Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1923

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
1923 published Wednesday
NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm# 4022

NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm# 4022. Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, mfm# 4022. Placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 E-mail:

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Acker, Hilda, d/o Capt. Acker, died at Harborville, 28 May 1923 survived by step-father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Kappele. [30 May 1923 obituary]. Acker, Capt. see Acker, Hilda.

Ackerley, Anne see Elliott, Jacob.

Allen, Daniel see Allen, Martha.

Allen, Martha, d/o Daniel Allen, died at Avonport, 28 Feb 1923, 75 years.[7 Mar 1923 obit].

Allen, Sarah E. see Woodworth, George Whitfield.

Allison, Adelaide Amelia see Marshall, William Edward.

Allison, Frank H. N. see MacDonald, Hazel Grace.

Armstrong, Albert Mack, Middleton, married at Berwick, Wed, to Doris Louise Jackson d/o W. L. Jackson, Berwick. [12 Sept 1923 write up].

Atwater, Howard Herbert, Guysboro, married at Berwick, 12 May 1923, Elsie Reta Corkum, Hall’s Harbour, NS. [16 May 1923].

Bailey, William B., Westport, NS, married at Providence, RI, 11 Dec 1923, to Gladys Payson Best, d/o Dr. O. Fletcher Best, Providence, RI. [19 Dec 1923].

Baker, Deacon Ansel see Martell, Mrs. Hannah L.

Baker, Harold L., Wilmot, married at Greenwood Square, Kings Co., NS, 25 April 1923 to Mildred P. Morse, Kingston, NS.

Baker, Thomas A., died at Burlington, 30 Sept 1923, 77 years. [14 Nov 1923].

Bagnall, Elsie Rosina, Middleton, married at Kentville, 19 June 1923, to George Renforth Thorpe, Wolfville.[14 Nov 1923].

Balcom, D. M. see Pidgeon, Pearl Balcom.

Balcom, Dr. P. N. see Brown, M. Edith.

Baltzer, Mrs. Chute, died at Morden, 32 years, Friday last. [22 August 1923 obituary].

Banks, Abram see Banks, Harriet Frances.

Banks, Clarke MacNeill, inf/s/o Floyd C. Banks, died at Morristown, 13 Aug 1923. [5 Sept 1923].

Banks, Floyd C. see Banks, Clarke MacNeill.

Banks, Harriet Frances, d/o Abram Banks, died at Morristown, 5 Feb 1923. [21 Feb 1923 obituary].

Banks, Ralph S. see Smith, Alice M.

Barkhouse, Clara L., Tremont, married at Middleton, 27 June 1923, to Wesley J. Zwicker, Berwick. [22 August 1923].

Barteaux, E. S. see Carbent, Jean Bythia.

Barteaux, Harvey & Rebecca see MacNeill, Wilhelmina.

Barteaux, Owen Cullis see Carbent, Jean Bythia.

Baxter, Mary see Loomer, John Gideon.

Beals, James Leslie see Pidgeon, Pearl Balcom.

Beardsley, Ruth Ann see Davidson, Benjamin Waldo.

Bennett, Mrs. W. K., died at Somerset, , n.d., (nee Katherine Wilmot) m. 24 Dec 1867, formerly of St. John, NB. [29 August 1923 obituary + notice].

Best, Charles see Best. Leonard.

Best, Gladys Payson see Bailey, William B.

Best, Dr. O. Fletcher see Bailey, William B.

Best, Gay E. see Best. Leonard.

Best, Henry see Ward, Vera R.

Best, Homer G., formerly of Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS, died at Fairwault, Minnesota, 30 April 1923. [23 May 1923 see obituary 6 June 1923 more information].

Best, Leonard, died at Berwick, Sunday, b. Grafton, about 89 years ago, s/o Richard Trinton Best (& Phoebe Best), m. Selina Nichols; one son by 1st . m. Gay E. Best; 1st wife d. 1916 m2. Mrs. Roxanna Orillio, Windsor; survived by brother Charles Best , Victoria Harbour and 3 sisters. [30 May 2003 obituary].

Best, Phoebe see Best, Leonard.

Best, Richard Trinton see Best, Leonard.

Best, Vera R. see Ward, Vera R.

Bezanson, Mrs. Julia see Margeson, Lemuel R.

Birnie, Mrs. Margaret see Birnie, Walter Everett.

Birnie, Walter Everett, s/o Mrs. Margaret Birnie, Vinal Haven, Mass., married at Boston, Mass., 16 Oct 1923, to Bertha D. Graves d/o Wallace D. Graves, Nicholsville, NS. [31 Oct 1923 write up].

Bishop, Avard M. see Bishop, Dorothy Alberta.

Bishop, Dorothy Alberta, inf/d/o Avard M. Bishop, Sydney, died at Berwick, 2 Aug 1923. [15 August 1923].

Bishop, Edgan Clifford, married at Welsford, 10 Dec 1923, to Esther Palmer Power. [12 Dec 1923].

Borden, Althea May, d/o Mrs. Kate Borden, married at Cambridge, 5 Sept 1923, to Gilbert Schofield, Brooklyn St. [12 Sept 1923 write up].

