Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1911

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

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Adams, Albert E. see Adams, Emily.

Adams, Emily, w/o Albert E. Adams, died at Halifax, 3 Oct 1911, age 36 years.[5 Oct 1911].

Angier, Fannie see Spicer, George W.

Anslow, Arthur J., s/o J. J. Anslow, Windsor, died at Vinalhaven, Maine, 27 Mar 1911, age 45 years. [6 April 1911].

Anslow, J. J. see Anslow, Arthur J.

Archibald, Emma Archibald see Chase, Walter Irving.

Archibald, E. E. see Chase, Walter Irving.

Armstrong, Leander H., Burlington, married at Aylesford, 3 July 1911, to Eva L. Finlay, of Victoria.[NS]. [13 July 1911].

Armstrong, Louisa J., married at Bridgetown, 12th inst., to Wilbert C. Hatfield, Parrsboro. [28 Sept 1911 write up].

Atwood, Bertram S., Allston, Mass., married at Allston, Mass., 17 June 1911 to Effie F. Spicer, d/o Thomas E. Spicer, Berwick. [6 July 1911 write up + notice].

Auslow, H. S., born to at Windsor, 6 Aug 1911, a daughter. [17 Aug 1911].

Baker, Albert, died at Harmony, 14 may 1911, age 64 years.[1 June 1911].

Balcolm, Dr. Bessie E. see Davis, Dr. Frank R.

Balcom, Mildred C. see Hancock, James Martin.

Balcom, William C.[?] see Hancock, James Martin.

Balsar, Love, wid/o Peter Balsar, d/o Thomas Hanley Chute, Harborville, died at Aylesford, 5 Dec 1911, age 65 years. [7 Dec 1911].

Balsar, Peter see Balsar, Love.

Balser, Archie V., Canady Creek, married at Waterville, 18 Sept 1911, to Marian Foote, of Ross Corner. [21 Sept 1911].

Balser, Fred, died at Garland, 8 Jan 1911, age 78 years.[12 Jan 1911].

Balser, George Parker, married at Berwick, 6 Nov 1911, to Nettie Bryden, Aylesford. [9 Nov 1911].

Banks, Avery see Banks, Gladys Betta.

Banks, Gladys Betta, d/o Avery Banks, married at Harmony, 27 Sept 1911, to J. Archibald Winnot, South Harmony. [5 Oct 1911 write up].

Balsor, Gordon, died at Canady Creek, 7th , age 68 years.[10 Aug 1911 see Canady Creek].

Banks, Hattie, w/o Israel Banks, died at Greenwood, 22 Nov 1911, in 55th year. [30 Nov 1911obituary + notice].

Banks, Israel see Banks, Hattie.

Banks, Phineas, died at Aylesford, 16 Apr 1911, age 86 years.[27 Apr 1911].

Banks, P. M., born to at Torbrook, 29 Dec 1910, a son. [5 Jan 1911].

Banks, Ulysses G., born to at Harmony, 17 Aug 1911, a son. [31 Aug 1911].

Barnaby, Dr. Gideon, died at Granville Ferry, 9 Jan 1911, age 65 years.[19 Jan 1911].

Barss, William R., New Haven, Conn., married at Aylesford, 5 July 1911, to Emma Belle West, of Aylesford. [13 July 1911 write up + notice].

Beardsley, Joshua, died at Waterville, 19 Mar 1911, age 66 years. [23 Mar 1911 obituary + notice].

Beckwith, Jennie see Kane, Sophia M.

Beckwith, Samuel V. see Kane, Sophia M.

Beckwith, Sophia M. see Kane, Sophia M.

Belcher, John S., died at Church St., 17 Oct 1911, age 87 years.[9 Nov 1911].

Bennett, Edward see Bennett, Prudence.

Bennett, Prudence, wid/o Edward Bennett, d/o William D. Huntley, died at Scotts Bay, 21 Nov 1911, age 78 years. [30 Nov 1911].

Bent, Barbara, Berwick, married at Waterville, 23 Dec 1910, to William Fredericks. [4 May 1911].

Bent, Lydia, d/o Michael & Mary Bent, died at Berwick, 30 Dec 1910, age 11 years. [5 Jan 1911 obituary + notice].

Bent, Mary see Bent Lydia.

Bent, Michael see Bent, Lydia.

Bentley, C. A., born to at Rockland, 14 May 1911, a son. [20 July 1911].

Bentley, Henry Kenneth see Parker, Maie Lovinia.

Bentley, Mary see White, George.

Berteaux, James Henry see Berteaux, Susanna.

Berteaux, Susanna d/o James Henry Berteaux, died at Morristown, 30 Sept 1911, age 76 years; d/o Enoch Lewis Palmer; b. 6 Jan 1835; m. 1854. [5 Oct 1911 obituary + notice].

Best, Mrs. A. D. see Best, Bertha.

Best, Bertha, native of Cornwallis, d/o Mrs. A. D. Best, died at Marlboro, Mass., Sunday, age 43 years. ; int. Rockland, NS. [Marlboro, Mass. Daily Enterprise,2nd - 19 Oct 1911obit].

Best, John Burbidge, died at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 4 July 1911, age 79 years, b. Prospect, 11 Jan 1832, m. 1854 Isabella Adelia Woodworth, Canning, ; she d. 1904. [mix of notice & obituary - 6 July 1911 see obituary 20 July 1911 more info ].

Best, Joseph see Best, Thelma.

Best, Thelma, inf/d/o Joseph Best, died at Prospect, 8 Apr 1911, age 15 months. [13 Apr 1911].

Bezanson, Julia, w/o William Bezanson, d/o George Collins, died at New Ross, 21 Nov 1911, in her 53rd year. [30 Nov 1911 notice + obituary].

Bezanson, Lilly, d/o William Bezanson, died at Garland, 2 June 9111, age 20 years. v[8 June 1911].

Bezanson, William see Bezanson, Julia.

Bezanson, William, born to at Millville, 19 Feb 1911. [16 Feb 1911].

Bird, Francis W. see Bird, Stanley M.

Bird, Stanley M., s/o Francis W. Bird, died at Liverpool, 11th inst., age 17 years. [16 Mar 1911].

Bishop, Cornelia see Strong, John E.

Bowden, Elizabeth wid/o James V. Bowden, died at Halifax, 15 mar 1911, age 74 years. [23 March 1911].

Bowden, James V. see Bowden, Elizabeth.

Bowlby, Ernest L. see Bowlby, Frank.

Bowlby, Frank, s/o Ernest L. Bowlby, died at Halifax, 13 Jan 1911. [2 Feb 1911].

Bowlby, Frederick Chipman see Tufts, Ada Louise.

Bowlby, Samuel see Tufts, Ada Louise.

Bowles, Elizabeth see Olive Vivian.

Bowles, George see Cox, May E.

Bowles, G. R. see Bowles, Vivian.

Bowles, Grant R. see Bowles, Olive Vivian.

Bowles, May E. see Cox, May E.

Bowles, Olive Vivian d/o Grant R. & Elizabeth Bowles, died at Grafton, 8 May 1911, age 15 years. [11 May 1911].

Bowles, Vivian d/o G. R. Bowles, died at Grafton, 8th inst., age 15 years. [25 May 1911 obituary].

Brown, Ada May see Moore, A. Trueman.

Brown, Mrs. Harriet E. see Piggott, John M.

Brown, Laura M. see Moore, A. Trueman.

Brown, Lemuel H., born to at Harborville, 11 May 1911, a son. [18 May 1911].

Brown, Mayhew, s/o William Brown, died at Aspen, Colorado, 21 June 1911, ; formerly of Harborville, later Woodville, removed to Aspen 1886.[3 Aug 1911 obit + notice; add. info].

Brown, William see Brown, Mayhew.

Bryden, Nettie see Balser, George Parker.

Buckley, Annie see White, George.

Burgess, Benjamin, s/o W. J. Burgess, Woodville, died at Dartmouth, NS, 1 July 1911. [6 July 1911].

Burgess, John F., Lakeville, married at Waterville, 26 April 1911, to Beatrice Rathburn, of Boston, Mass. [4 May 1911].

Burgess, W. J. see Burgess, Benjamin.

Burns, Annie w/o Thomas Redgate, d/o John Burns, died at Morden, 1 Jan 1911, age 36 years. [5 Jan 1911 see obituary 2 Feb additional information].

Burns, Florence see Congdon, James Earl.

