Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1915

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

Please note that the Register was published on Wednesday and not Thursday in 1915 and that the last 2 issues of June are missing.

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Adams, Charles, born to at Berwick, 29 Dec 1914, a daughter,. [6 Jan 1915].

Andrews, Mrs. Ernestine, wid/o Joseph Andrews, died at Berwick, 30 Apr 1915 [notice records 29th] m1. Ratchford Snyder m2. Joseph Andrews. [5 May 1915 obit + notice].

Andrews, Joseph see Andrews, Mrs. Ernestine.

Archibald, G. Grassie see Archibald, John Caldwell.

Archibald, John Caldwell, s/o G. Grassie Archibald, died at Aberdeen, Scotland, 11 Jan 1915, age 10 months 14 days. [20 Jan 1915].

Armstrong, Jean Dunwoodie, d/o Dr. W. D. Armstrong, married at Ottawa, 19 Dec 1914, to Thomas Lawson, s/o Thomas Lawson, Grafton, NS. [27 Jan 1915].

Armstrong, Dr. W. D., see Armstrong, Jean Dunwoodie.

Armstrong, Dr. Wm. D., died at Ottawa, 17 Jan 1915, age 71 years.[27 Jan 1915].

Arseneau, Louis, born to at Waterville, a son.[2 June 1915].

Ayer, Evangeline, Parrsboro, married at Parrsboro, 27 Jan 1915, to H. L. Lunn, Falmouth. [3 Feb 1915].

Baker, Reuben see Hutchison, Susan Ida.

Baker, Susan Ida see Hutchison, Susan Ida.

Balcom, Stella see Fletcher, John T.

Balsar, Wm., born to at Grafton, 4 Mar 1915, a daughter.[10 Mar 1915].

Banks, Mabel see Patterson, Herman.

Barclay, Andrew see Sturtevant, Leslie.

Barnstead, Arthur S., born to at Halifax, 21 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915].

Barteaux, Hartley V., Berwick, died at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 22 Nov 1915, b. Morristown, age 55 years, s/o Robert D. & Sarah Barteaux. [1 Dec 1915 write up see Fatal Accident].

Barteaux, Robert see Barteaux, Hartley V.

Barteaux, Sarah see Barteaux, Hartley V.

Beardsley, Thomas, died at Berwick, 2 April 1915, 87 years.[7 April 1915].

Belcher, Wm. H., died at Upper Canard, Thurs last, age 77 years.[27 Oct 1915 obituary].

Bent, Douglas see bent, Nancy.

Bent, Emma see Nichols, Emma.

Bent, James Wesley, died near Port Williams, Wed.[see Killed on the Rail 26 May 1915].

Bent, Nancy, wid/o Douglas Bent, formerly of Aylesford, died at Walpole, Mass., 19 Dec 1915, age 75 years. [22 Dec 1915].

Bent, William H. see Nichols, Emma.

Best, Ivor E., Grafton, married at Gay’s River, Col. Co., NS, 25 Aug 1915, to Jessie C. Sutherland, Gay’s River. [15 Sept 1915].

Best, L. F., born to at Somerset, 30 Mar 1915, a son.[7 April 1915].

Bishop, Edgar, died at Somerset, 5 June 1915, 74 years.[9 June 1915 obituary].

Bligh, Asahel B. see Bligh, Elizabeth.

Bligh, Elizabeth, wid/o Asahel B. Bligh, d/o John B. Coleman, Cornwallis, died at Halifax, 4 April 1915, 89 years.[7 April 1915].

Bligh, Howard see Bligh, Josephine.

Bligh, Josephine, w/o Howard Bligh, died at Woodville, 29 Jan 1915, age 39 years. [3 Feb 1915].

Blois, Abbie S., w/o Abram A., Blois, died 30 November 1914, at South Rawdon, Hants Co., age 68 years. [6 Jan 1915 obituary].

Blois, Abram A. see Blois, Abbie.

Bowlby, Enoch see Bowlby, Mrs. Phoebe L.

Bowlby, Mrs. Phoebe L., wid/o Enoch Bowlby, died at Auburn, 30 Mar 1915, in 79th year. 14 April 1915 obituary].

Bowles, Hilda Blanche, d/o N. T. Bowles, married at Berwick 1 Jan 1915, to Robert Henry Liggett [?], Redcliffe, Alberta. [ 27 Jan 1915 write up].

Bowles, N. T. see Bowles, Hilda Blanche.

Bond, Henry see Bond, Pauline.

Bond, J. Blackburn (Jennie Robinson), born to at New York, 30 Dec 1914, a daughter. [13 Jan 1915].

Bond, Pauline, wid/o Henry Bond, died at Waterville, 1 April 1915, 54 years.[7 April 1915].

Borden, Christopher R., Bridgetown, formerly of Berwick, died at Bridgetown, Thurs last. [13 Oct 1915].

Brinton, Ainsley see Brinton, Mary E.

Brinton, Mary E., d/o Ainsley Brinton, married at Dorchester, Mass., 16 June 1915 to Harold S. Tarr, Dorchester. [30 June 1915 write up].

Brown, Edith Marion d/o G. D. Brown, died at McGillivary, BC, 7 Sept 1915, age 10 years 8 months.[ 13 Oct 1915].

Brown, G. D. see Brown, Edith Marion.

Brown, Jessie see Thorpe, Jesse.

Brown, William Valentine, Berwick, b. Argyle, Yarmouth Co., NS, died at Windsor, 9 Mar 1915, age 82 years; wife d. May 1914, Beaver River, Digby Co., NS.[17 Mar 1915 obituary plus notice].

