Porter, William D.

Fitch, Fred N., see Fitch, Howard.

Fitch, Howard, s/o Fred N. Fitch, married at Greenwood, 28 Sept 1927, to Gladys Robar. [5 October 1927 write-up]

Fitzgerald, Seymore H., see Taylor, Ethel.

Foster, Dwight C. see Walker, Nellie H.

Foster, Saphronia see Pierce, Mrs. John.

Franey, David, died at Kentville, 5 Dec. 1927, 79 years. [14 December 1927 obit]

Fredericks, Josephine Mildred, of South Berwick married at Berwick, 29 Aug 1927, to Wylie Dean Banks, Billtown [21 September 1927]

Gillis, Gordon, s/o Ted Gillis, Waterville, died at Berwick, 30 Oct 1927, age 13 years. Obit 12 Oct Register. [5 October 1927]

Gillis, Ted, see Gillis, Gordon.

Gould, Gladys Hazel, Black Rock, married at Waterville, 19 Mar., to Frank LeRoy Alcorn, Berwick. [30 Mar 1927].

Gould, Jane see Dodge, Una.

Gould, Kenneth W., see Chalker, Muriel.

Gould, Margaret, see Thomas, A. Mortimer.

Grable, Louisa Fern, of Haines City, Florida, married at Malden, Mass., 1 Sept 1927, to Maxwell D. Cook s/o R. I. Cook, of Berwick. [14 September 1927 write-up]

Grant, John Nelson, see Williams, Gladys Edna.

Graves, Burpee see Graves, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Graves, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid/o Burpee Graves, died at Aylesford, 8 Mar, 86 years, b. Coldbrook, d/o Charles Rand. [16 Mar 1927 obit].

Grimm, Mrs. Lela D. see Lloy[d?], Norman H.

Haines, Edwin, Freeport, Digby Co., married at Weston, 13 Jan to Laura Elmer? MacLea [n?], Weston . [26 Jan 1927].

Haines , Helen G., of Farmington, Lunenburg, Co. NS, married at Halifax, 18 May 1927, to Duward B. Tupper, of Morristown. [8 June 1927].

Hale, Jean Elizabeth, d/o Frank Hale, died at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., 6 Apr., 18 months. [13 April 1927 obituary].

Hamilton, Edgar L., died at Halifax, [VG], 2 August 1927, of Woodville, age 47 years. [10 August 1927 obit]

Haynes, Frank, see White, Ruth E.,

Hazelwood, Boyd A. see Pelton, Edna May.

Hazelwood, William P., died at Somerset, 17 Feb., 68 years m. Annie Miller.[23 Feb 1927 obit].

Hiltz, Henry, of Berwick, married at Sommerville, Mass., 16 Oct 1927, to Eileen Madden, of Halifax. [16 November 1927]

Hire, Capt. William & Charlotte see Nichols, Mrs. Susan.

Hire, Susan see Nichols, Mrs. Susan.

Hubley, Mrs. Elizabeth A., died 1 June 1927, at the home of Mrs. (Rev) H. E. Allaby, 78 years d/o Martin Glawson [?G.Lawson??] of Pleasant Hbr.; m. John K. Hubley of Halifax. [8 June 1927 obit.]

Huntington, Mrs. Alice Rockwell, died at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., age 75 years, w/o Wm. Huntington. [21 September 1927 obit]

Huntington, Wm., see Huntington, Mrs. Alice Rockwell.

Huntley, Thomas P., died at S. Berwick, 2 Mar., 87 years 10 months b. Scotts Bay s/o Wm. Huntley. [9 Mar 1927 obit].

Huntley, William, see Huntley, Thomas P.

Hussey, Bartholomew, died at Morden, 18 July 1927, 75 years, s/o James Hussey, Morden. [27 July 1927 obit]

Hussey, James & Margaret, see Hussey, Thomas.

Hussey, Johanna, died at Morden, 27 Aug 1927, w/o Thomas Hussey, age 79 years. [7 September 1927 obit]

Hussey, Thomas, see Hussey, Johanna.

Hussey, Thomas, died at Morden, 1 Sept 1927, age 78 years, s/o James & Margaret Hussey. [14 September 1927 obit]

Hutchison, Ernest A. see Hutchison, Marion Evelyn.