Burns, James, died at Nictaux, 29 Mar 1911, age 91 years 9 months. [13 Apr 1911 obit].

Burns, John see Congdon, James Earl.

Burton, Frank, (Eugene Webster), born to at Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba, 21 Feb 1911, a son. [2 March 1911].

Butchart, W. A., born to at Berwick, 2 Oct 1911, a daughter. [5 Oct 1911].

Butler, William Lee, Seattle, Washington, married at Los Gatos, California, 28 Dec 1910, to Lucy Helen Newcombe, d/o Lemuel E. Newcombe, Los Gatos, CA., great granddaughter of Jonathan Newcombe , formerly of Cornwallis. [12 Jan 1911].

Cahill, Ella, [Ellen A.], died at Waltham, Mass., 31 Dec 1910, age 43 years, d/o James Cahill, of Harborville. [5 Jan 1911 see Death in Waltham see 26 Jan, obit, called Ellen A.].

Cahill, James see Cahill, Ella. [Ellen A.].

Cahill, Cassie Lillian see Jackson, Frederick Joseph.

Calvert, Ernest Eckersley see Reid, Pearl M.

Cameron, J. C., (Lena Pearl), born to at Woodstock, NH, 24 may 1911, a daughter. [8 June 1911].

Canady, Elizabeth see Fraser, Elizabeth.

Canady, John W. see Fraser, Elizabeth.

Carey, Francis see Loomer, Lahlia.

Carey, Lahlia see Loomer, Lahlia.

Cashman, Nora Beatrice, d/o Wm. Cashman, Burlington, married at Kentville, 20 Aug 1911, to Frederick A. Wagstaff, Berwick. [7 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Cashman, Wm. see Cashman, Nora Beatrice.

Charlton, Loring W., born to at Burlington, 13 Nov 1911, a daughter.[23 Nov 1911].

Charlton, Thomas R., Williamston, married at Nictaux Falls, 7 June 1911, to Susan R. White, of Middleton.[15 June 1911].

Chase, Arch, born to at Union Square, 17 Mar 1911, a son. [23 Mar 1911].

Chase, Mrs. Martha, died at Morden, 22 Feb 1911, age 79 years; int. Auburn.[2 Mar 1911].

Chase, Walter Irving, Lowell, Mass., married at Wolfville, 6 Sept 1911, to Emma Anderson d/o E. E. Archibald, Wolfville. [14 Sept 1911].

Chase, William, died at Lakeville, 27 May 1911, age 68 years.[1 June 1911].

Chesley, Eugenie, w/o John Hanley Chesley, d/o John Killam, died at North Kingston, 19 October 1911, age 55 years.[2 November 1911].

Chesley, John Hanley see Chesley, Eugenie.

Chipman, Xerxes Z., died at Wolfville, 22 Oct 1911, age 88 years.[2 Nov 1911].

Chipman, Kenneth L., formerly of Kentville, married at Boston, 26 Oct 1911, to Mrs. Fannie Hattie, Halifax.[9 Nov 1911].

Chute, Hollis B., married at Allandale, Ont., 20 Sept 1911 to Victoria J. Dodson, Allandale. [28 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Chute, Love see Balsar, Love.

Chute, Roy B., born to at Somerset, 1 July 1911, a daughter. [13 July 1911].

Chute, Thomas Hanley see Balsar, Love.

Christopher, William T., Fairview, married at Fairview, 23 Nov 1911, to Ida A. Gould, of Aylesford. [30 Nov 1911].

Clark, John G. see Coggins, Henrietta M.

Cochrane, Carrie Forrest, d/o John Cochrane, Woodville, married at Woodville, 6 Dec 1911, to A. Clare Kinsman, Welsford. [14 Dec 1911].

Cochrane, John see Cochrane, Carrie Forrest.

Coggins, Henrietta M., d/o John G. Clark, married at Medford, Oregon, 8 Feb 1911, to Joseph H. Liggett, Medford.[23 Feb 1911 write up + notice].

Cohoon, Mrs. Bessie, late of Edmonton, Alberta, died at Brooklyn, Queens Co., NS - sister of Mrs. Rev. John Phalen, age 49 years.[25 May 1911].

Collamore, Majorie, died at Boston, Mass., 22 may 1911, age 15 years, a native of Morden. Int Auburn. [1 June 1911].

Collins, George, died at Harborville, 14 Dec 1911, age 79 years.[21 Dec 1911 obit + notice].

Collins, George see Bezanson, Julia.

Collins, Julia see Bezanson, Julia.

Coleman, John R. see White, Marietta.

Coleman, Marietta see White, Marietta.

Comstock, Dr. F. L., born to at Berwick, 10 Nov 1911, a daughter.[16 Nov 1911].

Collins, Isaac, died at Harmony, 5 June 1911, age 72 years.[15 June 1911].

Congdon, Ebenezer S., formerly of Berwick, died at Dorchester, Mass., 15 May 1911, age 73 years.[25 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Congdon, James Earl, married at Berwick, 20 Oct 1911, to Florence Burns d/o John Burns. [26 Oct 1911 write up + notice].

Connors, Esther, w/o Capt. Peter Connors, died at Harborville, 2 Sept 1911, age 60 years. [7 Sept 1911].

Connors, Capt. Peter see Connors, Esther.

Corkum, Edmund see Worthylake, Zillah.

Corkum, Zillah see Worthylake, Zillah.

Coulston, J. T., Margaretville, married at St. John, NB, 26? July 1911, to Mrs. Annie B. Fales, of Kingston. [10 Aug 1911].

Cox, Edward, died at Berwick, 10 June 1911, age 67 years.[15 June 1911 obituary + notice].

Cox, F. Borden, born to at Cambridge, 28 Sept 1911, a son. [12 Oct 1911].

Cox, Mrs. George E., formerly of Avonport, d/o Jethro Kinsman, died at Middleton, 24 July 1911. [3 August 1911 obituary].

Cox, J. Howe see Cox, May E.

Cox, May E., w/o J. Howe Cox, d/o George Bowles, Grafton, died at Cambridge, 30 October 1911. [2 Nov 1911 obituary in 9 Nov 1911 Register].

Cox, Martha see Harvey, Martha.

Cox, William, died at Berwick, 26 May 1911, age 77 years.[1 June 1911].

Creamer, Elijah see Creamer, Robert H.

Creamer, Robert H., s/o Elijah Creamer, died at Morristown, 28 Feb 1911, age 21 years 6 months.[2 Mar 1911 ; see also 9 Mar 1911 obituary].

Creamer, Ruth Irene, d/o late Robert H. Creamer, died at Lake George, 18 May 1911, age 9 months.[ 1 June 1911].

Creemer, John W., Nicholsville, married at Aylesford, 12 Oct 1911 to Minnie J. Hodges, Millville. [19 Oct 1911].

Creighton, Elizabeth Margaret, d/o S. K. & Samuel Creighton, married at Berwick, 6 Sept 1911, to Harry M. Sanders, Sackville, NB. [7 Sept 1911- for write up see 14 Sept 1911].

Creighton, Samuel see Creighton, Elizabeth Margaret.

Creighton, S. K. see Creighton, Elizabeth Margaret.

Crichton, Fred, born to at Aylesford, 5 Jan 1911, a son.[23 Mar 1911].

Crocker, Dr. Leonard, married at Boston, Mass., 26 June 1911, to Mildred Sanford, d/o E. Sanford, Berwick. [29 June 1911].

Cronk, H. Walter, born to at Metuchen, NJ, 6 Sept 1911, a daughter (Margaret Louise). [21 Sept 1911].

Cronk, Margaret Louise see Cronk, H. Walter.

Cumming, M., born to at Bible Hill, Truro, NS, 3 Dec 1911, a daughter.[7 Dec 1911].

Cumminger, Capt. Ebenezer, formerly of Melvern Square, died at Halifax, 20 Nov 1911, age 76 years. [23 Nov 1911].

Daniels, B. B. See Spicer, Harriet.

Daniels, Harriet see Spicer, Harriet.

Davis, Dr. Frank R., Petite Riviere, s/o Rev. J. Hiram Davis, Granville Ferry, married at Aylesford, 13 Sept 1911, to Dr. Bessie E. Balcom, Aylesford.[21 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Davis, J. Hiram see Davis, Dr. Frank R.

DeEll, W. W., born to at Rockland, 3 Apr 1911, a son. [13 Apr 1911].

