Newspaper - Vital Statistics 1904

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
1904 [BR]

Vital Statistics 1904 compiled & indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.( C ); (c) copyright;
Posted by Phillip Vogler, Berwick, NS ; with the permission of the Register and with the aid of NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm# - 4016; again - A word of caution - please refer to original. If errors are found please contact us so we may correct them. For personal use only.

The Register in 1904 was published on Thursday. * The issue for 30 June 1904 is missing from the microfilm. NSARM, Halifax, NS, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, NS B3H 1W4 there will be a fee for copies.

Abbott, Anita Marguerite, d/o Frank W. Abbott, died at Berwick, 12 Sept 1904, aged 1 year 6 months; funeral Auburn. [BR 15 Sept 1904 see p.3 + Notice].

Abbott, Frank W. see Abbott, Anita Marguerite.

Abbott, F. W., born to at Berwick, 25 Nov 1904, a daughter. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Algee, Emma, married at Canady Creek, 27 July 1904 to George Gould.[BR 4 Aug 1904].

Arthur, Allan Rowland, died at Halifax, 31 Mar 1904, s/o W. B.& Elizabeth Arthur, 3 weeks. [BR 7 April 1904].

Arthur, Elizabeth see Arthur, Allan Rowland.

Arthur, W. B. see Arthur, Allan Rowland.

Bailey, Rev. Mark, died at Tacoma, Washington, 12 May 1904, age 82 years. [BR 11 August 1904 see Local Register].

Baltzer, Bessie, w/o Thomas Baltzer, d/o Burpee Graves, died at Aylesford, 18 August 1904, 23 years. [BR 8 Sept 1904 see Register 15 Sept 1904 Memoriam + obituary].

Baltzer, Thomas see Baltzer, Bessie.

Beardsley, Dr. Loring Read, Milton, Pa., formerly of Waterville, married at Paterson, N. J., To Myra Evelyn Seddon, Paterson, N.J. [BR 29 Sept 1904 write up + Notice].

Beckwith, Mina, d/o Samuel Beckwith, Lightfoot Road, married, 29th inst., to Stalin Horsnell, Weston. [BR 23 June 1904].

Beckwith, Samuel see Beckwith, Mina.

Belcher, Charles Avard see Porter, Selinda M.

Benjamin, Flora Z., Gaspereau, married at Gaspereau, 26 Oct 1904, to Renford L. Martin. [BR 13 Oct 1904 ; Prior Notice see Personals].

Bennett, Verge E., died at Marblehead, Mass., 27 May 1904, 30 years, formerly of Scotts Bay, NS. [BR 9 June 1904].

Bentley, C. A., Rockland, born to at Halifax, 18 Aug 1904, a son.[BR 25 Aug 1904].

Bentley, P. A., born to at Ravenna, NS, 7 June 1904, a son. [BR 7 July, 1904].

Bentley, Ruth see Foote, Charles.

Bentley, R. D. see Foote, Charles.

Best, Austin, born to at Burlington, 24 June 1904, a son. [BR 7 July 1904].

Best, Ada Beatrice, Prospect, Kings Co., NS, married at Waterville, 23 Dec 1904 to George Parrish. [BR 7 Jan 1904 see also BR 31 Dec 1903].

Best, Aubrey Garfield, married at Waterville, 17 May 1904, to Eudeville Margeson. [BR 26 May 1904].

Best, Bertha Blanche, formerly of Grafton, married at Silver Spring, Providence, RI, USA, to Richard Sanderson Hood, Waltham, Mass. [BR 9 June 1904 write up].

Bent, Burpee, died at Brooklyn St., Friday. [BR 3 Nov 1904 see Grafton].

Best, Harry, C., born to at Prospect, 23 July 1904, a son. [BR 28 July 1904].

Best, Isabella, w/o John B. Best, d/o Oliver & Isabella Woodworth, Cornwallis, age 70 years, died at Brooklyn St. 20 July 1904. [BR 28 July 1904].

Best, John B. see Best, Isabella.

Best, Lillian Gertrude, Grafton, Kings Co., NS, married at Collinsville, Connecticut, 29 Sept 1904, to Rev. W. T. Hallam, Lindsay, Ontario. [BR 6 Oct 1904 - note: conflict in dates between Notice and Grafton column and Grafton vs Brooklyn St. see 13 Oct 1904].

Best, Mary Arthelia, Prospect, NS, married at New Bedford, Mass., 31 Mar 1904, to Avard F. Killam, Grafton, NS. [BR 5 May 1904].

Best, William H., died at Cambridge, no date, 78 years b. Somerset, 1826, m. Matilda Lovelace. [BR 21 April 1904 obituary].

Bezanson, Ada, w/o William Bezanson d/o Christopher Margeson, South Berwick, died at Garland, 15 Dec 1904, 46 years. [BR 22 Dec 1904].

Bezanson, William see Bezanson, Ada

Bill, Annie see Chipman, Annie.

Bill, Charles see Chipman, Annie.

Bill, Ingram E. see Dove, Susan L.

Bishop, Annie May, married at Somerset, 24 Aug 1904, d/o Edgar Bishop to Aubrey Newcombe, Canard. [BR 25 Aug 1904- write up].

Bishop, Edgar see Bishop, Annie May.

Blanchard, George F. see Blanchard, Roberta Mary.

Blanchard, Jessie see Fraser, A. Milne.

Blanchard, Percy, born to at Baddeck, 1 Nov 1904, a daughter. [BR 24 Nov 1904].

Blanchard, Roberta Mary d/o George F. Blanchard, Boston, married, Wednesday last week, to Archibald Alexander Thomson, Pictou. [BR 3 Nov 1904] see Kentville + write up].

Blanchard, Rose see Fraser, A. Milne.

Blenkhorn, William, died at Arlington, Mass., 12 Nov 1903, 69 years. [BR 14 Jan 1904].