Burgess, Angeline Sawyer see Calkin, Arthur Elroy.

Burgess, William see Calkin, Arthur Elroy.

Burgoine, Mary see Dorey, Arthur.

Burns, Ella Mae, d/o John E. Burns, married at Medford, Kings Co., 23 Dec 1914, to J. Ray Margeson, Centreville.. [13 Jan 1915 write up].

Burns, John E. see Burns, Ella Mae.

Burns, Margaret Marnie, Berwick, married at Berwick, 6 Jan 1915 to Lloyd Stanley Durling, of Margaretville.. [13 Jan 1915].

Cahill, Cassie see Jackson, Fred.

Calkin, Arthur Elroy, Kentville, married at Boston, Mass., 21 April 1915, to Angeline Sawyer Burgess d/o William Burgess, Lakeville. [5 May 1915].

Calkin, J. B. see Dawson, John Calvin.

Calkin, Lucy see Rawding, Lucy.

Calkin, William see Rawding, Lucy.

Card, George Waldo, born to at Louisville, Ky., 4 May 1915, a son. [26 May 1915].

Carver, Sydney, born to at Grafton, 5 Feb 1915, a son. [10 Feb 1915].

Cassidy, Bertha, d/o Mrs. Lydia Cassidy, died at Kingston, 19 Mar 1915.[5 May 1915 obit].

Cassidy, Mrs. Lydia see Cassidy, Bertha.

Chambers, Charlotte Parker see Chambers, Samuel A.

Chambers, Samuel A., born to at Newport, Hants Co., 9 Dec 1915, a daughter (Charlotte Parker Chambers).[22 Dec 1915].

Chipman, Jean Alberta see Thompson, Andrew Whyte.

Chipman, J. A. see Thompson, Andrew Whyte.

Chipman, Mary A. see Dunlap, Mary A.

Chipman, W. H. see Dunlap, Mary A.

Chisholm, Mary, native of Windsor, w/o Thomas Chisholm, died at Digby, NS, ‘last night’, age 79 years.[14 April 1915 obituary see also 21 April issue].

Chisholm, Roy D., married at Berwick, 9 Nov 1915, to Vera A. Davidson.[10 Nov 1915].

Chisholm, Thomas see Chisholm, Mary.

Chute, Gordon Ethelbert see Chute, Vernon E.

Chute, Vernon E., born to at Natal, BC, 15 May 1915, a son (Gordon Ethelbert). [26 May 1915].

Clem, Havelock, died at Weston, 18 Aug 1915, 57 years.[25 Aug 1915].

Cleveland, Grover, born to at Berwick, 10 Feb 1915, a daughter. [24 Feb 1915].

Coffill, Lam__, born to at Scotts Bay, 29 Oct 1915, a son. [10 Nov 1915].

Cogswell, Maynard C., died at Berwick, 25 April 1915, 74 years. [28 Apr 1915 obituary + notice].

Cogswell, Oliver see West, Mrs. Benjamin.

Coleman, Elizabeth see Bligh, Elizabeth.

Coleman, John B. see Bligh, Elizabeth.

Congdon, Kempton B., born to at Grafton, 26 Aug 1915, a daughter.[1 Sept 1915].

Connor, Ingram Peter, married at Berwick, 24 Mar 1915, to Alice Spicer, both of Harborville. [31 Mar 1915].

Coombs, C. G. C., born to at Wolfville, 10 Aug 1915, a daughter. [18 Aug 1915].

Cornwall, G. Beverly, born to at Brighten, Digby Co., 15 Oct 1915, a son.[27 Oct 1915].

Cox, Bessie Olivia see Saunders, Charles Kenneth.

Cox, Edwin S. see Cox, Emma.

Cox, Emma, wid/o Edwin S. Cox, d/o Houston C. Morse, died at Aylesford, 17 Dec 1915, age 78 years. [29 Dec 1915 obituary p. 3].

Cox, John see Saunders, Charles Kenneth.

Crandall, Rev D. W. see Hayward, William.

Crandall, Ella Dove see Hayward, William.

Creighton, Samuel see Faulkner, Dr. Alden West.

Cumming, Principal, born to at Truro, 6 May 1915, a son. [12 May 1915].

Davidson, Robert, died at Bear River, Tues past, formerly of Aylesford.[14 April 1915 obit ].

Davidson, Samuel C., s/o William Davidson, Berwick, died at Malden, Mass., ‘yesterday’. [16 June 1915 obituary].

Davidson, William see Samuel C.

Davidson, Vera A. see Chisholm, Roy D.

Davis, Lulu Elizabeth, South Davis, Maine, married at South Davis, Maine, 30 June 1915, to Dr. Chester Mabry Merrill. [7 July 1915 notice + write up].

Davis, Walter G., born to at Berwick, 15 July 1915, a daughter. [21 July 1915]

Dawson, Grace H. see Dawson, John Calvin.

Dawson, John Calvin, s/o Rev. Wm. Dawson, formerly of Canard, married at Norton, Virginia, 6 Oct 1915, to Grace H. Patterson, gr/dau./o J. B. Calkin, Truro. [27 Oct 1915].

Dawson, Rev. Wm. see Dawson, John Calvin.

Deveney, Charles F. see Deveney, Marion Doris.

Deveney, Marion Doris, inf/d/o Charles F. Deveney, died at Truro, 3 Sept 1915, 11 months and 13 days. [8 Sept 195].