Dempsey, Norman, born to at Morden, 15 June 1911, a daughter. [13 July 1911].

DeWitt, Walter S., (Laura Pineo), born to at Dorchester, Mass., 11 Apr 1911, a daughter. [20 Apr 1911].

Dickie, Carrie B. see Lyons, Twining R.

Dickie, Henry see Lyons, Twining R.

Dodge, Brenton H., died at Kentville, 30 Dec 1910, age 64 years. [5 Jan 1911 write up + notice].

Dodge, Reginald N., married at Aylesford, 20 Sept 1911, to Theresa M. Graves, Aylesford. [28 Sept 1911 notice see 12 Oct 1911 Register write up].

Dodson, Victoria J. see Chute, Hollis B.

Dorey, Catherine, died at Morden, 14 may 1911, age 52 years. [1 June 1911].

Dorey, Ernest L., Auburn, married at Aylesford, 4 July 1911, to Lucinda M. Shaw, of Torbrook Mines. [13 July 1911].

Dorey, Mrs., Morden, died in Israel.[18 May 1911 see Aylesford column].

Dorey, Norman, born to at Millville, 28 Mar 1911, a daughter. [6 Apr 1911].

Douglas, Elmira, w/o James Douglas, died at Port George, 3 Mar 1911, age 76 years. 16 Mach 1911] obituary see 23 March issue].

Douglas, Evelyn Gertrude, d/o Howard Douglas, Berwick, married at Waterville, 14 August 1911, to A. W. Thomas. [17 Aug 1911].

Douglas, Howard see Douglas, Evelyn Gertrude.

Downie, Mrs. Jerusha, died at Stronach Mtn., Anna. Co., 25 April 1911, age 83 years. [18 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Dukeshar, T. E., born to at Berwick, 25 Jan 1911, a daughter.[9 Feb 1911].

Dykens, Roxie May see Pelton, Robie Freeman.

Easson, Harry, born to at Factorydale, 21 Mar 1911, a son.[30 Mar 1911].

Eaton, Edward see Eaton, Rebecca.

Eaton, Rebecca, w/o Edward Eaton, d/o Rev. Abram Stronach, died at Kingston, 1 Oct 1911, in her 75th year. [2 Nov 1911 obituary + notice].

Edwards, Emily Frances see Smallwood, Franklin.

Edwards, J. Plimsoll see Smallwood, Franklin.

Elliott, Harriet see Elliott, Mrs. Jacob.

Elliott, Mrs. Jacob, [Harriet] died at Berwick, Fri. last, ; maiden name Lee.[2 Mar 1911 obituary and notice].

Ellis, Helen Isabel, d/o Hugh R. & Mrs. Mabel Ellis, died at Berwick, 23 Feb 1911, age 5 years. [2 Mar 1911].

Ellis, Hugh R. see Ellis, Mabel and Ellis, Helen Isabel.

Ellis, Mabel, d/o Hugh R. & late Mrs. Mabel Ellis died at Berwick, 23 Feb 1911, age 8 years. [2 Mar 1911].

Ellis, Mrs. Mabel see Ellis, Mabel and Ellis, Helen Isabel.

Fales, Mrs. Annie B. see Coulston J. T.

Farnsworth, Harriet, w/o H. V. B. Farnsworth, died at Greenwood, 20th , age 73 years. [30 March 1911].

Farnsworth, H. V. B. see Farnsworth, Harriet.

Finlay, Eva L. see Armstrong, Leander H.

Fisher, Edwin L., born to at Somerset, 12 Nov 1911, a son. [30 Nov 1911].

Foote, Clifford see Robinson, Phoebe.

Foote, George B., born to at Canady Creek, 5 June 1911, a daughter.[8 June 1911].

Foote, Marian see Balser, Archie V.

Ford, A. E., born to at Berwick, 27 Sept 1911, a daughter. [5 Oct 1911].

Forsythe, James A., died at Coldbrook, 4 Dec 1911, age 47 years. [7 Dec 1911].

Foster, Archibald, born to at South Greenwood, 14 mar 1911, a son.[30 Mar 1911].

Foster, Ezra see Foster, Nancy.

Foster, Flora N., d/o George Foster, died at Millville, 26 May 1911, age 11 years 9 months. [1 June 1911 obituary + notice].

Foster, George see Foster, Flora.

Foster, Nancy, wid/o Ezra Foster, died at Aylesford, 27 Dec 1910, age 88 years.[12 Jan 1911]

Foster, Rev. Paoli R., died at Berwick, 7 Feb 1911, age 76 years.[9 Feb 1911 obituary plus notice].

Foster, Sadie G., Somerset, married at Somerset, 30 Nov 1911, to Manning D. Sawler. [7 Dec 1911 write up + notice].

Fraser, Elizabeth, wid/o John Fraser, d/o John W. Canady, Canady Creek, NS, died at Cochituate, Mass., 21 June 1911, age 64 years. [29 June 1911 obituary + notice].

Fraser, John W. see Fraser, Elizabeth.

Fredericks, William see Bent, Barbara.

Freeman, Elizabeth, died at Victoria, 16 May 1911, age 76 years.[1 June 1911].

Freeman, Dr. Ingram B., died at Bridgetown, 27 Feb 1911, age 75 years.[9 Mar 1911].

Fuller, Harvey R., born to at Somerville, Mass., 28 July 1911, a son.[3 Aug 1911].

Gates, Bertha, w/o Harry L. Gates, d/o Samuel B. McDowell, of Wilmot, formerly Cambridge, Mass., died at Wilmot, 1 August 1911 age 36 years. [10 Aug 1911].

Gates, Harry L. see Gates, Bertha.

Gillingham, Roy L., Bridgewater see Woodworth, Katherine Gertrude.

Givan, Alexander see Givan, Eliza.

Givan, Eliza, d/o Alexander Givan, died at Harborville, 23 Dec 1911, age 75 years. [28 Dec 1911 obituary + notice].

Gould, Eleanor, w/o Lealon B. Gould, died at Aylesford, 13 Aug 1911, d/o Mrs. Isabella & C. J. West, age 31 years. [17 Aug 1911 see also 31 Aug 1911 obituary].

Gould, Elizabeth, wid/o Israel Gould, died at Harborville, 30 June 1911, age 88 years. [6 July 1911].

Gould, Ida A. see Christopher, William T.

Gould, Israel see Gould, Elizabeth.

Gould, Lealon B. see Gould, Eleanor.

Grant, John, born to at Arlington, Kings Co., 31 Oct 1911, a son.[7 Dec 1911].

Graves, Alice, d/o Hedley & Cora Graves, died at Aylesford, 22 Oct 1911, age 3 years. [2 November 1911].

Graves, Cora see Graves, Alice.

Graves, Hedley see Graves, Alice.

Graves, Theresa M. see Dodge, Reginald N.

Grimes, Timothy, died at Waterville, 25 Jan 1911, age 99 years.[2 Feb 1911].

Graves, Arthur C., born to at Waterville, 9 Mar 1911, a son.[16 Mar 1911].

Grogan, John see Roach, Lilla.

Grogan, Lilla see Roach, Lilla.

Hall, Jane, wid/o Charles Mosher, died at Lake George, 5 May 1911, age 86 years. [11 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Hancock, James Martin, married at Hantsport, 12 Sept 1911, to Mildred C. Balcom, d/o William C.[?] Balcom, Hantsport. [14 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Harney, [Harvey?], George see Lyons, Mary Elizabeth.

Harvey, Martha, wid/o Israel Harvey, died at Newport, 25 July 1911.[3 Aug 1911].

Harvey, Israel see Harvey, Martha.

Harris, G. Manford see Stronach, Lalia Bell.

Harris, Joanna, wid/o Lewis Harris, d/o Samuel Sharpe, formerly of Cambridge, NS, died at Orono, Maine, 2 Aug 1911, age 80 years.[10 Aug 1911 obituary + notice].

Harris, Lewis see Harris, Joanna.

Harris, Levenia M. see Neily, Clayton.

Harris, R. D. G., died at Canning, 20 Apr 1911, age 67 years. [4 May 1911].

Hatfield, Wilbert C. see Armstrong, Louisa J.

Hattie, Mrs. Fannie see Chipman, Kenneth L.

Hazell, Eliza J. see Loomer, John G.

Henderson, Fletcher Orpin see Henderson, Walter Cleveland.