Bligh, Rupert see Heckman, Kate E.

Borden, Eunice, d/o J. W. Borden, died at Windsor, 9 Aug 1904, age 60 years. [BR 18 August 1904].

Borden, J. W. see Borden, Eunice.

Borden, Josiah see Borden, Sarah Ann.

Borden, Sarah Ann wid/o Josiah Borden d/o Christopher Rainforth, died at Windermere, Kings Co., NS, 2nd inst., 74 years [BR 14 Jan 1904 -obituary + notice].

Bolsor, E. B. see Bolsor, Priscilla.

Bolsor, Priscilla, wid/o E. B. Bolsor, died at Riverside, Illinois, 5 Aug 1904, 80 years.[BR 18 Aug 1904].

Bowen, Rev. T. A., born to at River Hebert, NS, 28 Sept 1904, a son. [BR 6 Oct 1904].

Bowlby, D. F., born to at Aylesford, 24 Oct 1904, a daughter. [BR 24 Nov 1904].

Bowlby, Lottie see Whitman, John.

Bowlby, Solomon O., born to at White’s Corner, 4 Feb 1904, a daughter.

Bowles, Edna Blake, d/o Leonard Bowles, Waterville, married at Wollaston, Mass., Thanksgiving Eve, to Reginald Frederick Shaw s/o Fred A. Shaw, Wollaston, Mass. [BR 1 Dec 1904 write up].

Bowles, Leonard see Bowles, Edna Blake.

Brennan, Blanche Mabel, d/o William Brennan, married at Lake George, 16 July 1904, to Avery T. Ward, Coldbrook.[BR 14 July 1904 write up].

Brennan, William se Brennan, Blanche Mabel.

Brown, Beatrice see Keddy, Holmes M.

Brown, George, died 30 Mar 1904, 78 years, no place mentioned, born Broughty Ferry, Scotland, 1 July 1825. [BR 7 April 1904].

Brown, Kinsman see Keddy, Holmes M.

Brown, Mamie see McKenzie, Alexander.

Browne, Roy W., married at Chocoura, N. H., 1 Sept 1904, to Margaret McColl, Cambridge; residence: Belmont, Mass. [BR 15 Sept 1904 write up].

Bryden, Ebenezer, born to at North Grafton, 3 Oct 1904, a son. [BR 20 Oct 1904].

Buchanan, Edna H., d/o Samuel Buchanan, Truro, married at Truro, 15 June 1904, to William McT. Orr, Halifax. [BR 23 June 1904].

Buchanan, Samuel see Buchanan, Edna H.

Burgess, William Jeheil, s/o Seth Burgess, died at Woodville, Wed. last week, 75 years, s/o Seth Burgess; m1. Amelia d/o James E. Illsley, Welsford; m2. Mary d/o W. H. Chute, Somerset. [BR 28 July 1904 obituary + notice ; children listed].

Burgess, Seth see Burgess, William Jeheil.

Burke, Ambrose see Burke, Nellie.

Burke, Nellie, d/o Ambrose Burke, married at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS, 27 Apr 1904, to F. W. H. Fishwick. [BR 28 April 1904].

Burton, Unie, inf/d/o J. Burton and Lucy M. Chute, died at South Berwick, 12 Sept 1904, aged 3 weeks. [BR 15 Sept 1904 see p.3 + Notice].

Burton, J. see Burton, Unie.

Butler, Emily see Killam, Arthur B.

Butler, G. W., born to at Berwick, 2 Nov 1904, a daughter. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Caldwell, John see Caldwell, Mrs. John.

Caldwell, Mrs. John, d/o Deacon William Craig, born Morristown, Aylesford 58 years ago, in 1871, John Caldwell, died 29 Dec 1903. [7 Jan 1904 - obituary].

Cann, Arthur J. see Gardner, Arthur M.

Cann, Josie see Gardner, Arthur M.

Cathers, William A., married at St. John, NB, 20 Apr 1904 to Ada Kearns. [BR 28 Apr 1904].

Caven, Rev. Dr. , died at Toronto, 1st., b. Scotland, 1830. [BR 8 Dec 1904 see Local Reg].

Charlcraft, Jessie married at Windsor, 24 Dec 1903, to Orford E. Lewis. [BR 14 Jan 1904].

Charlton, Charles M., born to at Bridgetown, 24 Mar 1904, a daughter. [BR 7 Apr 1904].

Charlton, Lucy see Rood, J. Foster.

Charlton, W. H. see Rood, J. Foster.

Chipman, Ernest L., s/o F. M. Chipman, Nictaux, married at Upper Clarence, 23 Nov 1904, to Louise d/o A. D. Wilkins. [BR 1 Dec 1904 write up].

Chipman, F. M. see Chipman, Ernest L.

Chipman, Annie, w/o X. Z. Chipman, d/o Charles Bill, of Liverpool, NS, died at Wolfville, 22 Sept 1904, 61 years. [BR 13 Oct 1904].

Chipman, X. Z. see Chipman, Annie.

Chute, Lucy M. see Chute, Unie.

Chute, Mary see Burgess, William Jeheil.

Chute, Unie, died at Berwick, Sept 8, 1904, d/o J. Burton and Lucy M. Chute, age 25 years. [BR 15 Sept 1904]

Chute, W. H. see Burgess, William Jeheil.

Clark, Albert K. see Covert, Dr. Archibald M.

Clark, John G. see Clark, Margaret D.

Clark, Margaret D., w/o John G. Clark, died at Berwick, 19 Feb 1904, 60 years 2 months; maiden name Dunkee, native of Yarmouth; m. Mar 1864.[BR 25 Feb 1904 obit + notice].

Clark, Minnie A. see Covert, Dr. Archibald M.

