Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1908

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics 1908

Vital Statistics 1908 -mfm # 4018 **Skips from 25 June 1908 to 8 October 1908** NSARM, Halifax, NS

Published on Thursday. Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S. (C) Posted for personal use by Phillip Vogler. Please refer to original, available from NSARM, for a small fee. Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; Please inform us of errors so corrections can be made. Please check the last page for inserts which do not fit as b. m. d. for 1908, i.e. 50th Anniversary

Allen, Hennigar, born to at East Dalhousie, 27 Nov 1908, a daughter. [3 Dec 1908].

Appleyard, Abby Olivia see Appleyard, J. F.

Appleyard, John Frederick, inf/s/o J. F. Appleyard, died at Gloucester, Mass., 27 Jan 1908. [13 Feb 1908].

Appleyard, John Frederick, see Appleyard, J. F.

Appleyard, J. F., born to at Gloucester, Mass., 27 Jan 1908, twins; daughter Abby Olivia; son, John Frederick. [13 Feb 1908].

Appleyard, J. F. see Appleyard, John Frederick.

Armstrong, Daniel see Armstrong, Odessa (Dettie).

Armstrong, I. Mansfield, Burlington, married at Brockton, Mass., 7 June 1908 to Jennie Belle Hall d/o A. C. Hall, Burlington. [18 June 1908 write up + notice].

Armstrong, Janie see Armstrong, Odessa (Dettie).

Armstrong, Odessa (Dettie), d/o Daniel & Janie Armstrong, died at Bloomington, Anna. Co., NS, 20th inst., age 15 years 10 months. [28 May 1908].

Armstrong, W. B., born to at Cambridge, 1 Oct 1908, a daughter.[15 Oct 1908].

Ashton, Fred Howell, Somerville, Mass., married at Everett, Mass., 21 Oct 1908, to Flora Dickson [Messenger] d/o Mrs. Jennie & late T. W. Messinger, formerly of Berwick. [29 October 1908 write up + notice].

Atkinson, Robert Dewis, Boston, married at Boston, Mass., 21 Nov 1908, to Gertrude W. Pineo, d/o George E. Pineo, Berwick.[24 Dec 1908].

Balsar, Gordon, see Balsar, Mabel.

Balsar, Mabel, d/o Gordon Balsar, Canady Creek, married at Kentville, 3 June 1908, to Henry Thorpe, Hall’s Harbor. [11 June 1908].

Baltzer, A. A., born to at Aylesford, 3 Mar 1908, a daughter. [26 Mar 1908].

Baltzer, T. P., born to at Aylesford, 13 Mar 1908, a son. [26 Mar 1908].

Banks, G. N., born to at Morristown, 10 Apr 1908, a daughter.[16 Apr 1908].

Basil, Francis, died at North Grafton, 5 Jan 1908. [9 Jan 1908 obituary p.2].

Beckwith, Ella M. see Parker, Aubrey V.

Beckwith, James Archibald see 26 Dec 1907.

Beckwith, James K. see Parker, Aubrey V.

Belmain, Helen F. see Roberts, William Harrison Lloyd.

Bent, Mabel M., married at North Kingston, 16 Dec 1908, to Botsford C. Toole, both of North Kingston. [31 Dec 1908].

Bent, Mrs. Susan A., d/o Rees & Mary Stronach, Margaretville, died at Forest Glen, 25 Dec 1907. [16 Jan 1908 obituary p.3].

Bentley, Florence T. see Gullison, R. S.

Best, Albert D. see Best, Frank L.

Best, Daniel M. see Best, Lorna Vale.

Best, Frank L., s/o Albert D. Best, died at Marlboro, Mass., 8 May 1908, formerly of Waterville, age 33 years.[21 May 1908 obituary + notice].

Bentley, Percy A., born to at Edmonton, Alberta, 16 Dec 1907, a son.[2 Jan 1908].

Best, Lorna Vale, d/o Daniel M. Best, Prospect, married at Halifax, 6 May 1908, to John Alexander Moir s/o Alex Moir. [14 May 1908 write up].

Bezanson, Guilford, Garland, married at Berwick, 5 Dec 1908, to Bertha May Parker, Millville. [24 Dec 1908].

Bezanson, Willis J., born to at Roxbury, Mass., 22 Dec 1907, a son. [2 Jan 1908].

Bishop, Dr. B. S., born to at Freeport, 13 Apr 1908, a daughter.[30 Apr 1908].

Bishop, George L. born to at Greenwood, 3 Feb 1908, a daughter. [13 Feb 1908].

Blackmore, Unknown, see Perrin, Mrs. Fred.

Bligh, F. P. see Bligh, Vera Josephine.

Bligh, Vera Josephine, w/o F. P. Bligh, d/o Rupert & Clara Ells, Upper Dyke, Kings Co., died at Halifax, 22 May 1908. [28 May 1908].

Bowes, Laura, w/o Rev. T. A. Bowes, died at Edmonton, Alberta, 9 June 1908, d/o Charles Brown of Halifax. [25 June 1908].

Bowes, Rev. T. A. see Bowes, Laura.

Bowlby, Minnie Fayetta see Churchill, Wiley C.

Bowlby, Norman I. See Churchill, Wiley C.

Bridge, Miss see Killam, Joseph.

Brown, Absalom see Brown, Eliza.

Brown, Eliza, wid/o Ansalom Brown, Cornwallis, died 12 Feb 1908, age 90 years ;died at home of her daughter, Mrs. George Rainforth.[20 Feb 1908 obituary + notice and see also Register 27 Feb. 1908].

Brown, Elsie M. see 26 Dec 1907.

Brown, Laura see Bowes, Laura.

Brown, Charles see Bowes, Laura.

Bryden, Augustine see Morton, Isaac W.

Bryden, Eliza see Morton, Isaac W.