Borden, Mrs. Kate see Borden, Alethea May.

Blenkhorn, Edwin Hale inf/s/o Glen Blenkhorn, died at Kentville, 22 Mar 1923, 7 mos 23 days. [11 April 1923 obituary].

Brown, Adiniram & Ella, see Brown, Evelyn.

Brown, M. Edith, d/o Rev. W. C. Brown, South Farmington, married at Round Hill, Anna. Co., NS, 14 July 1923 to Dr. P. N. Balcom, Aylesford.[25 July 1923 write up].

Brown, Evelyn, d/o Adiniram & Ella Brown, died at The Forties [New Ross], 16 Feb 1923. [28 Feb 1923 obituary].

Brown, Rev. W. C. see Brown, M. Edith.

Bryden, Eben see Johnson, Ardelis.

Bryden, Mrs. Stanley, died at Base Line Rd., Kings Co., 31 Mar 1923, 29 years.[4 Apr 1923].

Bullerwell, Julia, w/o Capt. William Bullerwell, died at Cambridge, NS, 15 May 1923, 64 years. [23 May 1923 see also 30 May 1923 obituary].

Bullerwell, William see Bullerwell, Julia.

Burgess, Eva May see Wile, Clark A.

Burgess, Madge see Proudfoot, Henry.

Burgess, Mercy see Newcombe, Mrs. Abigail Hovey.

Bayne, Dr. Charles McDonald, married at Welsford, 4 Oct 1923 to Lillian H. Calkin. [10 Oct 1923 write up + notice].

Burgoine, Edna, died at Cherryfield, Anna Co., 23 years, 17 July 1923.[1 Aug 1923].

Calkin, Abigail Hovey see Newcombe, Mrs. Abigail Hovey.

Calkin, Elias see Mrs. Abigail Hovey Newcombe.

Calkin, Lillian H. see Bayne, Dr. Charles McDonald.

Canady, Sophia see Dickie, Henry.

Carbent, Dr. G. B. see Carbent, Jean Bythia.

Carbent, Jean Bythia, d/o Dr. G. B. Carbent, married to Owen Cullis Barteaux, at Campbellville, about 5 July 1923, s/o E. S. Barteaux, Weston, NS.[Toronto Daily Star 5 July] [ Register 11 July 1923 write up].

Carter, Ada, died at Berwick, 30 April 1923, w/o Andrew H. Spicer, d/o Charles & Ann Carter, b. Aulac, NB, m1. Stephen Sherwood, Sussex, NB. [2 May 1923 obituary].

Carter, Charles & Ann see Carter, Ada.

Churchill, Senator, a d/o see Woodworth, George Whitfield.

Chute, Ainsley see Chute, Manning.

Chute, Edward M. see Crocker, Clifford E.

Chute, Helen see Crocker, Clifford E.

Chute, Manning, s/o Ainsley Chute, died at South Berwick, 17 Apr 1923, 79 years ; m1. Bessie Cogswell of Victoria Harbour ;m2. a d/o George Lyons. [25 Apr 1923 obituary].

Clark, Mrs. Mary, 78 years [see Morden Notes 30 May 1923].

Clem, David Wallace see Clem, Mrs. Isabel Grimes.

Clem, Mrs. Isabel Grimes, wid/o David Wallace Clem, died at Victoria Harbour, 12 June 1923, 75 years. [11 July 1923 obituary].

Clinton, Thomas, formerly of Harborville, died at Greenville, South Carolina, 3 Mar 1923. [14 Mar 1923].

Cogswell, Bessie see Chute, Manning.

Coldwell, Frank H. see Coldwell, Gladys Lillian.

Coldwell, Gladys Lillian, d/o Frank H. Coldwell, married 20th June 1923, to Arthur Chase Kinsman. [27 June 1923 write up].

Collins, Mrs. Enoch, (Susan Sharp), Middleton, died Sunday, age 90 years, d/o Samuel & Sarah Starr Sharp. [31 Oct 1923 obituary].

Collins, Russell Johnson, Riverglade, NB, married at Aylesford, 26 June 1923, to Evelyn Irene Neily, d/o L. O. Neily, Aylesford. [4 July 1923 write-up + notice].

Congdon, Almira see Porter, Fletcher.

Corkum, Elsie Reta see Atwater, Howard Herbert.

Corkum, Perley, inf/d/o , died at Rockland, NS, 11 May 1923, 6 months.[16 May 1923].

Corkum, E. H. see Corkum, Wyeth H.

Corkum, Wyeth H., s/o E. H. Corkum, Halifax, died at Dalhousie East, 20 June 1923. [27 June 1923].

Coulter, Charles see Coulter, Eveline Gertrude.

Coulter, Eveline Gertrude,d/o Charles Coulter, died at South Berwick, Thurs last, 2 years 4 months. [19 Sept 1923 obituary].

Crocker, Clifford E., Weston, married at South Berwick, 14 Mar 1923, to Helen Rebecca Chute, d/o Edward M. Chute. [21 Mar 1923 write up + notice].

Crouse, Grace Cora see Oickle, Fred Angus.