Clark, Ralph Noble, Berwick, married at Somerset, 6 Apr 1904, to Mabel Lovinia Illsley, d/o Annie E. Illsley and the late Charles L. Illsley. [BR 7 April 1904 write up + notice].

Clem, David see Clem, Glencora.

Clem, Glencora, niece of David Clem, Burlington, NS, married at Somerville, Mass., 29 June 1904, to Arthur Sylvester Eddy, Boston, Mass. [BR 7 July 1904 write up].

Cole, Flossie d/o Robert Cole, Harmony, married at Harmony, 1 June 1904, to Clarence A. Nichols s/o A. D. Nichols, Millville. [BR 9 June 1904 write up].

Cole, Robert see Cole, Flossie.

Congdon, Mary see Congdon, Owen P.

Congdon, Owen P., died at Somerset, 10 Sept 1904, s/o Mary & late Samuel G. Congdon, 32 years, b. 1872 Union Square m. Della Neily d/o T. A. Neily, Middleton. [BR 15 Sept 1904 obituary ].

Congdon, Samuel G. see Congdon, Owen P.

Cook, Roscoe I., born to at Harborville, 4 July 1904. [BR 28 July 1904].

Cornwall, G. Beverly see Metcalf, Hattie.

Covert, Dr. Archibald M., Lakeville, married at Woodville, 8 March 1904, to Minnie A. Clark d/o Albert K. Clark. [BR 17 Mar 1904].

Craig, E. A., born to at Bridgetown, 23 Mar 1904, a daughter. [BR 7 April 1904].

Craig, Deacon William see Caldwell, Mrs. John.

Croft, Mrs. Simon see White, Irene Lottie.

Dakin, Fraser W., died at Digby, 25 Feb 1904, age 74 years. [BR 3 Mar 1904].

Davis, Edith A. see McKinnon, George D.

Dempsey, Odessa Pearl see Minnis, Richard Avery.

Dempsey, Wallace see Minnis, Richard Avery.

DeVitt, Frank see Mosher, Annabel.

Dickie, Ada L., d/o John I. Dickie, married at Hantsport, 20th., to Stanley A. Marchant, residence, Oxford. [BR 28 July 1904].

Dickie, John I. See Dickie, Ada L.

Dinsmore, Mrs. Harriet see Franklin, George.

Dodd, Mrs. Annie E. see Franklin, George.

Dove, Susan L. wid/o late Ingram E. Bill, died at Roxbury, Mass., 25 May 1904, 84 years 5 months. [BR 2 June 1904].

Dunham, Mrs. Rachel, Canada Creek, married at Waterville, 13 Jan 1904, Isaac W. Parker, White’s Corner. [BR 21 Jan 1904].

Dunkee, Margaret D. see Clark, Margaret D.

Dunlap, Mary see Dunlap, W. H. Dev.

Dunlap, Thomas see Dunlap, W. H. Dev.

Dunlap, W. H. Dev., s/o Thomas & Mary Dunlap Amherst, died at Halifax, 7 June 1904, age 21 years. [BR 16 June 1904].

Dwyer, Edmund see Forsythe, Blanche.

Eaton, F. F., Truro, died at Montreal, 29 June 1904, 41 years. [BR 7 July 1904].

Eaton, Truman, married at Billtown, 17 Aug 1904, to Hattie Reid, Steam Mill. [BR 25 Aug 1904 see Centreville].

Eaton, Howard see Keddy, Eleanor Rosetta.

Eaton, Joseph L., formerly of Kentville, married at Pictou Landing, 20 Oct 1904, to Maud Foster. [BR 27 Oct 1904].

Eddy, Arthur Sylvester see Clem, Glencora.

Edwards, Plimsoll, born to at Londonderry, 26 Sept 1904, a daughter. [BR 13 Oct 1904].

Ewing, Amos see Ewing, Bessie.

Ewing, Bessie d/o Amos Ewing, married, at home of Amos Ewing, to Edgar B. Palmer, Millville. [BR 1 Dec 1904 write up].

Ewing, Julia see Lamb, Julia.

Farnsworth, Nelson see Farnsworth, Rachel.

Farnsworth, Rachel wid/o Nelson Farnsworth, d/o Eliakim Tupper, died at Weston, 5 June 1904, 84 years. [BR 9 June 1904].

Farrell, Bernard, died at Kentville, 30 Sept 1904, age 77 years. [BR 6 Oct 1904 see Kentville + Notice].

Farrell, Mrs. H. D. see Farrell, Margaret Eleanor.

Farrell, Margaret Eleanor, married at St. Joseph’s Church, Monday, d/o Mrs. H. D. Farrell to John Tobin, Starr’s Point. [BR 8 Sept 1904 see Kentville column].

Fishwick, F. W. H. see Burke, Nellie.

Foote, Charles, Ferguson, B.C., married at North Billtown, 6 Sept 1904, to Ruth Bentley d/o R. D. Bentley; will reside Ferguson, B.C. [BR 22 Sept 1904 write up].

Forsythe, Blanche, formerly of Billtown, to Edmund Dwyer, Boston; reside Boston.[BR 6 October 1904 see Personals].

Forsythe, Gordon see Forsythe Gordon D.

Forsythe, Gordon D., s/o Lucy A. & late Gordon Forsythe, formerly of Berwick, 23 years, died at Boston, Mass., 19 Jan 1904. [BR 28 Jan 1904].

Forsythe, Lucy A. see Forsythe, Gordon D.

Foster, Charley G., born to at Berwick, 17 Aug 1904, a daughter. [BR 8 Sept 1904].

Foster, Edward see Foster, Mrs. Harriet.

Foster, Mrs. Harriet L. wid/o Edward O. Foster, died at Berwick, yesterday, resident of Berwick since 1847. [BR 2 June 1904 obituary].

Foster, Maud see Eaton, Joseph L.

