Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1907

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics 1907

Mfm# 4018 NSARM, Halifax, NS. Compiled and indexed by John Parker B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S. (C). Placed on the Internet through the effort of Phillip Vogler for your personal use. Please let us know of errors so they can be corrected. Thanks to the Register and NSARM. Please refer to original for confirmation when required. Also remember that there is often additional family information in the obituary. Note: 28 March 1907 issue - some pages are torn where the vitals might be located. Remember the obituary and the notice may contain different information.

Abbott, F.W., born at Bristol, Liverpool, 15 Jan 1907, a son. [24 Jan 1907].

Alcorn, Edith see Burnett, Dr. W. B.

Algee, A. B., born to at North Grafton, NS, 27 Dec 1906, a daughter. [3 Jan 1907].

Allen, R. F., born to at Avonport, 24 Sept 1907, a daughter. [3 Oct 1907].

Anderson, Alex see Anderson, Ethel Hattie.

Anderson, Ethel Hattie, d/o Alex Anderson, Sherbrooke, married at Sherbrooke, Guys. Co., 14 Aug 1907 to Dr. James Fraser Ellis, MPP. [22 Aug 1907 write up + notice].

Annand, Charlotte Sophia, w/o Frederick W. Annand d/o David M. Dickie, Canning, died at Halifax, 18 May 1906, age 41 years. [23 May 1906].

Annand, Elizabeth Mae see Grant, John Dewis.

Annand, Frederick W. see Annand, Charlotte Sophia.

Armstrong, Edward, died at North Kingston, 31 May 1907, age 84 years.[6 June 1907 notice + obituary].

Armstrong, Edward Alton, s/o Edward J. Armstrong, formerly of Cornwallis, died at Whitefield, N.H., 19 March 1907, 43 years. [4 April 1907 Thurs obituary + notice].

Armstrong, Edward J. see Armstrong, Edward Alton.

Armstrong, Wallace R., died at North Kingston, 19 Feb 1907, age 42 ears.[21 Feb 1907 see p.3 col.4 + notice and see also Register 28 Feb obituary].

Armstrong, William see Neily, Georgie.

Arnold, Mrs. Laura, Harborville, married at Berwick, 3 Apr 1907, to Oscar A. Turner. 11 April 1907 Thurs].

Bain, Jessie P., d/o John Bain, St. John, married at St. John, 16 Oct 1907, to Ezra G. Bishop, Kentville, NS. [24 Oct 1907].

Bain, John see Bain, Jessie P.

Baker, I. W. N. see Baker, Juanita.

Baker, Juanita, d/o I. W. N. Baker, Woodstock, married at Woodstock, NB, 28 Sept 1907, to Rev. F. Allison Currier, Winnipeg. [3 Oct 1907 write up + notice].

Balcom, Lucy see Chute, Lucy.

Balcom, Samuel see Chute, Lucy.

Balser, Blanche, w/o Hiram Balser, died at White’s Corner, 30 Mar 1907, 34 years. [11 April 1907 Thurs].

Balser, Hiram see Balser, Blanche.

Banks, Ulysses Grant see Beals, Mary Ella.

Barclay, Andrew see Barclay, Mrs. Mary E.

Barclay, Mrs. Mary E., wid/o Andrew Barclay, Shelburne, NS, died near Newark, Alameda, California, 14 June 1907, d/o Samuel Morton, Kings Co., NS, age 90 years 4 months and 8 days. [27 June 1907].

Barkhouse, William, born to at Grafton, 24 Oct 1907, a son. [7 Nov 1907].

Barkhouse, William E., Lakeview, Kings Co., married at Bridgewater, 9 Apr 1907, to Elva A. Rafuse, Parkdale, Lun. Co., NS.[ 25 April 1907 ].

Barker, A. A., married at Portsmouth, RI., 12 June 1907, to Maud Cochran, formerly of Waterville, d/o James L. Cochran.

Beals, Mary Ella, d/o George F. Beals, married at Factorydale, Aylesford, 19 Nov 1907, to Uylesses Grant Banks. [21 Nov 1907 write up + notice].

Beals, George F. see Beals, Mary Ella.

Beckwith, James Archibald, Berwick, married at Moncton, 18 Dec 1907, to Elsie M. Brown, d/o Capt. F. M. Brown, now of Hong Kong, China.[26 Dec 1907 write up & see 2 Jan 1908 notice].

Beckwith, N. V. see Neaves, Lillie Mabel.

Belcher, Charles E., born to at Upper Dyke, 4 Aug 1907, a daughter. [8 Aug 1907].

Benjamin, L. H., born to at Berwick, 21 Dec 1907, a daughter. [26 Dec 1907].

Bent, Mary see Bent, Percy.

Bent, Michael see Bent, Percy.

Bent, Percy, died at Berwick, Sat last, s/o Michael & Mary Bent, Berwick. [4 Apr 1907 obituary].

Best, Effie see Poole, Effie.

Best, Elsie M. see Bowles, Dr. Boyd F.

Best, Ethel J., formerly of Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, married at Park Rapids, Minnesota, 2 April 1907, to George A. Collard. [25 April 1907].

Best, Nathan see Bowles, Dr. Boyd F.

Best, Nathan see Poole, Effie.

Betton, Robert see Betton, Robert Stone.

Betton, Robert Stone, s/o John Betton, Market Dreyton, Shropshire Co., England, died at Waterville, 23 Mar 1907 obituary].

Bill, Rev. Ingram E., died at Toronto, "yesterday", abt 70 years. [5 Sept 1907].

Bishop, Ezra G. see Bain, Jessie P.

Blackburn, James F., born to at Berwick, 27 Oct 1907, a daughter. [28 Nov 1907].

Bligh, J. Loran, born to at Berwick, 31 Mar 1907, a daughter. [11 April 1907].

Bond, J. Blackburn, (Jennie Robinson), born to at New York, 8 Sept 1907, a son. [19 Sept 1907].

Borden, Joshua, see Borden, P. D.

Borden, P. D., s/o Joshua Borden, Berwick, married at Denver, Colorado, ‘last Sunday’, to Amanda J. Hewes, of Alamosa. [Journal of Alamosa, Conejos County, Colorado - 19 Sept 1907 Register write up].

Bower, Melinda, w/o Wilson Parsons, died at Brooklyn St., 1 Feb 1907, age 65 years. [7 Feb 1907].

Bowlby, Hattie B., d/o Samuel Bowlby, Aylesford, married at Aylesford, 3 July 1907, to Fred M. Lyons, Maynard, Mass. [11 July 1907 notice + write up].

Bowlby, Samuel see Bowlby, Hattie B.

Bowles, George see Bowles, Henry E. A.