Hutchison, Marion Evelyn, d/o Ernest A. Hutchison, married at Morristown, 1 Sept 1927, to Hector McDonald Dunlap s/o Hugh Dunlap, Liverpool, NS. [7 September 1927 write-up]

Jacques, Frank B., died at Amherst, 9 Feb. [9 Mar 1927 obit, see also 2 Mar Register].

Jewers, Lulu Maud, see Anderson, James Alfred

Kinsman, Clarence, died at Lakeville, 9 Dec 1927, 25 years, s/o Joseph Kinsman. [14 December 1927 obit].

Kinsman, Joseph, see Kinsman, Clarence.

Kirkpatrick, Emma see Russell, Mrs. Emma.

Kirkpatrick, Wm. & Jane see Russell, Mrs. Emma.

Lane, Alfred , married to Bertha Barrows of Truro. Truro, 8 June 1927. [15 June 1927]

Langille, Francis Willoughby, see Dennison, Jean Blossom.

Leslie, Mrs. Amos, died at Berwick, 27 Aug 1927, of Grafton, age 28 years. [14 September 1927 obit]

Lightfoot, Rufus, s/o Samuel Lightfoot & Mary Patterson, died at Waterville, 6 April, b. Aylesford, 1858, m. Mary MacDonald. [27 April 1927 obituary]

Lloy[d?], Norman H., married at Auburn, 18 August 1927, Halifax, to Mrs. Lela D. Grimm , wid/o James Grimm, Springfield, Annapolis Co., NS. [24 August 1927]

Low, James Duff, died at Somerset, 16 Feb age 68 years b. Forfarshire, Scotland. [23 Feb 1927 obituary].

Lutz, James see Ward, Josephine, and see Lutz, Lavinia.

Lutz, Mrs. Jane M., died Burlington, Kings Co., 12 Oct 1927, 91 years, 9 months, w/o Silas Lutz. [2 November 1927 obit]

Lutz, Silas, see Lutz, Mrs. Jane M.

Lutz, Lavinia, w/o James Lutz, died at Baseline Rd., Kings Co., 28 Feb, 51 years. [23 Mar 1927].

MacDonald, Mary see Lightfoot, Rufus.

MacLea[n?], Laura Elmer see Haines, Edwin.

MacInnes, Mrs. Annie, died at Steam Mill, 9 May, 84 years 8 days,.[1 June 1927 obit].

Madden, Eileen, see Hiltz, Henry.

Magee, George H. & Jane Gould, see Dodge, Una.

Magee, Una see Dodge, Una.

Mailot, Mrs. A. L. died at Thetford Mines, Quebec, 18 June 1927, (Grace Margaret Rector of Parrsboro ) age 49 years. [June 29 1927].

Maplebeck, Harvey, married at Somerset, 24 Sept 1927, to Mrs. Annie Neily, both of Margaretville [28 September 1927]

Margeson, Blanche, d/o Rupert Margeson, died at Welsford, 19 Feb., 47 years. [23 Feb 1927 obit].

Margeson, Otis Albert, died at Berwick, 1 August 1927, age 76 years, s/o William and Susan Margeson, b. Black Rock. [3 August 1927 notice and obituary].

Margeson, Rupert see Margeson, Blanche.

Marshall, Edith Belle, d/o Eldon Marshall, married at Clarence, Anna. Co., 11 Oct 1927, to Anthony Borden Banks s/o G. N. Banks, Paradise. [26 October 1927 write-up]

Marshall, Eldon, see Marshall, Edith Belle.

Maurer?, Mrs. Fanny see Sommerville, Wm.

McKay, Mrs. Emily B., died at Melrose, Mass., Sat., wid/o John Lauchin McKay. [28 September 1927 obit]

McKay, John Lauchin, see McKay, Mrs. Emily B.,

Miller, Annie see Hazelwood, William P.

Miller, Fannie N. see Walker, Edward D.

Morris, Capt. George Abner, died at Lawrencetown, 24 May 1927, born at Advocate Hbr, 1852. [8 June 1927 obituary]

Morton, Charles P., s/o John Morton, died at Aylesford, Sat p.m., 71 years. [30 November 1927 obit]

Morton, John, see Morton, Charles P.

Mott?, Catherine see Read, Dr. Melbourne S.

Neily, J. Melbourne, died at Kingston, 23 Aug 1927. [31 August 1927 obit]

Neily, Mrs. Annie, see Maplebeck, Harvey.

Newcombe, Edward B., died at Kentville, 1 Apr., 62 years.[6 April 1927 obit].