Fox, Levi, died at Millville, 1 Sept 1904, in 75th year. [BR 8 Sept 1904].

Franklin, George, s/o Mrs. Harriet Dinsmore, married at Marblehead, mass., 16 July 1904, to Mrs. Annie E. Dodd d/o late P. Houghton, Hall’s Harbor, NS.[BR 18 Aug 1904 write up].

Fraser, A. Milne, married at Halifax, NS, 9 Nov 1904, to Jessie Blanchard, formerly of Kentville; his 1st wife was Rose Blanchard, sister of Jessie. [BR 17 Nov 1904 see p.2].

Frederick, George B., Alton, Kings Co., NS, married at Berwick, 4 Oct 1904, to Prudence Guild, Truro, formerly of Berwick. [BR 13 Oct 1904].

Gardner, Arthur M., married at Yarmouth, Wed, to Josie Cann d/o Arthur J. Cann. [BR 10 November 1904 see Local Register].

Gaul, C. E. born to at Dalhousie East, 21 Sept 1904, a daughter. [BR 6 Oct 1904].

Gaul, John see Tobin, Ellen.

Gesner, Mrs. John H., d/o William B. Masters, died at Waterville, 18 Dec 1903, born in Centreville, moved to Boston, returned to NS. [BR 7 Jan 1904 -obituary/write-up].

Gould, Cora M. see Peterson, Peter.

Gould, George see Algee, Emma.

Gould, Capt. J. W., born to at Kentville, 27 Nov 1904, a daughter. [BR 8 Dec 1904].

Gosbee, Caroline, w/o James H. Gosbee, died at Shelburne 14 Feb 1904, 75 years. BR 25 Feb 1904].

Gosbee, James H. see Gosbee, Caroline.

Graves, Besie see Baltzer, Bessie.

Graves, Burpee see Baltzer, Bessie.

Graves, Hibbert, born to at Boxboro, Mass., 10 Aug 1904, twin daughters. [BR 25 Aug 1904].

Greenwood, A. F. see Small, Edith F.

Grierson, Robert s/o William Grierson, died Monday. [BR 21 Jan 1904 see Kentville].

Grierson, William see Grierson, Robert.

Guild, Prudence see Frederick, George B.

Haley, J. W., born to at Berwick, 18 Oct 1904, a son. [BR 20 Oct 1904].

Hall, Charles W. see Hall, Harriet

Hall, Harriet, wid/o Charles W. Hall, Burlington, died at Waterville, 13 Oct 1904. [BR 20 October 1904 see Waterville + Notice].

Hall, William, died 25 August 1904, of Horton Bluff, 78 years. [BR 8 Sept 1904 obituary].

Hallam, Rev. W. T. see Best, Lillian Gertrude.

Harrington, Dr. Arthur, of Guysboro, died at Calgary. [BR 22 Dec 1904 obituary].

Harris, Charlotte M., wid/o T. W. Harris, died at Windsor, 19 Feb 1904, in her 80th year. [BR 25 Feb 1904].

Harris, T. W. see Harris, Charlotte M.

Harrison, Cuthbert, born to at Cambridge, 19 Mar 1904, a son. [BR 24 March 1904].

Harvey, Dr. F. C., formerly of Wolfville, NS, now "of this city", married at Spokane, Washington, 2 Aug 1904, to Myra McIntosh, Waterville. [Spokane, Washington, 4 August paper] .[BR 18 Aug 1904 write up].

Hayes, Walter, born to at White’s Corner, 6 Feb 1904, a son. [BR 11 Feb 1904].

Hayes, Capt. William, of the Schooner Bonnie Doon, married at Somerset, NS, 29 June 1904, to Mrs. Udica Rawding; reside, Burlington. [BR 7 July 1904].

Heckman, Kate E., died at the residence of Rupert Bligh, 4 July 1904, 87 years. [BR 28 July 1904].

Hird, Colin Alexander, married at Welsford, 6 April 1904, to Laura Blanche Lovelace, Welsford, d/o Thaddeus Lovelace. [BR 7 April 1904 see BR 21 April 1904 as well].

Hole, Very, Rev. S. Reynolds, Dean of Rochester, since 1887, England, died, 26 Aug 1904. [BR 1 Sept 1904].

Hood, Richard Sanderson see Best, Bertha Blanche.

Hogg, Mrs. Rev. Joseph, died at Winnipeg, Friday last, w/o Rev. Joseph Hogg, formerly of Cornwallis d/o Henry B. Webster, Kentville. [BR 10 Nov 1904].

Hogg, Rev. Joseph see Hogg, Mrs. Rev. Joseph

Horsnell, Stalin see Beckwith, Mina.

Houghton, P. see Franklin, George.

Hudson, inf/s/o F. N., died at Auburn, 19 Apr 1904, 2 months 19 days. [BR 21 Apr 1904].

Huestis, Mrs. Rev. G. O., died at Lunenburg, 4 Aug 1904, w/o Rev G. O. Husetis; they were married in Halifax, 1851. [BR 11 Aug 1904 obituary].

Huntley, Leonard W., married at Grafton, 28 Oct 1904, to Julia A. Rodick. [BR 27 Oct 1904].

Huntley, L. A., born to at Scotts Bay, 3 may 1904, a daughter. [BR 19 may 1904].

Hutchins, Rev. W. N., born to at Truro, 14 Mar 1904, a son. [BR 17 Mar 1904].

Hutchison, William A., died at Morristown, 19 Jan 1904, age 31 years. [BR 21 Jan 1904].

Illsley, Amelia see Burgess, William Jeheil.

Illsley, Annie E. see Clark, Ralph Noble.

Illsley, Brenton H., born to at Coldbrook, 16 May 1904, a daughter.[BR 26 May 1904].

Illsley, Brenton H. see Illsley, Lucy May.

