Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1926

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia
1926 - Mfm# 4025, NSARM, Halifax, NS

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4025; Placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 E-mail: nsarm@gov.ns.

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930 ; e.g. S for South ; E for East as in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer!

No entries 24 March 1926; 24 Nov. 1926 or 1 Dec 1926.

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Adams, Matilda, d/o Charles Adams, married at Bay View, Digby Co., 30 June, to Aubrey Leonard Bowles, Waterville, NS.[7 July 1926 write up].

Aldred, Richard W. see Saunders, Marion Hetty.

Algee, Annie see Bertha Lillian Algee.

Algee, Bertha Lillian d/o Annie Algee, married at Somerville, Mass., 8 Apr., to Harry Thomas Doane, Newton, Mass., formerly of Shelburne Co. [28 Apr 1926 write up].

Algee, Dora Marguerite, Somerville, Mass., formerly of Grafton, NS, married at Somerville, Mass., 18 Au., to Winford B. Doane, formerly of North East Harbor, Shelburne Co., now of Somerville, Mass. [15 Sept. 1926 write up].

Algee, Eva, died, funeral 9 Jan, age 22 years, Black Rock,d/o Mrs. May Algee. [13 Jan 1926].

Allen, Daniel see George, Mrs. Frank.

Allison, Joseph see Shaw, Mary Cecillia.

Anderson, Harry Melvin, formerly of Parrsboro, NS, married at Lawrence, Mass., 1 May 1926, to Lottie Irene Swindell, formerly of Burlington, Kings Co., NS.[BR 12 May 1926 write-up].

Andrews, Mrs. Caroline Louisa, died at New Albany, Anna. Co., 12 Feb., age 87 years, formerly Mrs. S. K. ? Whitman, d/o Joseph Whitman & Abigail Oakes, New Albany, b.1839 m. Henry Andrews who d. 1912; lived in Ingramport & Berwick. [10 Mar 1926 obit].

Andrews, Henry see Andrews, Mrs. Caroline Louisa.

Armstrong, Hannah see MacMillan, William Archibald.

Armstrong, J. A. see Armstrong, Vera Adelia.

Armstrong, Vera Adelia, d/o J.A. Armstrong, married at Middleton, 14 June 1926, to Lewis E. Best. [BR 16 June 1926 write-up].

Ballem, George, Enmore, died 29 Dec 1925, b. Birch Hill, 1842 m. Sophia Mellish. [From Charlottetown Guardian – Register 17 Feb 1926 obit.].

Banks, A. S. see Sommerville, Mary Bell.

Banks, Florence Alice Leone, married at Truro, 3 Apr., d/o G. N. Banks, Paradise to Clarence Leslie Cousins, Canso. [14 Apr 1926 write up].

Barkhouse, George Simeon, died at S. Tremont, 29 Jan., 55 years.[10 Feb 1926 obit].

Baroni, James, died at N. Kingston, 26 July 1926, 78 years.[28 July 1926].

Beckwith, Asabel see Rockwell, Robert E.

Beckwith, Mary see Rockwell, Robert E.

Beckwith, Percy see Freeman, Fern.

Benjamin, Luther H., died at Millville, 8 Sept, 54 years. [15 Sept 1926 obit].

Best, Gay see Best, Mrs. Janet.

Best, Mrs. Janet, wid/o Gay Best, died at Grafton, 3 Jan, 64 years.[6 Jan 1926 obituary 13 Jan.] .

Best, Lewis E. see Armstrong, Vera Adelia.

Best, Mary Eliza, wid/o Charles Henry Best. Died at Prospect, Kings Co., 26 Jan 1926, 80 years 5 months. [10 Feb 1926 obituary].

Best, Mrs. Sarah, died at Burlington, Kings Co., 26 Sept, 82 years.[29 Sept 1926 obit].

Bezanson, Eunice see Dunham, John Edward.

Bezanson, Gladys Eletha, d/o James Bezanson, New Ross, married at Bridgetown, 23 Aug to Charles Merle Wood, s/o C. A. Wood, Berwick. [1 Sept 1926 write up].

Bezanson, James see Bezanson, Gladys Eletha.

Blakeney, Lydia see Dimock, Herbert.

Blenkhorn, Mrs. Josiah, died at Grafton, NS, 28 Nov., b. Grafton, 1876 d/o Albert R. & Caroline Jordan m. 1904 Josiah Blenkhorn, Arlington, Kings Co. [8 Dec 1926 obit].