Bowles, Dr. Boyd F., Wollaster, Mass., married at Waterville, 4 Sept 1907, to Elsie M. Best d/o Nathan Best, Waterville. [5 Sept 1907 write up + notice].

Bowles, Henry E. A., s/o George Bowles, Grafton, married at Fargo, ND., 9 Jan 1907, to Mabel Laing, Winnipeg d/o George Laing. [31 Jan 1907 write up p.2 ( From North Dakota Morning Call, Fargo].

Bowles, John N. see Bowles, Leander V.

Bowles, Leander V., died at Waterville, 15 Feb 1907, age 64 years, s/o John N. & Lucilla Bowles. [ 21 Feb 1907 obituary + notice].

Bowles, Lucilla, see Bowles, Leander V.

Brechin, Arthur B., Littleton, Mass., married at Berwick, 11 Feb 1907, to Lillie M. Eaton d/o G. W. Eaton. [21 Feb 1907].

Bremner, Frederick J., Kingston, New York, married 29 Oct 1907, to Catherine C. Clark, d.o F. A. Clark, Mill Village, formerly of Berwick. [14 Nov 1907].

Brown, Elsie M. see Beckwith, James Archibald.

Brown, Capt. F. N. see Beckwith, James Archibald.

Bruce, Robert, born to at Greenwood Square, 11th inst., a son. [18 Apr 1907].

Bryant, Rev. George Tillman see Mosher, Jessie.

Bryden, Mrs. Isaac see Bryden, Lucinda.

Bryden, Lucinda, w/o S. Harding Thomas, d/o Mrs. Isaac Bryden, Black Rock, died at Weston, 1 Feb 1907, age 53 years. [7 Feb 1907].

Buckman, Blanche, Swampscott, Mass., married at Berwick, 18 Dec 1907, to James Tilton Dykeman, Berwick. [26 Dec 1907].

Burgess, Georgie, married at Somerset, 23 Sept 1907, to Roy Chute. [26 Sept 1907 notice and write up].

Burgess, George William Murray, inf/s/o W. B. Burgess, died at Woodville, 17 Oct 1907. [14 Oct 1907 ]

Burgess, Mercy see Calkin, Mary Jane.

Burgess, W. B., born to at Woodville, 16 Oct 1907, a son. [14 Nov 1907].

Burgess, W. B. see Burgess, George William Murray

Burgoine, Gilbert, born to at Dalhousie East, 20 May 1907, a son. [30 May 1907].

Burnett, Dr. W. B., (Edith Alcorn) born to at Vancouver, BC, 16 Jan 1907, a daughter. [31 Jan 1907].

Burns, Helena Elizabeth, married at Woodlawn, 25 Sept 1907 to William J. Donnellan. [3 Oct 1907 write up + notice].

Burton, Frank, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, married at Cambridge, Kings Co., NS, 25 Sept 1907, to Eugenia Webster, d/o Samuel W. Webster, Cambridge. [3 Oct 1907 notice and write up].

Butchard, W. A. see Hunt, Joseph.

Caldwell, Arthur McIva, s/o Rupert Caldwell, Berwick, died at Banning, California, 11 Dec1907; the widow, Maud Pickering, Berwick. [19 Dec 1907 obituary].

Caldwell, Rupert, see Caldwell, Arthur McIva.

Calkin, Caroline E. see Ward, Caroline E.

Calkin, Elias, see Ward, Caroline E.

Calkin, Elias see Calkin, Mary Jane.

Calkin, Mary Jane, d/o Elias & Mercy (Burgess) Calkin, died at Kentville, 30 Jan 1907, aged 81 years. [7 Feb 1907].

Calkin, Mercy see Calkin, Mary Jane.

Calkin, Minnie A., d/o C. William Calkin, Black Rock, Cornwallis, married at Dorchester, Mass., 12 June 1907, to George F. Goff, South Framington, Mass. [27 June 1907 notice + write up].

Calkin, William see Calkin, Minnie A.

Cameron, C. B., Waterville, married at Waterville, 20 Nov 1907, to L. Gladys Lyons d/o R. D. Lyons. [28 Nov 1907 notice + write up].

Canady, Mrs. James W., died at Clinton, Mass., 18 Feb 1907, present home Berlin, Mass. [28 Feb 1907 see Canady Creek].

Charlton, Edward D. see Charlton, Lizzie A.

Charlton, Lizzie A., died at Lowell, Mass., 13 may 1907, w/o Edward D. Charlton, formerly of Burlington, NS, d/o Duncan R. McKay, Enfield, Pictou Co., age 54 years. [30 May] 1907 obituary + notice].

Charlton, Loring W., born to at Ogilvie, 30 Mar 1907, a son. [11 Apr 1907].

Chase, Mrs. Blanche, Millville, married at Berwick, 20 Feb 1907, to Vernon Pinch, Berwick. [28 Feb 1907].

Chipman, Mrs. F. Miles, died at Nictaux West, 17 Aug 1907, formerly Annie Fisher, d/o George W. Fisher, Somerset. [22 Aug 1907 obituary].

Chipman, Handley see Grant, John Dewis.

Chute, Mrs. Alice, died at Wolfville, 22 Jan 1907, 80 years, burial Free Baptist Cemetery, Canady Creek. [31 Jan 1907 - write up p.3 see Canady Creek as well].

Chute, Gertrude Amelia see Parker, S. C.

Chute, H. J. see Parker, S. C.

Chute, John Burton, died at Berwick, 25 Oct 1907, age 63 years. [31 Oct 1907 obit + notice].

Chute, Lucy, w/o Silas P. Chute, d/o Samuel Balcom, died at South Berwick, 4 Feb1907, aged 71 years. [7 Feb 1907 obituary + notice].

Chute, Roy see Burgess, Georgie

Chute, Silas P., see Chute, Lucy.

Clark, Catherine C. see Bremner, Frederick J.

Clark, F. A. see Bremner, Grederick J.

Clem, Stanley, V., Fairview, married at Aylesford, 28 Aug 1907, to Margaret T. Lyman, of Gaspereaux Mt. [12 Sept 1907].

Clowery, Mrs. Alfaretta, married at Berwick, 3 July 1907 to Charles Beckwith McAulay, both of Fairview, Kings Co., NS.[18 July 1907].

Cochran, James L. see Barker, A. A.

Cochran, Maud see Barker, A. A.

Coffin, George Whitfield see Freese, Mrs. Mary Lena.

Cogswell, E. W., born to at Morristown, 25 May 1907, a son. [6 June 1907].

Cogswell, Lalia Rebecca, d/o Maynard C. Cogswell, married at Berwick, 26 Sept 1907, to Frederick Garfield Goodspeed, St. John. [3 Oct 1907 write up + notice].