Illsley, Brenton H., Coldbrook, married at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 17 Nov 1904 to Mrs. Martha L. Webster, Aylesford. [BR 24 Nov 1904].

Illsley, Charles L. see Clark, Ralph Noble.

Illsley, James E. see Burgess, William Jeheil.

Illsley, Lucy May, died at Somerset, 2 Jan 1904, d/o Brenton H. Illsley, 21 years 1 month, (her mother d. Sept). [BR 7 Jan 1904].

Illsley, Lovinia see Clark, Ralph Noble.

Irvin, Hiram, born to at Scotts Bay, 25 Oct 1904, a daughter. [BR 10 Nov 1904].

Jordan, Laurie H. see Randall, Addie L.

Keans, Ada see Cathers, William A.

Keddy, Eleanor Rosetta d/o N. W. Keddy, married , yesterday, to Howard Eaton, Berwick. [BR 26 May 1904 write up].

Keddy, Holmes M., Berwick, married Wednesday, no place mentioned, to Beatrice A. Brown d/o Kinsman Brown. [BR 9 June 1904].

Keddy, N. W. see Keddy, Eleanor Rosetta.

Kelley, Lemuel, married at Waterville, 7 Mar 1904, to Mamie Woodworth, South Berwick. [BR 17 Mar 1904].

Killam, Arthur B., died at Somerset, Thurs. last week, m. Emily Butler, Chester. [BR 25 Aug 1904 obituary with additional information].

Killam, Arthur B., died at Somerset, 18 August s.o Joseph Killam, Somerset, 16 years. [BR 25 August 1904 -Notice ; see other Notice, Arthur B. Killam -may be some confusion].

Killam, Avard F. see Best, Mary Arthelia.

Lamb, Julia, w/o L. J. Lamb, died at Minnedosa, Manitoba, 8 Mar 1904, formerly Julia Ewing, Morristown, Kings Co., NS. [BR 24 mar 1904].

Lamb, L. J. see Lamb, Julia.

Lamont, Violet McEven see Skinner, Alfred Patterson.

Lantz, Miss see Sawler, Joseph I.

Lee, Maynard L. see Robinson, Ida J.

Legge, Anne A., died at Scotts Bay Road, w/o Benjamin Legge, 9 Feb 1904. [BR 18 Feb 1904 see Local Register].

Legge, Benjamin see Legge, Anne A.

Lewis, Charles H., died Sunday, age 75 years.[Despatch from Yarmouth - BR 10 Mar 1904 see Local Register].

Lewis, Orford E. see Charlcraft, Jessie.

Lightizer, Kelvington, born to at Greenwood, 1 Mar 1904, a son. [BR 17 Mar 1904].

Little, Hallett, Prospect, married at Berwick, 10 June 1904 to Esther Nixon, Garland. BR 16 June 1904].

Lockhart, C. B., married Monday, Hyacinth Reaves, d/o George Reaves. [BR 29 Sept 1904 see p.3 Kemptville].

Longley, J. W., born to at Halifax, 7 July 1904, a son. [BR 7 July 1904].

Lovelace, Laura Blanche see Hird, Colin Alexander.

Lovelace, Matilda see Best, William H.

Lovelace, Thaddeus see Hird, Colin Alexander.

Lutz, William, born to at Lake Paul, 4 Apr 1904, a son. [BR 21 April 1904].

Lyons, Ella E., w/o Twinning, died at Waterville, 6 Aug 1904, 34 years. [BR 11August 1904 see 18 Aug 1904- obituary].

Lyons, Twinning see Lyons, Ella E.

Magee, Elizabeth see Troop, William B.

Magee, ___ Henry, see Troop, William B.

Mahaney, Annie see Mahaney, Robert Fitch.

Mahaney, Michael see Mahaney, Robert Fitch.

Mahaney, Robert Fitch s/o Michael & Annie Mahaney, age 22 years, died at Cambridge, 26 Nov 1904. [BR 22 Dec 1904, obituary].

Marchant, Stanley A. see Dickie, Ada L.

Margeson, Ada see Bezanson, Ada.

Margeson, Christopher, see Bezanson, Ada.

Margeson, Christopher see Margeson, Harriet.

Margeson, Eudvilla see Best, Aubrey Garfield.

Margeson, Harriet, wid/o Christopher Margeson, Melvern Square, died at South Berwick, 13 Apr 1904, d/o Isaac North, Lawrencetown, 92 years 11 months. [BR 21 April 1904 Notice + Local Register].

Margeson, John W., died at Kentville, last week, age 77 years. [BR 29 Dec 1904 obituary].

Margeson, Phoebe Ann see Morris, Phoebe Ann.

Margeson, Thomas see Morris, Phoebe Ann.

Marshall, C. K., born to at Dalhousie, 9 Mar 1904, a daughter. [BR 17 Mar 1904].

Marsters, H. C., born to at Berwick, 15 Feb 1904, a daughter. [BR 18 Feb 1904].

Masters, William B. see Gesner, Mrs. John.

Martin, C. L., born to at Amherst, 21 Dec 1904, a son. [BR 14 Jan 1904].

Martin, Renford L. see Benjamin, Flora Z.

McColl, Margaret see Browne, Roy W.

McDade, Ellen, w/o Patrick McDade, died at Factorydale, 19 Nov 1904, 54 years. [BR 1 December 1904].

McDade, Patrick see McDade, Ellen.

McIntosh, Myra see Harvey, Dr. F. C.

McKenzie, Alexander, married at Berwick, 11 May 1904, to Mamie Brown, both of South Berwick. [BR 12 May 1904].

McKinnon, George D. married at Windsor, 24 Dec 1903, to Edith A. Davis. [BR 14 Jan 1904].

McRae, A. D., born to at Port of Spain, Trinidad, 7 June 1904, a son, formerly of Kentville.[BR 23 June 1904].

