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June 2, 1897 Election For Chief of The Micmacs At Shubenacadie
January 11th 1899 A message from the sea. Found by Capt. Percy Crosby, of Port Maitland.
  Victor Baker, second son of Hon. L. E. Baker, aged 19 years, was accidentally shot dead.
January 25th 1899 Given Up for Lost, Are Alive and Well: Captain R. R. Shaw and the crew of ten.
February 8th, 1899 Annie O’ the Banks O’Middle River by S. EVANGELINE HARVEY.
  The Late J. A. Woodworth
February 22, 1899 The first Baptist Association in Nova Scotia was formed at Granville in the year 1800.
March 1st, 1899 Basket Ball Notes.
March 15th, 1899 Death of Dr. F. Best
  Steamship Castilian Wrecked.
April 12th, 1899 PULP MILL WAGES
June 7th 1899 A Beautiful Memorial for Sir John S. D. Thompson, at Halifax.
Sept. 20th, 1899 Marriage of Miss Bessie Maud Borden and John Lovett.
Sept 27th, 1899 Harvey Reginald Fuller and Miss Lalia Beckwith Reid.
October 4th 1899 Wreck of the Scotsman. Death of Dr. Stewart.
January 11th, 1900 Mrs. Lovina Chute, widow of that late Wm. H. Chute, of Somerset passes away.
  Douglas Benjamin Woodworth, died at Oakland, California.
January 25, 1900 The Boer Rifleman’s Song.
March 1st 1900 Death of Mr. Isaac Shaw.
  Town Officers for the Municipality of Kings County, 1900.
March 29th 1900 Death of F. M. Shaw.
April 12th, 1900 Church Service at Sea.
May 3rd, 1900 A Letter From Trooper W. H. Snyder.
May 24th, 1900 Another Letter from Trooper Snyder.
June 7th, 1900 One of the old "forty-niners" of early California, Nathan Benjamin passes away.
June 26th, 1900 Sergeant Beattie’s Brave Act.
July 12th, 1900 Obituary. Mrs. Mary Craig, widow of Deacon William Craig
July 19th, 1900 Harold Borden killed.
  The African War.
  For Pleasure and Rest - Best family
August 9th, 1900 Reunion of the Jefferson Family.
Sept. 6th, 1900 How Harold Borden Died.
  Obituary - Mr. John Burns
Sept. 20th, 1900 Eliphalet Allison Read, Ph. D., died at the residence of his father, Rev. E. O. Read.
  The Rev. William Ellis, who has been seriously ill for some time past died at his residence, Berwick.
  Among Acadian Recorder "Reminiscences of our native land," 1835.
April 4th, 1901 Mrs. E.C. Banks died suddenly at her home on the night of March 27th.
  Death of Miss Lizzie Hibbert.
June 27th, 1901 Marriage, Miss Mabel Bernice Ellis, to Mr. Hugh Roderick MacKay.
August 22nd, 1901 The 1901 Census, the first bulletin.
August 29th, 1901 In the Land of Evangeline.
February 6th, 1902 Letter from Corporal W. H. Snyder.
May 29th, 1902 Death of James T. Hamilton.
June 5th, 1902 Wedding - Alice Wellwood - Miles Grant Tupper, of Scotts Bay.
Sept. 25th, 1902 Old Time Records - a copy of an Almanac for the year 1800.
November 13, 1902 East Halifax.
Nov. 20th, 1902 Mr. John C. Fowler Sings at Victoria Hall, Berwick, Saturday, Nov. 29, 1902. 25 cents.
July 16th, 1903 Death of Mrs. H. A. Smith.
July 30th, 1903 Mr. N. H. Carr, of Portland, and Miss Carrie Corkum, of Scotts Bay, married in Maine.
Dec. 24th, 1903 Letter From Miss A. M. Jefferson. On her way to her work in the mission fields of India
  Wedding Bells, Wood – Parker & Cogswell – Nichols.
February 4th, 1904 Buried Treasure.