Henderson, Walter Cleveland, born to at Missoula, Montana, 18th Sept 1911, a son - (Fletcher Orpin). [2 Nov 1911].

Henderson, William, Canning, died at Canning, Tuesday, age abt 27 years.[21 Dec 1911 p.2].

Hennigar, James E. see Hennigar, Mary.

Hennigar, Mary, w/o James E. Hennigar, d/o B. B. Woodworth, died at Canning, 9 March 1911, age 61 years.[23 March 1911]

Hirtle, Edward see Hirtle, Grace A.

Hicks, Samuel B., born to at Aylesford, 3 Apr 1911, a daughter. [20 Apr 1911].

Hird, George, s/o James M. Hird, Grafton, died at Maine, USA, 5 July 1911. [13 July 1911].

Hird, James M. see Hird, George.

Hirtle, Grace A., d/o, Edward Hirtle, Lunenburg, married at Lunenburg, 24 Jan 1911. [9 Feb 1911].

Hodges, Everett, Nicholsville, Kings Co., NS, married at Nictaux Falls, & June 1911, to Ester Oicle, Torbrook. [15 June 1911].

Hodges, Minnie J. see Creemer, John W.

Horsnell, William, died at Aylesford, 25 Oct 1911, age 78 years.[16 Nov 1911].

Houghton, Lydia see Steele, Owen F.

Huntington, P. B., born to at Grafton, 7 Dec 1911, a son. [14 Dec 1911].

Huntley, Alden, s/o Thomas P. Huntley, died at South Berwick, 5 Feb 1911, age 15 years 6 months. [9 Feb 1911 obituary + notice].

Huntley, Everett, born to at Scotts Bay, 10 Feb 1911, a son. [16 Feb 1911].

Huntley, Prudence see Bennett, Prudence.

Huntley, Thomas P. see Huntley, Alden.

Huntley, William D. see Bennett, Prudence.

Illsley, Isaac L., born to at Berwick, 16 July 1911, a daughter. [20 July 1911].

Illsley, James Reginald, married at Aylesford, 12 Apr 1911, to Etta Warner, both of Kingston. [20 April 1911].

Jackson, Frederick Joseph, married at Harborville, 13 Sept 1911, to Cassie Lillian Cahill. [14 Sept 1911 write up see Register 21 Sept.].

Jarvis, Cassie, w/o Judson Jarvis, died at Parker Rd., Aylesford, 15 July 1911, age 38 years. [7 Sept 1911].

Jarvis, Judson see Jarvis, Cassie.

Jodrie, Joseph, born to at Nicholsville, 10 May 1911, a son.[18 May 1911].

Johnson, Kempton, born to at Brooklyn St., 23 June 1911, a son. [27 July 1911].

Kane, John E. see Kane, Sophia M.

Kane, Sophia M., w/o John E. Kane, Manchaug, New York, died at Worchester, Mass., 18 June 1911, age 28 years 4 months 9 days, d/o Samuel V. & Jennie Beckwith, Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [6 July 1911 obituary + notice].

Keddy, Obie Lawson, Parker Rd, Aylesford, married at Berwick, 6 Dec 1911, to Mabel Blanche Tupper, Lake Paul. [14 Dec 1911].

Kelly, Lemuel G., born to at South Berwick, 3 Jan 1911, a son.[12 Jan 1911].

Kilcup, Harriet E. see Piggott, John M.

Killam, Eugenie see Chesley, Eugenie.

Killam, John see Chesley, Eugenie.

Kinsman, A. Clare see Cochrane, Carrie Forrest.

Kinsman, Ezekiel, see Kinsman, Sophia.

Kinsman, Jethro see Cox, Mrs. George.

Kinsman, Sophia, wid/o Ezekiel Kinsman, died at Waterville, 10 Dec 1911, age 90 years. [14 Dec 1911].

Kirby, Timothy L., born to at Medway, Mass., 29 June 1911, a son.

Knowlton, Alexander Grant, died at Amherst, 3 Sept 1911, age 88 years. [7 Sept 1911 obit plus notice].

Langille, William married at North Kingston, 15 Mar 1911, to Annie Olivia Loomer d/o R. H. Loomer, Weston. [23 Mar 1911 write up + notice].

Lawler, Rev. Edward, native of Dartmouth, died at Adamsville, Quebec, 28 Aug 1911, age 48 years. [31 Aug 1911].

Lee, Arthur Loring, Auburn, married at Kingston, 20 Sept 1911, to Mattie R. Lightizer d/o K. Lightizer, Kingston. [28 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Legge, Daniel, born to at Scotts Bay, 16 Sept 1911, a daughter.[5 Oct 1911].

Legge, Roland, born to at Scotts Bay, 18 Apr 1911, a daughter.[27 Apr 1911].

Liggett, Joseph H. see Coggins, Henrietta M.

Lightizer, K. see Lee, Arthur Loring.

Lightizer, Mattie R. see Lee, Arthur Loring.

Lockwood, Charles Edward, died at Canning, 6 Sept 1911, age 81 years.[7 Sept 1911].

Lockwood, Moses, Canning, died at Dartmouth, 10 Oct 1911, age 79 tears.[12 Oct 1911].

Logan, Mrs. Wilbur, died at Dalhousie East, 20 Dec 1910, age 39 years.[5 Jan 1911].

Long, Esther Anglique see Thomas, Colin S.

Loomer, Annie Olivia see Langille, William.

Loomer, Charles H. see Loomer, Lahlia.

Loomer, John G., Sheffield Mills, married at Upper Canard, 28 Dec 1910, to Eliza J. Hazell, Arlington. [12 Jan 1911].

Loomer, Lahlia, w/o Charles N. Loomer d/o Francis Carey, died at Weston, 31 Dec 1910, age 44 years. [5 Jan 1911].

Loomer, R. H. see Langille, William.

Lovelace, Matilda, wid/o William H. West, died at Woodville, 2 Nov 1911. [16 Nov 1911].

Lowe, Stephen, died at Dalhousie East, 1 June 1911, age 65 years.[8 June 1911].

Lutz, Etta, Lake George, married at Aylesford, 5 Dec 1911, to Fred Rawding, of Millville. [14 Dec 1911].

Lydiard, Edward M., born to at Roxbury, Mass., 30 Nov 1911, a daughter.[7 Dec 1911].

Lyons, Holmes see McNab, Annie.

Lyons, Mary Elizabeth, w/o George Harney [Harvey?], died at Shrewsbury, Mass., 18 Jan 1911, age 46 years. [ 16 Feb 1911obituary + notice].

Lyons, Twining R., Waterville, married at Yarmouth, 6 Sept 1911, to Carrie B. Dickie, d/o Henry Dickie, Canady Creek. [21 Sept 1911].

MacKenzie, William A., Nictaux, married at Middleton, 30 Apr 1911, to Savilla A. Oickle, of Bridgewater, NS. [4 May 1911].

Magee, C. P., (Lillian White), born to at Lower Church St., Kings Co., NS, 7 Dec 1911 a son. [14 Dec 1911].

Mahaney, Fred, born to at Cambridge Sta., 12 May 1911, a son.[25 May 1911].

Manser, Gla[?]s, E. see Rockwell, Charles N.

Maloy, Emma R., of Whitman, Mass., died at Berwick, Fri. last. [20 July 1911 obituary].

Marchant, G. E., born to at Melrose, Mass., 12 May 1911, a son. [18 May 1911].

Margeson, A. Herbert, born to at Waltham, Mass., 29 June 1911, a son. [6 July 1911].

Marshall, J. E., died at Greenwood, 17th inst., age 77 years.[30 Mar 1911].

Marshall, James Stillman, died at Kingston Sta., 10 Mar 1911, age 73 years.[23 Mar 1911].

Margeson, J. W., born to at Bridgewater, 10 Nov 1911, a daughter.[23 Nov 1911].

Margeson, Lloyd Vaughan, s/o Otis S. Margeson, died at Berwick, 29 Sept 1911, age 21 years. [5 Oct 1911 obituary + notice].

Margeson, Otis S. see Margeson, Lloyd Vaughan.

Masters, Charles A., died at Kentville, 27 Apr 1911, age 87 years. [4 May 1911].

McCallum, Rev. D. C., (Georgia Messinger), of Vigan, P.I., born to at Laoag, Philipine Island, 24 June 1911, a son (Donald Hamilton). [7 Sept 1911].

McCallum, Donald Hamilton see McCallum, Rev. D. C.