Nichols, Arthur Kentville, died at Jeffersonville, Indiana, 12 Mar, s/o Manfred Nichols,. [30 Mar 1927 see 6 April 1927 issue also obituary].

Nichols, Manfred see Nichols, Arthur.

Nichols, Mrs. Susan, d/o Capt. & Charlotte Hire, died at Aylesford, 17 May, 80 years, b. Halifax. [25 May 1927 obituary].

Nickerson, Dexter, see Butler, Lulu.

O’Key, Carrie see Woodworth, Dr. Percy C.

Orpin, Mary Elizabeth see Beardsley, Mary Elizabeth.

Orpin, Samuel see Beardsley, Mary Elizabeth.

Osborne, Elizabeth see Bryden, Charles Leander.

Parker, Margaret Catherine see Read, Dr. Melbourne S.

Parker, S. C., died at Berwick, n.d., age 68 years b. 1858.[1 June 1927 long letter & obit].

Parks, William, died at Victoria Harbour, 27 Nov 1927, 84 years. [7 December 1927 obit]

Parish, Arthur, see Parish, Clara.

Parish, Clara, died at Port Williams, 19 July 1927, age 67 years, w/o Arthur Parish, d/o William Woodworth. [3 August 1927 obit].

Patterson, Ida May, see Steadman, Victor Earl.

Patterson, Mary see Lightfoot, Rufus.

Patterson, Mrs. Leroy, died at Aylesford, North Mtn., 20 Sept 1927, 43 years. [5 October 1927 obit]

Patriquin, James G. & Matilda P., see Blenkhorn, Ella.

Pearl, Wesley, died at Kentville, Sat. p.m., of Aldershot, age 68 years. [28 September 1927 obit]

Pelton, Edna May married at Berwick 19 May, to Boyd A. Hazelwood, Somerset. [25 May 1927].

Pelton, John Wesley died at Berwick, 19 July 1927. [27 July 1927 obit].

Pierce, Mrs. John, (Saphronia Foster), died at Pleasant Valley, 5 Jan, age 68 years; b. Foster Settlement, Lun. Co., NS, 14 May 1858, m. John Pierce, d. abt. 1907. [12 Jan 1927 obit].

Pierce, Russell, s/o B. W. Pierce, died at Tampa, FL., 27 Apr., 36 years. [4 May 1927 obit].

Pineo, Holmes DeWolf, died at Port Alberni, BC, 1 Jan , b. NS, 42 years.[19 Jan 1927 obit].

Pineo, George D., see Reid, Nancy.

Porter, Stephen, see Porter, William D.

Porter, William D., died at Auburn, 26 June 1927, age 79 years, m. 1st. Augusta Dodge of Middleton; m 2nd d/o J. W. Fisher of Somerset and wid/o Capt. Leslie Welsh of Yarmouth; s/o Stephen Porter of Halls Hbr. [June 29 1927 obituary]

Price, Rev. David see Baird, Gordon Bennett.

Price, Margaret see Baird, Gordon Bennett.

Ronan, Eugenie, died at Halifax, 27 Oct 1927, w/o Frank A. Ronan, d/o G. N. Woodworth, 72 years. [2 November 1927 obit]

Ronan, Frank A., see Ronan, Eugenie.

Powers, J. B. see Powers, Nina.

Powers, Nina, d /o J. B. Powers, Berwick, married at Quincy, Mass., 3 Sept 1927, to Ralph F. Boyd. [12 October 1927 write-up]

Rafuse, Geo & Mary Jane, see Daniels, Lottie.

Rand, Charles see Graves, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Rand, Elizabeth see Graves, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Ray, Marion B., d/o Wm. E. Ray, married at Bedford, 21 May, to George L. Cox s/o J. Howe Cox, Cambridge,. [25 May 1927 write up].

Ray, Wm. E. see Ray, Marion B.

Read, Rev. Eliphalet O. see Read, Dr. Melbourne S.

Read, Dr. Melbourne S., native of Berwick, died at Hamilton, NY (Colgate Univ.), b. 27 Sept 1869, s/o Rev. Eliphalet O. Read & Margaret Catherine Parker m2. Catherine Mott? 1900. [6 Apr 1927 obituary].

Reid, Harry R., see Reid, Nancy.