June 23th, 1904 Matrimonial Schurman – Parker
June 8th, 1905 The closing exercises at Acadia College, the graduating class is as follows:
  Berwick Junior Base Ball team travelled to Wolfville and played the Horton Academy team.
August 10th, 1905 A Strange Bit of Craig Family History.
August 17th, 1905 Avon Saxon, the renowned Anglo-American baritone.
August 24th, 1905 Burgess – Bowles marriage.
Sept. 28th ,1905 How We Spent Our Vacation in the land of the Acadians.
Dec. 21st, 1905 Re-Dedication of Lunenburg Baptist Church.
Feb. 15th, 1906 Obituary for Mrs. Benjamin F. Congdon.
Dec. 6th, 1906 Western Counties of Nova Scotia, made in 1855, by the late Rev. John Sprott, of Musquodoboit.
Feb. 14th, 1907 A serious railway accident occurred at Mahone on Saturday.
  A School of the Olden Time. By Mr. Lemuel E. Newcomb.
April 18th, 1907 A Curious Error...... an interesting letter from Judge Chesley, of Lunenburg.
May 9th, 1907 Death of Rev. S. March.
May 16th, 1907 Mr. George Kirkpatrick drowned at Morden.
May 30th, 1907 Obituary, Mrs. E. S. Congdon.
September 19, 1907 Marriage - P. D. Borden and Amanda J. Hewe.
Nov. 14th, 1907 Death of Mr. B. F. Congdon.
Nov. 28th, 1907 Golden Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Russell
Dec. 19, 1907 Death of A. M. Caldwell.
February 6, 1908 The Coasting Trade.
Dec. 3rd, 1908 From the Atlantic to the Pacific, by A. Whitman, Waterville.
July 8th, 1909 Brakeman Robert Neily died.
Dec. 16th, 1909 Golden Wedding at Grafton. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hird, of Hillside Farm, North Grafton
Dec. 30th, 1909 Mr. John A. Newcombe has sold his farm at Grafton to Mr. Colin A. Hird.
January 27th, 1910 Registration of Births and Deaths.
Feb. 10th, 1910 Death of James A. Halliday. Founder of Berwick Star in 1866.
May 5, 1910 A Heroic Rescue - Mr. Henry Dickey, of Canady Creek, and his son James.
July 28th 1910 Halifax of Old.
  Narrow Escape. Miss Belle Carver, daughter of Mrs. Rufus Curry.
August 4th, 1910 Obituary ZENAS SAUNDERS.
  A Family Reunion - The family of the late William Margeson
Oct. 20th, 1910 Mr. Frank A. MacDonald - Killed By His Engine.
Nov. 24th, 1910 The History of Kings County, Nova Scotia, the famous Evangeline Country, Published.
  Obit, Mr. Ephraim Mosher, a native of Lunenburg County.
March 9th, 1911 A "Striking" Clock, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
April 17th, 1911 The three-masted schooner Theresa Wolf went ashore at Chatham Bar.
May 11th 1911 Disastrous Fire in Aylesford.
July 13th, 1911 Emma Belle West, was united in marriage to Mr. William Raymond Barss, of New Germany.
July 27th, 1911 The Berwick A.A.A. team defeated the Independents.
Sept. 21st, 1911 The little fishing schooner Pimpernel wrecked.
  Jackson – Cahill Wedding
Oct 5th, 1911 Obit. - Esther, beloved wife of Captain Peter Connor
Nov. 11th, 1911 Death of Mrs. J. Howe Cox.
December 28, 1911 Obit. - Mrs. Eliza Givan.
April 25, 1912 The Titanic Disaster.
May 2nd 1912 Miss Emily Young - Saved from Titanic
May 9th, 1912 Captain J. Reid, R. E (T), commenting on the Titanic disaster and investigation.
August 8th, 1912 A Narrow Escape. In a fishing sloop owned by Captain Charles Haggerty.
  Judgment In Titanic Inquiry
  Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pineo, of Hyde Park, Mass., celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary.