Borden, Mary Eudavilla, w/o , Perry D. Borden, died at Berwick, 12 Feb., 54 years. [17 Feb 1926 obit].

Bourne, Mrs. Mildred, Montreal, married at St. John, NB, 3 Dec., to William. E. Skinner. [8 Dec 1926].

Bowlby, Adam see Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Berwick?, 5 Apr., 91 years 7 months, d/o Silas Margeson, Kentville, m.1. Henry McKenna, Tremont; m.2. James Morse, Berwick, ;m.3. Adam Bowlby, Wilmot; buried in Tremont. [7 April 1926 obituary].

Bowles, Aubrey Leonard see Adams, Matilda.

Bowles, Isabella see Rockwell, Robert E.

Boylan, Raymond E. see Rogers, Gladys M.

Brechin, Lillian, d/o George C. Brechin [& Cassie L. Brechin Pelton], Canard, married at Church St., [Kings Cop.], 12 Aug, to John Archibald Sutton, s/o David Sutton, Church St. [18 Aug 1926 write up].

Burbidge, J. H., died at Aylesford, 13 July, 84 years, b. Lawrencetown, 7 May 1842, m. in 1870 Fanny Whitman. [21 July 1926 obit].

Burgess, Almon L., died at Berwick, 28 Jan., 68 years; wid is Mary Handren.[3 Feb 1926 obit].

Burns, Stella, married at Waterville, formerly of Nictaux Falls, now Waterville, married to Noble R. Salsman, (double wedding Salsman/Rafuse), Wed. last.[8 Sept 1926 write up].

Caldwell, Emma see Flanagan, Heston.

Caldwell, Burton V. see Flanagan, Heston.

Caldwell, David & Emma see Oxley, George H.

Caldwell, Harriet Lenora , died at Yarmouth, 22 Feb, 51 years, w/o W. M. Caldwell, d/o Capt. Samuel McBride, Harborville. [3 Mar 1926 obituary p.1].

Caldwell, Sadie L. see Oxley, George H.

Caldwell, W. M. see Caldwell, Harriet Lenora.

Calkin, B. H. see Shafner, Willard Parker.

Calkin, Katherine see Shafner, Willard Parker.

Caryle, Theresa, wid/o Frederick Caryle, Waberly, died at Waverly, NS, 4 Oct, burial Berwick. [13 Oct 1926 obituary].

Charlton, Hattie Mae, d/o Charles M. Charlton, Waterville, married at Waterville, 20 Sept, to Alfred S. Frizzell, Halifax. [22 Sept 1926 write up].

Chipman, Phoebe see Shafner, Willard Parker.

Chute, Douglas L. B. see McNeill, Bertha.

Chute, Lucy B., married at Berwick, Sat. last, d/o Samuel B. Chute to John V. Stevens s/o Seward S. Stevens, Nictaux. [9 June 1926].

Chute, Samuel B. see Chute, Lucy B.

Cousins, Clarence Leslie see Banks, Florence Alice Leone.

Craig, Susan see Strong, Susan.

Craig, Thomas T. see Strong, Susan.

Crawford, Mrs. Harold, died Thursday at Lower Wolfville. [12 May 1926 obituary].

Creemer, Mrs. Murray, (Lillian), died at Aylesford, 11 Dec., abt. 20 years.[22 Dec 1926 obit].

Crouse, Frank M., S. Farmington, Anna. Co., married at Auburn, 25 Aug, to Lillian M. Durling, d/o Egbert S. Durling. [1 Sept 1926 write up].

Daniels, Norris E., died at West Paradise, 15 Apr., 60 years. [28 Apr 1926 obituary].

Davis, Rev. Hiram see Hanna, Norma.

Davis, Dr. J. W. see Norman Hanna.

Delamere, Dr. Henry Sinclair, died at Berkley, CA, 4 Nov., b. 67 years ago, Granville, NS. [8 Dec 1926 obituary].

Dimock, Herbert, died at Halifax, 21 Mar., m. Lydia Blakeney. [31 Mar 1926 obit].

Doane, Harry Thomas see Algee, Bertha Lillian.

Doane, Winford B. see Algee, Dora Marguerite.