Mealey, J. W., born to at Berwick, 9 May 1904, a son. [BR 12 May 1904].

Metcalf, Hattie, married at Lowell, Mass., 5 July 1904, to G. Beverly Cornwall. [BR 18 July 1904].

Mills, Walter, Stoney Beach, married at Karsdale, 21 Sept 1904, to Josephine E. Young d/o Capt. Victor J. Young, Karsdale, Lower Granville, NS. [BR 29 Sept 1904].

Minnis, Richard Avery, married at Morden, 22 Sept 1904, to Odessa Pearl Dempsey d/o Wallace Dempsey, all of Morden. [BR 13 Oct 1904].

Moody, James, born to at Buckley’s Corner, Grafton, 30 Oct 1904,, a son. [BR 3 Nov 1904].

Morris, Capt. D. H., died at Windsor, 30 Sept 1904, age 72 years. [BR 6 Oct 1904].

Morris, Lewis see Morris, Phoebe Ann.

Morris, Phoebe Ann, wid/o late Lewis Morris d/o late Thomas Margeson, died at Roxbury, Mass., 30 Sept 1904, 74 years. [BR 6 Oct 1904 see Notice and Personals].

Morse, John O. see Morse, Mary Parker.

Morse, Mary Parker, d/o late John O. Morse, formerly of Grafton, died at Bridgetown, NS, 11 July 1904. [BR 14 July 1904].

Mosher, Alfred S., died at Lake George, Kings Co., NS, 17 Aug 1904, 52 years 8 Months. [BR 25 August 1904].

Mosher, Annabel, d/o Peter Mosher, Buckley’s Corner, married at Dorchester, Mass., 19 Oct 1904, to Frank DeVitt, Dorchester, Mass. [BR 3 Nov 1904 see Grafton, write up].

Mosher, H. E., born to at Berwick, 28 Jan 1904, a son. [BR 4 Feb 1904].

Mosher, Peter see Mosher, Annabel.

Muir, Dr. D. H., died at Truro, Friday last,. [BR 17 Mar 1904 see Local Register].

Muirhead, Stuart, born to at Halifax, 19 Apr 1904, a daughter.[BR 21 Apr 1904].

Munroe, John, born to at Scotts Bay, 3 Nov 1904, twins ( boy, girl). [BR 10 Nov 1904].

Murphy, Bessie see Sommerville, John D.

Neaves, Jessie F., born to at Port Lorne, 22 Nov 1904, a son. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Neily, Della see Congdon, Owen P.

Neily, T. A. see Congdon, Owen P.

Newcombe, Aubrey, see Bishop, Annie May.

Nichols, A. D. See Cole, Flossie.

Nichols, Ernest A., born to at Welsford, 16 Aug 1904, a son. [BR 18 Aug 1904].

Nichols, Clarence see Cole, Flossie.

Nichols, Isaac see Nichols, Minetta.

Nichols, Rev. J. Henngar, Nichols, Jennie H.

Nichols, Jennie H., w/o Rev. J. Hennigar Nichols, died at Gage, Oklahoma, in her 40th year. [BR 10 March 1904 see Bereaved].

Nichols, Mildred, inf/d/o Minard L. Nichols, died, at Berwick 9 Sept 1904, age 6 months. BR 15 Sept 1904].

Nichols, Minard L. see Nichols, Mildred.

Nichols, Minetta, w/o Isaac Nichols, d/o B. Winsby, died at Nicholsville, 16 Dec 1904. [BR 22 Dec 1904].

Nichols, Robert, died at Morristown, 7 Nov 1904, age 65 years. [Notice + Obituary].

Nixon, Esther see Little, Hallett.

North, Harriet see Margeson, Harriet.

North, Isaac see Margeson, Harriet.

Nixon, George, born to at Berwick, 12 Sept 1904, a daughter.[BR 15 Sept 1904].

Oicle, Joshia, born to at Dalhousie East, 4 July 1904, a son. [BR 18 Aug 1904].

Orr, William McT. see Buchanan, Edna H.

Palmer, Edgar B. see Ewing, Bessie.

Parker, D. B. see Parker, Sophia J.

Parker, Isaac W. see Dunham, Mrs. Rachel.

Parker, S. C., born to at Berwick, 21 Nov 1904, a daughter. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Parker, Sophia J., Harborville, d/o D. B. Parker, married at Harborville, 15th., to Rev. S. Walter Schurman, Pastor of Lunenburg Baptist Church.[Br 23 June 1904 write up].

Parrish, George see Best, Ada Beatrice.

Parsons, W. R., born to at Yorktown, Assa. [Assiniboia?], 16 Mar 1904, a son. [BR 7 Apr 1904].

Patterson, Miss see West, Walter.

Payzant, Donald inf/s/o L. K. Payzant, 13 months, died at Dartmouth, 8 Dec 1904. [BR 15 Dec 1904].

Payzant, L. K. see Payzant, Donald.

Pelton, R. A., born to at Berwick, 21 Nov 1904, a son. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Peterson, Peter, married at Waterville, 27 Apr 1904, to Cora M. Gould, both of Chipman Brook. [BR 5 May 1904].

Peterson, Sophia E., Worchester, Mass., married at Worchester, Mass., 18 May 1904, to Parker J. Young s/o O. P. Young, Lake Paul, NS. [BR 14 July 1904].

Pineo, Mrs. John, wid/o Jonathan Pineo, formerly of Waterville, died at Prospect, 25 Nov 1904. [BR 22 Dec 1904 obituary; additional family information].

Pineo, Jonathan see Pineo, Mrs. John.

Pitblado, Colin see Pitblado, Jane Ellen.

Pitblado, Jane Ellen, wid/o Colin Pitblado, died at Dartmouth, 17 Aug 1904, d/o Rev. William Sommerville, 69 years.[BR 18 Aug 1904 see also p.3 col. 1 see 25 Aug 1904 also].