Oct. 10th, 1912 What an Indian Will do for a Friend.
  Vision of Dreamy Summer.
Nov. 21st, 1912 James Crosby Butler, one of the county’s oldest inhabitants, died at his home in Hebron last night.
January 2nd, 1913 Holmes Samuel Chipman
January 9th, 1913 The Rev. John P. Anthony, of the Methodist Church, died at Truro on Wednesday, January 1st.
April 17, 1913 Obit. - Mr. George Loomer
July 24th, 1913 Saved from Drowning, Carlyle Davies, aged four.
  Rev. Archibald MacKinnon, pastoral charge, St. Matthews’ Church, Inverness, N.S
August 7th, 1913 The County of Annapolis - Judge Savary.
August 21st, 1913 An Excursion - From Harborville to Port Greville.
August 28th, 1913 Fenian Raid Bounty.
Sept. 11th, 1913 “August Gale” of 1873 Anniversary.
October 2nd, 1913 Her 98th Birthday - A number of friends called on Mrs. Jane Inglis Dodge
  Wedding Bells. Crossman – Finley.
  Wedding Bells. Holland – Sanford.
January 14, 1914 Obituary - Col. L. DeV. Chipman.
January 21st, 1914 Obit. - Henry Kennealy.
June 10, 1914 Lost in the Empress of Ireland.
June 21st, 1914 Obituary - Henry Kennealy.
July 5, 1914 Earthquake Shocks
Aug. 12th, 1914 Laying in Supplies.
  Spies in Cape Breton.
October 28th, 1914 A Hundred Years Ago -Ambrose Dodge.
Nov. 18th, 1914 With the Contingent. Letter home from Bruce Brommell to Miss G. M. Pineo.
Dec. 16th, 1914 The Annual Report of the Bank of Montreal.
  Will Invade Canada.
April 7th, 1915 Ingram B. Dodge, Observance of 80th Birthday.
April 28, 1915 Walter D’Arcy Ryan, son of J. W. Ryan, Esq., of Kentville.
May 5th, 1915 Obit. - JOHN WHEELOCK DODGE
June 9th, 1915 Bucknam Pasha Dead.
June 30th, 1915 A letter from Dr. W. T. M. MacKinnon, dated "Somewhere in France" June 3rd.
August 4th, 1915 Letter from Cyril March.
September 15, 1915 Letter from Cyril March of the "Princess Pats."
  An Explosion. - The Hiawatha, a Newfoundland steamer
October 20th, 1915 At The Front - Cyril March writes to his mother
October 6th, 1915 Letter From Capt. J. W. Margeson.
October 27th, 1915 Recent casuality lists contain the following names of Nova Scotian men.
October 27th, 1915 Fatal Accident - Mr. Christopher R. Borden, of Carleton’s Corner.
Nov. 17th, 1915 At The Front, letter from Glen, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Blenkhorn, of Canning.
  Double wedding Cook- LeCain, Armstrong - Card. Algiers, New Orleans, La.
Dec. 1, 1915 Recent casuality lists contain the following names of Nova Scotian men.
  The New Battalion, The raising of the 112th Battalion, C.E.F.
Dec. 22nd, 1915 About Capt. J. W. Margeson.
December 29, 1915 A Letter From Camp - WALTER B. WOODWORTH.
Feb. 2nd, 1916 Obit's; Private Joseph Hughie Wentzell, MR. ISAAC KEDDY and A. H. DAVIDSON.
March 22nd, 1916 Death of Dr. E. M. Saunders, formerly pastor of the Second Cornwallis Baptist Church.
January 2nd 1918 Work of the Halifax Explosion.
January 9th 1918 Letter home from A.H. CHIPMAN, about the Halifax Explosion.
  Letter home from Robert Rafuse, WWI.
  Letter from Overseas. Ezra W.A. Sawler, of Cambridge from Pte. A.C. McGill.
January 16th, 1918 ADMINISTRATORS’ SALE - of the late George E. Tupper
  Church Opening at Aylesford - Methodist.