Donnellan, Anna Agnes, abt 100 years, died at Donnellan’s Brook, Kings Co, 5th inst., b. 16 Nov 1832 d/o Charles Ogilvie m. John Donnellan.[17 Nov 1926 obituary – long and has some valuable Ogilvie and Donnellan useful genealogy].

Donnellan, John see Donnellan, Anna Agnes.

Dunham, John Edward, died at Lakeville, 13 Dec., 81 years m. Eunice Bezanson, Garland. [29 Dec 1926 obituary].

Durling, Egbert S. see Crouse, Frank M.

Durling, Lillian M. see Crouse, Frank M.

Eaton, Louisa Ann, w/o George W. Eaton, died at Auburn, 29 Jan., 79 years.[3 Feb 1926 obituary see 10 Feb for funeral].

Eisenhauer, Erle R. see Ross, Elizabeth.

Eisenhauer, Mrs. B. see Ross, Elizabeth.

Ewing, Mrs. Henry, died at Millville, 13th inst., (Mary Anne Kirkpatrick) 88 years, d/o Wm. & Mary Anne Kirkpatrick, who are. From N. Ireland abt 100 yrs ago and settled at Kirk’s Brook, near Morden, 9 Dec 1858m. 1. Walta [ter?] William McGregor; m2. Henry Ewing [d. Jan 1901].[27 Oct 1926 obit].

Fairn, Alice Pauline, d/o Leslie R. Fairn, married at Aylesford, 15 Sept to Dr. Cassius Ward Friberg, Johnson City, Tenn. [22 Sept 1926 write up].

Fairn, Leslie R. see Fairn, Alice Pauline.

Fancy, W. A., married at Harmony, Kings Co., NS, 19 June 1926 to Mrs. Martha J. Spinney, Harmony. [23 June 1926].

FitzRandolph, Frank A. see Harris, Mary Hester.

Flanagan, Heston, formerly of Waterville, married at New Ross, 25 Oct, to Emma Caldwell, d/o Burton V. Caldwell, Summerville, Hants Co., NS. [3 Nov 1926 write up].

Freeman, A. J. see Illsley, Lucy Amanda.

Freeman, Fern, d/o Wm. Freeman, married at Berwick, 7 July to Percy Beckwith. [14 July 1926 write up].

Friberg, Dr. Cassius Ward see Fairn, Alice Pauline.

Frizzell, Alfred S. see Charlton, Hattie Mae.

Frizzle, Robert, died at Truro, NS, 3 Oct, 88 years, b. PEI, Lot 28, lived at Brook Village, C.B., m1. Martha McKeen; m2. Mrs. Mary Hamm. [20 Oct 1926].

George, Mrs. Frank, died at Berwick, 29 May 1926, d/o Daniel Allen, Grand Pre, in her 81st. year. [2 June 1926 obituary].

Graves, Mrs. George, w/o George Best Graves, died at Aylesford, Thurs last, formerly a Miss Vroom, native of Granville. [17 Feb 1926 obit].

Graves, Leta Mae, d/o Jason Graves, Aylesford, married at Waltham, Mass., 27 May, to Wallace Norman Reynolds s/o Mrs. P. R. McGill. [30 June 1926 write up].

Graves, William, died at Morden, Tues past week, abt. 80 years.[31 Mar 1926 see 7 Apr. obit].

Grevatt, Alice Maud d/o Arthur Grevatt, died at Berwick, 26 June, 22 years. [30 June 1926 obit].

Hale, Clare Olive see Wood, Orance MacLean.

Hale, Etta, married at Woodville, 18 Aug to Blake Porter. [25 Aug 1926 write up].

Hall, Ruth, d/o William Hall, Miami, FL., formerly of Berwick, married at Johnson City, NJ, 22 Mar., 1926 to John Lorens. [31 Mar 1926 ].

Hamm, Mrs. Mary see Frizzle, Robert.

Handren, Mary see Burgess, Almon L.

Hanna, Norma, d/o Samuel Hanna, Nanaimo [?], B.C., married at Upper Musquodobit, NS, 23 June to Dr. J. W. Davis, Berwick s/o Rev. Hiram Davis. [30 June 1926 write up].

Harris, Mary Hester, d/o James D. Harris, married at Upper Granville, 22 June to Frank A. FitzRandolph, S. Williamston. [7 July 1926 write up].

Hayes, Alice Reta see White, Karl G.

Hemming, Herbert see Pearce, Kathleen Alice.