Porter, Selinda M., married at Berwick, 20 Apr 1904, to Charles Avard Belcher, of Upper Dyke. [BR 28 April 1904].

Powers, Edwin, s/o Owen Powers, died at Grafton, Friday last week, age about 16 months, at the home of his grandparents, William Sullivan. [BR 14 July 1904, see Grafton].

Powers, Owen see Powers, Edwin.

Pudsey, John J., died at Bridgetown, Sunday last. [BR 6 Oct 1904 see Local Register].

Rafuse, Miss see Sawler, Joseph I.

Rainforth, Christopher see Borden, Sarah Ann.

Rainforth, Sarah Ann see Borden, Sarah Ann.

Randall, Addie L., d/o G. E. Randall, married at Harmony, 14 June 1904, to Laurie H. Jordan, Auburn. [BR 23 June 1904 write up].

Randall, G. E. see Randall, Addie L.

Rawding, Mrs. Udica see Hayes, Capt. William.

Reaves, George see Lockhart, C. B.

Reaves, Hyacinth see Lockhart, C. B.

Reid, Hattie see Eaton, Truman.

Richardson, C. A. see Richardson, Olive Blanche.

Richardson, Olive Blanche d/o C. A. Richardson married at Morristown, 6 Jan 1904, to D. A. Vail, Sussex, N.B. [BR 14 Jan 1904 - write-up].

Roach, Rev. Howard H., died at St. John, Wednesday last week, a native of Clarence, 37 years. [BR 29 Dec 1904, obituary see also Register, 12 Jan 1905].

Robeson, John J. see Strong, May.

Robinson, Boardman, formerly of Berwick, married at Plessis Trevise, Seine-et Oise, France, 28 Nov 1903, to Sarah Senter Whitney ; reside at Chateau de la Lande. [BR 7 Jan 1904 see Personals column].

Robinson, Ida J., d/o James H. Robinson, Burlington, married at Berwick, 21 Sept 1904, to Maynard L. Lee, Harborville. [BR 29 Sept 1904].

Robinson, James H. see Robinson, Ida J.

Rodick, Julia A. see Huntley, Leonard W.

Rood, J. Foster, Halifax, married at Waterville, 24th, to Lucy Charlton, d/o W. H. Charlton, Waterville. [BR 31 March 1904 - write up].

Rowe, Dr. J. T. W. see Rowe, Lizzie.

Rowe, Lizzie w/o Dr. J. T. W. Rowe, formerly of Port Williams, died at Ward’s Island, New York, 4 May 1904. [BR 12 May 1904].

Rudolph, George, died near Bear River, 1 June 1904, 85 years. [BR 9 June 1904 write up].

Rumsey, Charles, died at Clarence, Saturday, 96 years. [BR 10 Nov 1904].

Salzman, David see Salzman, d/o David.

Salzman, d/o David, Somerset, 13 years. [BR 1 Sept 1904].

Sandford, Charles see Sandford, Mary Currie.

Sandford, Mary Currie d/o Charles Sandford, married at Weston, New Year’s Eve to Harry Saunders, Aylesford. [BR Jan 1904 - write-up].

Sanford, Norman F. see Selfridge, Emma Blake.

Sanford, Starratt, born to at Grafton, 27 Aug 1904, a daughter. [BR 8 Sept 1904].

Sanford, W. B., born to at Grafton, 17 Sept 1904, a son.

Saunders, Harry see Sandford, Mary Currie.

Sawler, Everett W. s/o Joseph Sawler, died at Glouchester, Mass., 11th inst., burial Cambridge, Mass. [BR 14 July 1904 obituary see also 21 July 1904, White, Irene].

Sawler, Joseph see Sawler, Everett W.

Sawler, Joseph I., died, b. Chester Basin, March 1814, settled Windsor Road, then removed to Cornwallis 1869; m1. a Miss Rafuse m2. A Miss Lantz; 91 years.[BR 25 Aug 1904 obit].

Seddon, Myra Evelyn see Beardsley, Dr. Loring Read.

Schurman, Rev. S. Walter see Parker, Sophia J.

Selfridge, Emma Blake, d/o J. W. Selfridge, married at Wolfville, 9 Nov 1904, to Norman F. Sanford. [BR 24 Nov 1904 Emma Blake Selfridge may just be Emma Blake?].

Selfridge, J. W. see Selfridge, Emma Blake.

Shand, Sarah Ann relict/o James Shand, died at Halifax, NS, 5 Oct 1904, age 97 years. [BR 13 Oct 1904].

Shand, James see Shand, Sarah Ann.

Shaw, Fred A. see Bowles, Edna Blake.

Shaw, Reginald Frederick see Bowles, Edna Blake.

Shaw, Thomas, died at Bridgetown, 13 Dec 1904, 75 years, a native of Cornwallis. [BR 22 Dec 1904].

Skinner, Alfred Patterson, Brooklyn St., married at Woodville, 7 Dec 1904, to Violet McEven Lamont. [BR 15 Dec 1904 write up].

Small, Edith F., married at Greenwood Square, 12 Jan 1904, to A. F. Greenwood, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. [BR 21 Jan 1904 - write up].

Small, Louis W., died at Halifax, 30 March 1904, 45 years. [BR 7 Apr 1904 see Greenwood and Notice].

Smith, E. J., born to at Dalhousie East, 2 Sept 1904, a daughter. [BR 8 Sept 1904].

Smith, Fred, Kingston, married at Auburn, 28 Sept 1904, to Nellie Taylor d/o Stephen Taylor. [BR 6 Oct 1904 write up].

Sommerville, Jane Ellen see Pitblado, Jane Ellen.

Sommerville, Rev. William see Pitblado, Jane Ellen.