Butler, Major Henry, Coldbrook, married at Auburn, 28 Sept 1908, to Mrs. Annie Jones, Auburn. [22 Oct 1908].

Butler, Stillman Douglas, Billtown, married at Kentville, 5 Oct 1908, to Barbara Etta Lovelace, Berwick. [22 Oct 1908].

Caldwell, Catherine, d/o Joseph C. Caldwell, Grand Pre, died at Lakeville, 7 Mar 1908, age 80 years. [12 March 1908 obituary + notice].

Caldwell, John, married at Cambridge Station, 11 Mar 1908 to Bessie B. Orpin, both of Cambridge. [19 Mar 1908 write up + notice].

Caldwell, J. Craig, born to at Cambridge, 13 Apr 1908, a daughter.[16 Apr 1908].

Caldwell, Joseph C. see Caldwell, Catherine.

Calvin, Otis W. see MacKenzie, Mary E.

Cameron, James McCall, married at York, Maine, 28 mar 1908, to Lena H. Pearl d/o James Pearl, Somerset. [9 April 1908].

Campbell, Robert G., died at Kentville, 4 June 1908, age 58 years.[11 June 1908].

Chipman, Ella Maud, d/o F. M. Chipman, married at Nictaux West, 24 Dec 1907, to Frank Reagh Elliott, Port George. [2 Jan 1908, write up].

Churchill, Wiley C., Hantsport, married at Aylesford, 24 June 1908, to Minnie Fayetta Bowlby, d/o Norman I. Bowlby, Aylesford. [25 June 1908].

Cleveland, William, born to at South Berwick, 19 Oct 1908, a daughter. [22 Oct 1908].

Coffin, Joseph B., s/o Rev. J. S. Coffin, Louisburg, died at Quebec, 15th inst., age 31 years. [25 June 1908].

Coffin, Rev. J. S. see Coffin, Joseph B.

Collins, Jennie d/o Robert Collins, of Brooklyn Corner, Cornwallis, died at Ipswich, Mass., 25 Dec 1907, age 28 years. [9 Jan 1908].

Collins, Robert see Collins, Jennie.

Corkum, Charles see Corkum, Catherine.

Corkum, Catherine, wid/o Charles Corkum, died at Berwick, 29 Nov 1908, age 86 years. [17 Dec 1908].

Cox, James A. see Cox, Mrs. Jessie.

Cox, Mrs. Jessie, wid/o late James A. Cox, Cambridge, NS, d/o George S. Lockwood, Port Williams, died at Greenwich, 7 Feb 1908. [ 13 Feb 1908 obituary add. information].

Chipman, F. M. see Chipman, Ella Maud.

Christie, Howard, born to at Truro, 3 Feb 1908, a daughter. [13 Feb 1908].

Chute, Leander, died at South Berwick, 14 April 1908, in 73rd year.[16 April 1908 see obituary in Register, 23 Apr 1908].

Clarke, Ada May, d/o Harry Clarke, Woodville, married at St. John, NB, 1 Dec 1908, to Edwin C. Reid, Welsford. [10 Dec 1908].

Clarke, Arthur, born to at Union Square, Woodville, Kings Co., NS, 5 June 1908, a son. [11 June 1908].

Clarke, Harry see Clarke, Ada May.

Collins, Melbourne A. see Ewing, Beatrice Naomi.

Congdon, Kempton, born to at Grafton, 22 Mar 1908, a daughter. [2 Apr 1908].

Cooney, William, died at North Kingston, 18 Feb 1908, age 78 years.[27 Feb 1908 obituary see 5 March 1908 Register].

Craig, Ethyl M. see Howell, Arthur Burton.

Craig, James see Howell, Arthur Burton.

Craig, James see Craig, Susan.

Craig, Susan, w/o James Craig, died at Cambridge, NS, 30 Dec 1907, age 68 years. [2 Jan 1908 obituary + notice].

Creemer, E. see Creemer, Elijah B.

Creemer, Elijah B., s/o E. Creemer, died at Nicholsville, 1 Oct 1908, age 17 years. [8 Oct 1908 see Nicholsville].

Cuthbert, William Maurice, Winnipeg, married at Winnipeg, 1 Jan 1908, to Elizabeth L. Hamilton d/o Mrs. A. N. McLeod, Kentville. [9 Jan 1908].

Dakin, C. A. see Dakin, Gwendolyn B.

Dakin, Gwendolyn B., d/o C. A. Dakin, Digby, married at Digby, 7th inst., to Henry E. Dodge, Trail, BC, formerly of Berwick.[15 Oct 1908].

Davidson, Louis Hubert, Aylesford, married at Berwick, 30 Sept 1908, to Hattie Lavinia Ray d/o Caleb H. Ray. [1 Oct 1908, write up + notice].

Davis, Ruby, d/o T. M. Davis, died at South Paris, Maine, 29 Nov 1908, age 7 years. [10 Dec 1908].

Davis, T. M. see Davis, Ruby.

Davison, Harry W., died at Hamilton, Bermuda, 12 Feb 1908, formerly of Berwick, aged 46 years. [20 Feb 1908 obituary + notice].

Dempsey, Ida Lavinia, d/o Wallace Dempsey, Morden, died at Somerville, Mass., 7 May 1908, age 9 years; burial Auburn, NS.[21 May 1908 see Morden col. ; obituary 28 Reg].

Dempsey, Wallace see Dempsey, Ida Lavinia.

DeWitt, William N. see Wickwire, Mary A.

Dixon, George, died at New York City, 31 Dec 1907, age 37 years.[9 Jan 1908 obit p.2].

Dodge, Henry E. see Dakin, Gwendolyn B.

Donnellan, Mrs. May, died 29 Mar 1908, buried Woodlawn Cemetery.[23 Apr 1908 see Morden col.].