Hiltz, David W., died at Morristown, 21 Oct, 74 years. [3 Nov 1926].

Hiltz, David W., died at Morristown, 21 Oct., 74 years, b. New Ross, Lun. Co., s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Hiltz m. Sarah Marshall, Margaretville. [8 Dec 1926 obit].

Hiltz, George Filson see Hiltz, Scilena Mae.

Hiltz, Jacob & Elizabeth see Hiltz, David W.

Hiltz, Luke see Hiltz, Scilena Mae.

Hiltz, Scilena Mae, married at Aylesford, 12 June 1926, d/o Luke Hiltz, Weltons Corner to George Filson Hiltz, Millville, both natives of New Ross, Lun. Co., NS. [16 June 1926 write-up].

Holland, Shirley Beatrice, died at Aylesford, 3 May 1926, d/o James Holland.[12 May 1926 ].

Houghton, William, died at Huntington Point, Kings Co., 27 years. [24 Feb 1926 see Shocking Tragedy].

Howe, Mrs. E. H., d/o Ephraim Keith, died at Greenwood, Kings Co., 27 Oct., abt. 70 years, b. Havelock, NB. [10 Nov 1926 obituary].

Howell, Isabelle see Marshall, Richard E.

Hubley, Russell S., married at Berwick, 26 Oct, to Marguerite M. Sheppard, both of Halifax. [27 Oct 1926].

Huntley, Mrs. Perley R., (Jennie Leota), died at S. Berwick, 11 Dec., [15 Dec 1926 obit].

Illsley, Horace, s/o J. Parker Illsley, died at Coldbrook, n.d., 21 years. [10 Feb 1926].

Illsley, Lucy Amanda, w/o A. J. Freeman, Quill Lake, Sask., d/o F. N. Illsley, died at Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask., 20 June, 36 years.[30 June 1926 obit].

Illsley, Mrs. Embree W., died at Weston, 14 July, 72 years, b. Lakeville, 8 June 1854, d/o Charles & Mary Rockwell, m. 8 April 1884.[21 July 1926 obit].

Illsley, Pern, formerly of Lakeville, married at Boston, Mass., 10 Feb., to Annie Spittle, Coldbrook. [3 Mar 1926].

Illsley, Rebecca A., w/o E. W. Illsley, died at Weston, 14 July, 73 years. [21 July 1926 notice].

Ince, Mary Eleanor, w/o Robert I. Phinney, died at Middleton, 3 Feb., 65 years. [10 Feb 1926 obit].

Jordan, Caroline see Blenkhorn, Mrs. Josiah.

Joselyn, Mrs. M. E., d/o C. E. Seavery, Cambridge, died; n.d., funeral Cambridge, age 40 years.[10 Feb 1926 see obit/funeral].

Jacques, Cora Jean, d/o Mrs. Margaret Jacques, married at Auburn, 9 Jan to Loring Victor Spinney, Greenwood. [13 Jan 1926].

Jordan, Albert A. B., died at Grafton, 13 Apr 1926, 79 years.[14 Apr 1926].

Joudrey, Cornellius see Joudrey, Robert E.

Joudrey, Robert E., died at Windermere, Kings Co., NS, 18 May 1926, 53 years, born Blockhouse, Lun. Co., NS, s/o Cornellius Joudrey, m1. Mrs. Martha Rawson, who d. 1917 m2. , 1920, Mrs. Mary E. MacKenzie,Windermere. [BR 2 June 1926 obituary].

Keddy, Gladys V. see Lacey, Douglas R.

Keddy, Ralph N. see Spronle, Etta Pearl.

Keith, Ephraim see Howe, Mrs. E. H.

Kinsman, Mrs. Jane, died at Grafton, 8 Aug, 90 years 10 months.[18 Aug 1926].

Kinsman,W.N. 23 April 1926, born to at Berwick, a son. [5 May 1926 ].

Kirkpatrick, Mary Anne see Ewing, Mrs. Henry.

Kirkpatrick, Wm. & Mary Anne see Ewing, Mrs. Henry.

Lacey, Douglas R., married at Berwick, 15 June 1926 to Gladys V. Keddy, both of Millville. [16 June 1926].

Lawrence, Anne see Strong, Susan.

Lawson, P.F. letter to editor from him from Beaumont, Texas.