February 6th 1918 Capt. Brannen's Great Work.
  A Soldier's idea of Conscription.
  "Eighteen stalwart mountaineers of Smith, a Kentucky village, saved the life of Miss Lillith Robbins, a 21-year-old Boston girl.
February 27th 1918 Arthur Cyril March, of the Princess Pat's, a prisoner of war in Switzerland, writes to his mother
May 1st, 1918 Death of Rev. Dr. Chipman - Letter From Mrs. Chipman.
May 1st, 1918 Ministers' Labors 125 Years ago.
  The Military Y.M.C.A. Campaign.
October 9th, 1918 Letter From a Prisoner, Mr. David H. Borden, of Canard.
  The Late A. M. Pearl.
May 3rd, 1922 Obit. REV. JOSEPH D. SKINNER.
June 7th 1922 The Opening Of Memorial Hospital.
June 28th 1922 Schooner Puritan Lost On Sable Island.
July 5th, 1922 Young Nova Scotian Baritone Is Highly Praised By London And Paris Critics.
July 19th, 1922 Celebrates 100th Birthday, Mrs. Sarah Ann Todd, of Dalhousie, Annapolis County.
August 2nd, 1922 Obit., Rev. Samuel Knowles Skinner, a native of Weston, Kings County, N. S.
August 9th, 1922 The Nova Scotian Skipper. A great read.
October 4, 1922 Berwick Boy’s Success In U.S. - Alfred Fuller
Nov. 1st, 1922 Bluenose Retains Trophy In International Schooner Race.
Nov. 29th, 1922 Sudden Death of Hon. H. H. Wickwire
  Reception given in honor of Mrs. Ada L. Powers of Lunenburg.
Dec. 6th, 1922 New County Home. The amalgamation of the Poor Districts of Cornwallis, Horton and Aylesford.
December 20, 1922 Gallant Deed of ’96 Re-Told - Captain Zacharie Surette.
Feb. 21st, 1923 An Acadian To The Front.
March 21st 1923 Two Harborville Ladies Are Descendants of Doughty Clan.
May 9th 1923 Origin of "Bluenoses".
Oct. 10th, 1923 A Treaty With The Micmacs.
Oct. 31st, 1923 Wedding. Birnie – Graves
January 16th, 1924 Apostle For Acadia, John Frederic Herbin of Wolfville.
March 26, 1924 Slain - Brenton Borden, Jr., of Avonport, Kings County
June18th, 1924 Marriage of Walter Blenus and Miss Jean R. Foster.
  Death of Councillor Lawrence Gaul
June 25th, 1924 Restoration Of Famous Bluenose Train Service.
July 2nd, 1924 The lives and death of Rev David Chase and his wife, in the year 1844.
  Bluenose Sailor’s Greatness.
August 27th, 1924 Family Reunion At Old Homestead., at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Powers.
September 10, 1924 Double Drowning In Queens County
October 15th, 1924 Charles Herbert Best, M. A. marriage to Margaret of Rev. A. Wylie Mahon & Mrs. Mahon.
Dec. 3rd, 1924 Obit. - MRS. WILLIAM E. SKINNER
Dec. 17th, 1924 Obit. - Cyril N. Bowlby, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Bowlby.
April 15th, 1925 Miss Agnes Macphail M. P. (Progressive Southeast Grey)
October 21st, 1925 Halifax Currency back to 1756.
  To The Women Voters Of Hants-Kings, Nova Scotia
  Carload of Liquor, So Labelled, and Valued at $15,000 Seized on South Shore
Dec. 16th, 1925 The Real Story of "Evangeline".
  The Old-Time Christmas
Dec. 30th, 1925 Christmas At The County Home.
  The Mayor Extends Season’s Compliments.
April 14th, 1926 Obituary Mrs. W. V. T. Young.
April 21st, 1926 J. C. Miles, of Sydney, Captured Boston Marathon in Record Time.
  Lifeless Body of Freeman Wentzell Found in Cooper Shop Near His Residence.