Devine, Dr., born to at Kingston, 30 July 1915, a daughter.[18 August 1915].

Dickey, Hugh Logan see Dickey, Robert C.

Dickey, Robert C., of Kentville, s/o Hugh Logan Dickey, Upper Canard, died at Sheffield Mills, Sun last, b. Feb 1852.[17 Nov 1915 obituary].

Dodge, John Wheeler, died at Windsor, 28 Apr 1915, 64 years, b. Aylesford, m. Lena M. Margeson, Kingston. [5 May 1915 obituary].

Dondale, Karl, Deep Brook, Digby Co., KIA, 7 July 1915.[28 July 1915].

Donnellan, Louise A. see Smith, Louise A.

Donnellan, Martin see Donnellan, Louise A.

Dorey, Arthur, Falkland, married at Springfield, 24 Aug 1915, to Mary Burgoine, Dalhousie East. [8 Sept 1915].

Dunlap, Mary A., wid/o Thomas Dunlap, d/o W. H. Chipman, died at Amherst, 16 Nov 1915. [24 Nov 1915].

Dunlap, Thomas see Dunlap, Mary A.

Durling, James A. see Durling, Mary Jane.

Durling, Mary Jane, w/o James A. Durling, died at Arlington, Mass., d/o Wm. Sanford, Prospect, age 62 years. [27 Jan 1915 obituary].

Durling, Lloyd Stanley see Burns, Margaret Marnie.

Durno, Isabella Fraser, d/o Mrs. James Durno, Cambridge, married at Cambridge, 3 April 1915, to Rufus Sommerville Newcombe. [7 April 1915 write up + notice].

Durno, Mrs. James see Durno, Isabella Fraser.

Ells, Charles E. see Woodworth, Leander, Jr.

Ells, Josephine see Woodworth, Leander, Jr.

Faulkenham, J. W. see Swindell, Emory.

Faulkenham, Pearl Elizabeth see Swindell, Emory.

Faulkner, Dr. Alden West, Halifax, married at Berwick, 20 April 1915, to Agnes Maud Stevenson, d/o Samuel Creighton, Berwick. [21 April 1915].

Felch, Dana, born to at Millville, 9 Sept 1915, a son.(James Aubrey).[27 Oct 1915].

Felch, James Aubrey see Felch, Dana.

FitzHenry, John F., died at Halifax, 28 Aug 1915, formerly of Kentville, 65 years. [8 September 1915].

Fletcher, John T., (Stella Balcom), born to at Somerville, Mass., 7 Nov 1915, a son. [24 Nov 1915].

Foote, James Lawson, died at Lakeville, 9 Mar 1915, age 89 years.[10 Mar 1915].

Forsythe, Harold Eugene see Forsythe, W. G.

Forsythe, Nettie, Kentville, married at Kentville, 8 Sept 1915 to John Pineo, Waterville. [15 Sept 1915].

Forsythe, W. G., born to at Waterville, 7 Dec 1915, a son (Harold Eugene).[22 Dec 1915].

Foster, Fred, died at Greenwood, 13 Mar 1915.[17 March 1915].

Franey, Naomi, died at Somerset, 5 June 1915, 74 years.[9 June 1915].

Fraser, Allister, s/o D. C. Fraser, reported KIA. [28 July 1915].

Fraser, D. C. see Fraser, Allister.

Freeman, Isaac G., died at Berwick, Sat last, int. in Greenfield, Queens Co., NS. [14 April 1915 obituary].

Gannet, Mrs. Shelley see Hazelwood, Mrs. Sadie.

Gates, Burgess A., Berwick, married at Kentville, 18 Nov 1915, to Effie A. Sawler, Lunenburg. [24 Nov 1915].

Gates, Edward Hartley, married at Berwick, 14 Aug 1915, to Lucy Murphy.[6 Oct 1915].

Gaul, Amos, born to at Brooklyn St., Grafton, 5 July 1915, a son. [7 July 1915].

Gaul, Louise Winnifred d/o Thaddeus Gaul, died at Crossburn, 12 Mar 1915, 9 months. [24 Mar 1915].

Gaul, Thaddeus see Gaul, Louise Winnifred.

Gee, Rev. John, died at Avondale, Hants Co., 29 Sept 1915, age 62 years.[20 Oct 1915].

Givan, Alex. see Givan, Charles F.

Givan, Charles F., Somerville, Mass., s/o Alex. Givan, Harborville, died at Medfield, Mass., 18 June 1915, in 43rd year. [30 June 1915 obituary].

Gravatt, Arthur see Priestly, Ada.

Graves, Salome see Taylor, Elizabeth.

Griffin, Thomas E., died at Grafton, 25 Feb 1915, age 85 years.[10 Mar 1915].

Haley, Florence see Woodworth, Lorimer Easson.

Haley, Mrs. J. W., Berwick, died at Halifax, Thurs last, age 69 years. [1 Dec 1915 obituary + notice].

Haley, J. W. see Woodworth, Lorimer Easson.

Hall, John H., died at Middleton, 21 Apr 1915, 79 years 2 months.[5 May 1915].

Hall, Joseph s/o Wm. F. Hall, died at South Berwick, 2 mar 1915, age 2 years.[10 Mar 1915].

Hall, Wm. F. see Hall, Joseph.

Hatheway, Canby, DDS, s/o Joseph C. Hatheway, MD, St. John, died at MacLellan Hospital, ‘yesterday’ in 69th year. [16 June 1915 obituary].