Dorey, George Stephen, South Alton, married at Berwick, 18 May 1908, to Olive Sweet, of Aldersville. [21 May 1908].

Dunham, Edgar A. see Dunham, Lila Lamont.

Dunham, L. E. (Jennie Morton), born to at West Philadelphia, 10 Dec 1908, a son. [17 Dec 1908].

Dunham, Lila Lamont, d/o Lizzie T. & Edgar A. Dunham, formerly of Berwick, died at Los Angeles, California, 15 Dec 1907; burial Odd Fellows Cemetery, L.A. (move was from Berwick to Seattle to L.A.). [6 Feb 1908 obituary, additional information ; Notice Feb 13].

Dunham, Lizzie T. see Dunham, Lila Lamont.

Durling, Bryan see Durling, Fanny.

Durling, Fanny, wid/o Bryan Durling, died at Waterville, 5 Oct 1908, age 84 years. [8 Oct 1908].

Durling, Nella Pearl, w/o Perry D. Durling, formerly of Cornwallis, died at San Jose, California, 7 May 1908. [21 May 1908 obituary + notice].

Durling, Perry D. see Durling, Nella Pearl.

Dunnack, Joseph C., Charlestown, Mass., married at Brockton, Mass., 30 May 1908, to Lucy Greaves, d/o Capt. S. A. Greaves, Margaretville, NS. [25 June 1908].

Eagleson, S. H., born to at Bridgetown, 27 Jan 1908, a daughter. [6 Feb 1908].

Eaton, Ernest M., Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, married at Dartmouth, NS, 4 Feb 1908, to Nettie M. Tufts, Tuft’s Cove, Halifax Co., NS. [13 Feb 1908].

Eaton, Frank H. s/o Wm. Eaton, Kentville, died at Victoria, BC, Fri last. [16 Jan 1908 obituary p. 3].

Eaton, Wm. see Eaton, Frank H.

Elliott, Anson, born to at Greenwood, 23 Nov 1908, a son. [10 Dec 1908].

Elliott, Frank Reagh see Chipman, Ella Maud.

Elliott, Rosa May, d/o W. K. Elliott married at Aylesford, 5 Feb 1908, to Albert W. Fancy, Berwick. [13 Feb 1908 write up].

Elliott, W. K. see Elliott, Rosa May.

Ells, Clara see Bligh, Vera Josephine.

Ells, Rupert, see Bligh, Vera Josephine.

Ells, Vera Josephine see Bligh, Vera Josephine.

Ewing, Beatrice Naomi, d/o James H. Ewing, married at Factorydale, 30 Sept 1908 to Melbourne A. Collins, Nicholsville. [8 Oct 1908 write up].

Ewing, James H. see Ewing, Beatrice Naomi.

Fancy, Albert W. see Elliott, Rosa May.

Felch, James W., born to at Morristown, 28 Feb 1908, a son. [5 March 1908].

Fishwick, Elizabeth, wid/o Frederick W. Fishwick, died at Halifax, 14 Jan 1908, age 75 years. [16 Jan 1908].

Fishwick, Frederick W. see Fishwick, Elizabeth.

Ford, Mrs. Annie E., w/o E. C. Ford, died at Pictou, 12 Jan 1908. [23 Jan 1908].

Ford, E. C. see Ford, Mrs. Annie E.

Fraser, Emily E., d/o George I. Fraser, Canning, married at Brockton, Mass., 25 Dec 1907, to George H. Gates. [23 Jan 1908 write up p.3].

Fraser, George I. See Fraser, Emily E.

Fuller, D. W., born to at Welsford, 28 Feb 1908, a daughter. [5 March 1908].

Fuller, Jennie Mae, d/o Leander Fuller, Welsford St., Cornwallis, married at Somerville, Mass., 24 Dec 1907, to Ashley Warren Partridge.[2 Jan 1908, write up + notice].

Fuller, Leander see Fuller, Jennie Mae.

Gates, George H. see Fraser, Emily E.

Gates, Hardy B., Harmony, married at Auburn, 1 Jan 1908, to Margaret Wilkins, of Forest Glade. [9 Jan 1908].

Gaul, Luke, died at Dalhousie, 27 Sept 1908, age 46 years.[8 Oct 1908].

Goodwin, George L., born to at Richmond, Indiana, 29 May 1908, a son. [4 June 1908].

Gould, Eliza, wid/o Capt. William Gould, Cornwallis, died at Kentville, 9 Oct 1908, age 27 years. [15 Oct 1908].

Gould, Capt. William see Gould, Eliza.

Graves, H. V., born to at Aylesford, 8 Dec 1908, a daughter. [17 Dec 1908].

Graves, Jason, born to at North Kingston, 6 May 1908, a daughter. [21 May 1908].

Graves, Minnie Rhoda see Johnstone, Kempton.

Graves, Ralph, died ; burial Aylesford. [29 Oct 1908 see Funeral -sorry so little].

Greaves, Lucy see Dunnack, Joseph C.

Greaves, Capt. S. A. Greaves see Dunnack, Joseph C.

Gullison, R. S., (Florence T. Bentley), born to at Palliser, BC, 18 Oct 1908, a son. [22 October 1908 repeated 5 Nov 1908].

Hall, A. C. see Armstrong, I. Mansfield.

Hall, Jennie Belle see Armstrong, I. Mansfield.

Hall, Lillian married at Bear River, Sat last, to Harry Richards, of the Boston Comedy Company. [19 Nov 1908 brief blurb].

Hamilton, Elizabeth L. see Cuthbert, William Maurice.

Harvey, Dr, F. C. see Harvey, George E.

Harvey, George E., inf/s/o Dr. F. C. Harvey, died at Spokane, Washington, 13 Feb 1908, aged 4 months. [27 Feb 1908 obituary Register March 5, 1908].

Hayes, Robert O., born to at Pleasant Valley, Kings Co., 10 Mar 1908, a son.[2 Apr 1908].

