The Weekly Monitor 1878 - 1879

The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, mfm #1030

1878 Published on Wednesday

This reel begins at 6 September 1878 but from #1029 misc. reel there is 27 Feb 1878 included. Some abbreviations are used i.e. Anna., for Annapolis; d/o =daughter of, etc. Words are spelled as in announcement, dates are as given and the geography is yours to discover. Also please be aware that the surname may not always be repeated and that there may be several surnames if the same in one listing; further the wife’s given name may be omitted – i.e. d/o John and Hannah Copeland; Hannah may be omitted because of time, space, etc. and it is not a surname; if the surname is given it will be used. If you notice errors please let us know. These vital statistics are for personal use only. Extractions by John Parker and placed on the Internet by Phil Vogler . Spelling as in newspaper. Please go to the source for a copy- NSARM will make one for you for a small fee. NSARM web site : ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 ; E-mail :

** If looking for Phinney please check ALL Phinneys. In other words, check all names under one surname. Please remember that misses may have happened.

***This reel skips from 9 April 1879 to 23 July 1879; skips again from 13 Aug 1879 to 24 Sept 1879. There is a skip from end 24th Dec 1879 to 21 Jan 1880.

Amberman, William, married at Granville Ferry, 25th inst to Eliza Hardy. [2 Oct 1878].

Anderson, Avard, married at Bridgetown, 29th ult to Isabel Hannom, Dalhousie West.[2 April 1879].

Andrews, Mrs. Sarah, married at Barton, Digby Co. 16th inst, to Henry Blakslee, Bear River.[5 Nov 1879].

Anthony, Michael, died 2nd Jan 1878, Lower Granville, 73 years.[15 Jan 1879].

Armstrong, Elwood H., married at Granville Ferry, 31st ult, to Margaret d/o Samuel McCormick. [15 Jan 1879].

Atwater, Rev. H. W., married at New Ross, 4th inst, to Mary Prat d/o John Prat, New Ross. [13 Nov 1878].

Balcom, Frederick, died at Lawrencetown, 31 Dec 1878, s/o Samuel Balcom, 20 years. [15 Jan 1879].

Balcom, Samuel E., died at Lawrencetown, 8 Dec, 51 years, typhoid fever.[15 Jan 1879].

Balsor, Naomi, d/o Sinclair Balsor, died at Arlington, 7th inst, 33 years.[19 Nov 1879].

Ballentine, George Sr., Wilmot, died 20 Aug 1878, 67 years.[6 Sept 1878].

Balsor, Winworth, married at Port Williams, 11th inst., to Maggie Dunn, both of Port Williams. [18 Sept. 1878].

Banks, Ingram Bill, s/o Rufus Banks, died at Torbrook, 15th inst, 23 years.[30 Oct 1878].

Banks, Oscar, Arlington, married at Port Lorne, 23rd inst, to Mary Palmer, New Germany.[5 Nov 1879].

Barteaux, Freeman s/o Freeman Barteaux Sr., died Tues last, 18 years,[26 Nov 1879 Wed]

Barteaux, Sarah w/o Charles Barteaux, died at Nictaux Falls, 12th inst, 75 years.[19 Mar 1879].

Bauckman, Mary Ella see Everitt, John Wesley.

Beals, Catherine, wid/o Isaac Beals, died at Inglisville, 15th ult 1879, 94 years.[19 Mar 1879].

Beals, Jane, wid/o Cooper Beals, died at Williamston, 14th inst, 74 years.[19 Nov 1879].

Benson, C. A., Bear River, married at Digby, 6 Dec , to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Saunders, Lake George, Yarmouth Co., NS. [17 Dec 1879].

Benson, Elizabeth w/o Christopher Benson, died at Bear River, 3rd inst, 62 years.[13 Nov 1878].

Bent, a d/o Stephen Bent, died at Bentville, Sat last. [8 Oct 1879 Wed].

Bent, Bessie C., Bentville, married at Bridgetown, 4 July 1879, to Moses Everson, Annapolis. [13 August 1879].

Bent, Elias, died at Bellisle, Nov 17th age 90 years.[8 Jan 1879].

Bent, Helen Maude, 4th/d/o Robert Bent, married at Young’s Cove, 22 Jan 1879, to Capt. Hiram Longmire. [5 March 1879].

Bent, Mary Eliza, w/o Gilbert Bent, died at St. John, 12th inst, 65 years.[25 Dec 1878].