Cogswell, Maynard C. see Cogswell, Lalia Rebecca.

Coldwell, George A., Port Williams, married at Paradise, 30 Oct 1907, to Florence E. Warner, Kentville. [31 Oct 1907 write up].

Collard, George A. see Best, Ethel J.

Collins, Ethel B., d/o Justus Collins, married at Aylesford, 26 June 1907, to William C. West. [4 July 1907].

Collins, Justus see Collins, Ethel B.

Cole, William see Zobrab, Hester Temple.

Coleman, John, Sr., died at East Black Rock, 1 Apr 1907, age 63 years.[11 April 1907 - see Register 18 April 1907 as well, Grafton].

Colwell, Wilmina see Reed, Peryl Clinton.

Colwell, W. H., see Reed, Peryl Clinton.

Congdon, Benjamin, died at West Bridgewater, Mass., 4 Nov 1907, formerly of Berwick, age 73 years. [14 Nov 1907 obituary + notice].

Congdon, Ebebezer S. see Congdon, Seretha S.

Congdon, Seretha S., w/o Ebenezer S. Congdon, d/o J. Clark Neily, Brooklyn, Anna Co., Died at Dorchester, Mass., 16 May 1907, b. 29 July 1843; m. 1862 E. S. Congdon, burial Dorchester, Mass at Cedar Grove. [30 May 1907 obituary + additional information].

Cook, Annie, Harborville, married at [Grafton?], 14 Aug 1907 to Ephraim Mosher, Grafton. [22 August 1907 write up + notice].

Creamer, Ernest, born to at Burlington, 27 Oct 1907, a daughter.[7 Nov 1907].

Cumming, Prof. M., born to at Bible Hill, 17 Aug 1907, a son. [22 Aug 1907].

Currier, Rev. F. Allison see Baker, Juanita.

Davies, Harry, born to at Montreal, 21 Nov 1906, a daughter. [24 Jan 1907].

DeEll, Clara, w/o Sampson DeEll, died at Berwick, 29 Mar 1907, age 45 years. [11 April 1907].

DeEll, Sampson see DeEll, Clara.

DeLoughry, Lillian, d/o Samuel DeLoughry, died at Coldbrook, 24 Dec 1906, in her 22nd year. [3 Jan 1907 obituary + notice].

DeLoughry, Samuel see DeLoughry, Lillian.

Dempsey, Norman, born to at Morden, 12 April 1907, a daughter. [18 Apr 1907].

Dickie, Charlotte Sophia see Annand, Charlotte Sophia.

Dickie, David M. see Annand, Charlotte Sophia.

Donnellan, William J. see Burns, Helena Elizabeth.

Dorey, Charles A., South Alton, married at Berwick, 23 May 1907, to Mary Lillian Sweet, Blue Mountain, Kings Co.[6 June 1907].

Duncan, Mrs. Mary A., died at Grand Pre, 24 Oct 1907, 95 years.

Dunn, Annie May, married at Dalhousie East, 7 Feb 1907, to James Edward Stoddart. [14 Feb 1907 write up].

Dykeman, James Tilton see Buckman, Blanche.

Easson, Elizabeth E. see Fisher, Elizabeth E.

Easson, Harry F., Aylesford, married at Dorchester, Mass., 26 June 1907, Josephine G. Fawcett, Dorchester. [1 Aug 1907].

Easson, William see Fisher, Elizabeth E.

Eaton, G. W. see Brechin, Arthur B.

Eaton, Harvard, born to at Somerset, 30 Dec 1906, a daughter. [17 Jan 1907].

Eaton, Lillie M. see Brechin, Arthur B.

Elliott, Clarence, married at Aylesford, 10 Sept 1907, to Mildred Graves d/o A. P. Graves. [12 Sept 1907 write up + notice].

Elliott, Harriet Maria, d/o W/ K. Elliott, married at Aylesford, 16 Jan 1907, to Alexander Stuart Patterson, s/o James Patterson, Aylesford. [24 Jan 1907 write up].

Elliott, W. K. see Elliott, Harriet Maria.

Ellis, Dr. James Fraser, MPP see Anderson, Ethel Hattie.

Ellis, Joseph see Ellis, Dr. Samuel C.

Ellis, Dr. Samuel C., died at Chattanooga, Tennessee, 10th inst., s/o Joseph Ellis, Berwick. [19 Oct 1907 obituary].

Ells, Ermine see Tilton, George Leslie.

Evans, Alice, d/o James Evans, married at Waterville, 4 Dec 1907, to George H. Power. 5 Dec 1907 write up].

Evans, James see Evans, Alice.

Ewing, Albert E., born to at Factorydale, 29 May 1907, a son. [13 June 1907].

Ewing, Amos H. see Ewing, Margaret Blanche.

Ewing, Margaret Blanche, d/o Amos H. Ewing, Millville, NS, married at Roxbury, Mass., 20 Dec 1906, to Andrew A. Smith, Pennsylvania; reside Worchester, Mass. [24 Jan 1907 write up].

Fawcett, Josephine G. see Easson, Harry F.

Finlay, Hugh, died at Victoria Harbor, 13 Dec 1907, age 64 years. [19 Dec 1907].

Fisher, A. Stanley see Fisher, Elizabeth E.

Fisher, Annie see Chipman, Mrs. F. Miles.

Fisher, Elizabeth E., w/o A. Stanley Fisher, d/o William Easson, died at Factorydale, Aylesford, 14 Jan 1907. [17 Jan 1907].

Fisher, Eunice L., wid/o James E. Fisher, Waterville, d/o James Woodworth, died at Halifax, 31 Jan 1907, age 70 years. [7 Feb 1907].

Fisher, George W. see Chipman, Mrs. F. Miles.

Fisher, George W. see Freese, Mrs. Mary Lena.

Fisher, James E. see Fisher, Eunice L.

Foote, Robert Hibbert, died at Woodville, 3 Nov 1907, in71st year. [7 Nov 1907].

Foote, Rev. W. Rufus, born to at Edinburgh, Scotland, 2 mar 1907, a daughter. [21 Mar 1907].

Forsyth, Annie K., married at Boston, Mass., 25 Sept 1907, to LeRoy A. Wilson, both formerly of Waterville. [3 Oct 1907].

Foster, Ingram see Taylor, Bertha May.

Foster, Janie A. see Murphy, Alfred R.

Fowler, Harry Weston, formerly of Bridgetown, now of Houlton, Maine, married at Halifax, 15 Aug 1907, to Mary Sutherland, Kentville. [22 Aug 1907].

Foxe, Lillie see Magee, Charlie Parker.