Lee, Phoebe Ann, d/o Joseph & Merinda Lee, died at Aylesford, 24 Mar., b. 8 July 1848. [31 Mar 1926 obituary].

Loomer, Prudence, wid/o Robert Lydiard, died at Berwick, 28 Jan, 76 years.[3 Feb 1926 obit].

Lorens, John see Hall, Ruth.

Lutz, Augie Pearl, d/o Isaiah B. Lutz, Aylesford, married at Worchester, Mass., 16 Oct., to Roland John Merserve, Scarboro, Maine. [27 Oct 1926 write up].

Lutz, Isaiah B. see Lutz, Augie Pearl.

Lydiard, Robert see Loomer, Prudence.

MacCarthy, Marion L. see Ritchie, Laurie J.

MacKenzie, Frank W., s/o S. W. MacKenzie, Somerset, died at Bellows Falls, VT., last Tues. 50 years; int.: Somerville, Mass., unm. [1 Sept 1926].

MacKenzie, Mrs. Mary E. see Joudrey, Robert E.

MacMillan, William Archibald, died at Berwick, 7 June 1926, 86 years s/o William MacMillan, of Glasgow, Scotland and Hannah Armstrong, Mt. Hanley, NS , married 1864, Clare Spicer, Weston, Kings Co., NS. [BR 9 June 1926 obituary].

MacMillan, William see MacMillan, William Archibald.

Margeson, Alanva? C., w/o Noble B. Margeson, formerly of Harborville, died at Young’s Cove, Anna. Co., 13 Feb. [17 Feb 1926].

Margeson, E. M. see Margeson, Ralph L.

Margeson, Elizabeth see Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Margeson, Ralph L., s/o E. M. Margeson, Melrose, Mass., formerly of Waterville, NS, married at Melrose, Mass., 25 Sept. to Lillian E. Strongquist, d/o John A. Strongquist. [6 Oct 1926 write up].

Margeson, Silas see Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Marshall, Sarah see Hiltz, David W,

Marshall, Richard E., died at Berwick, 21 Aug., 75 years m. Isabelle Howell.[15 Sept 1926 obit and see also 22 Sept 1926 Register].

McBride, Annie see Ogilvie, Abram.

McBride, Harriet Lenora see Caldwell, Harriet Lenora.

McBride, Captain Perley, born to at Berwick, 6 May 1926, a son. [12 May 1926].

McBride, Peter see Ogilvie, Abram.

McBride, Capt. Samuel see Caldwell, Harriet Lenora.

McBride, Samuel see Ogilvie, Abram.

McCarthy, John S., s/o John & Alice Ann McCarthy, died at Auburn, 5 July, 85 years, formerly of Lochaber Mines, NS, m. Eliza Murray, Barney’s River, Pictou Co., NS.[7 July 1926 obit].

McConnell, Frank see Moir, Henry T.

McConnell, Susie M. see Moir, Henry T.

McGill, Mrs. P. R. see Graves, Leta Mae.

McGregor, Waltha[ter?] William see Ewing, Mrs. Henry.

McKeen, Martha see Frizzle, Robert.

McKenna, Henry see Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth.

McKittrick, Mrs. Mary, w/o Wm. McKittrick, died at Kentville, 4 July, 63 years. [14 July 1926 obituary].

McNeill, Bertha, married at Morristown, Kings Co., NS., 16 June 1926, d/o Herbert McNeill to Douglas L. B. Chute, Berwick. [23 June 1926 write-up].

McNeill, Herbert see McNeill, Bertha.

Meister, Roy see Robbins, Katherine.

Mellish, Sophia see Ballem, George.

Merserve, Roland John see Lutz, Augie Pearl.

Miller, Ida, died at Cambridge Station, kings Co., NS, 1 June 1926, 64 years. [9 June 1926 obituary].

Moir, Henry T., Lowell, Mass., married at Brighton, Mass., 21 June to Susie M. McConnell, d/o Frank McConnell, Welsford. [30 June 1926 write up].

Moody, James, died at Grafton, 14 Feb, 69 years. [17 Feb 1926 see 3 Mar -funeral].

Morris, Mrs. Charles K., of Wallace, died at Toronto, 31 Jan. [17 Feb 1926].

Morse, James see Bowlby, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Morse, Susan see Shaffner, Mrs. Susan J.

Morton, Mrs. Holmes see Robinson, Mrs. A. G.

Murray, Eliza see McCarthy, John S.