Hayes, Walter, born to at Canady Creek, 18 April 1908, a daughter.[23 Apr 1908].

Horsnell, Staling, born to at Aylesford, 13 Mar 1908, a daughter. [26 Mar 1908].

How, Frances Esther see James, Rev. Willis George.

Howell, Arthur Burton, Andover, Mass., married at Dillon, Montana, 14 May 1908, to Ethyl M. Craig, d/o James Craig, Cambridge, Kings Co., NS. [28 May 1908].

Howell, C. B., born to at Weston, 16 Jan 1908, a daughter.[6 Feb 1908].

Howell, J. A., born to at Brighton, Mass., 7 Dec 1907, twin boys.[6 Feb 1908].

Howell, Leslie, born to at North Kingston, 27 Mar 1908, a daughter.[16 Apr 1908].

Hume, Arthur G. see Wright, Mabel E.

Huntley, Perley R. see Nichols, Jennie Leota.

Huntley, Seth, born to at Baxter’s Harbor Mtn., 28 Apr 1908, a daughter.[14 May 1908].

Hurtley, Perley R. see Nichols, Jennie Leota.

Illsley, Clara A. see Newcomb, Clara A.

Illsley, C. Preston see Illsley, Freeman.

Illsley, Freeman, s/o Mrs. Lydia & late C. Preston Illsley, Berwick, died at Napoleon, North Dakota, 31 Dec 1907, age 50 years. [2 Jan 1908 obituary + notice].

Illsley, Hannah see Newcomb, Clara A.

Illsley, Mrs. Lydia see Illsley, Freeman.

Illsley, William see Newcomb, Clara A.

Jackson, Charlotte see Woodworth, Charlotte (Jackson).

James, Rev. Willis George, formerly a teacher in Berwick, married at Calgary, Alberta, 16 Sept 1908, to Frances Esther How, Allandale, Ontario.[8 Oct 1908].

Jefferson, Mrs. Lilla B., died at Harmony, 20 Sept 1908, in 43rd year. [8 Oct 1908].

Jodrey, Dimock, died on the 8th .[11 June 1908 see Harborville col.].

Johnston, Byron S., born to at Waterville, 20 Mar 1908, a son. [26 Mar 1908].

Johnstone, Byron Seymour, died at Waterville, ‘Sunday’, age 46 years. [26 Mar 1908 obituary + notice].

Johnstone, Kempton, Brooklyn St., married at Kentville, 3 Apr 1908 to Minnie Rhoda Graves, Chester. [14 May 1908 notice + write up].

Jones, Mrs. Annie see Butler, Major Henry.

Jones, A. H. see Jones, Arthur Melville.

Jones, Arthur Melville, s/o A. H. Jones, died at Edmonton, Alberta, 26 May 1908, age 9 months. [11 June 1908].

Jones, Mabel see Margeson, Judson S.

Jones, R. V. see Margeson, Judson S.

Kaiser, Alice, w/o Charles Kaiser, d/o John Schnare, died at Canada Creek, 13 May 1908, age 29 years. [21 May 1908 notice and see Canady Creek].

Kaiser, Charles see Kaiser, Alice.

Kaiser, Edson P. see Kaiser, Harry.

Kaiser, Harry, s/o Edson P. Kaiser, died at Steam Mill, 13 Apr 1908, age 10 years. [16 Apr 1908].

Keddy, Alvenia Frances, w/o Charles H. Keddy, d/o Mrs. William Legge, Bridgetown, died at New Ross, Lun. Co., NS, 12 Jan 1908.[6 Feb 1908].

Keddy, Charles H. see Keddy, Alvenia Frances.

Kennealy, LeRoy, died at Harborville, 8 Jan 1908, age 26 years. [16 Jan 1908].

Killam, H. E., born to at Weston, 9 Feb 1908, a son. [27 Feb 1908].

Killam, Joseph, died at Somerset, 14 Nov 1908, age 87 years; m1. Miss Bridge (7 children); m2. Mrs. Rockwell; m3. Mrs. Rector, formerly of Parrsboro. [19 Nov 1908 obituary + notice].

Kinsman, David see Kinsman, Rachel S.

Kinsman, H. H., born to at Welsford, 5 Oct 1908, a son. [8 Oct 1908].

Kinsman, Rachel S., wid/o David Kinsman, died at Welsford, 1 Feb 1908, in 69th year. [6 February 1908 obituary + notice].

Lee, Mrs. Annie A. see Lee, J. Edward.

Lee, Audber, born to at Dorchester, Mass., 13 Apr 1908, a son. [30 Apr 1908].

Lee, J. Edward, s/o Mrs. Annie & James A. Lee, Harborville, died at Roxbury, Mass., 5 Feb 1908, age 25 years 4 months. [13 Feb 1908 notice + obituary].

Lee, James A. see Lee, J. Edward.

Legge, Alvenia Frances see Keddy, Alvenia Frances.

Legge, Mrs. William see Keddy, Alvenia Frances.

Lightfoot, Fannie see Wentzell, Freeman H.

Lightfoot, Rufus see Wentzell, Freeman H.

Lockwood, Jessie see Cox, Mrs. Jessie.

Lockwood, George S. see Cox, Mrs. Jessie.

Lockwood, George S., died at Port Williams, 30 Dec 1907, age 83 years.[9 Jan 1908].

Loomer, George see Loomer, Ralph.

Loomer, Ralph, s/o George Loomer, Coldbrook, died at Summerland, BC, 22 Mar 1908, in 42nd year. [26 Mar 1908].

Lovelace, Barbara Etta see Butler, Stillman Douglas.

Lovelace, Waldo S., Welsford, married at Berwick, 8 Apr 1908, to Bernice May White d/o J. F. White, Canady Creek. [16 April 1908].