Reid, Nancy, died at Ocean Beach, CA., 5 Oct 1927, w/o Harry R. Reid d/o George D. Pineo, 58 years, Waterville, NS. [26 October 1927 obit]

Ritchie, Hazel Gladys married at Truro, 19 July 1927, to Roy Edward Boyd s/o Arthur Mapleton, Hants Co., NS. [27 July 1927 write-up]

Robar, Gladys , see Fitch, Howard.

Robblee, Eunice, see Skinner, John Woodworth.

Ruggles, Osborne, of Tiverton, died at Berwick, 24 Apr, age 50 years, unm. [27 Apr. 1927 brief obit].

Russell, Mrs. Emma, wid/o Wm. Russell, of Auburn, d/o Wm. & Jane Kirkpatrick, of Morden, died at Auburn, 9 May, 75 years ; husband d. ca.39 years ago.[18 May 1927 obituary].

Russell, Wm. see Russell, Mrs. Emma.

Saunders, Howard, see Saunders, Rita.

Saunders, Rita, died at Auburn?, 24 Oct 1927, d/o Howard Saunders. [2 November 1927 obit]

Sawler, Joseph A. & Rachel, see Sawler, Wilbert H

Sawler, Wilbert H., s/o Joseph A. & Rachel Sawler, of Cambridge, died at Amherst, 14 Nov 1927, 75 years. [30 November 1927 obit]

Selfridge, Martha Kate, formerly of Aylesford, died at Dorchester, Mass., 4 Jan 1927, at home of her dau. L. N. Norwood. [12 Jan 1927 obituary].

Seavey, Charles O., died at Cambridge, 14 Sept 1927, age 76 years. [28 September 1927 obit]

Shaw, Rev Harry S., see Shaw, Lavinia Eaton.

Shaw, Lavinia Eaton, w/o Rev Harry S. Shaw d/o George Eaton of Berwick, died at Shaw Rd., Berwick. [23 November 1927]

Skinner, Dr. C. W. H. see Edith Anthony.

Skinner, John Woodworth, died at Weston, 6 June 1927, age 82 years; married to Eunice Robblee. [15 June 1927 obit]

Smith, Miss Elsie B., died at Berwick, Friday last, d/o John F. Smith; born at Kingston, 16 Aug 1886. [17 August 1927 obit]

Smith, John F., see Smith, Miss Elsie B.

Sommerville, John D., see Sommerville, Emma B.

Sommerville, Emma B. d/o John D. Sommerville, married at Berwick, 2 Nov 1927, to ..... Borden [no given name, but there is a write-up] [9 November 1927]

Sommerville, Wm., formerly of Berwick, married at Kentville, 8 Jan to Mrs. Fanny Maurer?, Steam Mill. [19 Jan 1927 brief write up].

Stark, George, 2nd. wife, wid/o George, funeral, Aylesford, 24 Mar age abt 75 years. [30 Mar 1927 may be of help to someone – not George but his widow, second wife].

Steadman, Victor Earl, married at Somerset, 1 August 1927, Waterville to Ida May Patterson, Shaw Rd. [10 August 1927]

Steele, Mrs. Miriam, wid/o T. C. Steele, Greenwood d/o Adam & Deborah Durland, New Germany, died at Greenwood?, 2 Nov 1927, 77 years. [7 December 1927]

Steele, T. C., see Steele, Mrs. Miriam.

Stoddard, Owen, died at Tremont Mtn., 1 Feb., 71 years.[2 Mar 1927].

Taylor, Andrew, see Taylor, Ethel

Taylor, Ethel d/o Andrew Taylor, married at Cambridge Sta., NS, 14 Dec 1927, to Seymore H. Fitzgerald of Lockhartville, NS. [21 December 1927 brief write-up]

Taylor, Frederick A., died [Portland, Maine, 17 Oct 1927] 42 years, killed at Beechers Falls, VT., native of Berwick, N.S. [26 October 1927]

Thomas, Eunice Amanda, of Somerset, died at Berwick, 12 Mar. [16 Mar 1927].

Thomas, Hiram & Rebecca, see Thomas, A. Mortimer.

Thomas, A. Mortimer, s/o Hiram & Rebecca Thomas of Black Rock died at Berwick, 18 Nov 1927, age 64 years, widow, Margaret Gould, Weston. [23 November 1927 obit]

Thompson, John C., s/o Wm. Thompson, Wolfville died at Waterville, 10 Dec 1927, 77 years. [21 December 1927 obit]

Thompson, Wm., see Thompson, John C.

