Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1916

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm# 4021. Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.( C ), . Placed on the internet for your personal use by Phillip Vogler. Please contact us for corrections. Spelling as in the Register ; location as given in Register. In some cases the death date was not given but the location was or an obituary was written. No vitals shown for the 9 Feb 1916 issue. For a small fee Nova Scotia Archives & Records management, University Ave., 6016, Halifax, Nova Scotia will copy an obituary, etc. Telephone (902) 424-6060 ; Fax: (902)424-0628 URL: ; E-mail: .

NOTE: This listing includes ONLY 5 Jan 1916 to 29 Mar 1916 ** From 29 March 1916 skips to 2 Jan 1922 ** Rather than have you do without we decided to post what was available; if the other months become available, after extraction, this list will be replaced through updating.

Balcom, Leota Clair see Carr, Edward Thomas.

Barteaux, Frank W., Annapolis Royal, married at Aylesford, 29 Dec 1915, to Laura May Tretheway, Millville, Kings Co. [5 Jan 1916].

Barteaux, James Henry, died at Morristown, 7 Jan 1916, age 83? years. [12 Jan 1916 for obituary see Register 9 Feb, 1916].

Beckwith, James Edward see Beckwith, Joseph Edward.

Beckwith, John, died ‘last week’, 3 Mar 1916, East Saugas.[Lynn, Mass., Daily, Mar 4] [15 March 1916 Register see obituary p.2].

Beckwith, Joseph Edward, s/o James Edward Beckwith, died at Ottawa, formerly of Steam Mill, Cornwallis, 12 Dec 1915 . [5 Jan 1916].

Bent, Augusta A. see Harding, Augusta A.

Bent, wid/o Douglas, died at Walpole, Mass., 12 Dec 1915, age 75 years, d/o Wm. Selfridge of Aylesford. [ 12 Jan 1916 obituary p.2].

Bent, William White see Harding, Augusta A.

Borden, Charles see Davidson, Amos Henry.

Borden, Lucy, died at Belcher St., 11 Mar 1916, in 90th year.[29 Mar 1916 obit p.2].

Brown, C. C. see Brown, Gladys Gwendolyn.

Brown, Gladys Gwendolyn d/o C. C. Brown, married at Greenwich, 18 Dec 1915, to Cecyl B. Hiltz, Kingsport. [12 Jan 1916 write up p.2].

Brown, William, died at South Berwick, 18 Mar 1916, age 86 years.[22 Mar 1916].

Brydon, Isaac see Brydon, Margaret.

Brydon, Margaret, wid/o Isaac Brydon, died at Burlington, 5 Feb 1916, in 87th year. [23 Feb 1916].

Burton, Charles, (Eugenie Webster), born to at Portage La Prairie, 24 Jan 1916, a daughter (Edith Caldwell). [2 Feb 1916].

Burton, Eugenie Caldwell see Burton, Charles.

Carr, Edward Thomas, Everett, Mass., married at Everett, Mass., 19 Feb 1916, to Leota Claire Balcom, Sommerville, Mass. [23 Feb 1916].

Clem, Elias see Gould, Lavinia.

Clem, Lavinia see Gould, Lavinia.

Collins, George see Collins, Mary Anne.

Collins, Mary Anne, wid/o George Collins, Harborville, died at Berwick, 14 Jan 1916, age 79 years. [19 Jan 1916].

Cooper, William E., St. John, married at Waterville, 8 Mar 1916, to Grace M. Lyons, d/o Twining R. Lyons. [15 Mar 1916 write up see 22 Mar 1916 Register].

Davidson, Amos Henry, died at Aylesford, 12 Jan 1916, in 67th year ; m. a d/o Charles Borden, Canard.

DeWitt, George Wm. see DeWitt, Walter.

DeWitt, Walter, (Laura Pineo), born to at Milton, Mass., 20 Dec 1915, a son (George Wm.). [5 Jan 1916].

Dunn, Charles Morton, s/o J. E. Dunn, Granville Ferry, married at Hyde, Saskatchewan, 25 Dec 1915, to Katie McLeod, d/o Norman McLeod, Hyde, Sask. [12 Jan 1916 write up].

Dunn, J. E. see Dunn, Charles Morton.