Nichols, Otis Henry, died at Morristown, 20 Jan, 57 years.[27 Jan 1926 obit].

Oakes, Abigail see Andrews, Caroline Louisa.

Oakes, Johnson, s/o Lovett & Eliza Oakes, New Albany, died at Kingston, NS, 28 Sept, 81 years.[6 October 1926 obit].

Ogilvie, Anna Agnes see Donnellan, Anna Agnes.

Ogilvie, Abram, died at Burlington, Kings Co., NS, 18th, 77 years, s/o Bedford Ogilvie, Abram b. 1849, m. Annie d/o late Peter McBride, a sister of Capt. Samuel McBride. [26 May 1926 write-up].

Ogilvie, Bedford see Ogilvie, Abram.

Ogilvie, Charles see Donnellan, Anna Agnes.

Oxley, George H., died at Berwick, 1 Nov., 58 years, b. Liverpool, England, 16 Jan 1868 s/o Dr. Martin G. B. Oxley; m. Sadie L. Caldwell, d/o David & Emma Caldwell. [3 Nov 1926 obit].

Oxley, Dr. Martin G. B. see Oxley, George H.

Palmer, Mary Caroline see Reid, James W.

Parker, Abel see Shaffner, Mrs. Susan J.

Parker, Albert see Parker, Avard, E.

Parker, Avard E., died at Caribou, Maine, 1 May 1926, s/o Albert and Maria Rand Parker, b. Cornwallis, NS, 60 years ago. [5 May 1926 obituary ].

Parker, Blanche, Cambridge, married at Port William, 17 Aug to Edwin West, Port Williams. [25 August 1926 write up].

Parker, Owen H., died at Woodville, 7 July, 76 years. [14 July 1926 obituary].

Parks, Lavinia see Sturk, Wm. Wentworth.

Parrish, M. E., died at Middleton, 13 Apr age 73 years. [21 Apr 1926 obit].

Pearce, Kathleen Alice, d/o Harold B. Pearce, married at Waterville, 15 Sept to Herbert Hemming, Halifax, NS.[29 Sept 1926 write up].

Phinney, Robert I. See Ince, Mary Eleanor.

Pineo, G. C. see Strong, Paul Barteaux

Pineo, Mildred see Strong, Paul Barteaux.

Porter, Maynard, died at Kinsman=s Corner, Kings Co., NS., 15 May 1926, 86 years. [16 June 1926].

Porter, Blake see Hale, Etta.

Rafuse, Ari D., formerly of New Cornwall, now Waterville, married at Waterville, Wed. last (double wedding Burns/Salsman), to Jessie Salsman d/o Emery Salsman. [8 Sept 1926 write up].

Rafuse, Anthony, died at Waterville, 10 June, 76 years; m. twice. [30 June 1926].

Rand, Maria see Parker, Avard E.

Rawson, Mrs. Martha see Joudrey, Robert E.

Reid, James W., formerly of Welsford, died at Needham Heights, Mass., 2 July, ; b. Advocate, Cum. Co., NS, 1843 m. in 1865 to Mary Caroline Palmer. [21 July 1926 obit].

Reynolds, Wallace Norman see Graves, Leta Mae.

Ritchie, Laurie J., married at Greenwood Square, 21 July to Marion L. MacCarthy. [28 July 1926].

Robar, Mrs. Caroline, (Caroline Smeltzer), wid/o Zenas Robar, died at Greenwood, 8 June 1926, b. LaHave, Lun. Co., NS, 11 April 1840.[BR 9 June 1926 obituary].

Robar, Zenas see Robar, Mrs. Caroline.

Robbins, Katherine d/o John Robbins, married at Pleasant Lake, Yarmouth Co., to Roy Meister, Aylesford, 24 Dec 1925.[6 Jan 1926 write up].

Robinson, Mrs. A. G., died at Boston, Mass., 17 June 1926, d/o Mrs. Holmes Morton, Somerset, Kings Co., NS, 64 years. [23 June 1926 se obit 14 July 1926].

Robinson, James, died at Burlington, 5 Feb, 82 years. [17 Feb 1926].

Rockwell, Charles & Mary see Illsley, Mrs. Embree W.

Rockwell, Robert E., died at Brooklyn Corner, NS, 28 April 1926, s/o Asabel and Mary Beckwith Rockwell, Woodville, 79 years; m. Isabella Bowles. [5 May 1926].