McDowell, Bertha see Gates, Bertha.

McDowell, Samuel B. see Gates, Bertha.

McGrath, J. Robert see McGrath, John Robert.

McGrath, John Robert s/o J. Robert McGrath, Boston, Mass., died at Boston, Sun last, aged 8 years old. [21 Sept 1911 obituary].

McKay, John L., died at Melrose, Mass., 6 July 1911, age 59 years.[20 July 1911].

McKittrick, James, died at East Cornwallis, 9 Sept 1911, age 88 years.[21 Sept 1911].

McLatchy, Edward, died at Grand Pre 19 Oct 1911, b. Windsor, 1833.[26 Oct 1911 obit].

McLaughlin, John, died at Union Square, 11 Jan 1911, age 82 years 4 months.[12 Jan 1911].

McIntyre, John H., born to at Aylesford, 7 Feb 1911, a daughter. [23 Feb 1911].

McMahon, Paul see McMahon, A. E.

McMahon, w/o J. Frank, died at Aylesford, 16 May 1911, age 44 years.[18 May 1911 obituary + notice].

McMahon, A. E., born to at Aylesford, 4 Feb 1911, a son (Paul). [9 Feb 1911].

McMasters, Robert, Kingston, married at Middleton, 19 Apr 1911 to M. L. Witherall, of New York. [4 May 1911].

McNab, Annie, w/o Holmes Lyons, died at Needham, Mass., 31 July 1911, age 44 years 10 months. [10 August 1911].

McNally, Dr. G. J., born to at Berwick, 13 Mar 1911, a son. [16 Mar 1911].

Neaves, Theresa Viola see Willington, Watson L.

Meekins, Charles see Packer, Charles Wellington Hansel.

Meekins, Mary Patterson see Packer, Charles Wellington Hansel.

Meister, Freeman E. see Meister, Sophie E.

Meister, Sophie E., d/o Freeman E. Meister, Auburn, married at Auburn, 5 Sept 1911, to Phil H. Nichols, Aylesford. [7 Sept 1911 notice + write up].

Messinger, Georgia see McCallum, Rev. D. C.

Middlemas, Robert Earl, married at Berwick, 25 July 1911, to Myrtle Norwood, d/o Charles H. Norwood. [27 July 1911].

Miner, Georgia Etta, d/o Whitman Miner, married at Scotts Bay, 4 Jan 1911, to Clarence Ethan Steele, Scotts Bay. [12 Jan 1911 write up].

Miner, Whitman see Miner, Georgia Etta.

Minniss, Archibald see Shaw, Claude B.

Minniss, Martha see Shaw, Claude B.

Minniss, Susan see Shaw, Claude B.

Moody, James see Moody, Mary Lillian.

Moody, Mary Lillian, d/o James Moody, Grafton, married at Grafton, 26 Dec 1911, to David Smith Sanderson, Truro.[28 Dec 1911 write up in Register 4 Jan 1912].

Moore, A. Trueman, Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS, married at Port George, 5 July 1911, to Ada May Brown d/o Laura M. Brown, Port George.[3 Aug 1911 write up + notice].

Morris, Henry, died at Bristol, RI., 20 Mar 1911, formerly of Berwick, age 85 years. [6 April 1911].

Morse, Annie E., wid/o Samuel G. Morse, died at Aylesford, 30 Mar 1911, age 66 years 8 months.[13 April 1911 write up + notice].

Morse, Elihu C., s/o late Samuel G. Morse, died at Aylesford, 24 May 1911, age 26 years. [25 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Morse, Samuel G. see Morse, Annie E.

Morse, Samuel G. see Morse, Elihu C.

Morse, Smallwood, born to at Millville, 28 Apr 1911, a daughter.[4 May 1911].

Morton, Hugh L., formerly of Somerset, married at Bakersfield, California, 20 July 1911, to Kate Clare Rench, Bakersfield. [17 Aug 1911].

Morton, John Forsythe, died at Springfield, Mass., 6 May 1911, formerly of Aylesford, aged 93 years.[18 May 1911].

Mosher, Charles see Hall, Jane.

Morton, Dr. A. McD., born to at Bedford, NS, 14 May a daughter.[25 May 1911].

Morton, Edwin Guy see Morton, Mary.

Morton, Mary, w/o Edwin Guy Morton, died at Kentville, 27 Oct 1911, age 83 years. [2 November 1911].

Mosher, Emma, died at Halifax, VGH, Friday night, age 70 years.[Thurs 6 July 1911 obituary].

Mosher, H. E., born to at Parrsboro, 4 Feb 1911, a daughter.[ 16 Feb 1911].

Mulhall, Fred A., died at Lawrencetown, 2 Sept 1911, age 33 years.[21 Sept 1911].

Munroe, Judson, born to at Millville, 21 Jan 1911, a son. [26 Jan 1911].

Murphy, Charles Henry, married at Berwick, 10 Aug 1911, to Emma Amelia Steadman, of South Berwick. [17 Aug 1911].

Murray, George Rainforth, inf/s/o Dr. W. D. Murray, (Ermine Rainforth), died at Vancouver, BC, 8 Sept 1911, age 2 months. [21 Sept 1911].

Murray, Dr. W. D. see Murray, George Rainforth.

Neily, Clayton A., married at Aylesford, 6 June 1911, to Levenia M. Harris, both of North Kingston.[8 June 1911].

Newcombe, Edward M., died at Millville, Aylesford, 2 Sept 1911, age 77 years 10 months. [7 Sept 1911].

Newcombe, Jonathan see Butler, William Lee.

Newcombe, Lemuel E. see Butler, William Lee.

Newcombe, Lucy Helen see Butler, William Lee.

Newell, Thomas H., Saskatoon, married at Saskatoon, Sask., 19 Feb 1911, to Katherine C. Reed, d/o W. E. Reed, Bear River. [9 Mar 1911].

Nichols, Daniel see Nichols, Ellen.

Nichols, Ellen wid/o Daniel Nichols, Corning, Iowa, formerly of Cambridge, NS, d/o Thomas White, formerly of Berwick. [23 Mar 1911 obituary + notice].

Nichols, George [T.?]. died at Kentville, 28 April 1911, age 74 years.[4 May 1911].

Nichols, George Ingram, died at Kentville, 29 April 1911, in 75th year; native of Aylesford. [11 May 1911 obituary].

Nichols, E. Hart, Calgary, born to at Toronto, 11 Nov 1911, a daughter.[23 Nov 1911].

Nichols, Phil H. see Meister, Sophie E.

Nichols, Rosa, see Schurman, L. H.

Norwood, Charles H. see Middlemas, Robert Earl.

Norwood, Charles H. see Norwood, Frances.

Norwood, Frances, d/o Charles H. Norwood, Berwick, married at Middleton, 1 Feb 1911, to Vernon Robinson, Nicholsville. [9 Feb 1911].

Norwood, Myrtle see Middlemas, Robert Earl.

O’Key, Miss, see Woodworth, w/o, Dr. Percy C. Woodworth.

Ogilvie, Isaac, died at North Kingston, 27 Feb 1911, age 66 years. [9 Mar 1911 obituary + notice].

Ogilvie, Isaac, died at Welsford Road, 2 June 1911, age 44 years.[8 June 1911].

Oicle, Ester see Hodges, Everet.

Oickle, Savilla A., see MacKenzie, William A.

Orpin, Lenora see Orpin, Maynard Brown.

Orpin, Maynard Brown, only s/o Stephen & Lenora Orpin, died at Millville, 26 Jan 1911, age 27 years 4 months; int. Aylesford.[2 Feb 1911 obituary + notice].

Orpin, Stephen see Orpin, Maynard Brown.

Osborne, Alexander B. see Osborne, Bessie F.

Osborne, Bessie F., w/o Alexander B. Osborne, died at St. John, "last evening", in her 57th year ; burial Waterville, NS. [29 June 1911 Thursday].

Packer, Charles Wellington Hansel, of Baldwinsville, Mass., married at Barre, Mass., 18

Jan 1911 to Mary Patterson d/o Charles Meekins, Berwick.[26 Jan 1911].

Palmer, Edgar, born to, at Factorydale, 10 Apr 1911, a son.[13 Apr 1911].

Palmer, Edmund C., died at Somerset, 2 Oct 1911, age 68 years. [5 Oct 1911 obituary see 12 Oct 1911, Register].

Palmer, Enoch Lewis see Berteaux, Susanna.