MacKenzie, Mary E., d/o William MacKenzie, Somerset, married at Somerville, Mass., 25 May 1908, to Otis W. Calvin, Nashville, Ind. [11 June 1908].

MacKenzie, William see MacKenzie, Mary E.

MacKinnon, Rev. Archibald Donald, Waterville, married at Madison Ave., New York, to Grace Christine Webster, formerly of Cambridge, NS, d/o Albert A. Webster. [8 Oct 1908].

MacMahon, B. W. see MacMahon, Laura May.

MacMahon, Laura May, d/o B. W. MacMahon, Auburn, married at Auburn, 1 Jan 1908 to H. LaMert S. Patterson . [9 Jan 1908].

Marchant, G. E., born at Melrose, Mass., 6 Dec 1908, a son. [10 Dec 1908].

Margeson, Ernest W., born to at Berwick, 8 June 1908, a daughter. [11 June 1908].

Margeson, Judson S., Rockland, married at Wolfville, 17 June 1908, to Mabel Jones d/o R. V. Jones.[25 June 1908].

McDade, Patrick, died at Morristown, 25 Jan 1908, age 79 years.[30 Jan 1908].

McIntyre, J. H., born to at Aylesford, 21 Oct 1908, a daughter. [26 Nov 1908].

Messenger, Flora Dickson see Ashton, Fred Howell.

Messenger, Mrs. Jennie see Ashton, Fred Howell.

Messenger, T. W. se Ashton, Fred Howell.

Metzler, S. D., born to at Weston, 3 Oct 1908, a daughter. [22 Oct 1908].

McKenna, Edward see Neily, Harry.

McKenna, Elma see Neily, Harry.

McLeod, Mrs. A. N. see Cuthbert, William Maurice.

Middlemas, Dr. Francis (Frank), died at Berwick, Tues, b. Brookfield, Queens Co., NS, age 64 years, m. Rachel Arabella Sommerville, d/o Rev. William Sommerville. [Thurs. 12 November 1908 obituary + notice [notice records name as Frank].

Middlemas, Maud Winnifred, d/o Peter Middlemas, Berwick, married at Berwick, 24 Nov 1908, to Charles Douglas Winchester, Amherst. [26 Nov 1908 write up + notice].

Middlemas, Peter see Middlemas, Maud Winnifred.

Middlemas, Rachel Arabella see Middlemas, Dr. Francis (Frank).

Misener, Claude, died at Chipman Brook, 1 Oct 1908, age 21 years.[8 Oct 1908].

Moir, Alex see Best Lorna Vale.

Moir, John Alexander see Best, Lorna Vale.

Moody, Samuel, born to at Grafton, 11 Jan 1908, a daughter. [23 Jan 1908].

Morrow, Mary E. see Nichols, James S.

Morse, Howard, born to at North Kingston, 7 Apr 1908, a son. [16 Apr 1908].

Morton, Alice E. see Robbins, Alice E.

Morton, Christine see Robbins, Christine.

Morton, Holmes see Morton, Isaac W.

Morton, Isaac see Robbins, Alice E.

Morton, Isaac W. see Robbins, Christine.

Morton, Isaac W. s/o Holmes Morton, died at Somerset, ‘Wednesday’, age 82 years; m1. Rachel, d/o Andre Woodworth, d. 1874; m2. Eliza Bryden d/o Augustine Bryden, Somerset. [26 March 1908 obituary + notice].

Morton, Jennie see Dunham, L. E.

Nichols, Charlotte, died at Lowell, Mass., 12 Nov 1908. [24 Dec 1908 obituary].

Nichols, James S. married at Kentville, 28 Aug 1908, to Mary E. Morrow, Berwick. [22 Oct 1908].

Nichols, Jennie Leota, married at Berwick, 31 Dec 1907, to Perley R. Hurtley [this is Huntley in the write up but Hurtley in the notice.[2 Jan 1908 write up + notice].

Nichols, Stephen James, died at Berwick, 28 Sept 1908, age 75 years.[1 Oct 1908 notice and obituary].

Neily, Everett, born to at Greenwood, 26 Dec 1908, a son. [31 Dec 1908].

Neily, Harry, North Kingston, married at Kingston Station, 15 Apr 1908, to Elma McKenna d/o Edward McKenna. [30 April 1908].

Newcomb, Amos K. see Newcomb, Clara A.

Newcomb, Clara A., w/o Amos K. Newcomb, d/o William & Hannah Illsley, formerly of Cornwallis, died at Denver, Colorado, 29 Feb 1908, age 57 years. [12 March 1908 obituary + notice].

Newcombe, Lea, formerly of Canning, married at Boston, Mass., 20 Nov 1908, to Nellie Robinson, d/o Capt. James Robinson, Black Rock, Kings Co., NS.[3 Dec 1908 write up + notice].

Newcombe, Mary Agnes see West, Wylie, James.

Newcombe, W. F. see West, Wylie James.

Oickle, Francis see Oickle, Sophia.

Oickle, Sophia, wid/o Francis Oickle, died at East Dalhousie, 2 June 1908, age 88 years. [11 June 1908 obituary].

Ord, Evelyn Beatrice see Sommerville, William Arthur.

Orpin, Bessie B. see Caldwell, John.

Orr, Jane, died at Somerset, 11 Apr 1908, 72 years. [16 April 1908 obituary + notice].

Palmer, Amanda see Palmer, Nina B.

Palmer, Amos, died at Londonderry, ; inter at Auburn. [16 Jan 1908 & also Register 23Jan].

Palmer, Lorne, born to at Auburn, 15 Nov 1908, a son. [26 Nov 1908].

Palmer, Newcomb, born to at Auburn, 15 Nov 1908, a son. [19 Nov 1908].

Palmer, Nina B., d/o Richmond L. Palmer & Amanda Palmer, died at Mass. General Hospital, Sat last, age 19 years 10 months. [12 Mar 1908, obituary ; see Register, Mar 19, 1908, as well].