May 12th, 1926 How Kentville Received Its Name
May 26th, 1926 Acadia Seminary Will Be No More.
June 9, 1926 Another Waterville "Old Boy" Writes - Boyd F. Bowles.
August 4th, 1926 Tribute to the late Mrs. W. V. T. Young of Waterville
October 27, 1926 Obituary - George H. Oxley
March 9th, 1927 Obit. - MRS. JAMES LUTZ
  Obit. - Mrs. J. E. DOLLIVER
April 20th, 1927 Obit for Captain Henry Mappleback.
August 31st, 1927 Obit. - John Ross Chipman
Nov. 9th, 1927 From the Journals of House of Assembly, 1837
June 13th, 1928 Graduates Kings Memorial Hospital.
Nov. 7th, 1928 Kelly Villa Destroyed By Fire.
Nov. 14th, 1928 The death of Nelson Corkum, a highly respected citizen of Berwick West
Feb. 20th, 1929 The Pioneers (No. 2)
  Belcher’s Almanac of 1847. Extract of names.
March 20th, 1929 The Pioneers (No. 3)
May 22nd, 1929 Arbor Day Picnic At Lake George Proved Grand Success
May 29th, 1929 The Pioneers (No. 4)
June 12th, 1929 The Pioneers (No. 5)
June 12 th, 1929 Mayor and Mrs. H. J. Chute celebrate golden wedding.
June 19th, 1929 Berwick Star. Interesting Relic of Half A Century Ago.
August 14th, 1929 Fort Louisbourg A Famous Historic Site.
August 21st, 1929 Gypsies Meet Their Match At Somerset
August 28th, 1929 Miss Sarah Alice Mahar, of White’s Corner, Celebrates 100Th Birthday.
Sept. 11th, 1929 Miss Erema Millett, L St.’s undefeated swimming champion.
January 15th, 1930 Nova Scotia’s Destiny Is Upon The Sea.
  Captain William McBride Of Kentville Passed Away Friday Night – Was Native Of Harborville.
January 29th, 1930 Capt. Sinclair Baker of Margaretsville and Three Others perish.
March 26th, 1930 Cambridge, March 24 – In the death of Deacon C. W. Frederick Webster
April 9th, 1930 Copy of Berwick "Star," Which Commenced Publication In Berwick 64 Years Ago.
June 4, 1930 Obit. - Captain R. W. Stephens
August 6th 1930 175th Anniversary Of Expulsion Of Acadians To Be Celebrated August 20.
August 27th 1930 Acadians Return To Grand Pre.
Jan. 18th, 1933 W. H. SNYDER. The Register Is Again A Medium For The Renewal Of Old Friendships
  Berwick hockey, the Bruins turn back the Centreville Rangers 3 –1
May 3rd 1933 Berwick Thirty-Six Years Ago.
May 10th 1933 Letter to editor regarding "Berwick Thirty-Six Years Ago" from May 3rd issue.
  Captain Bloom Morris loses vessel.
July 12th 1933 Harbourville poem.
Sept. 13th 1933 Danish ship Almena chartered by W.H. Chase & Co. (Picture)
January 10th, 1934 Oak Island Again In Limelight As New Group Will Undertake Search For Treasure.
January 24th, 1934 Rev. William Ryan of Auburn Passed His 101st Year on Sunday.
February 7th, 1934 Golden Wedding Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. David B. Eisener.
March 14th, 1934 Rev. William Ryan, Who Recently Celebrated 101st Birthday Is Called Home.
March 21, 1934 The Chanty Man’s Lament by S. M. Parker.
June 6th, 1934 Fate of The Maritimes Was Foretold By Joseph Howe.
June 27th, 1934 Nova Scotia vessel Marie Celeste deserted by her officers and crew in December, 1872.
Sept. 19th, 1934 With the church full to overflowing, old St. Mary’s at Auburn, celebrated her 145th anniversary.
  Output Of Somerset Cooperage Will Be In The Neighborhood Of 100,000 Containers.