Dauphin, Thomas Edgar, Chester basin, married at Berwick, Christmas Eve, to Evelyn Pearl Seamone, Berwick. [26 Dec 1923].

Davidson, Waldo Benjamin, Wolfville, married at Montreal, 10 Apr 1923, to Ruth Ann Beardsley, d/o Loviah Beardsley Foster.[25 April 1923 write up].

Dennison, A. F. see Dennison, Joyce Carmina.

Dennison, Joyce Carmina, d/o A. F. Dennison, married at Berwick, 15th inst., to Samuel Redford Penny. [22 August 1923 write up].

Devine, Mrs. Cora, died at Hebron, Yarmouth Co., 31 Oct 1923, [Wed last]. [7 Nov 1923 see Accident].

Dickie, Henry, died at Canaday Creek, 30 Oct 1923, 79 years, s/o Thomas Dickie, Canard m. Sophia Canady. [7 Nov 1923] obituary].

Dickie, Thomas see Dickie, Henry.

Dodge, J. L. see Smith, Lula Zenside.

Dodge, John Thomas, died at Factorydale, 7 Mar 1923, 96 years.[21 Mar 1923 obituary].

Dodge, Lula Zenside see Smith, Lula Zenside.

Douglas, Hilda May, married at Berwick, 31 July 1923 to Frederick Lindsay Greaves, Boston, Mass. [1 August 1923 write up- residence Boston see 8 Aug as well].

Durno, Mrs. Isabella, wid/o James Durno, died at Cambridge, 18 Feb 1923, age 68 years, d/o John Gaul; b. Keith, Banffshire, Scotland.[21 Feb 1923 obituary].

Durno, James see Durno, Mrs. Isabella.

Elliott, Benjamin see Elliott, Jacob.

Elliott, Jacob, s/o Benjamin Elliott & Anne Ackerley; m. Harriet Lee, he died at Berwick, Thurs, 95 years, b. Aylesford. [21 Feb 1923 obituary].

Ellis, Sadie Wila see Jarvis, Frank Eugene.

Ewing, Russell Rev. Merton see Shipley, Lulu Isabel.

Farnsworth, Henry VanBuskirk, Aylesford, died at Weston, Ontario, 6th inst., b. 8 May 1840 s/o Thomas & Lydia Farnsworth m. 1868, Mary Caroline Patterson, d/o William Patterson. [23 May 1923 obituary].

Farnsworth, Thomas & Lydia see Farnsworth, Henry VanBuskirk .

Farnsworth, Thomas & Isabella see Harris, Mrs. Anna Isabella.

Fearne, Agnes see Lawson, Thomas.

Finch, Edward & Eunice see Reid, Mrs. Effie Odessa.

Fitch, Handley E. see Fitch, Mary Campbell.

Fitch, Mary Campbell, d/o Handley E. Fitch, Claremont, married at Aylesford, Wed. to William Alden Hartling, previously of Mitchell Bay, Halifax, Co., NS, now of Claremont Corner, near Kingston, NS, s/o George Hartling. [11 July 1923 write up].

Finch, Sophia see Margeson, Mrs. Norris.

Fisher, Henry, Somerset, died at Somerset, 3 April 1923, 67 years; m. Miss Franklyn; brother of Thomas Fisher, Somerset. [11 April 1923 obituary].

Fisher, Fred S. see Fisher, Nellie.

Fisher, Nellie, w/o Fred S. Fisher, died at Somerset, 18 June 1923, 62 years. [20 June 1923 see Register 27 June 1923 p. 1 obituary]

Fisher, Thomas see Fisher, Henry.

Foster, Archibald, died at North Kingston, "last Wed", 63 years m1. Miss Taylor ; m2. a d/o Rev. William Ryan. [5 Sept 1923 obituary].

Foster, Loviah Beardsley see Davidson, Waldo Benjamin.

Foster, Mattie see Frank, Mrs. Albert S.

Foster, Robert see Frank, Mrs. Albert S.

Franey, Mrs. Augusta M., w/o James E. Franey, died at Aylesford, 22 June 1923, age 73 years. [4 July 1923 obituary].

Franey, James E. see Franey, Mrs. Augusta M.

Frank, Mrs. Albert S., ( Mattie Foster ), died at East Boston, Mass., d/o Robert Foster m. Albert S. Frank, about 40 years of age. [17 Oct 1923 obituary].

Franklyn, Miss see Fisher, Henry.

Fraser, Bertha Grace see Little, Frances Edward.

Fraser, George I. see Little, Frances Edward.

Freeman, Annie see Illsley, Charles Freeman.

Fuller, Constance Viola, Boston, Mass., d/o Dwight Fuller, married at Welsford, last Tues., to Edward Irvine Turner, Berwick.[3 Oct 1923].

Fuller, Dwight see Fuller, Constance Viola.

Gaul, Isabella see Durno, Mrs. Isabella.

Gaul, John see Durno, Mrs. Isabella.

Gaul, Mary E., (Miss), died at Dalhousie East, 18 Sept 1923, 66 years.[3 Oct 1923].