Rogers, Gladys M., d/o Frederick Rogers, married at Caledonia, Queens Co., 25 Aug to Raymond E. Boylan, Berwick. [8 Sept 1926].

Rood, Bertha L., w/o Harvey D. Rood, formerly of Berwick, d/o George Stay, Halifax, died at Edmonton, Alta., 6 July. [[28 July 1926 obit].

Ross, Elizabeth, Hollywood, CA., married at Glendale, CA., 23 Sept., to Erle R. Eisenhauer, Claresholm, Alberta, Canada, s/o Mrs. B. Eisenhauer, Somerset, Kings Co., NS, residence, Claresholm, Alberta. [3 Nov 1926 write up; Erle is as spelled].

Salsman, Emery see Rafuse, Ari D.

Salsman, Jessie see Rafuse, Ari D.

Salsman, Noble R. see Burns, Stella.

Sanford, Charles E., died at Weston, Kings Co., NS, 25 May 1926, 97 years. [2 June 1926 obituary].

Sanford, Jean see Spinney, Wylie Howe.

Saunders, A. Noble see Saunders, Marion Hetty.

Saunders, Marion Hetty, d/o A. Noble Saunders, Harmony, married at Harmony, 24 Aug to Richard W. Aldred, Rockville Notch. [1 Sept 1926 write up].

Seavery, C. E. see Joselyn, Mrs. M. E.

Shaffner, George see Shafner, Willard Parker.

Shaffner, Deacon John E. see Shaffner, Mrs. Susan J.

Shafner, Willard Parker, died at Kentville, 73 years, b. Williamston, s/o George & Phoebe Chipman Shaffner, Annapolis Co., NS, in 1853 m. 1899 Katherine Calkin d/o B.H. Calkin. [12 May 1926 obituary -spelling varies].

Shaffner, Mrs. Susan J., died at Lawrencetown, NS, 2 Dec., wid/o Deacon John E. Shaffner, Lawrencetown, 88 years, at the home of her dau-in-law, Mrs. J. Elvin Shaffner, Lawrencetown; b. Berwick, d/o Abel Parker & Susan Morse. [8 Dec 1926 obituary].

Shaw, Abbie see Young, Mrs. W. V. T.

Shaw, Mary Cecillia, wid/o W. B. Shaw, d/o Joseph Allison, died at Hantsport, 14 Jan. 1926. [20 Jan 1926].

Shaw, Sydney see Young, Mrs. W. V. T.

Sheppard, Marguerite M. see Hubley, Russell S.

Skinner, Caroline see Young, Mrs. W. V. T.

Skinner, William E. see Bourne, Mrs. Mildred.

Smeltzer, Caroline see Robar, Mes. Caroline.

Sommerville, Mary Bell, d/o Mrs. J. D. Sommerville, married at Berwick, 1 Jan 1926, to A. S. Banks, Waterville.[6 Jan 1926 write up].

Spicer, Clara see MacMillan, William Archibald.

Spinney, Mrs. Martha J. see Fancy, W. A.

Spinney, Loring Victor see Jacques, Cora Jean.

Spinney, Wylie Howe, married at Greenwood, 2 June 1926, to Jean Sanford.[BR 9 June 1926].

Spittle, Annie see Illsley, Pern.

Spronle, Etta Pearl, d/o Everett Spronle, married at Clarence, Anna. Co., 9 Nov., to Ralph N. Keddy, Berwick. [10 Nov 1926 write up].

Stay, George see Rood, Bertha L.

Steadman, William, died at Shaw Rd., Berwick, 15 Jan 90 years 11 months.[20 Jan 1926 obit].

Stevens, John V. see Chute, Lucy B.

Stevens, Seward S. see Chute, Lucy B.

Strong, Abel se Strong, Susan.

Strong, Everett Sydney, married at Berwick, 3 June 1926 to Mabel Gertrude Taylor, both of Waterville. [16 June 1926].

Strong, Paul Barteaux, Mt. Denson, Hants Co., NS, married at Waterville, 8 Nov., to Mildred Pineo d/o G. C. Pineo, Somerset. [10 Nov 1926].

Strong, Susan, died at Wolfville, 26 April 1926, w/o Thomas T. Craig, Cambridge, d/o Abel and Anne (Lawrence) Strong, 88 years m. 1852 ; husband died Sept. 1921. [19 May 1926 obituary].