Foxe, Samuel see Magee, Charlie Parker.

Freese, Mrs. Mary Lena, d/o George W. Fisher, Somerset, married at St. John, 5 Jan 1907, to George Whitfield Coffin, Canning. [10 Jan 1907].

Fultz, John E., married at Cambridge, Kings Co., NS, 30 Oct 1907, to Mary A. Gaye d/o Charles E. Gaye. [7 Nov 1907 write up + notice].

Gaul, Richard, died 14 Feb 1907,, 74 years.[28 Feb 1907 see Dalhousie East].

Gaye, Charles E. see Fultz, John C.

Gaye, Mary A. see Fultz, John C.

Gesner, Clara B. see Power, Clara B.

Gesner, John see Power, Clara B.

Goff, George F. see Calkin, Minnie A.

Goodspeed, Frederick Garfield see Cogswell, Lalia Rebecca.

Gould, Ingram see Gould, Ingram.

Gould, Capt. James W. see Gould, Lizzie.

Gould [Gauld?], John, died at Cambridge, 1 Sept 1907, age 82 years.[12 Sept 1907 obituary].

Gould, Lewis, s/o Ingram Gould, died at Aylesford, 9 Sept 1907, age 3 years. [12 Sept 1907].

Gould, Lizzie, wid/o Capt. James W. Gould, d/o Joseph H. Rawding, Black Rock, died at Waterville, 24 Aug 1907, age 43 years. [29 Aug 1907 obituary + notice].

Graham, Margaret see Horton, Albert.

Grant, John Dewis, Toronto, married at Bridgetown, 11 Dec 1907, to Elizabeth Mae Annand d/o Handley Chipman, Tupperville. [26 Dec 1907].

Graves, A. P. see Elliott, Clarence.

Graves, Mildred see Elliott, Clarence.

Griffin, Mrs. Caroline, relict/o Stephen Griffin, died at Greenwood, 9 Sept 1907, age 87 years. [12 Sept 1907].

Griffin, Ellen, wid/o Enoch Griffin, d/o Thomas Rand, died at Berwick, 24 Jan 1907. [7 Feb 1907]

Griffin, Enoch see Griffin, Ellen.

Griffin, Stephen see Griffin, Mrs. Caroline.

Guest, Rev. Douglas G., born to at East Burke, Vermont, 20 May 1907, a daughter. [23 May 1907].

Hale, J. Israel, born to at Brooklyn St., 27 Mar 1907, a daughter. [11 Apr 1907].

Hall, Rev. W. E. see Hall, William Lorimer.

Hall, William Lorimer, Liverpool, s/o Rev. W. E. Hall, to Edith May Hamm, married at Truro, 11 Sept 1907. [19 Sept 1907].

Hamilton, Henry, Natick, married at Natick, Mass., 19 Dec 1906, to Gertrude A. White d/o David White, White’s Corner. [3 Jan 1907 see 10 Jan 1907 - record her as d/o Forman White, Canada Creek].

Hamm, Edith May see Hall, William Lorimer.

Hanifen, Mary, wid/o Michael Hanifen, died at Rockland, 22 Nov 1907, age 78 years. [28 Nov 1907].

Hanifen, Michael see Hanifen, Mary.

Harlow, Ella Azuba d/o Reuben Harlow and granddaughter of Avard Longley, died at Berwick, 7 Jan 1907, age 21 years.[10 Jan 1907 notice + obituary].

Harlow, Reuben see Harlow, Ella Azuba.

Harris, Fred see Sturk, Ina.

Hartley, Daniel, died at Harborville, 16 Jan 1907, age 72 years. [7 Feb 1907 obituary and see Harborville col.].

Harvey, Dr. F. C., born to at Spokane, Washington, 15 Oct 1907, a son.[7 Nov 1907].

Haskell, George P. see Porter, Etta.

Hayes, Walter, born to at White’s Corner, King’s Co., 18 Jan 1907, a son.[24 Jan 1907].

Hayes, William, died at East Black Rock, 18 March 1907, in 78th years.[21 March 1907].

Hazell, W. G., born to at Arlington, 16 Feb 1907, a son. [7 Mar 1907].

Hazelwood, Percy Leroy see Saunders, Catherine Lewis.

Herrick, D. M. (Stella Parker) born to at Portland, Maine, 16 Nov 1907, a daughter. [21 Nov 1907].

Hewes, Amanda J. see Borden, P. D.

Hiltz, Adelaide A. see Marsters, Adelaide A.

Hiltz, Cornelius see Hiltz, Mary Luella.

Hiltz, David W. see Hiltz, Lizzie Etta.

Hiltz, Ella see Hiltz, Lizzie Etta.

Hiltz, James see Marsters, Adelaide A.

Hiltz, Lizzie Etta, d/o David W. & Ella Hiltz, died at Factorydale, 9 July 1907, 16 years. [8 August 1907 notice + obituary].

Hiltz, Mary Luella, d/o Cornelius Hiltz, New Ross, married at New Ross, 15 May 1907, to Melbourne H. Reid, Waterville. [23 May 1907 write up + notice].

Hiscoe, Oscar see Lantz, Lydia.

Ho[?]and, Annie C. see McIntyre, John H.

Ho[?]and, William see McIntyre, John H.

Horne, O. L., born to at Truro, 23 Feb 1907, a daughter. [28 Feb 1907].

Horton, Albert, (Margaret Graham), born to at Ottawa, 27 July 1907, a daughter. [15 Aug 1907].

Howell, Edward see Howell, Lottie Celestine.

Howell, Lottie Celestine, d/o Edward Howell, married at Weston, 20 March 1907, to Bruce Elias Ward. [4 April 1907 write up].

Hudson, Fred see Hudson, Lulu Belle.

Hudson, Judith see Hudson, Lulu Belle.

Hudson, Lulu Belle, inf/d/o Fred & Judith Hudson, died at Greenwood Square, 8th inst., age 4 months. [18 April 1907].

Hunt, Joseph, Mabou, married at Mabou, C.B., 10 Jan 1907 to W. A. Butchard, Mabou. [17 Jan 1907].

Huntley, Orman, born to at Scotts Bay, 13 Sept 1907, a daughter. [26 Sept 1907].

Hutt, John, died at Chipman’s Brook, 9 Mar 1907, 80 years. [14 Mar 1907].

Illsley, Dwight R., s/o C. P. Illsley, Berwick, died at Minot, ND,USA, 12 Jan 1907, 53 years. [28 Feb 1907].

Irvin, Harman, born to at Scotts Bay, 13 Sept 1907, a son. [26 Sept 1907].