Gates, Gladys Idaleta, d/o Guilford J. Gates, married at Malden, Mass., 18 Aug 1923, to Sherman Elliott Nichols, West Somerville, Mass. [26 Sept 1923].

Gates, Guilford J see Gates, Gladys Idaleta.

Goucher, Edward R., Berwick, married at Kingston, 26 Nov 1923 to Thelma M. Morse, d/o Jonathan A. Morse, Harmony. [5 Dec 1923 write up].

Gould, Ida Belle see Ward, William Wallace.

Gould, Minnie Alberta see Rafuse, Clyde Ronald.

Graves, Bertha D. see Birnie, Walter Everett.

Graves, Wallace D. see Birnie, Walter Everett.

Graves, Viola Emma, married at Waterville, 29 Aug 1923 to Wilfred Arden Mullins. [26 Dec 1923].

Greaves, Frederick Lindsay see Douglas, Hilda May.

Grimm, Musa Marguerite, Berwick, married at Kentville, 6 April 1923, to Roy Gladstone Meister, New Ross. [9 May 1923].

Hall, Susannah see Hamilton, William W.

Hamilton, David see Hamilton, William.

Hamilton, William W., s/o David Hamilton, Welsford, died at Boston, Mass., 60 years, m. Susannah Hall, ; he was b. 24 May 1861. [28 Mar 1923 obituary see 4 Apr 1923 obituary additional information].

Harris, Mrs. Anna Isabella, wid/o T. R. Harris, died at Aylesford, 23 Nov 1923, b. Welton’s Corner, 1 Jan 1846 d/o Thomas & Lydia Farnsworth. [5 Dec 1923 obituary].

Harris, T. R. see Harris Mrs. Anna Isabella.

Hart, William, died at Middleton, 8 Mar 1923.[14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Hartling, George see Fitch, Mary Campbell.

Hartling, William Alden see Fitch, Mary Campbell.

Hatt, Chester W., Tremont, married at Middleton, 29 Sept 1923, to Mabel L. Henderson, Schenectady, N.Y. [10 Oct 1923].

Henderson, Mabel L. see Hatt, Chester W.

Hiltz, William, Dalhousie Road, 21 April 1923, age 83 years.[2 May 1923].

Holland, Florence B., d/o Wm. Holland, married to Rev W. F. Munro, at Aylesford, 2 Jan 1923. [10 Jan 1923 write up].

Holland, Wm see Holland, Florence B.

Holt, Arthur Burgess, of Hillaton, Kings Co., married at North Berwick, 8 Mar 1923, to Lois May Sturk, Morristown. [28 May 1923].

Howell, Kate, of NH, d/o William & Mary (Parker) Howell, Harborville, died at NH, n.d.

Burial Berwick. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Howell, William see Howell, Kate.

Illsley, Belle see Rockwell, Belle.

Illsley Charles Freeman, s/o Isaac L. Illsley, & Annie Freeman, died at Auburn, NH, USA, 14 Feb 1923, age 10 years. [21 Feb 1923 obituary].

Illsley, Harmon see Rockwell, Belle.

Illsley, Isaac L. see Illsley, Charles Freeman.

Illsley, L. LeRoy, Weston, Kings Co., married at Yarmouth North, 10 Oct 1923, to M. Frances MacDonnell, Woods Harbour, Shelburne Co., NS. [17 Oct 1923].

Jackson, Doris Louise see Armstrong, Albert Mack.

Jacques, Clyde Harland see Ward, Edith Ruth.

Jarvis, Frank Eugene, married at Auburn, 12 Dec 1923, to Sadie Wila Ellis, of Litchfield, Anna. Co., NS. [19 Dec 1923].

Jarvis, Mrs. Judson, died at Aylesford, 7 Feb 1923, 80 years.[14 Feb 1923 obituary 21 Feb].

Johnson, Ardelis married 21 July 1923 at Berwick to Eben Bryden, both of Black Rock. [26 Sept 1923].

Kappele, Mr. and Mrs. see Acker, Hilda.

Kay, S. J., died at Aylesford, 30 May 1923, 81 years, s/o Henry Ray, Berwick. [6 June 1923 obituary].

Keddy, Pearl Lillian, New Ross, married at Berwick, 10 May 1923 to Harvey M. Reeves, Florence, CB. [16 May 1923 brief write up].

Kinsman, Arthur Chase see Coldwell, Gladys Lillian.

Kinsman, Cecil, married at Welsford, 27 Dec 1922, to Jean White.[10 Jan 1923 write up].

Kirkpatrick, Blanche N., (Blanche N. Nichols), w/o Percy B. Kirkpatrick, died at Weston, 28 May 1923, age 47 years. [6 June 1923 obituary].

Kirkpatrick, Martha Kate see Selfridge, George Leander.

Kirkpatrick, Percy B. see Kirkpatrick, Blanche N.

Lawson, Thomas, native of Maybole, Scotland, b. 1844, died at Grafton, 11 Mar 1923, m. Agnes Fearn. [21 Mar 1923 obituary].

Lee, Andrew see Morris, William Henry.

Lee, Annie see Morris, William Henry.

Lee, Harriet see Elliott, Jacob.