October 17th, 1934 Urges Action In Marking Ancient Acadian Village.
Febuary 27th, 1935 First Agricultural Fair In North America Held At Windsor In 1765.
March 6th, 1935 Louisiana Acadians May Visit Land of Forebears.
March 27th, 1935 Concerning the "Expulsion of the Acadians" from Grand Pre in 1755.
August 21st, 1935 Wind Ships Of Nova Scotia.
  Centennial of Historic Covenanter Church At Grafton.
January 27th, 1937 Empire’s First Airplane Built and Flown in N. S.
March 31st, 1937 Interesting Experiences In Nova Scotia Woodlands by A. LeRoy Chipman.
November 17, 1937 OBITUARY - Mrs. Constantine Gaul
December 15, 1937 Mrs. Ruth A. Lawrence, grand old lady of Grafton, celebrates her 97th birthday tomorrow
August 17th, 1938 Acadia To Celebrate 100 Years of Progress.
Sept. 14th, 1938 Why Editors Get Grey.
Nov. 9th, 1938 Berwick Woman Enjoys Good Health At 104, Mrs. Annie Collins.
Nov. 16th, 1938 A Brief Review Of The Early History Of Berwick by A. W. Borden.
March 15th, 1939 Memorial Service For Late A. DeWitt Foster.
March 22, 1939 Veteran Indian Passes At Cambridge Reserve.
March 29th, 1939 Memorial Service Held For Late R. T. Caldwell.
June 12th, 1940 Burlington Baptist Church Observes 90th Anniversary
July 17, 1940 Obit. - Captain William S. Rawding.
Dec. 18th 1940 The death of Arthur Wellsley Borden, one of Berwick’s oldest citizens.
  OBITUARY - John N. Cogswell
January 22nd, 1941 That Hockey Game Of Thirty Years Ago
February 26, 1941 His Death A National Tragedy. Sir Frederick Banting dies in plane crash.
April 23rd, 1941 Fort Beausejour National Historic Park.
May 21st, 1941 Carriage Building Was Once A Leading Industry At Somerset.
June 4th, 1941 A wild gale lashed the Bay of Fundy shore last Thursday.
June 11th, 1941 Brother Of Berwick Man Now Living In U.S. Was Born In 1803.
  Large Orphanage Was Established Near Aylesford 50 Years Ago. Mrs Emma Stirling.
August 5th 1941 Bluenose Purchased By Captain Angus Walters.
August 19th, 1942 One Hundred Year Old North Mountain Woman and Two Daughters Maintain Farm.
June 29th, 1944 OBITUARY- Mrs. Frank McConnell
Sept. 13, 1945 OBITUARY, Mrs. Ada C. Wagner.
June 27 1946 Bishop twins celebrate 75th birthday - Arthur & Ernest Bishop of Somerset
July 4 1946 Hard Work Marks Long Life - Delacey Evans Foster
August 29, 1946 Four Robinson Generations Gather At Old Homestead.
June 5th, 1947 Old Simeon Perkins House at Liverpool, built in 1766.
Feb 16 1950 Ken Morton & Lester Rawding save lives.
August 9th, 1951 A. Leo Eisenhauer, native of New Cornwall, Lunenburg County.
June 28th, 1951 Alfred C. Fuller Wins New Honor At Hartford.
October 25, 1951 Hunter Fatally Shot At Night.
December 6, 1951 Charge Laid In Fatal Shooting.
Sept. 25th, 1952 Many Pictured In School Group, 1895, Still Living - Alfred Fuller.
Oct. 4th, 1956 PORT BICKERTON, Guysborough County
Aug. 22nd, 1957 Covenanter Church Last Of Its Kind In The Maritimes.
December 21, 1961 Obituary - George Wheldon Conrad
August 8, 1968 1816 – The Year of the Frost
August 15th, 1968 Obit. - HUGH MCKINLEY NESBITT
Sept. 3rd, 1975 Register Enters 85th Year
JULY 12, 1978 Morden United Church
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