Strongquist, John A. see Margeson, Ralph L.

Strongquist, Lillian E. see Margeson, Ralph L.

Sutton, John Archibald ( & David Sutton) see Brechin, Lillian.

Swindell, Lottie Irene see Anderson, Harry Melvin.

Taylor, Howard, inf/s/o, died at S. Berwick, 29 Sept 3 months 9 days.[13 Oct 1926].

Taylor, Mabel Gertrude see Strong, Everett Sydney.

Thomas, Harry, s/o A. M. Thomas, died at Bog Lake (near Berwick), Sat past; shooting accident. [29 Sept 1926 write up].

Thorpe, Mrs. Mary, wid/o Alfred Thorpe, died at Ross Corner, Kings Co., 20 Aug., 87 years.[8 Sept 1926 obituary].

Sturk, Wm. Wentworth, married at Greenwood Square, Sept. -, to Lavinia Parks, both of Victoria Harbour. [6 Oct 1926].

Tupper, Archibald Freeman, died at Berwick, 2 Jan 18 years 5 months.[27 Jan 1926 obit].

Uhlman, Mrs. James, (Rosina), died at Berwick, 6 July, d/o John & Leposha Wamboldt; b. Camperdown, Lun. Co., NS 15 Aug 1890.[14 July 1926 obit].

Vachon, Mrs. Leona B., died at Holden, Mass., 1 Feb., b. Aylesford.[24 Feb 1926 obit].

Vroom, Miss see Graves, Mrs. George.

Wagner, Anna, inf/d/o Roy Wagner, died at Berwick, 11 Apr., 18 months. [21 Apr 1926].

Wamboldt, James see Uhlman, Mrs. James.

Wamboldt, Rosina see Uhlman, Mrs. James.

West, Mrs. Abbie, wid/o Wm. West, died at Middleton, 21 Jan age 86 years.[27 Jan 1926 obit].

West, Edwin see Parker, Blanche.

West, Ethel B., w/o William West, died at Somerville, Mass., 19 Mar.. [31 Mar 1926 obit].

White, Howard R., s/o George White, died at Buckingham, Quebec, 25 Oct., 53 years.[27 Oct 1926 obituary]

West, John L. see Young, Mrs. W. V. T.

White, Karl G., Grafton, married at Somerset, 1 Sept., to Alice Reta Hayes. [8 Sept 1926 & 6 October 1926 Register write up].

Whitman, Caroline Louisa see Andrews, Caroline Louisa.

Whitman, Fanny see Burbidge, J. H.

Whitman, Joseph see Andrews, Caroline Louisa.

Whitman, S. K.? see Andrews, Caroline Louisa.

Wilson, Hazel Areta (and W. G. Wilson ) see Woodworth, Wm. H., Jr.

Winfield, Margaret Mary see Winfield, Mrs. Rev. J. A.

Winfield, Mrs. Rev. J. A., (Margaret Mary) died at Kentville, Sunday, 72 years. [12 May 1926 obituary].

Wood, Annabell, died at Woodville, n.d., 68 years.[3 Feb 1926].

Wood, Charles Merle see Bezanson, Gladys Eletha.

Wood, C. A. see Bezanson, Gladys Eletha.

Wood, Orance MacLean, married at Woodville, 5 May 1926, s/o Mrs. Bessie Wood, to Clare Oliver Hale. [12 May 1926 write-up].

Wood, Mrs. Bessie see Wood, Orance MacLean.

Woodworth, Wm. H., Jr., Berwick, married at Bear River, 18 Aug, to Hazel Areta Wilson d/o W. G. Wilson, Springhill. [25 Aug 1926 write up].

Young, Mrs. J. Wallace, formerly of Bridgetown, died at Berwick, 23 Feb, age 80 years. [3 Mar 1926 obit].

Woodworth, Abner, formerly of Berwick, died at Deep Brook, NS, 7Mar., 88 years. [10 March 1926 - obituary 17 Mar 1926 ].

Young, Mrs. W. V. T., (Abbie Shaw d/o Sydney & Caroline Skinner Shaw), died at Waterville, 27 Mar., 75 years, b. 5 June 1850 m1. John L. West, Morristown & lived in Kansas City; m2.W. V. T. Young abt. 50 years ago. [14 April 1926 obituary see also 4 Aug 1926 Tribute].


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