Little, Frances Edward, Selkirk, Manitoba, married at Winnipeg, Manitoba, 5 Sept 1923 to Bertha Grace Fraser, d/o George I. Fraser, Greenwich, Kings Co., NS.[19 Sept 1923].

Loomer, John Gideon, s/o Levi & Sarah A. Loomer, died at Sheffield Mills, 24 Jan 1923, age 79 years, b. Cornwallis, 1844, m1. Mary Baxter, Baxter's harbor, m2. A d/o Jacob N. Wheaton, Centerville. [14 Feb 1923 obituary].

Loomer, Levi & Sarah A. see Loomer, John Gideon.

Lowe, died at Dalhousie East, inf/d/o, 21 days. [28 Nov 1923].

Lutz, George C., died at Lake Paul, 6 August 1923, 64 years, b. Burlington, NS, .[22 August 1923 obituary].

Lyons, George, a daughter, see Chute, Manning.

MacDonald, Hazel Grace, married at Berwick, 10 Dec 1923, to Frank H. N. Allison. [12 Dec 1923].

MacDonnell, M. Frances see Illsley, L. LeRoy.

MacInnes, Christy Ann, married at Glenville, Inverness Co., NS, 29 Aug 1923, to William Isaac Pyne, Boston, Mass., formerly of Morristown.[12 Sept 1923 write up].

MacNeill, Herbert R. see MacNeill, Wilhelmina.

MacNeill, Wilhelmina, w/o Herbert R. MacNeill, d/o Harvey & Rebecca Barteaux, died at Factorydale, 15 June 1923. [18 July 1923 obituary].

Magee, Margaret see Orpen, Mrs. Eliza S.

Mailman, Gladys Viola, New Albany, married at Bridgetown, 22 Dec 1922, to Clyde Leander Marshall, Clarence, Annapolis Co., NS.[3 Jan 1923 write up].

Margeson, John W., died at Kentville, 8 Apr 1923, 79 years, m. Mary Morton of Digby County. [25 April 1923 obituary].

Margeson, Lemuel R., Rockland, married at Berwick, 16 August 1923, to Mrs. Julia Bezanson, Berwick. [29 August 1923].

Margeson, Mrs. Norris, died at the VGH, Halifax, 4 Feb 1923, b. Auburn, Sophia Finch, age 69 years old. [7 Feb 1923 obituary].

Marshall, Clyde Leander see Mailman, Gladys Viola.

Marshall, J. N. S. see Marshall, William Edward.

Marshall, William Edward, died at Bridgewater, 23 May 1923, 64 years, s/o J. N. S. Marshall, Liverpool, and Adelaide Amelia Allison, (d.1859), grandson of William Wilkerson, Grafton, NS.[ 6 June 1923 obituary].

Marchant, Ethelberta, Lakeville, w/o F. W. Webster, Cambridge, died at Cambridge, [n. date]. [9 May 1923 obituary].

Marchant, Mrs. Ruby A., died at Waterville, 23 April, at the home of her son, W. Burpee Marchant, age 85 years 22 days, d/o Stephen Porter and Ruby Kinsman Thorpe b. Woodside, near Canning, NS, burial Berwick. [2 May 1923 obituary].

Marchant, W. Burpee see Marchant, Mrs. Ruby A.

Margeson, Hannah L. see Martell, Mrs. Hannah L.

Margeson, Silas see Martell, Mrs. Hannah L.

Marsters, Holmes C., died at Berwick, 8 Jan 1923, 64 years.[10 Jan 1923 obit + notice].

Martell, Mrs. Hannah L., died at Berwick, Fri, 90 years, d/o Silas Margeson, Kentville, m1. Deacon Ansel Baker m2. Rev. A. Martell.[28 Mar 1923 obituary].

Martell, Rev. A. see Martell, Mrs. Hannah L.

Martin, Robert, died at Woodville, 16 July 1923, 91 years, born Hants Co.[25 July 1923].

McCormick, James, died at Lakeview, 5 Oct 1923, 53 years.[31 Oct 1923 obituary ; notice records death age 52 years].

McCormick, Patrick, 84 years, died at Lakeview, 7 Oct 1923.[31 Oct 1923].

McGinnis, Nellie, Tremont, married at Tremont, Kings Co., 4 Apr 1923 to Benjamin David Pineo, Brooklyn, Annapolis Co. [11 Apr 1923].

McMaster, Percy M., South Farmington, Anna. Co., married at Greenwood Square, 16 July 1923 to Emma Vadell, Wilson’s Beach, Charlotte Co., NS.[1 August 1923 * this is a marriage recorded under the died column].

Meekins, Charles, died at Berwick, 80 years, 26 June 1923.[27 June 1923 obituary see 4 July].

Meister, Mrs. Ida Vendora, w/o Freeman Meister, died at Auburn, 23 Feb 1923, 61 years. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Mirie, Lawrence Robert, inf/s/o Walter G. Mirie (Prudence Rawding), died at Waterbury, CT., 8 July 1923. [18 July 1923].

Mirie, Walter G. see Mirie, Lawrence Robert.