Bishop, Hattie B. d/o Edward C. Bishop, died at Upper Clarence, 5th inst, 18 years.[13 Aug 1879].

Blakslee, Henry see Andrews, Mrs. Sarah.

Blakslee, Mrs. Henry, died at Bear River, 12th inst, 68 years.[23 Oct 1878].

Blanchard, James R. see Prat, C. Maria

Bleakney, Mrs. Charlotte, wid/o Rev. Thomas Bleakney, d/o Rev. Charles Tupper, died at Amherst Shore, Cumberland Co., NS, 22nd inst. [29 Jan 1879].

Boudreau, Elizabeth Josephine, Rossway, Digby Co., married at Digby, 9 Dec to Herbert Cosby, Round Hill. [17 Dec 1879].

Bower, Edna May, d/o John Bower, died at Annapolis, 13th inst, 24 years 5mos.[24 Dec 1879].

Bowland, Augusta see Fitch, George Freeman.

Bowland, James see Fitch, George Freeman.

Bowlby, Delilah, d/o John Bowlby, 17 years died at Paradise, 19th inst. [27 Feb 1878].

Bowlby, Isaac, Lawrencetown, married at Middleton, 6th Nov, to Susan Neily, Brooklyn. [20 Nov 1878].

Bradshaw, William A., St. Martins, NB, born to at Lawrencetown, 27th ult, a son.[9 Oct 1878].

Brooks, William H., married to Theresa Eaton, Bridgetown, at Freeport, 14th inst.[25 Dec 1878 Wed.].

Brown, Hannah E. see Chute, Lemuel.

Bruce, Caddie [Callie?], see Foster, R. H..

Bruce, Elias, married 9th inst to Miss Stephenson, both of Mt. Hanley.[15 Jan 1878].

Bruce, George see Foster, R. H..

Buckler, John, s/o William Buckler, died at Dalhousie 21st inst, 27 years. [1 Jan 1879].

Buckley, John, died at Morse Road, 16th inst, 78 years.[29 Oct 1879].

Campbell, Donald, died at Paradise, 21st. inst, 60 years.[25 Sept 1878].

Chase, Edwin see Harvey, Annie A.

Chipman, Mrs. Ann wid/o John H. Chipman, died at Lawrencetown, 21 Feb 1879, 86 years.[12 Mar 1879]

Chipman, Deacon William see DeWitt, Henrietta Maria.

Chipman, Henrietta Maria see DeWitt, Henrietta Maria.

Chute, Bernard, s/o Jarvis Chute, died 24th inst, Bridgetown, 4 [?] years 10 mos.[27 Feb 1878].

Chute, Lemuel, Clarence, married at Pereaux, 1st inst, to Hannah E. Brown, Pereaux.[23 July 1879].

Clarke, Anna S., d/o Edward Clarke, died at Hampton, 22nd ult, 26 years. [9 April 1879].

Clarke, Hebert F., s/o John Clarke, died at Port Lorne, 13th inst, 20 years.[19 Mar 1879 & 26 Mar].

Collins, William H. see Hennigar, Lenora.

Copeland, Lottie, d/o John Copeland, died at Bear River, 12th inst, 4 years.[23 Oct 1878].

Corbitt, Bessie, d/o A. W. Corbitt, Annapolis Royal, married at that place, n. date. to John B. Mills. [23 Oct 1878].

Corbitt, Susan d/o William Corbitt, died at Annapolis, 7th Dec, 8 mos.8 days.[17 Dec 1879].

Cosby, Herbert see Boudreau, Elizabeth Josephine.

Crawford, Margaret, rel/o William Crawford, died at Port George, 20th inst, 77 years.[29 Jan 1879].

Crawford, Joseph, s/o Andrew & Caroline Crawford, died at Port George, 9th inst,1879.[29 Jan 1879].

Currill, John R., died at Bridgetown, Friday last, 77 years.[23 Oct 1878].

Daniels, Mary F. see Durling, James O.

Daniels, Zachariah, died at Lawrencetown, 14 Sept, 77 years.[18 Sept.1878].

Davies, Rev. T. H. see Tufts, Augusta B.

D’Arsay, John, Bett’s Cove, died. (Chronicle) [5 Mar 1879 Monitor write up].

DeLancey, inf/s/of Uniacke, died at Nictaux, 11th ult, 4 months. No given name.[19 Mar 1879].

DeWitt, Henrietta Maria, w/o Dr. George E. DeWitt, died at Chester, Lun. Co., NS, 27th Dec 1878, d/o Deacon William Chipman, Bridgetown, 31 years. [8 Jan 1879].