Palmer, Richmond L. see Palmer, Nina B.

Palmer, T. Lorne see Taylor, Bernice.

Palmer, Thomas R., died at Rockland, 22 Mar 1908, in 79th year. [26 Mar 1908 obituary and Notice and see April 2, 1908 Register obituary].

Parker, Alice see Shaw, Alice.

Parker, Aubrey V., youngest s/o T. H. Parker, died at Berwick, Sun last, age 45 years; m. 1895 Ella M. Beckwith d/o James K. Beckwith. [Thurs 12 Nov 1908 obituary + notice].

Parker, Bertha May see Bezanson, Guilford.

Parker, David A. see Woodward, Howard B.

Parker, David Albert s/o Enoch Parker, died at Woodville, 20 May 1908, age 65 years. [21 May 1908 obituary + notice].

Parker, Enoch, see Shaw, Alice.

Parker, Enoch see Parker, David Albert.

Parker, Fannie B. se Woodward, Howard B.

Parker, Mrs. Hattie see Woodward, Howard B.

Parker, Holmes W., born to at Weston, 17 Feb 1908, a son. [27 Feb 1908].

Parker, T. H. see Parker, Aubrey V.

Partridge, Ashley Warren, born to at West Somerville, Mass., 12 Oct 1908, (nee Fuller), a son. [22 Oct 1908].

Partridge, Ashley Warren see Fuller, Jennie Mae.

Patillo, Alice see Patillo, Margaret.

Patillo, Margaret, d/o T. S. & Alice Patillo, died at Truro, 11 May 1908, age 7 years. [21 May 1908].

Patillo, T. S. see Patillo, Margaret.

Patterson, Amos see Smith, Susan.

Patterson, Fred B., Berwick, married at Lower Cornwall, Lun. Co., NS, 19 Feb 1908, to Louise Zwicker, d/o James Zwicker. [27 Feb 1908].

Patterson, Fred B., born to at Berwick, 17 Dec 1908, a son. [31 Dec 1908].

Patterson, H. LaMert S. see MacMahon, Laura May.

Patterson, Roy, born to at Aylesford, 25 Dec 1907, a son. [16 Jan 1908].

Patterson, Susan see Smith, Susan.

Pearl, Lena H. see Cameron, James McCall.

Pearl, James see Cameron, James McCall.

Pearsons, Blake, Union Square, married at Pleasant Valley, 22 Dec 1908, to Gertrude Eliza Pierce d/o John Pierce. [31 Dec 1908 write up + notice].

Pearsons, Will R. see White, Lizzie.

Perrin, Mrs. Fred, died at Garland, 16 Oct 1908, age 86 years; maiden name Blackmore; b. Onslow, removed to River John, 3 years ago to Garland. [29 Oct 1908 obituary].

Pierce, Frank, Greenwood, married at Kingston, 26 Feb 1908, to Annie Woodworth d/o Charles Woodworth, Kingston. [12 March 1908].

Pierce, Gertrude Eliza see Pearsons, Blake.

Pierce, John see Pearsons, Blake.

Pierce, Lyford, born to at Kingston, 7 Jan 1908, a daughter.[16 Jan 1908].

Pineo, George E. see Atkinson, Robert Dewis.

Pineo, Gertrude W. see Atkinson, Robert Dewis.

Pineo, W. D., born to at Mill Village, Queens Co., NS, 31 Mar 1908, a son. [23 Apr 1908].

Porter, Abel B., died at Hantsport, 26 Oct 1908, b. Hall’s Harbor about 80 years ago.[12 November 1908 obituary].

Porter, George E., formerly of Cornwallis, died at Bridgetown, 3 Jan 1908, age 85 years. [23 Jan 1908].

Porter, Mrs. Owen, died . [8 Oct 1908 se Welsford - you’ll have to work out this one].

Powers, J. B., born to at Windermere, 28 Dec 1907, a daughter. [2 Jan 1908].

Rainforth, Mrs. George see Brown, Eliza.

Rand, George V., died at Wolfville, 30 Nov 1908, age 79 years.[3 Dec 1908].

Rawding, inf/d/o Capt. W. S., died at Boston, Mass., 13 Mar 1908. [19 Mar 1908].

Ray, Caleb H. see Davidson, Louis Hubert.

Ray, Hattie Lavinia see Davidson, Louis Hubert.

Raymond, Annie, w/o Rev. G. P. Raymond, d/o Charles E. Sanford, died at Berwick, 4 Nov 1908, age 51 years. [5 Nov 1908].

Reagh, Frederick E., formerly of Kingston, married at Winnipeg, 8 Dec 1908, to Lizzie R. d/o Joshua Smith, Windsor. [24 Dec 1908].

Rector, James, died at Parrsboro, ‘Thursday’, age 19 years.[2 Apr 1908 - see Murder in Parrsboro].

Rector, Mrs. see Killam, Joseph.

Redden, Manson G., New Ross, married at Somerset, 2 Apr 1908, to Eva Jean Saider, Somerset. [16 April 1908].

Reid, Edwin C. see Clarke, Ada May.

Richards, Harry see Hall, Lillian.

Robinson, Capt. James see Newcombe, Lea.

Robinson, Nettie see Newcombe, Lea.

Rockwell, John, died Wednesday, in 93rd year. [21 May 1908 no place given].

Rockwell, Mrs. see Killam, Joseph.

Roberts, Chalres G. D. see Roberts, William Harrison Lloyd.

Roberts, William Harrison Lloyd, s/o Charles G. D. Roberts, married at Fredericton, NB, 8 Jan 1908, to Helen F. Belmain, late of England. [16 Jan 1908].