Trask, J. Logan, died at Kentville, Sunday last', born 14 Feb 1870, Cranberry Head, Yarmouth Co., N.S. [24 August 1927 Obituary]

Tupper, Duward B., of Morristown married at Halifax, 18 May 1927, to Helen G. Haines of Farmington, Lunenburg, Co. NS. [8 June 1927].

Turner, Jacob G., s/o Johnson & Mary Gates Turner, Port George, Annapolis Co., NS, died at Waterville, Wed., 83 years. [23 November 1927 obit]

Turner, Johnson & Mary Gates Turner, see Turner, Jacob G.

Veinott, William, age 69 years, formerly of Aylesford, died at Conquerall, Lun. Co., 15 Dec 1927. [28 December 1927 obit]

Walker, Edward D., of Malden, Mass married at Waterville, 19 August 1927, to Mrs. Fannie N. Miller, of Waterville. [24 August 1927]

Walker, Nellie H., d/o Stephen Walker married at Aylesford, 18 July 1927, to Dwight C. Foster s/o Frank O. Foster of Bridgetown. [20 July 1927 write-up].

Ward, Charles I., died at Aylesford, 4 Dec 1926, m. Annie E. Woodworth [d. 36 yrs ago]. [5 Jan 1927 obituary].

Ward, Josephine, died at Base Line Rd., Kings Co., 28 Feb, typhoid fever, w/o James Lutz, 51 years. [9 Mar 1927 obit see 23 March Register].

White, G. Allan, died at Black Rock, 15 Jan, 33 years.[26 Jan 1927].

White, Ruth E., married at Springfield, Mass., 24 Oct 1927, to Frank Haynes, Springfield, Mass. [16 November 1927]

Williams, Gladys Edna, d/o John Williams, married [From Sommerville, Mass.]15 Sept., to John Nelson Grant, Malden, Mass. [5 October 1927 write-up]

Williams, Alan M. G., see Woodworth, Florence Mildred.

Williams, John, see Williams, Gladys Edna

Woodward, Benjamin see Woodward, Celestia.

Woodward, Celestia, w/o Benjamin Woodward, d/o Jeremiah Bligh, died at Lakeville, 18 Jan. [26 Jan 1927].

Woodward, George and Olivia Chase see Woodward, Rupert I.

Woodward, Rupert I., died at Waltham, Mass., 25 July 1927, native of Cambridge, NS, s/o George and Olivia Chase Woodward. [3 August 1927 obit]

Woodworth, Annie E. see Ward, Charles I.

Woodworth, B. C. see Woodworth, Dr. Percy C.

Woodworth, Edith d/o W. H. Woodworth, married at Berwick, 8 Dec 1927, to Gordon D. Cain of Hatfield Point, NB. [14 December 1927 write-up]

Woodworth, Florence Mildred, d/o Fred E. Woodworth of Landenberg, Penn., formerly of Berwick, married at Chicago, Ill., 4 Nov 1927, to Alan M. G. Williams [16 November 1927]

Woodworth, Fred, see Woodworth, Florence Mildred.

Woodworth, G. N., see Ronan, Eugenie.

Woodworth, Mrs. Lavinia (David) (Lavinia Easson), died at South Berwick, 2 June 1927, age 72 years; b. Factorydale. [8 June 1927 obituary]

Woodworth, Dr. Percy C., s/o B. C. Woodworth, Kentville, died at Halifax, Friday, 60 years, m1. Carrie O’Key, Port Williams; m2. Mrs. Percy Bishop, Kentville. [30 Mar 1927 obit].

Woodworth, William, see Parish, Clara.

Woodworth, W. H., see Woodworth, Edith.

Wright, Walter, see Wright, William Hallett

Wright, William Hallett, died at Berwick, Sat. p.m.; b. 20 May 1858, Clementsport s/o Walter Wright; m. Alberta Bezanson of Garland [Kings Co., NS]. [June 29 1927 obituary].

Wyman, Henry, see Wyman, Treva Estella

Wyman, Treva Estella d/o Henry, married at Kentville, 21 Sept 1927, to J. Allison Cox s/o J. Howe Cox, Middleton. [28 September 1927 write-up]


1. Wedding write up for Mr. & Mrs. Edward Howell, m. 11 May 1867, Fairview, Kings Co., NS [18 May 1927]