Dickie, David s/o David Dickie, Canning, died 7th inst, 11 years. [22 Jan 1879].

Dodge, Isaac, died at Clarence, 24 Dec, age 87 years.[25 Dec 1878].

Dodge, Laura P. d/o Charles E & Maria Dodge, died at Aylesford, 15th inst, 6 years 2 months. [23 July 1879 ink marks].

Dodge, Willard Parker, only s/o Edwin G. Dodge, died at Spa Springs, Anna. Co., 13th inst. [30 Oct 1878].

Dondale, Elizabeth, wid/o John B. Dondale, 96 years died at Clements, 3rd inst. [15 Jan 1879].

Doherty, Hugh, died near Hampton Sta., Mon past.[Carleton Sentinel; Monitor 23 July 1879 –para].

Drew, Annie A. d/o Solomon Drew, died at Nictaux Falls, 2nd inst, 13 years.[12 Feb 1879].

Drew, Matthew, died at Margaretville, 21st inst, about 60 years.[24 Sept 1879].

Dunn, Albert see Dunn, Mary E.

Dunn, Maggie see Balsor, Winworth.

Dunn, Mary E, d/o Albert Dunn, married near Lawrencetown, 23rd inst, to Stephen B. Penall, Machias, Maine. [2 Oct 1878].

Dunn, Walter G., died at Port Lorne, 18th inst, 30 years.[26 Nov 1879].

Durland, Anna d/o Demot & Eliza Durland, died at Roxbury, 30th ult, 26 years.[12 Feb 1879].

Durland, Sophia, died at Lawrencetown, 6th inst, 33 years, w/o O. Johnson Durland.[13 Sept 1878]

Durling, James O., Mount Hope, married 1st inst, at Pine Grove, Anna. Co., to Mary F. Daniels, Paradise. [9 Oct 1878].

Early, Rosanna, w/o William Early, died at Margaretville, 9th inst, 71 years.[15 Jan 1879 Wed.].

Eaton, Burton C. see Troop, Hettie.

Eaton, Theresa see Brooks, William H.

Elliott, Stephen, Port George, married at Tiverton, 15th ult, to Henrietta Elliott d/o John Elliott. [12 Nov 1879].

Ellison, J. P. see Hamilton, Robena May.

Ellison, Robena May see Hamilton, Robena May.

Evans, James see Medicraft, Mary Ann.

Everitt, John Wesley, Plympton, Digby Co., married 16th inst, to Mary Bauckman, Bridgetown. [30 July 1879]

Everson, Moses see bent, Bessie C.

Farquarhar, Andrew, s/o Jacob Farquarhar, died 10 Dec 1878 at Western Head.[Liverpool Times Monitor 11 Dec 1878].

Ferguson, …………., died at Port George,…[ink marks 23 July 1879].

Foster, Hunter s/o Norman B. Foster, died at Clarence, 27th ult, 5? Years 4 months.[5 Mar 1879].

Fitch, George Freeman, s/o Hanley Fitch, Clarence, married at Middleton, 24th inst, to Augusta Boland d/o James Bowland, Lawrencetown. [1 Jan 1879].

Fitzrandolph, J. Wesley, died at Round Hill, 19 Nov, 35 years.[27 Nov. 1878].

Fleet, Henry Edward see Gilliatt, Alice O.

Foster, Fraser see Munroe, Laura.

Foster, R. H. Bridgetown, married at Berwick, 11th inst to Caddie [Callie?], only d/o George Bruce, Lawrencetown. [27 Feb 1878].

Foster, Canlbert L., s/o Jacob Foster, died at Port Williams, 11th inst, 6 years 8 days.[16 Oct 1878].

Foster, George B., Nictaux, married at Kentville, 12th inst, to Jemima Jones, Alton. [26 Nov 1879].

Foster, Samuel died at Hampton, 29 July, 96 years. [13 Aug 1879].

Freeman, Anne, w/o Rev. W. Snyder, died at Mahone Bay, in 66th year, n. d.[30 Oct 1878].

Floyd, John F., died on steamer EMPRESS, Digby to St. John, NB, in 59th year.[24 Sept 1879].

Freeman, Mrs. Lizzie, Paradise, died 14th inst, 47 years.[20 Nov 1878].

Freeman, Rufus, died at Pugwash, 6 Oct 1878, 52 years.[23 Oct 1878].

Freeman, Simpson see Ringer, Jane.