Palmer, Frank Webster, of Berwick, married at Rawdon, Hants Co., 8 Feb 1911, to Ruby Helena Casey, Mosherville. [16 Feb 1911].

Palmer, Mabel see Robinson, Carl B.

Palmer, Rupert M., married at Aylesford, 2 May 1911, to Mrs. Jessie F. Tupper, both of Morristown. [11 May 1911].

Palmer, Susanna see Berteaux, Susanna.

Parker, Charles see Parker, Mary.

Parker, Charles Edward s/o George Parker, died at Berwick, 19 Feb 1911, age 69 years. [23 Feb 1911 obituary + notice].

Parker, Dorothy Truth, died at Aylesford, 14 may 1911, age 14 months.[1 June 1911].

Parker, Emma, wid/o Jacob Parker, d/o Joseph & Caroline Ward, died at East Medford, Cornwallis, 28 Feb 1911, age 59 years.[23 Mar 1911 obituary + notice].

Parker, F. A. see Parker, James Herbert.

Parker, Jacob see Parker, Emma.

Parker, James Herbert, inf/s/o, F. A. Parker, died at Berwick, 17 Sept 1911, age 9 months 11 days. [ 21 Sept 1911 ].

Parker, Maie Lovinia, d/o Owen H. Parker, married at Brooklyn St., 7 Dec 1911, to Henry Kenneth Bentley, Billtown. [14 Dec 1911 write up + notice].

Parker, Mary, w/o Charles Parker, died at Aylesford, 25 Dec 1910, age 38 years. [12 Jan 1911].

Parker, Owen H. see Parker, Maie Lovinia.

Parrish, Ezekiel, died at Woodville, 6 Sept 1911, age 95 years.[16 Nov 1911].

Parrish, George see Parrish, Ray Donald.

Parrish, Joel see Woodworth, Matilda.

Parrish, Matilda see Woodworth, Matilda.

Parrish, Ray Donald, s/o George Parrish, died at South Waterville, 18 Nov 1911, age 5 years 3 months. [7 Dec 1911 obituary + notice].

Patterson, Alvin, died at Boston, Mass., 9 Mar 1911, age 45 tears; int. Aylesford. [16 March 1911].

Patterson, Alexander, died at Halifax, 8 May 1911, age 86 years; int. Aylesford.[1 June 1911].

Patterson, A. LeRoy see Patterson, Edna Jean.

Patterson, Edna Jean, w/o A. LeRoy Patterson, d/o George L. Selfridge, Aylesford, died at Berwick, 28 Jan 1911, in her 25th year. [2 Feb 1911 obituary + notice].

Patterson, Fanny, w/o Herman Patterson, died at Greenwood, 20 Nov 1911, age 58 years. [30 Nov 1911 obituary + notice].

Patterson, Fred B., born to at Middleton, 1 Feb 1911, a daughter. [23 Feb 1911].

Patterson, Herman see Patterson, Fanny.

Pearl, Lena see Cameron, J. C.

Pelton, Ernest see Pelton, Susan.

Pelton, Susan, inf/d/o Ernest Pelton, died at Berwick West, 17 Feb 1911, age 14 months. [23 Feb 1911].

Pelton, Robie Freeman, Somerset, married at Berwick, 27 May 1911, to Roxie May Dykens, of Berwick. [1 June 1911].

Pemberton, James, born to at Brooklyn St., 22 June 1911, a daughter. [10 Aug 1911].

Peterson, Owen, born to at Berwick, 3 Feb 1911, a son.[23 Feb 1911].

Petty, Hazel Grace see Petty, Thomas.

Petty, Thomas, born to at Woodville, 20 Dec 1910, a daughter(Hazel Grace).[12 Jan 1911].

Phalen, Rev. John (Mrs.)., see Cohoon, Mrs. Bessie & Taylor, Elizabeth.

Pierce, Evelena d/o Henry Pierce, North Kingston, died, age 2 years 8 months. [24 Aug 1911 obituary].

Pierce, Henry see Pierce, Evelena.

Piggott, John N., Bridgetown, married at Milton, Mass., 6 June 1911, to Mrs. Harriet E. Brown (nee Kilcup ), of same place. [22 June 1911].

Pineo, Rev. C. E. see Pineo, Charles L.

Pineo, Charles L. s/o Rev. C. E. Pineo, Grafton, died at Truro, 20 Feb 1911.[23 Feb 1911].

Porter, Frank O., born to at Woodville, 29 Mar 1911, a son.[6 Apr 1911].

Pineo, Laura see DeWitt, Walter S.

Porter, Elmer, died at Coldbrook, 6 Nov 1911, age 47 years.[23 Nov 1911].

Prestwood, Emma, d/o Rev. P. Prestwood, died at Dartmouth, 9 Apr 1911, age 44 years. [13 Apr 1911].

Prestwood, Rev. P. see Prestwood, Emma

Rafuse, Frank, born to at Waterville, 1 Mar 1911, a son.[9 Mar 1911].

Rainforth, Ermine see Muray, George Rainforth.

Rainforth, Frank, born to at Windermere, 21 Aug 1911, a son. [14 Sept 1911].

Rainforth, George see Rainforth, George.

Rainforth, George, s/o, Sara J. & George Rainforth, died, 13 Jan 1911, age 22 years, [19 Jan 1911 Thurs see p.2 obituary see 19 Jan also].

Rainforth, Sara J. see Rainforth, George.

Ramsay, Rev. J. A., born to at New Glasgow, 18 Sept 1911, twin sons. [5 Oct 1911].

Rand, Elinor, wid/o Marchant Rand, died at Arlington, Kings Co., 27 May 1911, age 76 years. [15 June 1911].

Rand, Marchant, see Rand, Elinor.

Rathburn, Beatrice see Burgess, John F.

Rawding, Ernest, born to at Millville, 3 Apr 1911, a son.[6 Apr 1911].

Rawding, Fred see Etta Lutz.

Rawding, Minnie B. see Walker, Harry C.

Rawding, Capt. W. S. see Walker, Harry C.

Rayne, R.W., born to at Onslow Sta., Col. Co., NS, 17 May 1911, a daughter.[1 June 1911].

Reed, Rev. P. C., born to at Bridgewater, 29 July 1911, a daughter. [17 Aug 1911].

Redgate, Thomas see Burns, Annie.

Reed, Rev. E. O., died at Middleton, 31 Oct 1911, age 78 years.[2 Nov 1911 also sp. Read].

Reed, Katherine C. see Newell, Thomas H.

Reed, W. E. see Newell, Katherine C.

Reid, Edwin C., born to at Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, BC, 2 Feb 1911, a son.[23 Feb 1911].

Reid, J. W. see Reid, Pearl M.

Reid, Pearl M., d/o J. W. Reid, Somerset, married at Boston, Mass., 4th , Ernest Eckersley Calvert, Needham Heights. [7 Sept 1911].

Rench, Kate Clare see Morton, Hugh L.

Ritcey, Rev. J. N., born to at Kingston, 10 July 1911, a daughter.[20 July 1911].

Roach, Ashley see Roach, Lilla.

Roach, Edna, died at Kingston, 19 Aug 1911, age 46 years. [31 Aug 1911 obituary + notice].

Roach, Dr. John Tremaine see Strong, Alice Winnifred.

Roach, Lilla, w/o Ashley Roach, now of Waltham, Mass., d/o John Grogan, North Kingston, died at Halifax, 9 Oct 1911. [16 Nov 1911 see obituary Register 23 Nov, 1911].

Robinson, Mrs. Annie see Robinson, Phoebe.

Robinson, Carl B., (Mabel Palmer), born to at Brockton, Mass., 25 Oct 1911, twin boys. [2 November 1911].

Robinson, Capt. James see Robinson, Phoebe.

Robinson, Phoebe, d/o Mrs. Annie & Capt. James Robinson, Black Rock, married at Boston, 7 Dec 1911, to Clifford Foote, formerly of Lakeville. [14 Dec 1911].

Robinson, Vernon see Norwood, Frances.

Rockwell, Albert, died at Lakeville, 9 Apr 1911, age 58 years.[13 Apr 1911].

Rockwell, Leonard, died at Church St., Cornwallis, 5 Jan 1911, age 89 years.[19 Jan 1911].

Rockwell, Charles N. Welsford, married at Centreville, 21 June 1911, to Gla[?]s E. Manser, Centreville. [29 June 1911].