Misner, Lloyd George, died at Chipman Brook, 23 Mar 1923, inf/o Gordon Misner , 2 months 3 weeks, twin of May Jean. [11 April 1923].

Misner, Mary Jean, died at Chipman Brook, 24 Mar 1913, inf/o Gordon Misner, twin of Lloyd George, 2 months 3 weeks,[11 April 1923].

Moody, Mrs. Margaret, wid/o Robert Moody, died at Harborville, 7 Mar 1923, 89 years. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Morgan, I. T. see Morgan, Olive Alberta.

Morgan, Olive Alberta d/o I. T. Morgan, married at Marshall Town, NS, 20 June 1923, to Edward Burton Taylor, Waterville. [ 4 July 1923 write up ].

Morris, Isaac see Morris, William Henry.

Morris, William Henry, b. 29 June 1852, died at Harborville, 23 June 1923, age 71 years, s/o Isaac Morris, m. Annie Lee d/o Andrew Lee. [18 July 1923 obituary].

Morse, Jonathan A. see Goucher, Edward R.

Morse, Mildred P. see Baker, Harold L.

Morse, Thelma M. see Goucher, Edward R.

Morton, Mary see Margeson, John W.

Mullins, Wilfred Arden see Graves, Viola Emma.

Munro, Rev W. F. see Holland, Florence B.

Neily, Evelyn Irene see Collins, Russell Johnson.

Neily, L. O. see Collins, Russell Johnson.

Newcombe, Mrs. Abigail Hovey, d/o Elias Calkin, and Mercy Burgess, died at Berwick, 22 March 1923. [28 March 1923 - good family history].

Nichols, Blanche N. see Kirkpatrick, Blanche N.

Nichols, Selina see Best, Leonard.

Nichols, Sherman Elliott see Gates, Gladys Idaleta

Nutley, Margaret Caroline see Skinner, Theo Banks.

Ogilvie, Charles I., died at Aylesford, 19 Mar 1923, 74 years.[28 Mar 1923].

Oickle, Fred Angus, Dalhousie, married at Berwick, 22 Mar 1923, to Grace Cora Crouse, East Maitland. [28 Mar 1923 write up].

Oicle, Louisa, w/o Solomon Oicle, died Dalhousie Road, 9 May 1923, 58 years. [23 May 1923 obituary].

Oicle, Solomon see Oicle, Louisa.

Orillio, Mrs. Roxanna see Best, Leonard.

Orpen, Mrs. Eliza S., d/o Fairfield & Margaret Magee Smith, w/o John E. Orpen, died at Cambridge Station, 15 July 1923, b. 3 Oct 1823 Aylesford, m. 21 Oct 1844. [18 July 1923 obituary].

Orpen, John E. see Orpen, Mrs. Eliza.

Palmer, Edmund see Palmer, Mrs. Mary.

Palmer, Mrs. Mary wid/o Edmund Palmer died at Aylesford, 15 may 1923, 72 years 7 months. [23 May 1923].

Palmer, Robert B. see Palmer, Ruby Gertrude.

Palmer, Ruby Gertrude, d/o Robert B. Palmer, married to Floyd Murdock Smith at Weston, 9 May 1923. [16 May 1923 write up].

Parker, A. E., died at Waterville, 28 Mar 1923, b. Halifax, 1863 s/o Charles Parker. [4 April 1923 obituary 4 sons, wife].

Parker, Mary see Howell, Kate.

Patterson, Annaline, d/o Nelson B. Patterson, died at Aylesford, 23 Nov 1923, 73 years.[5 Dec 1923 obituary].

Patterson, Mary Caroline see Farnsworth, Henry VanBuskirk.

Patterson, Nelson B. see Patterson, Annaline.

Patterson, William see Farnsworth, Henry VanBuskirk.

Pearson, Lizzie B. see White, Lizzie B.

Pearson, William R. see White, Lizzie B.

Pelton, Florence May, married at Berwick, 4 Nov 1923, to Cyrus Oxley Steele, Scotts Bay. [7 Nov 1923].

Penny, Samuel Redford see Dennison, Joyce Carmina.

Pidgeon, Pearl Balcom, d/o D. M. Balcom, married at Lawrencetown, 7 Nov 1923, to James Leslie Beals, Middleton. [21 Nov 1923].

Pineo, Benjamin David see McGinnis, Nellie.

Pineo, Clara, died at Berwick, last Thurs d/o Rev. David Pineo.[7 Mar 1923 obituary].

Pineo, Jonathan see Pineo, Robert.

Pineo, Robert, died at Prospect, Kings Co., 22 Jan 1923, 75 years, s/o Jonathan Pineo. [21 Feb 1923].

Porter, Fletcher, died at Shrewsbury, Mass., 20 Feb 1923, 69 years 12 days, s/o George Porter & Almira Congdon, formerly of Waterville. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Porter, George see Porter, Fletcher.

Porter, Stephen see Marchant, Mrs. Ruby A.

Proudfoot, Henry, married at Woodville, 29 Dec 1922, to Madge Burgess.[10 Jan 1923].

Power, Esther Palmer see Bishop, Edgar Clifford.

Pyne, William Isaac see MacInnes, Christy Ann.