Fullerton, Benjamin, died at Clements, 12th inst, in 79th year.[16 Oct 1878].

Galt, Hewina E., died at West Hopkinson, NH, 9th inst, 21 years.[26 Nov 1879].

Gaskill, Lindley, married at Hampton 29th inst to Serena Phinney.[5 Nov 1879].

Gates, Charlotte, married at Melvern Square, 16th ult, to James McLaughlin, Wilmot.[5 Feb 1879].

Gates, Ansley, died at Melvern Square, 23 Aug 1878,64 years.[6 Sept 1878].

Gates, N. P., Melvern Square, married at Farmington, 31st ult, to Annie VanBuskirk, Wilmot.[15 Jan 1879].

Gesner, Maria see Roop, Capt. Norman.

Gesner, George P. see Roop, Capt. Norman.

Gibson, Eva Star, o/c/o Wm. & Fanny Gibson, died at West Dalhousie, 8 March, 1879, age 5 months 22 days. [29 Jan 1879].

Gilliatt, Alice O., d/o Christopher Gilliatt, Upper Clements, married 27 Nov, to Henry Edward Fleet, Annapolis, formerly of Salem, Mass. [4 Dec 1878].

Gilliatt, Capt. Thomas E., died at Clementsport, 16th Dec 1878, 39 years. [8 Jan 1879].

Goodwin, Rufus, died at Victoria Bridge, Digby Co., 28th ult, 68 years.[9 Oct 1878].

Gordon, William, married at Nictaux, 4 Jan 1879, to Jane Hutt. [22 Jan 1879].

Gower, Mrs. Thomas, died at Westport, 26th ult, in 66th year. [9 April 1879].

Graham, Andrew, died at Parker’s Cove, 15th inst, 51 years.[30 Oct 1878].

Graham, Mrs. Lois married at Bear River, 30th ult to J. V. Thomas.[12 Feb 1879].

Graves, David see Graves, Esther.

Graves, Esther, w/o David Graves, died at Port Williams, 30th ult. [9 Oct 1878].

Haliburton, William see McCormick, Ella.

Hamilton, Robena May, w/o R. C. Hamilton, d/o J. P. Ellison, Bear River, in 24th year, died at Bear River, 13th inst. [23 July 1879].

Hannom, Isabel see Anderson, Avard.

Hardy, Eliza see Amberman, William.

Harris, Alden B/, married at Digby, 14th inst to Mrs. Mary Sophia Saunders, both of Bear River. [22 October 1879].

Harvey, Annie A. d/o George Harvey, married at Lower Horton, to Edwin Chase, Church St., on the 18th inst., East Cornwallis. [26 Feb 1879 see also 5 Mar 1879].

Hayes, Francis, d/o Warren & Hannah Hayes, died at Port George, 14th inst, 16 years.[19 Mar 1879].

Hennigar, Menora d/o William Hennigar, married at Hillsburgh, Digby Co., 19th ult, to William H. Collins. [5 Feb 1879].

Hillis [?]. Alice Maud, d/o James & Sarah Hillis, died at Halifax, 21st inst, 9 years 5 mos.[26 Feb 1879].

Hinds, William, died at Port George, 14th inst, 50 years.[16 Oct 1878].

Hudson, Eliza A., d/o Lieut. Henry Hudson, H.M.60th Regiment, died at Granville Ferry, 28th ult. [12 Mar 1879].

Hutt, Jane see Gordon, William.

James, G. W. born to at St. Pierre, Miq. 11 mar a daughter.[9 April 1879].

Johnson, Annie L. see Potter, Z. Murray.

Johnstone, Arthur C. see Ruggles, Annie E.

Johnstone, Louise wid/o J. W. Johnstone, died at Sunnyside, Dartmouth, 26 Nov, 70 years.[3 Dec 1879].

Jones, Martha E., w/o Wesley V. Jones, died at Bluff Road, Bay Shore, 18th inst, age 22 years. [2 Oct. 1878] .

Jodirie, Emma, d/o Joshua Jodirie, New Germany, died at Nictaux Falls, 27th ult. [12 Feb 1879].

Jones, Jemima see Foster, George B.

Lantz, Isaac, Centreville, married at Bridgetown, 26th ult, to Marion Wears, Bridgetown.[5 Mar 1879].

Late, a d/o William, died at Lawrencetown, Sunday past, about 17 years.[18 Dec 1878].

Late, Joseph, Senr. died at Lawrencetown, 28 Sept, 94 years. [15 Oct 1879].