Hatheway, Joseph see Hatheway, Canby.

Hatt, Rev. D. E., born to at Summerland, BC, 1 May 1915, a son. [26 May 1915].

Hayman, Archie, born to at Westville, Pictou Co., NS, 3 Mar 1915, a son.[31 Mar 1915].

Hayward, William, 2nd Mounted Rifles, Victoria, BC, married at Vancouver, BC, 11 Feb 1915, to Ella Dove Crandell d/o Rev D. W. Crandall, Wolfville.[7 Apr 1915].

Hazelwood, Mrs. Sadie, died at Roxbury, Mass., at home of her daughter, Mrs. Shelley Gannet, 27 Sept 1915. [17 Nov 1915 obituary].

Hird, Elizabeth, d/o James M. Hird, Grafton, died at Boston, Mass., 12 Feb 1915, age 55 years b. Scotland. [17 Feb 1915 obituary].

Hird, James M. see Hird, Elizabeth.

Hodges, H. H., born to at Greenwood, 16 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915 Wed].

Hodges, Herman, born to at Greenwood, 15th inst., a son. [20 Jan 1915].

Hodges, William, died at Morristown, 6 Mar 1915, 82 years. [28 Apr 1915]

Hubley, Joseph H., Halifax, died at Devon, Guysboro Rd., 25 Jan 1915, age 64 years ; wife was the former Mrs. E. M. Marchant, Berwick. [3 Feb 1915].

Hudgins, Frank see Hudgins, Frank Emery.

Hudgins, Frank Emery, s/o Frank Hudgins, died at Grafton, 9 June 1915, 7 weeks. [30 June 1915].

Huestis, Mrs., w/o Rev. S. F. Huestis, died at Toronto, last week. [29 Dec 1915 see p.3, Harborville column].

Huestis, Rev. S. F. see Huestis, Mrs.

Huntley, Everett, born to at Scotts Bay, [31?] Oct 1915, a son. [10 Nov 1915].

Huntley, Fred R., died at Kingsport, 24 Aug 1915, 24 years.[15 Sept 1915].

Hutchison, Jeremiah W., see Hutchison, Susan Ida.

Hutchison, Susan Ida, w/o Jeremiah W. Hutchison, d/o Reuben Baker, Tremont, died at Berwick, 26 May 1915, age 56 years. [26 May 1915 + 16 June 1915 obituary].

Illsley, Fred A., born to at Somerset, 19 Apr 1915, a son.

Illsley, Gideon see Illsley, Isaac L.

Illsley, Isaac L., s/o Gideon Illsley, died 3 Sept 1915 age 65 years, m. Miss Palmer a d/o Benjamin Palmer, Auburn. [8 Sept 1915 obituary + notice].

Illsley, Raleigh A. see Thompson, Marion Burgess.

Jackson, A. Foster see Morse, Lois N.

Jackson, Fred, (Cassie Cahill), born to at Port Williams, 4 Jan 1915, a daughter.[20 Jan 1915].

Jewett, Harry Allen, (Ida A. Parker), born to at Calgary, Alberta, 6 Oct 1915, a son. [27 October 1915].

Johnson, Andrew, died at Brooklyn St., 10 Mar 1915, 77 years 5 months. [24 March 1915 obituary in 31 Mar issue ].

Johnson, Rev. Richard, died at Kingsport, 2 June 1915, 76 years.[9 June 1915].

Johnstone, Beatrice Maud see Morse, Hermann C.

Joudrie, Lettie see Trask, Delbert Joslin.

Keddy, Amos, born to at Millville, 12 Aug 1915, a son. [25 Aug 1915].

Kelley, William Forrest, Woodville, married at Berwick, 1 June 1915, to Blanche Rawding, Garland.[9 June 1915].

Kelly, L. G., born to at South Berwick, 7 Oct 1915, a son. [13 Oct 1915].

Kieser, Ruby Jessie see Morrow, Everett Franklin.

Kinsman, W. N., born to at Grafton, 5 July 1915, a son.[7 July 1915].

Lawrence, Isaac L., died at Salt Lake City, Utah, 9 Jan 1915, age 75 years, formerly of Berwick. [3 Feb 1915].

Lawson, Thomas see Armstrong, Jean Dunwoodie.

Lee, William, died at South Berwick, 20 Jan 1915, age 88 years.[27 Jan 1915].

Lewis, Franklin B., born to at Somerset, 7 June 1915, a son. [23 June 1915].

Lewis, Purdy B., Auburn, married at Aylesford, 12 June 1915 to Hattie Emma Porter Aylesford.[23 June 1915].

Liggett, [?], Robert Henry see Bowles, Hilda Blanche.

Locke, Ida Bethia see Woodall, Dr. Charles Wesley.

Longley, Avard see Longley, Charlotte.

Longley, Charlotte, wid/o Avard Longley, died at Paradise, 27 Feb 1915, age 85 years. [3 March 1915].

Lovering, Chester R., Warner, NH., married at South Berwick, 6 Sept 1915 to Grace Kathleen Skinner, William E. Skinner.

Lowe, Alvin A., Cherryfield, Anna. Co., married at New Germany, Lun. Co., 9 Dec 1915 to Flossie R. Oicle, Dalhousie East. [29 Dec 1915].

Lowe, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Dalhousie Road, 17 Apr 1915, 90 years.[12 May 1915].

Lowe, Ellen, w/o Wallace Lowe, died at Dalhousie East, 8 May 1915, 25 years.[9 June 1915].