Eaton, Mary Eliza see Harris, Mary Eliza.

Eaton, Woodworth see Harris, Mary Eliza.

Elliott, John see Morton, Maria.

Ewing, Gertrude Zenola see Magee, Allsion Elton.

Ewing, James H. see Magee, Allison Elton.

Fullerton, Aubrey L., born to at St. Johns Wood Park, London, England, 19 Mar 1916, a daughter. [29 March 1916].

Gates, James, died at Nictaux, 4 Mar 1916, age 71 years. [15 Mar 1916].

Glover, John G., born to at Kingsport, 23 Dec 1915, twins [boy/girl]. [5 Jan 1916].

Gould, Ephraim see Gould, Private Norman.

Gould, Lavinia wid/o Elias Clem, died at Berwick, 8 Mar 1916, age 82 years.[15 Mar 1916].

Gould, Private Norman, s/o Ephraim Gould, of Harborville, age 18years, died at Kentville, 2 Feb 1916. [16 Feb 1916 obituary p.2].

Harding, Augusta A., wid/o James G. Harding, d/o William White Bent, died at Amherst, NS, 16 Jan 1916, in her 86th year. [19 Jan 1916].

Harding, James G. see Harding, Augusta A.

Harris, Mary Eliza, wid/o Thomas Harris, Upper Canard, d/o Woodworth Eaton, Granville Centre, died at Annapolis Royal, 8 Jan 1916. [19 Jan 1916].

Harris, Thomas see Harris, Mary Eliza.

Harrison, Cuthbert see Lowthrope, Frances.

Harrison, Frances see Lowthrope, Frances.

Hiltz, Cecyl B. see Brown, Gladys Gwendolyn.

Hird, A. N., born to at Waltham, Mass., 27 Feb 1916, a son. [8 Mar 1916].

Howell, Alton, born to at Weston, 12 Feb 1916, a daughter (Lorna Pauline). [15 Mar 1916].

Howell, Lorna Pauline see Howell, Alton.

Jest, Charles E., of Guysboro, died at Dartmouth, 2 Feb 1916, age 37 years.[16 Feb 1916].

Keddy, Isaac, died at Millville, age 72 years, b. New Ross, Lun. Co., m. Caroline Veinott, of Mahone bay. [2 Feb 1916].

Lovett, Henry, died at Boston, 29 Feb 1916, age 80 years.[8 Mar 1916].

Lowthrope, Frances, w/o St. Quinton Lowthrope, died at Halifax, 27 Feb 1916, d/o Cuthbert Harrison, formerly of Cambridge.[1 Mar 1916].

Lowthrope, St. Quinton see Lowthrope, Frances.

Lyons, Grace M. see Cooper, William E.

Lyons, Twining R. see Cooper, William E.

Magee, Allison Elton, Auburn, married at Nicholsville, 29 Dec 1915, to Gertrude Zenola Ewing, d/o James H. Ewing, Nicholsville. [5 Jan 1915 write up 12 Jan 1916 Register].

Magee, Blanche see Woodworth, George.

Magee, Private Ernest s/o John A. Magee, Church St., died at Kentville, 2 Feb 1916. [16 Feb 1916].

Magee, John A. see Magee, Private Ernest.

Margeson, Annie M. see Pierce, Annie M.

Margeson, Benjamin see Pierce, Annie M.

Margeson, J. S., born to at Rockland, 16 Mar 1916, a daughter (stillborn).[22 Mar 1916].

Margeson, Leander, died at Harborville, 18 Jan 1916, age 87 years.[19 Jan 1916 obit.26 Jan].

McCallum, Daniel see Redgate, John.

McLeod, Katie see Dunn, Charles Morton.

McLeod, Norman see Dunn, Charles Morton.

McNeill, Elsie Blanche see McNeill, P. G.

McNeill, P. G., born to at Morristown, 16 Feb 1916, a daughter (Elsie Blanche).[1 Mar 1916]

McNeil, Outhit T., Millville, married at Aylesford, 31 Dec 1915, to Pearl Marguerite Rogerson, d/o Silas Rogerson, Grand Pre. [5 Jan 1916].

Morton, Alice, see Newcombe, Alice.