Late, Milledge s/o William Late, died at Lawrencetown, 23rd ult, 19 years.[4 Dec 1878].

Leonard, William, Paradise, died 6th Nov age 43 years.[20 Nov 1878].

Letteney, George H. see Morrison, Louisa Jane.

Litch, Susie see Roblee, W. H.

Lockhart, Alice, 5th d/o William H. Lockhart, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 9th inst to William R. Troop. [25 Sept. 1878].

Lockhart, William H. see Lockhart, Alice.

Long, Cory, married 14th inst to Martha B. Long, d/o William Long Jr., at Clementsvale. [24 Dec 1879].

Longley, Leda M. d/o Robert Marshall, married at Clarence 12th inst to Norman Longley, Paradise. [12 Feb 1879].

Longmire, Capt. Hiram see bent, Helen Maude.

MacKenzie, Dr. J. J., of Dalhousie University, died "yesterday’, [2nd inst ?]b. Greenhill, Pictou Co., 1848. [Chronicle 3rr Inst.] [5 Feb 1879 Monitor obit mfm#1030].

MacKinley, William A. D., died at Bridgetown, 11th inst, 34 years.[12 Nov 1879 inserted under birth]

Margeson, J. P., s/o Christopher Margeson, Upper Wilmot, died at Springfield, Mass., 3rd ult.[2 Apr 1879].

Margeson, Peter see Whitman, Mrs. Rebecca.

Marshall, Edward S., Nictaux, married at Greenwich, Cornwallis, 2nd Jan 1879, to Ann Ogilvie, Greenwich.[22 Jan 1879].

Marshall, Emma, w/o Milledge, died at Clarence, 22nd ult, 37 years.[2 April 1879].

Marshall, William Judson see Palmer, Bessie.

McCabe, Ann, married at Parker’s Cove, 29th inst, to Thomas Milner Jr. [2 Apr 1879].

McCormick, Ella, d/o William McCormick, Granville Ferry, married at Granville Ferry, "Tuesday" to William Haliburton, Annapolis.[16 Oct 1878].

McCormick, Margaret see Armstrong, Elwood H.

McCormick, Samuel see Armstrong, Elwood H.

McCormick, William see McCormick, Ella.

McDougall, B., died at Kentville, Thursday. [27 Nov 1878 Wed.].

McFadden, widow of Michael McFadden, at Wilmot, 3rd inst, 58 years. [15 Jan 1879].

McLaughlin, James see Gates, Charlotte.

McNeill, Felix, died at Melvern Square, 18 Sept 1878. [9 Oct 1878].

McVicar, W. M., born to at Woodlands, 18 July, a son. [23 July 1879].

Medicraft, Mary Ann, West Dalhousie, married at Bridgetown, 20th inst to James Evans, Morse Road. [10 Dec 1879].

Monroe, Laura married to Fraser Foster, at Hampton, 14th Dec.[24 Dec 1879].

Neily, Samuel S. [sic.], died at Bridgetown, 26th inst, 59 years.[27 Feb 1878].

Neily, Susan see Bowlby, Isaac.

Miller, J. L. see Taylor, Emma Winter.

Miller, S. N., born to at Middleton, 12th Oct, a son. [15 Oct 1879].

Milberry, E. see Young, J. H.

Milberry, Selina see Young, J. H.

Milbury, John, died at Hampton, 28 Oct, 65 years.[5 Nov 1879].

Milbury, Mrs. James, died at Young’s Cove, 13 Dec, age 75 years.[24 Dec 1879].

Mills, Alice M. see Tupper, William M.

Mills, John see Tupper, William M.

Mills, John B. see Corbitt, Bessie.

Milner, Thomas Jr. see McCabe, Ann.

Miner, Cynthia Ann, d/o Mrs. James E. Miner, died at Centreville, 16th inst, 49 years.[25 Dec 1878].

Morrill, Angus G., s/o Paul & Annie Morrill, died at South Boston, Mass., 7th inst, 5 years 6 months. [19 Mar 1879].

Morrison, Louisa Jane, married at Karsdale, 17th ult, to George H. Letteney, Digby.[19 Mar 1879].

Morse, Dr., born to at Lawrencetown, 29th inst, a daughter.[30 July 1879].

Morse, Helen, Bridgetown, died 4th inst sis/o Silas Morse, 69 years.[6 Sept 1878].

Morse, Shannon, born to at Nictaux, 18th a son. [24 Dec 1879].