Rand, Deborah see West, Myrtle Randolph.

Rafuse, Clyde Ronald, married at Waterville, 1 Sept 1923, to Minnie Alberta Gould, White’s Corner. [5 Sept 1923].

Rawding, Prudence see Mirie, Lawrence Robert.

Rawding, Roy, died at Burlington, 8 Mar 1923. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Ray, Henry see Kay, S. J.

Reeves, Harvey M. see Keddy, Pearl Lillian.

Reid, Mrs. Effie Odessa, w/o Freeman J. Reid, d/o Edward & Eunice Finch, Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS., died at Whitman, Mass., 18 Nov 1922. [10 Jan 1923 obituary].

Reid, Freeman J, see Reid, Mrs. Effie Odessa.

Reinhartt, Janet Beryl, d/o W. T. Reinhartt, Beach Meadows, NS, married at Boston, Mass., 11 August 1923, to Harry Carroll Saunders s/o E. H. Saunders. [29 August 1923].

Reinhartt, W. T. see Reinhartt, Janet Beryl.

Richardson, William F., died at Harborville, 16 Mar 1923, age 75 years; b. Charlestown, Mass., m. Alice Spicer, of Margaretville.[21 Mar 1923 obituary].

Robar, Obie W., Berwick, married at Caledonia, Queens Co., NS, 12 Feb 1923, to Minnie Sheffer, New Grafton, Queens Co., NS. [14 Mar 1923 ].

Robbins, Capt. Alvin W., Chebogue Point, died today @, 75 years. [Yarmouth, Mar 4., - Berwick Register 7 March 1923 obituary].

Robblee, Mrs. Alice Beckwith, married at Lower Granville, Anna. Co., 5 Sept 1923 to S. W. Webster. [26 Sept 1923].

Rockwell, Ashel & Eliza see Rockwell, Belle.

Rockwell, Belle, w/o Harmon Illsley, d/o Ashel & Eliza Rockwell, died at Lakeville, 10 June 1923. [20 June 1923 obituary].

Russell, James Edward, died at New Ross, 18th inst., age 66 years.[28 Feb 1923 obituary].

Ryan, Rev. William see Foster, Archibald.

Sanford, Rupert, died at West Paradise, Tues last, drowned.[18 Apr 1923].

Saunders, E. H. see Reinhartt, Janet Beryl.

Saunders, Harry Carroll see Reinhartt, Janet Beryl.

Schofield, Gilbert see Borden, Alethea May.

Seamone, Evelyn Pearl see Dauphin, Thomas Edgar.

Selfridge, George Leander, died at Aylesford, 17 Mar 1923; b. Aylesford, 19 June 1852 m. Martha Kate Kirkpatrick. [18 April 1923 obituary].

Sharp, Samuel & Sarah Starr Sharp see Collins, Mrs. Enoch.

Sharp, Susan see Collins, Mrs. Enoch.

Sheffer, Minnie see Robar, Obie W.

Sherwood, Ada see Carter, Ada.

Sherwood, Stephen see Carter, Ada.

Shipley, Lulu Isabel, married to Rev. Merton Russell Ewing, Aylesford, at Fenwick, Cum. Co., NS, 20th inst., d/o R. T. Shipley. [27 June 1923 write up].

Shipley, R. T. see Shipley, Lulu Isabel.

Skinner, Albert, died at Weston, 29 Nov 1923, 82 years.[5 Dec 1923].

Skinner, Theo Banks, married at Berwick, 12 Jan 1923, to Margaret Caroline Nutley, Grafton, NS. [10 Jan 1923].

Smith, Alice M., d/o Capt. Thomas E. Smith, married at Necum Tench, NS, 5 Nov 1923 to Ralph S. Banks, Morristown, NS.[14 Nov 1923 write up].

Smith, Charles see Smith, Lula Zenside.

Smith, Eliza S. see Orpen, Mrs. Eliza S.

Smith, Fairfield & Margaret Magee Smith see Orpen, Mrs. Eliza S.

Smith, Floyd Murdock see Palmer, Ruby Gertrude.

Smith, Lula Zenside, w/o Charles Smith, Halifax, d/o J. L. Dodge, Aylesford, died at Halifax, 30 May 1923. [6 June 1923 obituary].

Smith, Capt. Thomas E. see Smith, Alice M.

Spicer, Ada see Carter, Ada.

Spicer, Andrew H. see Carter, Ada.

Spicer, Alice see Richardson, William F.

Spicer, Mrs. Mary, wid/o James M. Spicer, Spencer's Island, died at Windsor, 13 Feb 1923 age 73 years. [14 Mar 1923 obituary].

Spicer, William J., died at Harborville, 4 Aug 1923, 76 years.[15 Aug 1923 obituary].

Spinney, Beniah, died at Greenwood, 9 Jan 1923, 85 years.[17 Jan 1923 obit 31 Jan issue].

Spracklin, Richard, of Waterville, died at Chelsea, Mass. [26 Sept 1923].

Steele, Cyrus Oxley see Pelton, Florence May.

Strong, Mary, d/o Norman Strong, died at Cambridge, 12 years, n.d.[28 Feb 1923 obit].