Jarvis, Amelia, w/o Rev. J. F. McCurdy, died at Upper canard, 28 June 1907. [4 July 1907].

Jessuram, Dr. Rene Julius see March, Aimee Cecil.

Johnson, Ainsley see Johnson, Maria N.

Johnson, Maria N., w/o Ainsley Johnson, d/o Robert Nichols, died at Black Rock, 28 March 1907, in her 72nd year. [4 April 1907 Thurs].

Jones, Arthur Hardis, born to at Edmonton, Alberta, 12 Aug 1907, a son. [22 Aug 1907].

Kinsman, Joseph see Lyons, Laura.

Kinsman, Joseph A. see Mohre, Alexander Flett.

Kinsman, Laura see Lyons, Laura.

Kinsman, Lillian Blanche see Mohre, Alexander Flett.

Kirkpatrick, George, died at Morden, Fri last, ‘aged’. [16 May 1907 see Drowned].

Laing, George see Bowles, Henry E. A.

Laing, Mabel see Bowles, Henry E. A.

Lantz, Lydia, married at Berwick, 17 July 1907 to Oscar Hiscoe, both of New Ross, Lun Co., NS. [25 July 1907].

Lantz, Nathan see Margeson, Howard L.

Lee, John, died at North Grafton, Tues last week, in 35th year. [Thurs 18 April 1907 see Grafton].

Legge, Charles see Legge, William.

Legge, William, of Halifax, s/o Charles Legge, Middleton, died at Bridgetown, 20th, married Mary Alice Weatherbee. [27 June 1907 obituary].

Lewis, Mrs. Maud S., Middleton, married at [Middleton?], 14th inst., to Rev. E. O. Read, Middleton. [22 August 1907 write up + notice].

Lomas, John S., died at Halifax, ‘this morning’, age 71 years.[7 Nov 1907 obituary].

Longley, Avard see Harlow, Ella Azuba.

Longley, Lois Edith, inf/d/o Hon. Mr. Justice Longley, died at Halifax, 11 July 1907, age 1 month. [18 July 1907].

Louhes [Lohnes?], Orbin, born to at East Dalhousie, 6 June 1907, a son.[13 June 1907].

Lyman, Margaret T. see Clem, Stanley V.

Lyons, Fred M. see Bowlby, Hattie B.

Lyons, H. G., born to at South Berwick, 17 Apr 1907, a daughter. [25 Apr 1907].

Lyons, L. Gladys see Cameron, C. B.

Lyons, Laura, died at Halifax, 12 Nov 1907, w/o T. R. Lyons, Waterville, d/o Joseph Kinsman, West Cornwallis.[14 Nov 1907 obituary 21 Nov Register].

Lyons, John P., s/o John Lyons, died at Church St., 5 Feb 1907. [14 Feb 1907 obituary].

Lyons, R. D. see Cameron, C. B.

Lyons, T. R. see Lyons, Laura.

MacDonald, J. P., born to at Crossburn, 8 Jan 1907, a son. [17 Jan 1907].

MacDonald, W. D., born to at Crossburn, 7 Jan 1907, a son. [17 Jan 1907].

Magee, Charlie Parker, married at Church St., 26 Dec 1906, to Lillie Foxe d/o Samuel White. [3 Jan 1907].

Mahar, Burpee, born to at White’s Corner, 28 Feb 1907, a son.[7 Mar 1907].

Mahar, George, born to at White’s Corner, 18 Jan 1907, a son. [24 Jan 1907].

Mack, Eva May, married 1 Oct 1907 at Dalhousie, to William T. Smith, East Dalhousie. [19 Oct 1907 write up].

March, Aimee Cecil, married at New York, 5 June 1907, Dr. Rene Julius Jessuram, New York. [27 June 1907 write up p.2].

March, Rev. Stephen, died at Bridgewater, 30 Apr 1907, age 75 years.[9 May 1907 obit].

Marchant, Annie Y., d/o J. Melbourne Marchant, married at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 3 July 1907 to W. C. Stapleton. [11 July 1907 notice + write up].

Marchant, Mary Jean d/o William Marchant, died at Brooklyn St., 23 Jan 1907, age 78 years 9 months. [31 Jan 1907].

Marchant, J. Melbourne see Marchant, Annie Y.

Marchant, William see Marchant, Mary Jean.

Margeson, A. Herbert, Berwick, married at West Newton, Mass., 17 Apr 1907, to Mary Agnes Norcross, Waltham, Mass. [25 April 1907].

Margeson, Burton B., born to at Harborville, 3 Mar 1907, a daughter.[7 Mar 1907].

Margeson, Howard L., married at Malden, Mass., 2 Oct 1907, to Mabel May Lantz, d/o Nathan Lantz, Malden. [19 Oct 1907].

Margeson, Thomas A., died at Waterville, 22 Aug 1907. [29 Aug 1907 obituary + notice].

Marshall, Stewart A., married at North Kingston, 27 Mar 1906, to Eva P. Pierce. [4 April 1907 Thurs].

Marsters, Adelaide A., w/o Frederic A. Marsters[?], died at Kentville, 16 Aug 1907, d/o James H. Hiltz, Kentville. [22 Aug 1907].

Marsters, Frederic A. see Marsters, Adelaide A.

Marsters, Helen, d/o Holmes & Margaret Marsters, died at Berwick, 1 July 1907, age 14 years 6 months. [4 July 1907].

Marsters, Holmes see Marsters, Helen.

Marsters, Margaret see Marsters, Helen.

McAulay, Charles Beckwith see Clowery, Mrs. Alfaretta.

McCurdy, Rev. J. F. see Jarvis, Amelia.

McDormand, Clarence, died at Aylesford, 20 Sept 1907, age 26 years. [26 Sept 1907 obituary and notice].

McIntyre, John H., married at Aylesford, 25 Sept 1907, to Annie C. d/o William Ho[?]and, all of Aylesford. 3 Oct 1907].

McIntyre, William, died at Aylesford, 25 Apr 1907, age 71 years.[2 May 1907].

McKay, Duncan R. see Charlton, Lizzie A.

McKay, Lizzie A. see Charlton, Lizzie A.

McLellan, Susan, wid/o Samuel Sanford, died at Grafton, 16 Jan 1907. [24 Jan 1907 Notice and see Grafton].

McNeil, Mrs. Aaron, died at Aylesford, 7 Mar 1907, 79 years. [14 March 1907 obituary p.2 c.1].

Metzler, S. D., born to at Parker Road, Aylesford, 2 Sept 1907, a son. [19 Sept 1907].

Middlemas, Fred F., Berwick, married at Dartmouth, 16 May 1907, to Laura A. Sellers, Dartmouth. [23 May 1907 write up + notice].