Munro, Mary E., w/o Capt. Milledge Munro, d/o James Ray, Margaretville, died at Bridgetown, 7th Feb 1879, age 29 years.

Monroe, H. I., born to 1st inst, a daughter. [6 Aug 1879].

Neves, Ada, Port Williams, married at Port Williams, 30th ult, to Joshua Sabean. [6 Nov 1878 Wed].

Neves, Susanna w/o William Neves, died at Port Lorne, 27 Nov, 59 years.[3 Dec 1879].

Oakes, Johnston see Saunders, Clara.

Ogden, Thomas, Millville, married 8 Jan 1879, to Anna M. Rogers, Round Hill. [22 Jan 1879].

Ogilvie, Ann see Marshall, Edward S.

Palmer, Bessie, Paradise, married at Aylesford, 29th ult, to William Judson Marshall, Port Williams, Kings Co., NS [9 Oct 1878].

Palmer, Mary see Banks, Oscar.

Parker, Eugene see Rice, James Wilkey.

Parker, Margery w/o Capt. William Parker, died at Granville Ferry, Thurs last, 29 years.[22 Oct 1879].

Parker, Rev. Willard G. [obituary – no vitals - 11 Dec 1878].

Patterson, Lemuel G. M. see Rutherford, Susan.

Patterson, Susan see Rutherford, Susan.

Penall, Stephen B. see Dunn, Mary E.

Phinney, D’Arcy, died at Margaretville, 22nd inst, 36 years. [5 Mar 1879].

Phinney, Mary Ann, wid/o William Phinney, died at Paradise, 8 Jan 1879, 76 years.[29 Jan 1879].

Phinney, David S., died at Lawrencetown, 26th inst, 48 years.[30 Oct 1878].

Phinney, Serena see Gaskill, Lindley.

Pickup, William D., native of Clements and St. John, , died at London, Eng., 5th inst, in 66th year. [20 Nov 1878].

Pigott, Cassie E., d/o John Pigot, married at Bridgetown, 29 Sept to William W. Wade, Bear River. [1 October 1879].

Pike, Adolphus s/o Capt. Thomas Pike, Royal Navy, formerly of Annapolis, died at Lower Sussex, G. B., 22 Jan 1879.[12 Mar 1879].

Piper, Avery B., died at Bridgetown, 26th inst, 62 years.[2 Oct 1878 obit. p.2].

Pithcaithly, Laura, sis/o Leslie Pithcaithly, of St. john, NB, died 5th ult at Annapolis. [12 Mar 1879].

Poole, Mary E., w/o Obadiah Poole, died at St. Croix Bay, Bay Shore, 16th inst, 39 years.[22 Jan1879].

Potter, Z. Murray, San Bernardino, California, formerly of Clements, NS, married at Los Angeles, CA., 2 March 1879, to Annie L. Johnson, L.A., CA. [2 April 1879].

Quirk, Mary Ann d/o John Quirk, died at Bridgetown, 30th ult, 55 years.[5 Feb 1879].

Rawding, James, married at Annapolis, 8 Oct to Alice Wilson, both of Perott.[15 Oct 1879].

Roop, Capt. Norman, Clementsport, married 30th inst, to Maria Gesner d/o George P. Gesner, Bellisle. [1 January 1879].

Prat, C. Maria, d/o Henry Prat, married at Kentville, 15th inst to James R. Blanchard.[22 Oct 1879].

Prat, John see Atwater, Rev. H. W.

Prat, Mary see Atwater, Rev. H. W.

Randolph, J. A. F. see Young, Anna C.

Ray, [Roy??], Capt. James see Roy, [Ray??], Capt. James.

Ray, James see Munro, Mary E.

Ray, Mary E. see Munro, Mary E.

Rice, James Wilkey, married to Eugene Parker 24th inst, at Digby, both of Bear River.[1 Oct 1879].

Ringer, Jane, Hillsburgh, married to Simpson Freeman, Maitland, at Clementsvale, 24th inst.[1 Oct 1879].

Ringwood, Sydney, s/o George Ringwood died at Clementsport 13th inst. 24 years.[24 Dec 1879].

Roach, Susie L., d/o James & Priscilla Roach, died at Clarence, 20th Jan 1879, 15 years.[29 Jan 1879].

Robblee, W. H., Granville, married at Litchfield, 2nd inst, to Susie Litch. [15 Jan 1878].

Roberts, Louisa see Whitman, Isaac James.

Rogers, Anna M. see Ogden, Thomas.