Rodick, Amelia Jane, died at Grafton, 31 Dec 1910, age 82 years.[5 Jan 1911, see Grafton].

Rogers, Ethel see Shaw, Isa B.

Rogers, W. Stetson see Shaw, Isa B.

Rood, Edson, born to at Dalhousie East, 13 Aug 1911, a son. [ 24 Aug 1911 ].

Rood, J. G., born to at Berwick, 17 Mar 1911, a son (Lindsay).[30 Mar 1911].

Rood, Lindsay see Rood, J. G.

Ross, R. H., born to at Yarmouth, 27 Apr 1911, a daughter.[4 May 1911].

Rowe, J. T. W. see Rowe, Mary H.

Rowe, Mary H. d/o J. T. W. Rowe, died at Port Williams, 11 Oct 1911, age 55 years. [19 October 1911 see Burned to Death].

Salzman, Henry see Salzman, Rebecca.

Salzman, Rebecca, w/o Henry Salzman, died at Grafton, 27 Nov 1911, age 78 years. [30 Nov 1911].

Sanders, Harry M. see Creighton, Elizabeth Margaret.

Sanderson, David Smith see Moody, Mary Lillian.

Sanford, E. see Crocker, Dr. Leonard.

Sanford, Mildred see Crocker, Dr. Leonard.

Sawler, Joseph E. see Sawler, Joseph Ritson.

Sawler, Joseph Ritson, s/o Joseph E. & Lavinia Sawler, died at Cambridge, 8 May 1911, age 25 years.[18 May 1911obituary + notice].

Sawler, Lavinia see Sawler, Joseph Ritson.

Sawler, Manning D. see Foster, Sadie G.

Savage, Fitch, born to at Berwick, 31 Mar 1911, a daughter.[6 Apr 1911].

Schnare, Ernest see Schnare, Eva.

Schnare, Eva w/o Ernest Schnare, died at White’s Corner, 20 Feb 1911, age 26 years.

Schurman, L. H., (Rosa Nichols) born to at Mt. Denson, 18 Apr 1911, a son. [11 May 1911]. [23 Feb 1911, notice; obituary; 2 March 1911 see Canady Creek col.].

Selfridge, Edna Jean see Patterson, Edna Jean.

Selfridge, George L. see Patterson, Edna Jean.

Sharpe, Joanna see Harris, Joanna.

Sharp, Samuel see Harris, Joanna.

Shaw, Christine see Stevens, Frank G.

Shaw, Claude B., Wolfville, married at Auburn, 26 June 1911, to Martha, d/o Archibald & Susan Minniss, of Morden. [13 July 1911].

Shaw, Isa B., Berwick, married at Halifax, 5 July 1911, to Ethel Rogers d/o W. Stetson Rogers, Halifax. [6 July 1911].

Shaw, Lucinda M. see Dorey, Ernest L.

Shaw, Ray, died at Centreville, Digby Neck, Digby Co., NS, 18 Oct 1911, age 14 years. [26 October 1911 see p.3].

Shepherd, William, born to at Berwick, 13 Aug 1911, a daughter.[24 Aug 1911].

Silver, John A., born to at Buckley’s Corner, Kings Co., 13 Mar 1911, a son.[23 Mar 1911].

Skinner, Alfred see Woodworth, Alfred Skinner.

Skinner, Annie see Woodworth, Alfred Skinner.

Small, William E. see Spinney, Georgia Ethel.

Smallwood, Franklin, Toronto, married at Londonderry, 29 Aug 1911, to Emily Frances Edwards, d/o J. Plimsoll Edwards, Londonderry [ 14 Sept 1911].

Smith, Leo, born to at Dalhousie East, 14 Apr 1911, a daughter.[27 Apr 1911].

Spicer, Andrew H. see Spicer, Harriet.

Spicer, Charles R., s/o Isaac Spicer, died at Harborville, 10 May 1911, age 19 years. [18 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Spicer, Effie see Atwood, Bertram S.

Spicer, George W., formerly of Harborville, married at Somerville, Mass., 21 Jan 1911, to Fannie Angier, Fitzwilliam, NH. [2 Feb 1911 write up + notice].

Spicer, Harriet, w/o Andrew H. Spicer, d/o B. B. Daniels, Lawrencetown, died at Welsford, age 64 years. [20 Apr 1911].

Spicer, Isaac see Spicer, Charles R.

Spicer, Stephen, died at Victoria Harbor, 6 Feb 1911, age 78 years. [9 Feb 1911 obituary plus notice].

Spicer, Thomas E. see Atwood, Bertram S.

Spinney, Peleg, died at Calgary, 2 Dec 1911, age abt. 72 years.[21 Dec 1911 obit + notice].

Spinney, Clark see Spinney, Georgia Ethel.

Spinney, Georgia Ethel, c/o Clark Spinney, Greenwood, married at Greenwood, 7 June 1911, to William E. Small, Somerville, Mass. [15 June 1911 write up + notice].

Sprott, George, s/o Rev. John Sprott, died at Musquodobit, ‘last week’, age 79 years. [26 October 1911 see p.3].

Sprott, Rev. John see Sprott, George.

Steadman, Emma Amelia see Murphy, Charles Henry.

Steele, Abigail, wid/o Alexander Steele, died at Scotts Bay, 24 July 1911, age 66 years. 3 August 1911].

Steele, Alexander see Steele, Abigail.

Steele, Clarence Ethan see Miner, Georgia Etta.

Steele, Owen F., married at Canning, 10 May 1911, to Lydia Houghton, both of Scotts Bay. [18 May 1911].

Stevens, Frank G., (Christine Shaw), born to at Kingston, Ont., 22 July 1911, a son. [3 August 1911].

Stinged, Frank, born to at Millville, 5 May 1911, a daughter.[18 May 1911].

Stronach, Rev. Abram see Eaton, Rebecca.

Stronach, Lalia Bell, Dorchester, Mass., married at Aylesford, 6 Dec 1911, to G. Manford Harris, Morristown. [14 Dec 1911].

Stronach, Rebecca see Eaton, Rebecca.

Strong, Alice Winnifred, d/o Charles W. Strong, Wolfville, married at Wolfville, 28? Aug 1911, to Dr. John Tremaine Roach, Wolfville. [31 Aug 1911 write up + notice].

Strong, Charles W. see Strong, Alice Winnifred.

Strong, John E., died at Lakeville, 19 Nov 1911, age 88 years, m. Cornelia Bishop. [23 Nov 1911 see obituary 30 Nov 1911, Register].

Strong, Norman, born to at Cambridge, 31 Jan 1911, a daughter.[9 Feb 1911].

Sullivan, G. F., born to at South Berwick, 22 June 1911, a daughter. [13 July 1911].

Sweeney, John T., born to at Garland, 22 Aug 1911, a daughter. [7 Sept 1911].

Swift, W. A., born to at Waterville, 4 Sept 1911, a son. [7 Sept 1911].

Taylor, Elizabeth, relic/o George Taylor, died at Brooklyn, Queens Co., NS, 5 May 1911, in her 80th year; mother of Mrs. Rev. John Phalen [25 May 1911].

Taylor, Ethel see Taylor, John.

Taylor, George see Taylor, Elizabeth.

Taylor, Henry, died at Dalhousie East, 30 May 1911, age 62 years.[8 June 1911].

Taylor, John, s/o W. L. D. & Ethel Taylor, died at Berwick, 21 Feb 1911, age 2 years 3 months. [23 Feb 1911].

Taylor, W. L. D. see Taylor, John.

Terry, Henry see Terry, Mary S.

Terry, Mary S., wid/o Henry Terry, Kentville, died at Shubenacadie, 19 Jan 1911, in 89th year. [26 Jan 1911].

Thomas, A. W. see Douglas, Evelyn Gertrude.

Thomas, Charles, born to at Berwick, 28 July 1911, a son. [3 Aug 1911].

Thomas, Colin S., Natick, Mass., married at Holliston, Mass., 12 Sept 1911, to Esther Anglique Long, Holliston. [28 Sept 1911 write up + notice].

Truesdell, John, died at South Berwick, 21 July 1911. [3 Aug 1911].

Tufts, Ada Louise, d/o M. J. Tufts, married at Aylesford, 15 Feb 1911, to Frederick Chipman Bowlby, s/o Samuel Bowlby. [9 Mar 1911 write up].

Tufts, M. J. see Tufts, Ada Louise.