Mohre, Alexander Flett, Cloverdale, Manitoba, married at Cloverdale, 4 Sept 1907, to Lillian Blanche Kinsman d/o Joseph A. kinsman, Lakeville, NS. [ 3 Oct 1907 notice and write up].

Moody, James, died 12 Oct at Black Rock, age 76 years. [19 Oct 1907 obituary + notice].

Moody, John, died at Welsford St., Cornwallis, 26 Oct 1907, age 76 years.[31 Oct 1907 obituary + notice].

Morash, Rev. A. V. see Morash, Charles Lawrence.

Morash, Charles Lawrence s/o Rev. A. V. Morash, Oxford, died at Oxford, NS, 1 April 1907, age 2 years 4 months. [18 April 1907].

Morreau, Nathaniel, Mill Village, Queens Co., NS, married at Middleton, 17 Dec 1907, to Bertha Parnell, Mill Village, Queens Co., NS. [26 Dec 1907].

Morrow, Andrew see Morrow, William.

Morrow, Matilda see Morrow, William.

Morrow, William, s/o Andrew & Matilda Morrow, died at South Berwick, 19 April 1907, age 19 years. [25 April 1907].

Morse, John Chipman D.D., died at Sandy Cove, Digby Co., 21 April 1907, b. West Paradise, Anna. Co., m. Isabella d/o Abner Woodworth, Weston. [2 May 1907 obituary].

Morton, Clara Isabel see Newcombe, Zephaniah E.

Morton, Mary E. see Barclay, Mrs. Mary E.

Morton, Samuel see Barclay, Mrs. Mary E.

Mosher, Ephraim see Cook, Annie.

Mosher, Jessie, d/o W. H. Mosher, Avondale, married at Avondale, Hants Co., NS, 16 Oct 1907, to Rev. George Tillman Bryant, Digby Neck, NS. [24 Oct 1907].

Mosher, W. H. see Mosher, Jessie.

Murphy, Alfred R., Aylesford, married at Berwick 11 Dec 1`907, to Janie A. Foster, of Aylesford. [19 Dec 1907].

Neaves, Lillie Mabel, married at Berwick, 27 June 1907, to N. V. Beckwith, both of Burlington, Kings Co. [4 July 1907].

Neily, E. Alvin see Neily, Georgie.

Neily, Everett, born to at Greenwood, 26 April 1907, a son. [2 May 1907].

Neily, Georgie, d/o E. Alvin Neily, married at Aylesford, 9 Sept 1907, to William Armstrong, both of Cambridge, NS. [12 Sept 1907].

Neily, J. Clark see Congdon, Seretha S.

Neily, Seretha S. see Congdon, Seretha S.

Newcombe, Hugh R. see Newcombe Zephaniah E.

Newcombe, Sophia see Newcombe, Zephaniah E.

Newcombe, Zephaniah E., s/o late Hugh R. & Sophia Newcombe, West Cornwallis, died "this week"; b. 5 Feb 1856 near Buckley’s Corner; m. Clara Isabel Morton. [12 Dec 1907, obituary with additional information].

Nichols, Alfred see Nichols, Theresa.

Nichols, Arthur L., Windermere, married at Berwick, 4 July 1907, to Carrie E. Power d/o Mrs. Eunice & late Douglas W. power, Sheffield Mills. [25 July 1907].

Nichols, Daniel, died at Welsford, 5 May 1907, age 76 years.[9 May 1907].

Nichols, Maria N. see Johnson, Maria N.

Nichols, May see Pinkerton, W. E.

Nichols, Minard L., born to at Boston, 29 June 1907, a son. [4 July 1907].

Nichols, Robert see Johnson, Maria N.

Nichols, Theresa, wid/o Alfred Nichols, died at Lawrencetown, 4 Sept 1907, age 78 years. [12 September 1907].

Norcross, Mary Agnes see Margeson, A. Herbert.

Nixon, Isaac, died at Maitland, Queens Co.[sic], 26 April 1907, a native of Cornwallis, age 67 years. [9 May 1907].

Ogilvie, Abram see Walcott, Annie E.

Ogilvie, Annie E. see Walcott, Annie E.

Palmer, Ezekiel see Robinson, Carl Benjamin.

Palmer, Mabel Gertrude see Robinson, Carl Benjamin.

Palmer, Newcombe, born to at Nicholsville, 2 Mar 1907, a daughter . [21 Mar 1907].

Parker, Fred A., born to at Berwick, 29 June 1907, a son. [4 July 1907].

Parker, Ina see Parker, Ralph.

Parker, Jacob see Parker, Ralph.

Parker, Mrs. Emma see Parker, Ralph.

Parker, Kathleen, married at Grafton, 7 Sept 1907, to Fred Sabean, both of Canady Creek. [12 Sept 1907].

Parker, Ralph, Welsford, married at Medford, Cornwallis, 20 June 1907, to Ina Parker, d/o Mrs. Emma and Jacob Parker. [27 June 1907].

Parker, S. C., born to at Berwick, 4 Mar 1907, a son. [14 Mar 1907].

Parker, S. C., Berwick, married at Somerset, 14 August 1907, to Gertrude Amelia Chute d/o H. J. Chute, Somerset. [15 Aug 1907 notice + p.3 write up].

Parker, Stella see Herrick, D. M.

Parker, William S., died at Welsford St., 12 May 1907, age 64 years.[16 May 1907].

Parks, Hannah Jane, Victoria, Aylesford, married at Berwick, 29 April 1907, to Jesse Clarence Wotten. [2 May 1907].

Parks, Margaret, died at Berwick, 2 Nov 1907, w/o Frederic Wagstaff, age 33 years. [7 Nov 1907].

Parnell, Bertha see Morreau, Nathaniel.

Parsons, Wilson see Bower, Melinda.

Patterson, Alexander Stuart see Elliott, Harriet Maria.

Patterson, James see Elliott, Harriet Maria.

Pearson, E. R., born to at Union Square, West Dalhousie, 24 May 1907, a daughter. [30 May 1907].

Pearson, Fanny Bowser, d/o Wilson Pearson, died at Grafton, 16 Nov 1907, age 34 years. [21 Nov 1907].

Pearson, Wilson see Pearson, Fanny Bowser.

Pelton, R. A., born to at Berwick, 7 Mar 1907, a son. [14 Mar 1907].

Pelton, R. A., inf/s/o, died at Berwick, 6 Apr 1907, age 1 month. [11 Apr 1907].

Perry, Willis H., married at Berwick, 13 Nov 1907, to Flossie Spicer, both of Harborville. [14 Nov 1907].

Pickering, Maud see Caldwell, Arthur McIva.