Robbins, Alice E., w/o Arthur E. Robbins, d/o Isaac Morton, Somerset, died at Revere, Mass., 19 October 1908, age 42 years.[29 Oct 1908 *note use b. but should be d.].

Robbins, Arthur E. see Robbins, Alice E.

Robbins, Christina, w/o Walter S. Robbins, Westport, Digby Co., NS, d/o Isaac W. Morton, Somerset, died at South Boston, Mass., 20 Feb 1908 b. 1859, Somerset, m.1886 in Boston. [5 March 1908 obituary + notice].

Robbins, Walter S. see Robbins, Christine.

Saider, Eva Jean see Redden, Manson G.

Sanford, Annie see Raymond, Annie.

Sanford, Charles E. see Raymond, Annie.

Sanford, Catherine see Vaughan, Mrs. Catherine.

Sanford, Jonathan see Vaughan, Mrs. Catherine.

Sarsfield, D. H., born to at Harmony, 27 Apr 1908, a son. [7 May 1908].

Schnare, Alice see Kaiser, Alice.

Schnare, John see Kaiser, Alice.

Shaw, Albert see Shaw, Catherine.

Shaw, Alice, wid/o William C. Shaw, d/o Enoch Parker, died at Berwick, 25 May 1908, age 67 years. [28 May 1908 obituary + notice see Register 18 June 1908 p.2].

Shaw, Catherine, s/o Albert Shaw, died at Upland, California, 10 Apr 1908,.[23 April 1908 obituary & see Died in California].

Shaw, Christine, see Stevens, F. G.

Shaw, William C. see Shaw, Alice.

Shields, W. J., died at Hantsport, 5 Jan 1908, age 40 years. [23 Jan 1908].

Skinner, Marchant, died at Waterville, Tues, in 87th years.[10 Dec 1908].

Smith, Fred W. see Smith, Susan.

Smith, Joshua see Reagh, Frederick E.

Smith, Lizzie R. see Reagh, Frederick E.

Smith, Susan, w/o Fred W. Smith, d/o Amos Patterson, died at Aylesford, 14 Apr 1908, age 65 years. [23 April 1908 obituary + notice].

Sommerville, Dr. Alexander McLeod, s/o late Rev. William Sommerville, Cornwallis, died at Royhsay, NB, ‘Tuesday’. [12 March 1908 obituary].

Sommerville, Rachel Arabella see Middlemas, Dr. Francis (Frank).

Sommerville, William Arthur, Berwick, married at Berwick, 6 Jan 1908, to Evelyn Beatrice Ord, Waltham, Mass. [9 Jan 1908].

Sommerville, Rev. William see Middlemas, Dr. Francis (Frank).

Sommerville, Rev. William see Sommerville, Dr. Alexander McLeod.

Spicer, E. Grant, married at Upton, Mass., 12 Mar 1908, to Sadie K. Wrenn. [26 Mar 1908].

Spinney, Manning, born to at South Greenwood, 14 may 1908, a son. [21 May 1908].

Spurr, H. W., born to at Aylesford, 3 Jan 1908, a daughter. [16 Jan 1908].

Starr, George C. see Starr, Mrs. Margaret.

Starr, Mrs. Margaret L., died at Canning, 2 Jan 1908, wid/o George C. Starr, Pernambruco, Brazil, age 70 years. [9 Jan 1908].

Steele, Glada Viola d/o Norman Steele, died at Scotts Bay, 6 April 1908, age 4 years 8 months. [9 April 1908].

Steele, M. W., born to at Scotts Bay, a son. [17 Dec 1908].

Steele, Norman see Steele, Glada Viola.

Steele, Wallace, born to at Baxter’s Harbor Mtn., 27 Apr 1908, a daughter.[14 May 1908].

Stevens, F. G., (Christine Shaw), born to at Etzatlan, Jalisco, Mexico, 15 Jan 1908, a daughter. [23 Jan 1908].

Stingel, Frank, born to at Millville, 27 Apr 1908, a son. [30 Apr 1908].

Stronach, Mary see Bent, Mrs. Susan A.

Stronach, Rees see Bent, Mrs. Susan A.

Stronach, Susan A. see Bent, Mrs. Susan A.

Strong, Melbourne, bon to at Aylesford, 13 Mar 1908, a daughter. [26 Mar 1908].

Strong, Nelson, formerly of Brooklyn St., died at Pereau, 6 Dec 1908, age 85 years. [17 Dec 1908].

Sweet, Olive see Dorey, George Stephen.

Taylor, Bernice, d/o Harris H. Taylor, married at Auburn, 31 Dec 1907, to T. Lorne Palmer, Auburn. [9 Jan 1908 write up also see 16 Jan 1908].

Taylor, Charles, formerly of Somerset, died at Billtown, 19 Mar 1908.[ 2 Apr 1908].

Taylor, Harris H. see Taylor, Bernice.

Taylor, Mrs. Milton E., died at Auburn, 8 Apr 1908, age 40 years.[16 April 1908].

Taylor, W. L. D., born to at Berwick, 14 Nov 1908, a son. [19 Nov 1908].

Thomas, Howard, born to at Weston, 14 Oct 1908, a son. [22 Oct 1908].

Thorpe, Harry see Balsar, Mabel.

Toole, Botsford C. see Bent, Mabel M.

Trenholm, Edward, died at Grand Pre, Tues, age 91 years b. Falmouth, 1816. [20 Feb 1908 obituary].

Tufts, Nettie M. se Eaton, Ernest M.

Tupper, Harriet, formerly of Cornwallis, died at Cambridge, Mass., 22 Dec 1907, age 85 years. [2 Jan 1908 obituary + notice].

Tupper, Marcellus s/o Charles Tupper died. [2 April 1908 see Lake George col.].

VanBuskirk, Earl Christopher see Wheelock, Antionette D.

VanBuskirk, Henry, died at Berwick, Thurs last. [14 May 1908 Thurs. obituary].