Lowe, Wallace, born to at Dalhousie Road, 16 Apr 1915, a son.[12 May 1915].

Lowe, Wallace see Lowe, Ellen.

Lunn, H. L. see Ayer, Evangeline.

Lutz, Azie Elsevan see Palmer, Florence Odessa.

Lutz, Isaiah, born to at Parker Rd., 22 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915].

Lyon, Georgie, Hantsport, died at Berwick, 1 August 1915, age 60 years.[4 Aug 1915].

Lyons, Dr. J. Chalmers see Lyons, Mrs. Clara.

Lyons, Mrs. Clara, w/o Dr. J. Chalmers Lyons, of Marcus Hook, PA., formerly of Waterville, died at Halifax, 18 Aug 1915. [25 Aug 1915 obituary 18 Sept 1915].

Lyons, H. Summerton, died at Factorydale, in 64th year, s/o George Lyons, Berwick. [31 Mar 1915 obituary + notice]

Macdonald, Dickson, see Schofield, Mrs. Julia A.

Macdonald, Julia A. see Schofield, Mrs. Julia A.

MacInnes, James, died at Steam Mill, 2 Jan 1915, age 74 years.[13 Jan 1915].

MacKenzie, Kenneth Castleton , married at Melvern Square, 7 Sept 1915 to Mildred Gladys Roache. [15 Sept 1915].

Mack, Ernest, Hastings, Annapolis Co., married at New Germany, 3 mar 1915, to Hilda Ramsey, Dalhousie East. [24 Mar 1915].

Magee, George P., died at Lower Church St., ‘Sat last’, age 77 years m. Margaret Parker, d/o George Parker. [30 June 1915 obituary].

Mallard, J. H., born to at Brooklyn St., 22 Dec 1914, a son.[6 Jan 1915].

Marchant, Mrs. E. M. see Hubley, Joseph H.

Margeson, Herbert A., born to at South Berwick, 15 Oct 1915, a son. [10 Nov 1915].

Margeson, J. Ray see Burns, Ella Mae.

Margeson, J. S., born to at Rockland, 17 Feb 1915, a son. [24 Feb 1915].

Margeson, Leander see Margeson, Mary Anne.

Margeson, Lena M. see Dodge, John Wheeler.

Margeson, Mary Anne, w/o Leander Margeson, died at Harborville, 24 Aug 1915, 79 years. [15 Sept 1915].

Marsters, Holmes C. see Marsters, Mary Rebecca.

Marsters, Mary Rebecca, d/o Holmes C. Marsters, married at Berwick, 4 Sept 1915, to John Lewis Patillo, s/o T. Starr Patillo, Truro.[8 Sept 1915 write + notice].

Martin, Harriet see Rand, Harriet.

Martin, James see Rand, Harriet.

Matthews, Henry, died at Dalhousie Road, 20 June 1915, 68 years.[30 June 1915].

McBride, George A., born to at New Orleans, Louisiana, 23 May 1915, a son.[2 June 1915].

McCune, James see Morrow, Grace D.

McDonnell, A. Donald, die at Canaan, 18 May 1915, 74 years.[19 May 1915 obituary].

Merrill, Dr. Chester Mabry see Davis, Lulu Elizabeth.

Middlemas, Cecelia, d/o Peter Midlemas, died at Amherst, 18 Feb 1915, age 63? years. [24 Feb 1915].

Middlemas, Peter see Middlemas, Cecelia.

Miller, Mrs. Horatia, died at Newtonville, Mass., 23 Feb 1915, age 83 years 1 month 13 days. [10 Mar 1915 obituary + notice].

Minor, Mrs. Eliza, died at Scotts Bay, 6 Aug 1915, 89 years.[11 Aug 1915].

Moody, Roy see Zwicker, Muriel Myrtle.

Morrow, Everett Franklin, Berwick, married at Berwick, 18 Nov 1915, to Ruby Jessie Kieser, Round Hill, Anna. Co., NS.[24 Nov 1915 write up].

Morrow, Grace D., d/o R. A. H. Morrow, married at St. John, NB, 28 April 1915, to Rev. James McCune, Almonte, P. Q. [St. John Telegraph 29 Apr -Register 5 May 1915 write up plus notice].

Morrow, R. A. H. see Morrow, Grace D.

Morse, Aubrey, born to at Berwick, 9 Mar 1915, a son (Harold Barteaux).

Morse, Emma see Cox, Emma.

Morse, Harold Barteaux see Morse, Aubrey.

Morse, Hermann C., Bridgetown, s/o Lemuel J. Morse, Middleton, married at Halifax, 21 Dec 1915, to Beatrice Maud Johnstone, Dumfries, Scotland. [29 Dec 1915].

Morse, Houston C. see Cox, Emma.

Morse, J. Lathern see Morse, Sylvie Holly.

Morse, Lemuel J. see Morse, Hermann C.

Morse, Lois N., formerly of Aylesford, married at Swift’s Corner, Norway, Maine, 25 Jan 1915, to A. Foster Jackson, Millettville, Norway, Maine. [3 Feb 1915 write up].

Morse, Reuben, born to at Berwick, 9 Aug 1915, a daughter. [25 Aug 1915].

Morse, Sylvie Holly, d/o J. Lathern Morse, married at Toronto, Ont., 4 Jan 1915, to Robert J. Witter, Galt, Ontario. [27 Jan 1915 write up].