Strong, Norman see Strong, Mary.

Sturk, Lois May see Holt, Arthur Burgess.

Sullivan, Millage, died at Berwick, 23 July 1923, 70 years.[1 August 1923 obituary + notice].

Taylor, Edward Burton see Morgan, Olive Alberta.

Thorpe, George Renforth see Bagnall, Elsie Rosina.

Thorpe, Ruby Kinsman see Marchant, Mrs. Ruby A.

Tupper, Mrs. Charles, d/o George Wethers, Somerset, died at Lake George, Kings Co., 20 July 1923, 79 years. [1 August 1923 obituary].

Tupper, Hanley see Tupper, Lot P.

Tupper, Lot P., s/o Hanley Tupper, Kingston, died at Morristown, 23 Mar 1923.[4 April 1923 obituary].

Turner, Adelia see Ridlon, Dr. M. G.

Turner, Edward Irvine see Fuller, Constance Viola.

Vadell, Emma see McMaster, Percy M.

Ward, Edith Ruth, d/o Mrs. Aaron E. Ward, married at Kentville, 28 Nov 1923, to Clyde Harland Jacques, Auburn. [5 Dec 1923 write up].

Ward, Hartley Owen, died at Rockland, 19 July 1923, 8 years 8 months s/o Lenley Ward. [25 July 1923 obituary].

Ward, Lenley see Ward, Hartley Owen.

Ward, Mrs. Aaron E. see Ward, Edith Ruth.

Ward, Vera R., w/o Vernon R. Ward, Leominster, Mass., 49 years, died at Leominster, Mass., d/o Henry Best. [3 Oct 1923 obituary].

Ward, Vernon R. see Ward, Vera R.

Ward, William Wallace, Weston, married at Berwick, 27 Mar 1923, to Ida Belle Gould, Somerset. [28 Mar 1923].

Warren, Mrs. H., Digby, died near Clementsport, Sunday. [6 June 1923 see Accident]

Weaton, Mrs. Mary A., died at Waterville, 22 Mar 1923, 61 years.[4 April 1923].

Webster, Dr. David, 81 years, died at New York, Sat., b. Cambridge, NS. [30 May 1923 obituary and see also 6 June 1923 Register for write up].

Webster, F. W. see Marchant, Ethelberta.

Webster, S. W. see Robblee, Mrs. Alice Beckwith.

Welton, Mrs. Susan, w/o T. M. Welton, d/o ? Randall, died at Millville, 7 Dec 1923, 78 years.[19 Dec 1923 obituary].

Welton, T. M. see Welton, Mrs. Susan.

Wentzell, Frank see Wentzell, Velma M.

Wentzell, Velma M., w/o Frank Wentzell, died at Berwick, 9 Oct 1923, 28 years.[24 Oct 1923].

West, Hugh E., s/o Judson West and Deborah Rand, Billtown, died at West Acton, Mass., 4 March 1923 ; m. Myrtle Randolph West. [4 April 1923 obituary].

West, Judson see West, Hugh E.

West, Myrtle Randolph see West, Hugh E.

West, Rufus, died at Aylesford, 11 Dec 1923, 72 years.[19 Dec 1923 obituary].

Wethers, George see Tupper, Mrs. Charles.

Wheaton, Jacob N. see Loomer, John Gideon.

White, George & Ann see White, Lizzie B.

White, Jean see Kinsman, Cecil.

White, Lizzie B., died at Grafton, 9 May 1923, w/o William R. Pearson, s/o George & Ann White, age 44 years m. 14 Jan 1908. [23 May 1923 obituary].

Wile, Clark A., Leominster, Hants Co., married at Greenwood Square, 1 May 1923, to Eva May Burgess, Centre Burlington, Hants Co., NS. [9 May 1923].

Wilkinson, William see Marshall, William Edward.

Wilmot, Katherine see Bennett, Mrs. W. K.

Woodworth, Benjamin see Woodworth, George Whitfield.

Woodworth, George Whitfield, 77 years, died at Hantsport, 10th, b. Canning, 14 Feb 1846 s/o Benjamin Woodworth m1. d/o Senator Churchill; m2. Sarah E. Allen. [21 Nov 1923 obituary].

Woodworth, Henry D., of West Wentworth, NS, died at Fredericton, NB, "noon today", age 72 Years. [- dispatch of 25 Oct 1923, Register, 31 Oct 1923 obituary].

Zwicker, Wesley J. see Barkhouse, Clara L.

Inserts - these don't quite fit the format but may be useful

1.Golden Wedding - Write up Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Dimock 50th Anniversary ; [3 Jan 1923]

2. Funeral service Wallace M. Corbin - [write up 10 Jan 1923].

3.Anniversary, Rev Arthur & Mrs. Hockin, 46th [7 Mar 1923 write up].

4. Two Harborville ladies descended from Doughty Clan (Mrs. Donnellan, Mrs. Sweeney)from Halifax Herald of 10 Mar 1923 see Register 21 Mar 1923].

5.Article, A Family History, Andrew Newcomb 1618-1685 & Descendants [5 Dec 1923 ]