Morton, Holmes see Newcombe, Alice.

Morton, Maria , w/o John Elliott, died at Berwick, 5 Mar 1916, age 74 years.[8 Mar 1916].

Newcombe, Alice, w/o Edwin G. Newcombe, d/o Holmes Morton, formerly of Somerset, died at Upper Dyke, 10 Jan 1916, age 87 years.[19 Jan 1916].

Newcombe, Edwin G. see Newcombe, Alice.

Newcombe, Edwin G., died at Upper Canard, 10 Jan 1916, age 87 years.[12 Jan 1916].

Nichols, Ambrose Roy, s/o Burton Nichols, Nicholsville, died at New Glasgow, 22 Jan 1916, age 19 years. [2 Feb 1916 obituary].

Nichols, Burton see Nichols, Ambrose Roy.

Nixon, John Inglis, died at Margaretville, 29 [26?]Dec 1915. [5 Jan 1916].

Parker, D. B., Jr., born to at Harborville, 22 March 1916, a daughter.[29 Mar 1916].

Pierce, Annie M., w/o Edwin Pierce, d/o Benjamin Margeson, died at Pleasant Valley, 26 Jan 1916, in her 57th year. [2 Feb 1916 see Obituary 9 Feb 1916].

Pierce, Edwin see Pierce, Annie M.

Pineo, Laura see DeWitt, Walter.

Raymond, Rev. G. P., born to at Aylesford, 9 Mar 1916, a son.[22 Mar 1916].

Redgate, John, b.1832, Kings Co., died; his wife d/o Daniel McCallum. [2 Feb 1916 obit page 2 no date, place ].

Rogerson, Pearl Marguerite see McNeil, Outhit T.

Rogerson, Silas see McNeil, Outhit T.

Rosi__er, R. C., Greenwood, born to at Brooklyn, Hants Co., 28 Dec 1915, a _[2 Feb 1916].

Saunders, Alice Elizabeth see Saunders, Harry.

Saunders, Harry, born to at Weston, 12 Feb 1916, a daughter (Alice Elizabeth).[15 Mar 1916].

Saunders, Rev. Edward Manning, died at Ottawa, 15 Mar 1916, age 87 years. [22 Mar 1916].

Selfridge, Wm., see Bent, wid/o Douglas.

Sheffield, Allen, born to at Baxter Harbor Mtn., 21 Nov 1915, a daughter. [26 Jan 1916].

Steele, Leota M. see Tucker, Herbert.

Steele, T. C. see Tucker, Herbert.

Tretheway, Laura May see Barteaux, Frank W.

Tucker, Herbert, England, married at Greenwood, 25 Jan 1916, to Leota M. Steele, d/o T. C. Steele, Greenwood. [2 Feb 1916 write up + notice].

Tufts, Ralph, died at Lawlor’s Island Hospital, Halifax, ‘Sunday last’, age 18 years, measles, burial Kingston, kings Co., NS. [15 Mar 1916 see p.2].

Veinotte, Caroline see Keddy, Isaac.

Wagner, W., born to at Morden, 26 Dec 1915, a daughter. [5 Jan 1916].

Weathers, Mrs. Amanda Blair, wid/o George Weathers, died at Summerville, Hants Co., 29 Jan 1916, age 84 years. [16 Feb 1916].

Weathers, George see Weathers, Mrs. Amanda Blair.

Webster, Eugenie see Burton, Charles.

Wentzell, Joseph H., formerly of Berwick, died at No. 26 Hospital, Etaples, France, in his 46th year. [2 Feb 1916].

Wilson, Alfred, died at Clarence 26 Feb 1916, age 79 years. [1 March 1916 ].

Woodworth, Benjamin see Woodworth, George.

Woodworth, Blanche see Woodworth, George.

Woodworth, George, s/o Benjamin & Blanche (Magee ) Woodworth, died at Church St., Cornwallis, 5 Mar 1916. [8 Mar 1916].

Young, L. D., s/o W. V. T. Young, Waterville, died at Brooklyn, New York, ‘last Sat’ , in 37th year; int. Berwick. [26 Jan 1916 obituary + notice].

Young, W. V. T. see Young, L. D.