Morton, Caroline, wid/o Lemuel Morton, Weston, d/o Ephraim Terry, died at Belcher St., Kentville, 5 Dec 1915, age 87 years. [8 Dec 1915].

Morton, Lemuel see Morton, Caroline.

Mullins, James, died at Somerset, 10 Apr 1915, 68 years.[14 April 1915].

Murphy, Lucy see Gates, Edward Hartley.

Neily, Mrs. Bessie, wid/o Eri Neily, Greenwood, died at Kingston Station, 4 July 1915. [14 July 1915]

Newcombe, Israel, died at Harmony, 2 July 1915, age 85 years.[14 July 1915].

Newcombe, Rufus Sommerville see Durno, Isabella Fraser.

Nichols, Emma, wid/o Robert Nichols, d/o William H. Bent, Morristown, died at Morristown, 26 June 1915, in 67th year. [30 June 1915 see obituary 7 July issue].

Nichols, P. H., born to at Aylesford, 18 May 1915, a son. [26 May 1915].

Nichols, Robert see Nichols, Emma.

Nichols, W. L., born to at Nicholsville, 14 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915].

Oicle, Flossie R. see Lowe, Alvin A.

Palmer, Benjamin see Illsley, Isaac L.

Palmer, Charles, died at Auburn, 14 Nov 1915, age 69 years.[24 Nov 1915 obit p.3].

Palmer, Florence Odessa, Rockland, married at Berwick, 13 Dec 1915, to Azie Elsevan Lutz, Lake Paul. [15 Dec 1915].

Palmer, Miss see Illsley, Isaac L.

Parker, Frank see Smith, Elizabeth.

Parker, Fred A., born to at Berwick, 20 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915].

Parker, George see Magee, George P.

Parker, Ida A. see Jewett, Harry Allen.

Parker, Margaret see Magee, George P.

Parker, Rev. J. M. , died at River Hebert, 18 Apr 1915, age 79 years.[5 May 1915].

Parker, Ralph L. see Parker, Ruth Lalia.

Parker, Ruth Lalia, inf/d/o Ralph L. Parker died at Brooklyn St., 10 Apr 1915, age 3 months. [14 April 1915].

Parker, S. C., born to at Berwick, 14 Feb 1915, a son. [3 Mar 1915].

Patillo, John Lewis see Marsters, Mary Rebecca.

Patillo, T. Starr see Marsters, Mary Rebecca.

Patterson, Grace H. see Dawson, John Calvin.

Patterson, Herman, died at Auburn, 21 June 1915, m1. Fanny Spinney ; m2. Mabel Banks. [30 June 1915 obituary + notice].

Pearson, Beatrice A. see Seamon, [Seaman?], Joseph H.

Pierce, Milton W., Berwick, married at Milton, Queens Co., NS, 13?/18? Oct 1915, to Myrtle B. Brown, Milton. [20 Oct 1915].

Pineo, John see Forsythe, Nettie.

Porter, Brenton F. see Reed, Guilford B.

Porter, Elsie Clarissa see Reed, Guilford B.

Porter, Hattie Emma see Lewis, Purdy B.

Porter, Owen B., born to at Welsford St., 24 Sept 1915, a daughter.[27 Oct 1915].

Priestly, Ada, d/o Isaac Priestly, Barton, England, married at Halifax, 3 Feb 1915, to Arthur Grevatt, Berwick. [10 Feb 1915 brief write up].

Priestly, Isaac see Priestly, Ada.

Ramsey, Hilda see Mack, Ernest.

Rand, Charles, see Rand, Harriet.

Rand, Frederick C. see Woodall, Dr. Charles Wesley.

Rand, Ida Bethia see Woodall, Dr. Charles Wesley.

Rand, Harriet, wid/o Charles Rand, d/o James Martin, died at Upper Canard, 26 Dec 1914, age 76 years. [27 Jan 1915].

Rawding, Blanche see Kelley, William Forrest.

Rawding, Charles see Rawding, Lucy.

Rawding, Lucy, w/o Charles Rawding, d/o William Calkin, Black Rock, died at Natack, Mass., 29 Mar 1915, 47 years.[21 April 1915].

Redden, Lottie B. see Rockwell, Clifford R.

Reece, David, inf/s/o Reginald Reece, died at South Berwick, 18 Aug 1915, 3 weeks, 3 days. [18 Aug 1915].

Reece, Reginald see Reece, David.

Reed, Charles L., formerly of Berwick, died at Port George, Annapolis Co., 5 Mar 1915, 76 years. [17 Mar 1915 obituary].

Reed, Guilford B., Kingston, Ontario, married at Truro, 25 Aug 1915, to Elsie Clarissa Porter, d/o Brenton F. Porter, Truro. [1 Sept 1915 write up].

Reynolds, James, Dorchester, Mass., born to at Harborville, 10 July 1915, a daughter. [28 July 1915].

Roache, Mildred Gladys see MacKenzie, Kenneth Castleton.

Robar, Cornelius, born to at Dalhousie Rd., 18 Mar 1915, a son.[14 Apr 1915].

Robinson, Benjamin see Webster, Louise.

Robinson, Jennie see Bond, J. Blackburn.

Robinson, Louise see Webster, Louise.

Rockwell, Burgess B., born to at Brooklyn Corner, 19 Nov 1915, a daughter.[24 Nov 1915].

Rockwell, Clifford R., Welsford St., married at Gaspereau, 24 May 1915, to Lottie B. Redden, Black River, Gaspereau. [9 June 1915].

Rockwell, Mrs. Isabel Barclay see Sturtevant, Leslie.