Roy, [Ray??] Capt. James, died at Lynn, Mass., formerly of Port George, 50 years, 20th ult.[5 Nov 1879].

Ruggles, Annie E. d/o T. D. Ruggles, married at Bridgetown, 18th inst, Arthur C. Johnstone, Dartmouth, NS. [24 Sept 1879].

Ruggles, Edwin, born to at Bridgetown, 18th inst., a son.[26 Mar 1879].

Ruggles, Margaret Isabel, d/o Samuel Ruggles, died at Albany, Anna. Co., 7th Sept. 1878, 4 years 21 days. [18 Sept. 1878].

Ruggles, Samuel see Ruggles, Margaret Isabel.

Rumsey, Benjamin, formerly of Arlington, Bay Shore, died at Nictaux Mtn., 6th inst, 78 years. [25 Dec 1878].

Rumsey, Herbert B., formerly of Port Williams, died at Arlington, Mass., 18 years.[20 Nov 1878].

Rutherford, Susan, d/o Lemuel G. M. Patterson, died at Aylesford, 17th inst, 7 weeks.[26 Mar 1879].

Sabean, Joseph see Wilkins, Victoria.

Sabean, Joshua see Neves, Ada.

Saunders, Clara, d/o P. Saunders, East Dalhousie, married at East Dalhousie, 24th inst, to Johnston Oakes, Albany, Anna. Co. [25 Sept. 1878].

Saunders, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth see Benson, C. A.

Saunders, Mrs. Mary Sophia see Harris, Alden B.

Saunders, P. see Saunders, Clara.

Shago, William Henry, s/o William Shago, died at Lequille, 29th inst, 15 mos.[6 Aug 1879].

Sommerville, Rev. William F., a native of Ireland, b. 1 July 1800 removed to NS 1830, West Cornwallis. [ obit - 9 October 1878].

Snyder, Rev. W. H. see Freeman, Anne.

Sproul, Burton, s/o Elliott Sproul, of Bloomington, died 13th inst, 22 years.[22 Oct 1879].

Sproul, Lockhart, Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 3 Oct 1878, to Joanna Sproul, Bloomington. [20 Nov 1878].

Sprowl, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid/o Robert Sprowl, died 23 Aug 1878, Salem, Wilmot.[6 Sept 1878].

Spurr, Bessie, 3rd/d/o John Spurr, at Lequille, 21st inst, in 16th year.[1 Jan 1879].

Starratt, Peter, married to Lydia White, at Phinney Cove, Bay Shore, 12th inst. [19 Mar 1879].

Starratt, Mrs. Susan, wid/o Joseph Starratt, died at Clarence, 13th ult, 78 years.[12 Mar 1879].

Steadman, Charles, died at the Cape 16th inst, 53 years. [25 Dec 1878].

Stephenson, Miss see Bruce, Elias.

Stevens, Francis se Whitman, Jeremiah H.

Stevens, Minnie see Whitman, Jeremiah H.

Stirk, Susan A. see Strong, Judson.

Stronach, Nelson, died at Margaretville, 21st inst, 72 years.[27 Feb 1878].

Strong, Judson, Medford, Kings Co., married at Bridgetown, 1 Jan 1879, to Susan A. Stirk, Arlington, Bay Shore, Anna. Co. [8 Jan 1879].

Sutherland, Daniel, Hopewell, Pictou Co., 24 years, died at Sulpher Bank, Quicksilver mine, Lake County, California, buried at Lower Lake. [write up 5 Feb 1879].

Taylor, Alister A. see Whitman, Lydia.

Taylor, Emma Winter d/o J. P. Taylor, married at Ottawa, 14th inst to J. L. Miller, Fredericton, NB. [5 Feb 1879].

Teasdale, Mary wid/o Thomas Teasdale, died at Yarmouth, 15th ult, 84 years.[5 Mar 1879].

Troop, Hettie, d/o Robert, married at Granville [?], 12th inst, to Burton C. Eaton, all of Granville. [18 Dec 1878].

Troop, William R. see Lockhart, Alice.

Tufts, Augusta B., w/o Rev. George E. Tufts, d/o Rev. T. H. Davies, died at Bridgetown, 4 Mar 1879, age 30 years. [5 Mar 1879].

Tufts, Samuel, died at Albany, 6th inst, 63 years. [9 Oct 1878].

Tupper, Charlotte see Bleakney, Mrs. Thomas.

Tupper, Rev. Charles see Bleakney, Mrs. Charlotte.

Tupper, William M., Bridgetown, married at Granville Ferry, 7th inst, to Alice M. Mills d/o John Mills. [13 Nov 1878].

