September 6th, 1900

September 6, 1900

How Harold Borden Died.

Ralph Markham, writing to the Sun under date of July 18th gives an account of the death of Lieut. Borden.

"We left the lead horses behind a kopje on the left and started climbing up the one that we were told the Boers were behind. We were in extended order with Mr. Borden in the centre. When we got among the rocks we crawled up, taking all the cover we could. Sergt. Ryan and I were on the right flank, and just as we reached the top of the kopje I saw three Boers coming towards us about forty paces away. They were dressed in black clothes. I said to Ryan, "There they are." We both fired at once, and all three dropped. We dropped, too, for the bullets were coming pretty thick. We then advanced about ten paces and Mr. Borden stood right up straight, presumably to signal another advance or to see if he could see the enemy. At any rate he was a good target for some Boer who could not have been far off, as the bullet went right through his heart. After saying "I am done for, boys," he gave two or three groans and died.

"Mr. Borden’s and Burch’s funeral was held the next night at 9 o’clock and was the most impressive ceremony I ever witnessed. Mr. Borden’s troop furnished the firing party, and the whole regiment was present. The brigade clergyman read the burial service."

In the same letter Mr. Markham says concerning Harry B. White: -

"The case of White, who had a piece of shrapnel through his body, is serious, and it is doubtful if he will pull through. They are going to use the Xrays to locate the bullet.

Thursday, September 6, 1900


Mr. John Burns, one of the oldest residents of Harborville, passed away very unexpectedly on Tuesday, Aug. 28th. On that day Mr. Burns was apparently in as good health as ever. Her transacted business and did his work as usual. About sunset as he was coming from the barn where he had been doing the evening chores, he fell. His son, who saw him fall, called to his mother to come quickly. When they reached him his heart had ceased to beat; a physician was summoned, but to no avail; life had fled. Mr. Burns had been troubled for many years with heart disease. He was an upright man, of a genial disposition. In his home a kind father and a faithful husband, greatly beloved by his wife and children. He was 68 years of age. A wife, four sons and three daughters mourn their loss. Mr. Burns was greatly esteemed by the neighbors and by all who knew him. The family have the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.

The interment took place at Woodlawn on Saturday, September 1st, and was one of the largest funerals ever seen in Harborville. The floral offerings were choice and many; the casket being covered with the beautiful flowers contributed by the friends of the family.