Tupper, Carey, born to at Scotts Bay, 14 Oct 1911, a son. [26 Oct 1911].

Tupper, Helen Marjorie d/o William Tupper, died at Scotts Bay, 1 Oct 1911, age 4 months 10 days . [5 Oct 1911].

Tupper, Isaac N. see Tupper, Ruby N.

Tupper, Mrs. Jessie F. see Palmer, Rupert M.

Tupper, Julia Ermina w/o William Tupper, d/o Shubel Woodworth, died at Lake Paul, 7

April 1911, age 51 years.[27 April 1911].

Tupper, Mabel Blanche see Keddy, Obie Lawson.

Tupper, Nelson, born to at Scotts Bay, 7 July 1911, a daughter. [13 July 1911].

Tupper, Ruby N., wid/o Isaac N. Tupper, died at Brooklyn Corner, Cornwallis, 27 Mar 1911, age 87 years. [30 March 1911].

Tupper, William see Tupper, Helen Marjorie.

Tupper, William see Tupper, Julia Ermina.

Tupper, William, born to at Scotts Bay, 20 May 1911, a daughter. [25 May 1911].

Turner, Harris see Turner, Margaret.

Turner, Jacob W., born to at Weston, 20 Feb 1911, a daughter.[23 Feb 1911].

Turner, Margaret, wid/o Harris Turner, died at Waterville, 1 Nov 1911, age 88 years. [2 Nov 1911].

Vaughn, Harding Chipman, died at Sheffield Mills, Fri last[21 Apr 1911], b. Black Rock, age 66 years.[4 May 1911 obituary + notice].

Veinott, Rupert, born to at Millville, 16 Jan 1911, a son.[26 Jan 1911].

Wagstaff, Frederick, A. see Cashman, Nora Beatrice.

Walker, Gertrude Lois see Walker, Ernest.

Walker, Ernest, of Crescent City, Florida, born to at Berwick, 5 Aug 1911, a daughter, (Gertrude Lois). [17 Aug 1911].

Walker, Harry C., Montpelier, Ohio, married at Boston, Mass., 4 July 1911, to Minnie B. d/o Capt. W. S. Rawding, Waterville. [20 July 1911].

Wallis, wid/o Samuel, died at Halifax, 14 Jan 1911, in her 80th year.[19 Jan 1911].

Walsh, William J. see Hirtle, Grace A.

Ward, Caroline see Parker, Emma.

Ward, James, born to at Nicholsville, 9 May 1911, a son.[18 May 1911].

Ward, Joseph see Parker, Emma.

Warner, Etta, see Illsley, James Reginald.

West, C. J. see Gould, Eleanor.

West, Eleanor see Gould, Eleanor.

West, Emma Belle see Barss, William R.

West, Everett L., married at Haverhill, Mass., 5 July 1911, to Mary Craib, New York, will reside in Cambridge, Mass. [13 July 1911 write up].

West, Mrs. Isabella see Gould, Eleanor.

West, Matilda see Lovelace, Matilda.

West, Noble, died at Aylesford, 31 Dec 1910, age 59 years 6 months. [12 Jan 1911].

West, William H. see Lovelace, Matilda.

Winnott, J. Archibald see Banks, Gladys Betta.

White, Albert Elderkin, s/o Herbert O. & Lillian White, died at Woodstock, NB, 1 Sept 1911 aged 6 years ; int. Grafton, NS. [7 Sept 1911 obituary + notice].

White, Ellen see Nichols, Ellen.

White, George s/o John White, Black Rock Mtn., died at Grafton, Sat last, ; b. 3 Jan 1833. mother was Mary Bentley; wife Annie Buckley m. 12 Jan 1858. [2 March 1911 obituary + notice].

White, Henry see White, Marietta.

White, Herbert O. see White, Albert Elderkin.

White, John see White, George.

White, Lillian see C. P. Magee.

White, Lillian see White, Albert Elderkin.

White, Marietta, w/o Henry White, died at Cambridge, Mass., 2 Sept 1911, age 78 years, d/o John R. Coleman, Lakeville. [14 Sept 1911 obituary in 21 Sept 1911].

White, Susan R. see Charlton, Thomas R.

White, Thomas see Nichols, Ellen.

Whitman, Rev. Asaph see Whitman, Paul.

Whitman, Dr. B. L., died at Seattle, Washington, 27 Nov 1911, b. Torbrook, NS, Nov 1862. [7 Dec 1911 see Personals].

Whitman, Paul, s/o Rev. Asaph Whitman, died at Onslow, 20 June 1911, age 15 years. [29 June 1911].

Wile, Harris A., born to at Scotch Village, Hants Co., 28 Nov 1911, a daughter.[14 Dec 1911].

Williston, Edward A., died at Weston, 30 Oct 1911, age 78 years.[9 Nov 1911].

Willington, Watson L., St. John, NB, married at Victoria Harbor, Wed., to Theresa Viola Neaves. [16 Nov 1911].

Wilson, Elijah, died at Waterville, 21 Jan 1911, age 80 years.[26 Jan 1911 obit see 9 Feb].

Witherall, M. L. see McMasters, Robert.

Withers, W. A., born to at Somerset, 9 Apr 1911, twins [boy/girl].20 Apr 1911].

Wood, Andrew see Wood, Mrs. Frances .

Wood, Mrs. Frances wid/o Andrew Wood, died at Lakeville, 25 May 1911, age 72 years.[15 June 1911].

Woodbury, Adelaide, w/o Fairfield Woodbury, died at Greenwood [ print version reads 20 Sept but likely Aug 20]. [31 Aug 1911].

Woodbury, Fairfield see Woodbury, Adelaide.

Woodworth, Alfred Skinner, died at Boston, 2 Sept 1911, in 76th year, ; b. Horton, July 1836 s/o Ebenezer S. Woodworth & Annie Skinner d/o Alfred Skinner.[14 Sept 1911 obit].

Woodworth, Bruce, born to at Berwick, 4 Aug 1911, a son. [17 Aug 191].

Woodworth, B. B. See Hennigar, Mary.

Woodworth, Ebenezer S., see Woodworth, Alfred Skinner.

Woodworth, Edward S. see Woodworth, Katherine Gertrude.

Woodworth, Isabella Adelia see Best, John Burbidge.

Woodworth, Julia Ermina see Tupper, Julia Ermina.

Woodworth, Katherine Gertrude, d/o Edward S. Woodworth, married at South Berwick, 17 Oct 1911, to Roy L. Gillingham, Bridgewater. [19 Oct 1911 write up + notice].

Woodworth, Laurie G. see Woodworth, Margaret.

Woodworth, Margaret, w/o Laurie G. Woodworth, formerly of Aylesford, died at West Summerland, BC, 13 mar 1911, age 46 years.[30 Mar 1911 notice and obituary].

Woodworth, Mary see Hennigar, Mary.

Woodworth, Matilda, w/o William Richardson Woodworth, d/o Joel Parrish, died at Rockland, 19 Oct 1911, age 78 years. [26 Oct 1911 obituary + notice].

Woodworth, w/o Dr. Percy C., formerly Miss O’Key, died at Paris, France, Sat last. [Thurs. 30 Nov 1911 obituary].

Woodworth, Shubel see Tupper, Julia Ermina.

Woodworth, William Richardson see Woodworth, Matilda.

Worthylake, Zillah, w/o Edmund Corkum, died at Grafton, 7 Dec 1911, age 60 years.[14 Dec 1911].

Wotton, J. C., born to at Aylesford Mtn., 18 June 1911, a son. [6 July 1911].

Wright, M. H. N., born to at South Berwick, 9 Nov 1911, a daughter.[30 Nov 1911].

Wyman, Capt. George C. see Wyman, Hattie [?] A.

Wyman, Hannah see Wyman, Hattie [?] A.

Wyman, Hattie [?] A., died at Yarmouth, 5 Sept 1911, d/o Capt. George Wyman & Hannah Wyman. [14 Sept 1911].

Young, Annie, w/o O. P. Young, formerly of Lake Paul, died at Worcester, Mass., 18 Mar 1911. [30 Mar 1911].

Young, Mrs. Adam, of Bridgetown, died at Tupperville, Wed past. [Thurs 15 June 1911 see Fatal Auto Accident].

Young, O. P. see Young, Annie.

Young, Walter, born to at Dalhousie East, 13 Aug 1911, a son. [24 Aug 1911].