Sommerville, John D., died at Berwick, yesterday, about 63 years, b. Horton, s/o late Rev. William Sommerville, m. Bessie Murphy, Wolfville. [BR 19 May 1904 see Notice see 26 May 1904 as well - age as 62 years 11 months].

Sommerville, Rev. William see Sommerville, John D.

Stanwood, Capt. Samuel, died at Cambridge, Mass., Sat. last. [BR 8 Dec 1904 see Local Reg].

Stingle, William, died at the VG Hospital, Fridgay, age 70 years, native of Musquodobit Habor; internment Aylesford. [BR 15 Sept 1904].

Stoddart, Inez d/o Robert Stoddart died. No further information. [BR 5 May 1904 see Dalhousie East column].

Stoddart, Robert see Stoddart, Inez.

Strong, May, married at Tyngsboro, Mass (residence) 29 Mar 1904, to John J. Robeson. [BR 14 April 1904 write up].

Sullivan, G. Forseter, born to at South Berwick, 6 Dec 1904, a son. [BR 15 Dec 1904].

Sullivan, Howard, born to at North Grafton, 1 Sept 1904, a son. [BR 8 Sept 1904].

Sullivan, William see Powers, Edwin.

Sweet, Roy, born to at Centreville, 10 July 1904, a son.

Taylor, Elizabeth w/o Thomas C. Taylor, died at Somerville, Mass., 25 Nov 1904, formerly of Aylesford, NS. [BR 1 Dec 1904].

Taylor, Nellie see Smith Fred.

Taylor, Stephen see Smith, Fred.

Taylor, Thomas C. see Taylor, Elizabeth.

Thomson, Archibald Alexander see Blanchard, Roberta Mary.

Tobin, Ellen wid/o late John Gaul, died at Dalhousie, 2 June 1904, 99 years. [BR 9 June 1904 Notice and Dalhousie].

Troop, William B., died at Granville, last week ( Mrs. Troop the former Elizabeth Magee d/o late ____ Henry Magee, Town Plot, Cornwallis.[ See Local Register].

Truesdell, Harvey, born to at South Berwick, 25th inst., a son. [BR 28 Jan 1904].

Tully, Margaret, died at Kentville, 14 Feb 1904, in her 20th year.[BR 18 Feb 1904].

Tupper, Eliakim see Farnsworth, Rachel.

Tupper, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 13 Feb 1904, a son. [BR 3 March 1904].

Tupper, Stanley O., died at Scotts Bay, 19 Feb 1904, age 29 years. [BR 3 Mar 1904].

Vail, D. A. see Richardson, Olive Blanche.

VanBuskirk, Addie, died at Berwick, 3 Jan 1904, 24 years. [BR 7 Jan 1904].

Veinotte, James, born to at East Dalhousie, 31 Oct 1904, a son. [BR 10 Nov 1904].

Ward, Avery T., see Brennan, Blanche Mabel.

Weaver, George Owen, died at North Reading, Mass., 5 Feb 1904, age 39 years 11 Months. [BR 3 March 1904].

Webster, Henry B. see Hogg, Mrs. Rev. Joseph.

Webster, Mrs. Martha L. see Illsley, Brenton H.

West, Walter, married at Yarmouth, 21 Sept 1904 to Miss Patterson. [ BR 29 Sept 1904 see Wedding Reception & write up].

Whalen, Mrs. Walton, Woodside, Kings Co., NS, died 27 May 1904, age 62 years. [BR 16 June 1904].

Wheaton, John, infant d/o died at South Berwick, 12 Sept 1904, age 3 weeks. [BR 15 September 1904].

White, " a man named", died at Kingsport, Friday. [ BR 10 Nov 1904 see Local Register].

White, Irene Lottie, died, at Chauncy Lake, Westboro, Mass., Saturday last, drowning, native of Waterville, d/o Mrs. Simon Croft, whose brother was Everett W. Sawler. [ BR 21 July 1904 ; see 14 July 1904; see Waterville co.; see write up also.].

Whitman, John, married at Lawrencetown, 7th inst., to Lottie Bowlby, Aylesford. [BR 22 September 1904].

Whitney, Sarah Senter see Robinson, Boardman.

Wiggins, George see Wiggins, Mrs. Mary.

Wiggins, Mrs. Mary, wid/o George Wiggins, died at Windsor, Saturday, +70 years. [BR 20 Oct 1904 see Local register].

Wilkins, A. D. See Chipman, Ernest L.

Wilkins, Louise see Chipman, Ernest L.

Winsby, B. see Nichols, Minetta.

Wood, Capt. J. Taylor, died at Halifax, NS, 19 July 1904, an officer of the Confederate Navy ; grandson of President Zachery Taylor.[BR 28 July 1904].

Woodworth, Isabella see Best, Isabella.

Woodworth, Mamie see Kelley, Lemuel.

Woodworth, Oliver see Best, Isabella.

Woodworth, Samuel see Woodworth, Shubael B.

Woodworth, Shubael B., s/o Samuel Woodworth, Hall’s Harbour, died at Billtown, 18 Jan 1904, 78 years. [BR 28 Jan 1904].

Young, Josephine E. see Mills, Walter.

Young, O. P. see Peterson, Sophia E.

Young, Parker J. see Peterson, Sophia E.

Young, Capt. Victor J see Mills, Walter.

Young, Walter, born to at Dalhousie East, 28 April 1904, a daughter. [BR 5 May 1904].

Additional Information that may help someone:

Chute, Henry J., celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary m. 11 June 1879 [BR 16 June 1904].

Hyland: Golden Wedding Anniversary: Euben A. Hyland of Ogilvie, 21 July m. Aylesford 50 years ago; Mrs. Hyland d/o late Richard Armstrong, Aylesford m. July 1854 by Rev Chas. Tupper; children listed; in 80th year. [BR 4 Aug 1904].