Turner, Mrs. Sophia, w/o George Turner, New Ross, died 30 Aug 1878, 67 years.[6 Sept 1878].

VanBuskirk, Annie see Gates, N. P.

VanBuskirk, William, died at Annapolis 29th ult, 58 years.[8 Oct 1879].

Vroom, Eliza, wid/o John Vroom, died at Clements, 2nd inst, 65 years.[20 Nov 1878].

Wade, William W. see Pigott, Cassie E.

Warner, Charles, died at Inglisville, 8th inst, 33 years.[3 Dec 1879].

Weasal, Sarah, d/o Jacob Weasal, died Thurs last, 9 months.[26 Mar 1879].

Weddleton, Frederick, s/o Charles K. Weddleton, died at Annapolis, 16th inst, 2 years 5 mos.[24 Dec 1879].

Wells, George, died 13th inst., Halifax ?, about 44 years-write up [18 Sept. 1878].

Wheelock, Jessie Edwin, died at St. Paul’s, Minn., 12th inst, s/o Joseph Wheelock, Bridgetown, 40 years. [26 March 1879 obit].

Wheelock, William, s/o William H. Wheelock, Torbrook, died 15th inst, age 23 years.[22 Oct 1879].

White, Freelove, wid/o Edward White, died at Phinney Cove, 12th inst, 69 years.[26 Nov 1879].

White, Lydia see Starratt, Peter.

Whitman, Asa see Whitman, Lydia.

Whitman, Edward, born to at Inglisville, 4th inst, 1879, a son. [19 Feb 1879].

Whitman, Eliza wid/o John Whitman, died at Annapolis, 1st inst, in 79th year.[8 Oct 1879].

Whitman, Isaac James, married at Torbrook, 25 Dec 1878, to Louisa Roberts.[22 Jan 1878].

Whitman, Jeremiah H., s/o William C. Whitman married at Pine Grove, 5th inst, to Minnie Stevens d/o Francis Stevens, Halifax. [25 Dec 1878].

Whitman, Lydia, d/o Asa Whitman, Inglisville, married at Inglisville, 22nd inst, to Alister A. Taylor, New Canaan, NB. [30 October 1878].

Whitman, Mrs. Rebecca, Lawrencetown, married at Paradise, 20th inst, to Peter Margeson, Paradise. [27 Nov 1878].

Wickham, Joanna, lived Freshwater Road, died 10th ult. [5 Mar 1879 write up].

Willett, Hettie w/o Lawrence Willett, Jr. died at Granville, 3rd inst, 29 years.[6 Aug 1879].

Wiles, Mary E., died at Annapolis, 18th inst, 17 years 10 months.[25 Dec 1878].

Wilkie, Frances Ethel, child/of Robert M. Wilkie, died at Halifax, 22 inst, 10 months.[29 Oct 1879].

Wilkins, Victoria, Port Williams, married at Bridgetown, 3rd inst, to Joseph Sabean, Port Williams. [6 Nov 1878 ].

Wilson, Alice see Rawding, James.

Wilson, Elizabeth, wid/o Thomas Wilson, Halifax, died at Middleton, 19th inst.[1 Jan 1879].

Wilson, Joseph, died at Clarence, 2nd inst, in 73rd year.[15 Oct 1879].

Wilson, Mrs. Joseph, Clarence, died 28th ult, 69 years.[12 Mar 1879].

Winniett, Henry Charles Darling, died at The Cape, 16th Oct, age 70 years.[22 Oct 1879].

Wood, Grace, d/o J. A. Wood, died at Annapolis, 31st ult. [5 Nov 1879].

Woodberry, Egbert, died at Spa Springs, Wilmot, 34 years [no date]. [12 Feb 1879].

Woodbury, George O., Wilmot, married 17th Aug, to Charlotte Zwicker, New Albany.[24 Sept 1879].

Young, Anna C. d/o Moses Young, married at Brooklyn, Anna. Co. 20th inst. [26 Nov 1879].

Young, J. H., married 11th inst, to Selina Milberry d/o E. Milberry, at Young’s Cove. [18 Dec 1878].

Young, Maud Marion, d/o Stephen C. Young, died at Young’s Cove, 14th ult, 1879, 5 years 4 months. [5 March 1879].[

Young, Stephen C., died at Young’s Cove, 20th Jan 1879, 41 years.[5 Mar 1879].

Zwicker, Charlotte see Woodbury, George O.