Pierce, Eva P. see Marshall, Stewart A.

Pinch, Vernon see Chase, Mrs. Blanche.

Pineo, Albert see Pineo, Linnie.

Pineo, Linnie, d/o Albert Pineo, married at South Waterville, 19 June 1907, to Frank Potter, Cambridge. [27 June 1907 write up].

Pineo, Harold Dudley W., D. D. S., formerly of Berwick, married at Portland, Oregon, 4 May 1907, to Lena Terrio, d/o Jefferson Terrio, Halifax, NS.[16 May 1907].

Pinkerton, W. E. (May Nichols), born to at Yorkton, Sask., 13 Oct 1907, a son. [31 Oct 1907].

Poole, Effie, w/o William Poole, d/o Nathan Best, Waterville, died at Maplewood, Mass., 21 May 1907, burial Oakdale Cemetery, Maplewood, Mass.[30 May 1907 obituary].

Poole, William see Poole, Effie.

Porter, Etta, d/o John Porter, Waterville, married at Brockton, Mass., 17 Aug 1907 to George P. Haskell, Brockton. [12 Sept 1907].

Porter, Henderson, born to at Cambridge, 30 Sept 1907, a daughter. [19 Oct 1907].

Porter, John see Porter, Etta.

Porter, Owen, born to at Welsford, 24 Jan 1907, a son. [31 Jan 1907].

Porter, Reuben, born to at Berwick, 18 June 1907, a daughter. [27 June 1907].

Potter, Frank see Pineo, Linnie.

Power, Carrie E. see Nichols, Arthur L.

Power, Douglas W. se Nichols, Arthur L.

Power, Mrs. Eunice see Nichols, Arthur L.

Power, Clara B., w/o George R. Power, d/o John Gesner, died at Waterville, 2 Mar 1907, age 55 years. [7 Mar 1907].

Power, George H. see Evans, Alice.

Power, George R. see Power, Clara B.

Power, R. G., born to at Welsford, 16 June 1907, a daughter. [27 June 1907].

Rafuse, Elva A. see Barkhouse, William E.

Rainey, George, died at Dalhousie East, 11 Jan 1907, 87 years. [17 Jan 1907].

Rand, Edwin, see Rand, Margaret Ann.

Rand, Ellen see Griffin, Ellen.

Rand, Margaret Ann, wid/o Edwin Rand, formerly of Canning, died at Vancouver, BC, 20 Oct 1907, age 75 years. [7 Nov 1907].

Rand, Margaret see Thomas, Harding S.

Rand, Thomas see Griffin, Ellen.

Rawding, Joseph H. see Gould, Lizzie.

Rawding, Lizzie see Gould, Lizzie.

Rawding, Minnie, Millville, married at Aylesford, 8 Mar 1907, to Frank Stingel, Millville. [21 March 1907].

Read, Rev. E. O. see Lewis, Mrs. Maud.

Redgate, John see Redgate, Mrs. Rose Anne.

Redgate, Mrs. Rose Anne, wid/o John Redgate (d. 1875), died at Waterville, Thurs last, age 90 years.[19 Dec 1907, obituary additional information].

Reece, Samuel R. see Steadman, Lillian B.

Reed, Peryl Clinton, Berwick, married at St. John, NB, 27 June 1907, to Wilmina Colwell, d/o W. H. Colwell, St. John. [4 July 1907].

Reid, Melnourne H. see Hiltz, Mary Luella.

Robinson, Annie C., married at Lakeville, 10 April 1907, to Henry E. Sweet, Billtown. [Thurs 18 April 1907 - write up + notice].

Robinson, Carl Benjamin, married at Stoughton, Mass., 12 June 1907, to Mabel Gertrude Palmer d/o Ezekiel Palmer, Brooklyn Corner, Cornwallis. [20 June 1907 notice + see p.3].

Robinson, Jennie, see Bond, J. Blackburn.

Rood, J. G., born to at Berwick, 17 Sept 1907, a son.[19 Sept 1907 Thurs.].

Ross, Rev. C. W., born to at Yarmouth, 13 Jan 1907, a daughter. [17 Jan 1907].

Sabean, Fred see Parker, Kathleen.

Sanford, Starratt, born to at Grafton, 31 Oct 1907, a son. [7 Nov 1907].

Sanford, Jonathan see Sanford, William S.

Sanford, Melinda see Sanford, William S.

Sanford, Samuel see McLellan, Susan.

Sanford, William S., died at Weston, Thurs past, s/o Jonathan & Melinda (Woodworth) Sanford, age 83 years. [21 Feb 1907 obituary + notice].

Saunders, Catherine Lewis, d/o Horace M. Saunders, married at Dorchester, Mass., Wed, to Percy Leroy Hazelwood, Dorchester. [[25 July 1907 write up].

Saunders, Horace m. see Saunders, Catherine Lewis.

Sears, Prof., born to at Truro, 3 April 1907, twin girls.[11 April 1907].

Sellers, Lavinia A. see Middlemas, Fred F.

Sheffield, Aaron see Sheffield, Dr. Mason.

Sheffield, Dr. Mason, s/o Aaron Sheffield, Sheffield Mills, died at St. John, Saturday last, age 70 years. [4 April 1907 obituary].

Silver, Mary B. see Ward, Lindley A.

Small, Charles, formerly of Greenwood, born to at St. Louis, Mo., 22 Dec 1906, a daughter. [3 Jan 1907].

Smith, Althea, w/o James Smith, d/o Clark Spinney, died at North Kingston, 17 May 1907, in her 31st year. [6 June 1907 obituary].

Smith , Andrew A., see Ewing, Margaret Blanche.

Smith, Clare E., w/o John Arnold Smith, died at Windsor, 16 Nov 1907, age 55 years. 24 Jan 1907].

Smith, w/o James, d/o Clark Spinney, died at North Kingston, 17 May 1907, age 31 years. [23 May 1907].

Smith, James see Smith, Althea.

Smith, John Arnold see Smith, Clare E.

Smith, Laura W., married at Liverpool, Queens Co., NS, to Alfred P. Welton. [31 Oct 1907].

Smith, William T. see Mack, Eva May.

Spicer, Flossie see Perry, Willis H.

Spinney, Althea see Smith, Althea.

Spinney, Clark see Smith, Althea.

Spinney, Clark, see Smith, w/o James.

Spinney, Enoch, died at Harmony, 31 May 1907, in 68th year. [6 June 1907].

Spinney, Jacob, died at South Greenwood, 21st inst., in 80th year. [24 Jan 1907].

Springer, Bertha Edna see Tuttle, Martin O.

Springer, John see Tuttle, Martin O.