Roop, Henry P. see Roop, Lorraine.

Roop, Lorraine, w/o Henry P. Roop, died at Falkland Ridge, 16 June 1915, 78 years. [30 June 1915].

Russell, Alexander, died at South Berwick, 19 May 1915, 85 years ; b. Edinburgh, Scotland, 14 may 1830. [19 May 1915 obituary + notice].

Ryan, Mrs. J. W., died at Bathurst, NB.[7 July 1915 see Sudden Death Mrs. Ryan].

Saltzman, w/o David , died at Waterville, 27 May 1915.[2 June 1915].

Sanford, Carl Shaw, Weston, married at Grafton, 12 Oct 1915, to Lora Low Wood, of Woodville. [13 Oct 1915].

Sanford, Mary Jane see Durling, Mary Jane.

Sanford, Wm. see Durling, Mary Jane.

Sanford, William E., s/o William M. Sanford, Waterville, died at Winchester, NY, 29 Dec 1914, age 26 years. [20 Jan 1915 obituary + notice].

Sanford, William M. see Sanford, William E.

Saunders, Charles Kenneth, Berwick, married at Weston, 25 Aug 1915, to Bessie Olivia Cox, d/o John Cox, Weston. [1 Sept 1915 write up 8 Sept 1915 issue].

Saunders, Mrs. Walter, died at Harborville, 27 Feb 1915, age 78 years.[10 Mar 1915 obit].

Sawler, Effie A. see Gates, Burgess A.

Schofield, Freeman R. see Schofield, Mrs. Julia A.

Schofield, Harry, born to at Baxter Harbor, 17 Sept 1915, a son. [20 Oct 1915].

Schofield, Mrs. Julia A., w/o Freeman R. Schofield, Canning, d/o Dickson Macdonald, Scotts Bay, died at Rutland, Mass., 22 Sept 1915, age 25 years. [13 Oct 1915 obituary].

Seaman, Joseph, H. see Seamon, [Seaman?], Joseph H.

Seamon, [Seaman?], Joseph H., Auburn, married at Kentville, 18 Oct 1915, to Beatrice A. Pearson, Grafton. [27 Oct 1915].

Selig, H. C., born to at Cambridge, 9 Feb 1915, a daughter (Phoebe Averill).[3 Mar 1915].

Selig, Phoebe Averill, see Selig, H. C.

Shaw, David Albert, s/o Sidney Shaw, died at Rialto, California, 29 June 1915, 77 years. [7 July 1915].

Shaw, John McNeil, died at Wolfville, 6 Dec 1915, 62 years.[15 Dec 1915].

Shaw, Sidney see Shaw, David Albert.

Skinner, Grace Kathleen see Lovering, Chester R.

Skinner, William E. see Lovering, Chester R.

Smith, Ames H., born to at Aylesford, 31 May 1915, a son. (Cecil Edwin).[23 June 1915]

Smith, Cecil Edwin see Smith, Ames H.

Smith, Elizabeth, wid/o Frank Parker, formerly of Black Rock, Kings Co., died at Malden, Mass., 4 Mar 1915, age 68 years.[10 March 1915].

Smith, E. J. see Smith, Elizabeth.

Smith, Louise A., w/o E. J. Smith, d/o Martin Donnellan, died at Dalhousie East, 25 Mar 1915, age 43 years.[14 Apr 1915].

Smith, Murray see Smith, William.

Smith, William, born to at Crossburn, 6 June 1915, a son (Murray William).[30 June 1915].

Snyder, Ratchford see Andrews, Mrs. Ernestine.

Sommerville, Rev William see Sommerville, Susanna.

Sommerville, Susanna, d/o Rev William Sommerville, died at Berwick, 22 Mar 1915, in 59th year.[24 mar 1915].

Spicer, Alice see Connor, Ingram Peter.

Spicer, Allen, died at Harborville, 20 July 1915, 65 years.[21 July 1915].

Spinney, Burpee, born to at Greenwood, 5 Mar 1915, a daughter.[10 Mar 1915].

Spinney, Chipman, born to at Greenwood, 23 Jan 1915, a son.[27 Jan 1915].

Spinney, Fanny see Patterson, Herman.

Stevenson, Agnes Maud see Faulkner, Dr. Alden West.

Strayhorn, W. E., born to at Moncton, NB, 17 Oct 1915, a daughter. [27 Oct 1915].

Stronach, Rev. Abraham see Stronach, Edmund R.

Stronach, Edmund R., died at Berwick West, 14 Oct 1915, age 84 years s/o Rev. Abraham Stronach. [27 Oct 1915].

Sturtevant, Leslie, married at Irvington, California, 17 June 1915, to Mrs. Isabel Barclay Rockwell, d/o Andrew Barclay, Shelburne Co., NS.[28 July 1915].

Sutherland, Jessie C. see Best, Ivor E.

Swindell, Emory, married at Berwick, 24 Mar 1915, to Pearl Elizabeth Faulkenham, d/o J. W. Faulkenham, all of Burlington. [21 April 1915].

Swindell, Ernest, born to at Weston, 4 Feb 1915, a son. [10 Feb 1915].

Tarr, Harold S. see Brinton, Mary E.

Taylor, Charles A. see Taylor, Elizabeth.

Taylor, Elizabeth, w/o Charles A. Taylor, d/o George West & Salome Graves, age 76 years, 11 months, 24 days, died at Marlboro, Mass, 11 March 1915.[Marlboro Enterprises 11 Mar- Berwick Register 17 Mar 1915 obituary + notice].