VanBuskirk, Henry see Wheelock, Antionette D.

Vaughan, Mrs. Catherine, d/o Jonathan Sanford, died at Melrose, Mass., 18 Apr 1908, burial Berwick.[ 23 April 1908 obituary].

Veinotte, Paulus, died at Dalhousie, 14 June 1908, age 86 years. [25 June 1908].

Veinotte, Stephen, born to at Dalhousie, 25 Dec 1907, a son. [29 Jan 1908].

Webster, Edgar see Webster, Violet.

Webster, Violet, d/o Edgar Webster, Coldbrook, married at Coldbrook, Kings Co., 23 Jan 1908, to Harold C. Ward. [30 Jan 1908 write up + notice].

Wallace, Rev. Isaiah, died at Aylesford, 24 Dec 1907,; b. 17 Jan 1826, Coverdale, NB. [2 Jan 1908 obituary with additional information].

Ward, Bruce E., born to at Weston, 19 Apr 1908, a daughter.[30 Apr 1908].

Ward, Harold C. see Webster, Violet.

Ward, John A., died at Canning, 26 Dec 1907, age 73 years. [9 Jan 1908].

Webster, Albert A. see MacKinnon, Rev. Archibald Donald.

Webster, Grace Christine see MacKinnon, Rev. Archibald Donald.

Wentzell, Freeman H., New Germany, married at Waterville, 17 Nov 1908, to Fannie d/o Rufus Lightfoot, Waterville. [19 Nov 1908].

Wentzell, Henry see Wentzell, Lelah B.

Wentzell, Lelah B., w/o Henry Wentzell, died at Morristown, 25 Sept 1908, age 27 years. [15 Oct 1908].

West, Wylie James, Medford, married at Brooklyn Corner, 6 Dec 1908, to Mary Agnes Newcombe, d/o W. F. Newcombe, Brooklyn Corner. [17 Dec 1908].

Wheelock, Antionette D., d/o John H. Wheelock, married to Earl Christopher VanBuskirk, s/o Henry Van Buskirk, Woodville, Mass. ; reside Washington.[21 May 1908 write up].

Wheelock, John H. see Wheelock, Antionette D.

White, Bernice May see Lovelace, Waldo S.

White, David, died at White’s Corner, Kings Co., s/o John White, West Cornwallis, 18 Apr 1908, age 83 years. [23 Apr 1908 see also Canady Creek, Grafton cols. + notice].

White, George see White, Lizzie.

White, John see White, David.

White, J. F. see Lovelace, Waldo S.

White, Lizzie, d/o George White, married 4 Jan 1908 to Will R. Pearsons. [16 Jan 1908 write up p.2].

Whitman, Rupert, born to at Aylesford, 26 Dec 1907, a daughter. [16 Jan 1908].

Wickwire, Mary A., Kentville, married at St. John, NB, 15 Oct 1908, to William N. DeWitt, Dorchester, Mass. [5 Nov 1908].

Wilkins, Margaret see Gates, Hardy B.

Wilson, Nina C., w/o Victor L. Wilson, died at Dalhousie, 1 Mar 1908, age 20 years. [26 Mar 1908 obituary].

Wilson, Rev. Norman B., died at Providence, RI., s/o Peter Wilson, Aylesford, age 67 years. [24 Dec 1908].

Wilson, Peter see Wilson, Rev. Norman B.

Wilson, Victor C. see Wilson, Nina C.

Winchester, Charles Douglas see Middlemas, Maud Winnifred.

Wiswell, Edwin, died at South Farmington, 20th inst. [28 may 1908].

Woodbury, H. D., born to at Kingston, 27 Sept 1908, a son. [8 Oct 1908].

Woodward, Howard B., Lakeville, married at Grafton, 14 June 1908, to Fannie B. Parker, d/o Mrs. Hattie & David A. Parker, Woodville. [18 June 1908 write up + notice].

Woodworth, Andrew see Morton, Isaac W.

Woodworth, Annie see Pierce, Frank.

Woodworth, Charles see Pierce, Frank.

Woodworth, Charlotte (Jackson), w/o Elias E. Woodworth, died at Windsor, 24 May 1908, formerly of Church St., Cornwallis, age 83 years. [28 May 1908].

Woodworth, Elias E. see Woodworth, Charlotte (Jackson).

Woodworth, Rachel see Morton, Isaac W.

Wrenn, Sadie K. see Spicer, E. Grant.

Wright, Mabel E., d/o Wm. O. Wright, married at East Dalhousie, 4th inst., to Arthur G. Hume, Chester. [7 May 1908 write up].

Wright, Wm. O. see Wright, Mabel E.

Zwicker, Louise see Patterson, Fred B.

Zwicker, James see Patterson, Fred B.

Inserts that may help

1.Golden Wedding Mrs. & Mrs. George White; additional information p.2
2.Golden Wedding Mr. & Mrs. Robert Craig additional information p.2
3.50th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Power, Kingston [19 Mar 1908].
4.Letter regarding death of Jane Orr under Tribute from Agnes Hughes, Seattle, Wash.
5. Golden Wedding 25 Nov 1858 -25 Nov 1908 at Los Angeles, CA., Silas R. Tupper and Mrs. Tupper. [3 Dec 1908].

The following appear as part of a torn page with no date but may be from some page 1907 and seem, from my note order to be from 25 June 1907:

b. Berwick, Mar 17, to R.N. Clark, a son

b. Crossburn, Mar 17, to William Muir, a son.

m. Weston, Mar 20, 1907, Bruce E. Ward to Lottie C. Howell d/o Edward Howell, Weston.

d. Black Rock, 24 Mar., Cornelius Coleman Sr., 53 years.

d. Aldrich, Montana, 23 Mar Eliza A., w/o T. R.. Braine, Halifax, d/o late Rev. James Buckley, age 64 years.