Stapleton, W. C. see Marchant, Annie Y.

Steadman, Alonzo, see Steadman, Lillian B.

Steadman, Lillian B., d/o Alonzo Steadman, Shaw Rd., married at Somerset, 5 June 1907, to Samuel R. Reece, Waterville. [13 June 1907].

Steele, Gilbert, born to at Scotts Bay, 18 Jan 1907, a daughter. [31 Jan 1907].

Stingel, Frank see Rawding, Minnie.

Stevens, Mrs. J. Albert, died at Malden, Mass, 19 Nov 1907, age 35 years, d/o William VanBuskirk, Black Rock Mtn. [28 Nov 1907 obituary 5 Dec Register].

Stewart, Sargt. Lionel H. Forbes, s/o late Rev. Robert M. Stewart, Wilmot, Anna. Co., NS, died at Presidio, California, 16 Oct 1907. [14 Nov 1907].

Stewart, Rev. Robert M. see Stewart, Sargt. Lionel H. Forbes.

Stoddart, James Edward see Dunn, Annie May.

Strong, Cornelia, w/o John E. Strong, died at Brooklyn St., 1 Dec 1904, 80 years. [5 Dec 1907 obituary + notice].

Strong, John E. see Strong, Cornelia.

Sturk, Charles see Sturk, Ina.

Sturk, Ina, d/o Charles Sturk, married at Morristown, 2 Jan 1907, to Fred Harris , Rockland. [31 Jan 1907 write up p.2].

Sutherland, Mary see Fowler, Harry Weston.

Sutherland, Miss E. Lillian, Halifax, died at Windsor, 12 Mar 1907, age 46 years. [14 Mar 1907].

Sweet, Mary Lillian see Dorey, Charles A.

Taylor, Bertha May, d/o Philip Taylor, Rockland, married at Berwick, 16 Oct 1907, to Ingram Foster, Aylesford. [24 Oct 1907].

Taylor, Ethel P, d/o John S. Taylor, Hortonville, married at Hortonville, 26 June 1907, to W. L. D. Taylor, Berwick. [4 July 1907 notice + see p.3c.2].

Taylor, John S. see Taylor, Ethel P.

Taylor, Philip see Taylor, Bertha May.

Taylor, W. L. D. see Taylor, Ethel P.

Terrio, Lena see Pineo, Harold Dudley W.

Terrio, Jefferson, see Pineo, Harold Dudley W.

Thomas, Harding S., married at Weston, 25 Sept 1907, to Margaret Rand, Weston. [26 Sept 1926 write up 3 Oct ].

Thomas, Lucinda see Bryden, Lucinda.

Thomas, S. Harding see Bryden, Lucinda.

Tilton, George Leslie, died at Ipswich, Mass., 1 Jan 1907, age 51 years, his widow, Ermine Ells, Grafton, NS. [17 Jan 1907].

Tupper, E., born to at Lake George, (no date), a son. [29 Aug 1907].

Tupper, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 13 Oct 1907, a son. [19 Oct 1907]

Tupper, Thomas, born to at North Kingston, 16 May 1907, a son. [6 June 1907].

Turner, Oscar A. see Arnold, Mrs. Laura.

Tuttle, Martin O., married at Spokane, Washington, 24 Dec 1906, to Bertha Edna Springer d/o John Springer, Spokane. [3 Jan 1907].

VanBuskirk, William see Stevens, Mrs. J. Albert.

Wagstaff, Frederic see Parks, Margaret.

Walcott, Annie E., w/o Charles E. Walcott, d/o Abram Ogilvie, Harborville, died at Brighton, Mass., 2 May 1907, age 46 years. [6 June 1907].

Walcott, Charles E. see Walcott, Annie E.

Ward, Aaron H., died at New Germany, formerly of Somerset, 12 Nov 1907, age 58 years. [28 Nov 1907].

Ward, Bruce Elias see Howell, Lottie Celestine.

Ward, Caroline E., wid/o Joseph L. Ward d/o Elias Calkin, West Cornwallis, died at Weston, 6 July 1907, age 92 years. [11 July 1907 obituary + notice].

Ward, Lindley S., Lake Paul, married at Berwick, 27 Nov 1907, to Mary B. Silver, Rockland. [5 December 1907].

Warren, Walter Russell, s/o Capt. Walter T. Warren, died at South Berwick, 25 Oct 1907, age 12 years. [31 Oct 1907 obituary + notice].

Weatherbee, Mary Alice see Legge, William.

Webster, Eugenia see Burton, Frank.

Webster, Samuel W. see Burton, Frank.

Welton, Alfred P. see Smith, Laura W.

West, William C. see Collins, Ethel B.

White, David see Hamilton, Henry.

White, Gertrude A. see Hamilton, Henry.

Wilson, LeRoy A. see Forsyth, Annie K.

Wood, Mrs. Daniel see Wood, Mrs. Simon.

Wood, Mrs. Simon, died at Grafton, 21st inst., formerly Mrs. Daniel Wood, burial Billtown. [31 Jan 1907 see p. 3 Woodville].

Wood, Simon, died at North Billtown, 18 Mar 1907, formerly of Grafton, 84 years. [21 March 1907 obituary see 28 March Register ].

Wood, w/o Simon, died at Grafton, 21 Jan 1907, age 75 years. [24 Jan 1907].

Woodward, Benjamin, died at Lakeville, 9 May 1907, age 74 years.[16 May 1907 see p.3 and Notice].

Woodworth, Abner see Morse, John Chipman.

Woodworth, Eunice L. see Fisher, Eunice L.

Woodworth, Guilford Dudley see Woodworth , Sarah J.

Woodworth, Isabella, see Morse, John Chipman.

Woodworth, James see Fisher, Eunice L.

Woodworth, Melinda see Sanford, William S.

Woodworth, Sarah J. wid/o Guilford Dudley Woodworth, died at Berwick, 27 Aug 1907, age 76 years. [29 Aug 1907].

Woodworth, W. H., born to at Windermere, 21 Apr 1907, a son.[25 Apr 1907].

Wotten, Jesse Clarence see Parks, Hannah Jane.

Wright, M. H. N., born to at South Berwick, 20 Aug 1907, a daughter. [29 Aug 1907].

Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Clementsport, Anna. Co., 1 July 1907, age 85 years. [8 Aug 1907 obituary].

Zinck, Eli, died 13 Feb 1907, New South, Lun. Co., NS. [28 Feb 1907].

Zobrab, Hester Temple, d/o James Zobrab, London, England, married at Yonkers, NY, 19 Feb 1907, to William E. Cole, Chicago.[28 Feb 1907 write up + notice p.3].

Zobrab, James see Zobrab, Hester Temple.