Terry, Caroline see Morton, Caroline.

Terry, Ephraim see Morton, Caroline.

Thomas, A. W., born to at Dorchester, Mass., 15 Jan 1915, a son. [20 Jan 1915].

Thomas, Charles A., born to at Berwick, 12 Oct 1915, a daughter. [13 Oct 1915].

Thompson, Andrew Whyte, Berwick, married at Yarmouth, 24 Nov 1915, to Jean Alberta Chipman, Newton, Mass., d/o J. A. Chipman, formerly of Halifax. [1 Dec 1915].

Thompson, Marion Burgess, d/o J. C. Thompson, married at Kentville, 30 June 1915, to Raleigh A. Illsley, Waterville. [14 July 1915].

Thompson, J. A. see Thompson, Marion Burgess.

Thorpe, Jesse, Halls Harbor, married at Windsor, 19 Jan 1915, to Jessie Brown, Windsor. [27 Jan 1915].

Trask, Delbert Joslin, (Lettie Joudrie) born to at Auburn, Mass., 22 June 1915, a son. [30 June 1915].

Walton, Thomas, died at South Alton, 29 Mar 1915, 82 years.[21 April 1915].

Warhurst, James, died at Kingston, KIA, possibly France.[27 Jan 1915 obituary].

Weathers, Sarah, w/o Thomas Weathers, died at Somerset, 2 Feb 1915, age 89 years. [3 Mar 1915].

Weathers, Thomas see Weathers, Sarah.

Webster, Louise, w/o Samuel W. Webster, d/o Benjamin Robinson, Nicholsville, died at Cambridge, 14 May 1915, 62 years.[19 May 1915 obituary + notice].

Webster, Robert A., died at Cambridge, 21 Feb 1915, age 57 years 10 months. [3 Mar 1915 obituary + notice].

Webster, Samuel W. see Webster, Louise.

Welton, Alfred P., died at Kingston, 14 Oct 1915, age 81 years. [20 Oct 1915].

West, Rev. Acel W. see Wood, Mary E.

West, Mrs. Benjamin, d/o Oliver Cogswell, died at Morristown, 2 July 1915, in 70th year. [21 July 1915 obituary + notice 68 years 8 months].

West, Elizabeth see Taylor, Elizabeth.

West, George see Taylor, Elizabeth.

West, W. E., born to at Welton Cornner, Aylesford, 21 Jan 1915, a son. [27 Jan 1915].

White, Annie, wid/o George White, died at Grafton, 4 Jan 1915, age 81 years.[13 Jan 1915].

White, George see White, Annie.

Whitman, L. R., died at Aylesford, 26 Sept 1915. [6 Oct 1915].

Wickwire, Annie L., wid/o J. L. Wickwire, died at Kentville, 20 Aug 1915, age 71 years. [25 Aug 1915].

Wickwire, J. L. see Wickwire, Annie L.

Wilson, J. A. S., born to at Berwick, 9 Aug 1915, a daughter.[11 Aug 1915].

Witter, Robert J. see Morse, Sylvie Holly.

Wolfe, Charles Aubrey see Wolfe, Frank E.

Wolfe, Frank E., born to at Beachmont, Mass., a son (Charles Aubrey).[17 Mar 1915].

Wood, Edson see Wood, Kenneth.

Wood, Kenneth, s/o Edson Wood, died at Harborville, 10 Sept 1915, 12 years. [15 Sept 1915].

Wood, Lora Low see Sanford, Carl Shaw.

Wood, Mary E., Taunton, Mass., married at Taunton, Mass., 8 June 1915, to Rev. Acel W. West, of Washington, C. H., Ohio. [30 June 1915 write up].

Woodall, Dr. Charles Wesley, Sshenectady, New York, married at Kentville, 11 Feb 1915, to Ida Bethia Locke, d/o Frederick C. Rand, Kentville. [17 Feb 1915].

Woodward, Howard W., died at Grafton, 4 Feb 1915, age 34 years. [10 Feb 1915].

Woodworth, Bruce E., born to at Berwick, 23 Feb 1915, a son. [24 Feb 1915].

Woodworth, Boyd E., born to at Berwick, a son (Robert Borden). [19 May 1915].

Woodworth, Leander, Jr., married at Church St., 17 Feb 1915, to Josephine Ells, d/o Charles E. Ells, Canard. [24 Feb 1915].

Woodworth, Lorimer Easson, South Berwick, married at Berwick, 29 June 1915, to Florence Haley, d/o J. W. Haley, Berwick. [7 July 1915].

Woodworth, Robert Borden see Woodworth, Boyd E.

Wotton, Jesse see Wotton, John N.

Wotten, John N., s/o Jesse Wotton, died at Aylesford, 10 Oct 1915, age 65 years. [3 Nov 1915 obituary].

Young, Allan G., born to at Swampscot, Mass., 11 Aug 1915, a daughter (Barbara Louise).[25 August 1915].

Young, Barbara Louise see Young, Allan G.

Zwicker, J. E. see Zwicker, Muriel Myrtle.

Zwicker, Muriel Myrtle, d/o J. E. Zwicker, married at Windermere, 24 Mar 1915 to Roy Moody. [31 Mar 1915 write up + notice].


1.Golden Wedding Write up for James W. Reid 27 Oct 1915.

2.Audber McBride, Boston, spending Christmas with his father, Capt. Samuel McBride [29 Dec 1915 Harborville col.].