Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends - Vital Statistics from
Miscellaneous newspapers / and dates from Annapolis County, and from Kings Co., Nova Scotia

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; placed on the internet by Philip Vogler. Middleton Family History No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that dont quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: http://www.gov.ns.ca/nsarm/ NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; E-mail: nsarm@gov.ns.ca

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These cover a wide range and there may be only one or two issues but I thought they might help someone so they are posted for your use. Typed as printed in the newspaper re spelling and use of ult and inst. There is no particular pattern except my own interest, hence the skipping about. But what is shown is complete for that issue.

BFP = Bridgetown Free Press; AS = Annapolis Spectator; BWM = Bridgetown Weekly Monitor

A&GPA = The Acadian & General Provincial Advertiser, Wolfville, NS

*Deaths only in the 1950’s issues.

Almon, Sophia, w/o M. B. Almon, died 4th inst, in 62nd year. [BFP 10 Sept 1868 Thurs].

Anderson, Dr. F. S., born to at Bridgetown, 2 Jan, a dau. [AS 9 Jan 1903].

Balcom, Warren DesB., died at Lawrencetown, 28 Dec 1902, 69 years.[AS 9 Jan 1903].

Barteaux, Esmeralda see Harris, Herbert L.

Bath, Minetta Elizabeth see Dodge, Wamford [?].

Beckwith, Charles Milledge, s/o N. H. Beckwith, died at Bridgetown, Thurs last, 23 years. [BFP 10 Sept 1868 Thurs].

Bishop, Annie Eliza d/o John Bishop, Centreville, Anna. Co., married at Bridgetown, 20 Jan to Herbert Hopkins, Halifax. [BFP 1 April 1869 Thurs].

Bogart, Capt. James K. see Robblee, Amelia.

Bohaker, Andress see Phinney, Edward H.

Bohaker, Sophia see Phinney, Edward H.

Cameron, Mary, married at Big Glace Bay, C.B., 28th ult, to Alexander MacDonald. [A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Campbell, Elizabeth Lucy see Ditmars, Mrs. Addie.

Campbell, John see Spurr, Maj. Shippy.

Campbell, Lizzie see Spurr, Maj. Shippy.

Charlton, Mary Lavinia w/o Phineas Charlton, died at South Williamston, 24 Dec 1902, 64 years. [AS 9 Jan 1903].

Chesley, Mary Ann, wid/o Samuel Chesley, died at Clarence, 25th ult, 63 years.[BFP 4 Mar 1869].

Chute, Martha A., married at Granville, 17th inst, to James M. Gilliatt. [BFP 26 Mar 1868].

Corkum, Aaron, born to at White Rock, 28 Aug 1887, a daughter.[A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Devanney, Mary Jane d/o James Devanney, died at Bridgetown, Tues, 15 years.[BFP 18 April 1867].

Ditmars, Mrs. Addie, died at Deep Brook, 9 Feb, b. 1873, Bear River East, d/o Zecheus & Elizabeth Lucy (Campbell) Milner m. James Ditmars 1894. [AS 14 Feb 1952 obit].

Ditmars, James see Ditmars, Mrs. Addie.

Dodge, Ambrose, died 6th inst, Middleton, 77 years. [BWM 12 June 1873].

Dodge, Wamford [?], married at Bridgetown, Sun, to Minetta Elizabeth Bath d/o Samuel Bath. [BFP 18 April 1867].

Dunn, Henry, born to at Anna. Royal, 6th Sept., a dau.[AS 7 Sept 1883].

Ellis, Mrs. Lizzie, d/o Benjamin Wears, died at Lower Granville, 13 July 1890.[AS 18 July 1890].

Ellison, Frederic Earle, s/o Dr. R. J. Ellison, died at Hillsburgh, Digby Co., 30th ult, 1 year 8 months. [BFP 10 Sept 1868 Thurs].

Fisher, George Watkins see King, Mrs. George.

Fisher, Susan Morse see King, Mrs. George.

Forsyth, James, died at White Rock, 17 Sept 1887, age 84 years. [A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Gidney, John Barkitt, s/o Edwin Gidney, died at Mink Cove, Digby Neck, 17th inst, 19 years.[BFP 1 April 1869 Thurs].

Gilliatt, James M. see Chute, Martha A.

Hamilton, Helen, w/o Samuel Hamilton, died at Bridgetown, 29 Aug, 73 years.[AS 7 Sept 1883].

Harris, Alex see Harris, Herbert L.

Harris, Elizabeth see Williams, Charles.

Harris, Herbert L., s/o Alex Harris & Esmeralda Barteaux, died at Moschelle, Anna Co., 30 Jan 1952, 72 years. [AS 7 Feb 1952 obit].

Hicks, Theresa, w/o John Hicks, died Sun last, at Bridgetown, 64 years.[BFP 16 July 1868 Thurs].

Hopkins, Herbert see Bishop, Annie Eliza.

Hoyt, Agnes M. see Lecain, Agnes M.

Hoyt, James F. see LeCain, Agnes M.

Hudson, Thomas, died at Phinney’s Cove, 2 Mar ult, 75 years.[BWM 10 Mar 1975].

Jefferson, Jesse L., Berwick, married at Saw Mill Creek, Anna. Co., 24th ult, to Jennie Ritchie. [BWM 10 March 1875].

Jennings, Joseph, died at Poplar grove, 6 Sept 1868, 75 years. [BFP 10 Sept 1868 Thurs].

Jones, C. H., see Morse, Sarah Jane.

King, George B. see King, Mrs. George

King, Mrs. George, born Susan Morse Fisher, 20 May 1857, d/o George Watkins Fisher & Mary Seraphina Parker, Somerset, died at Annapolis Royal, m. 26 Aug 1878 J. Burpee Thomas who d. Kentville, 25 April 1899 ; m 2nd 26 April 1905 George B. King, Annapolis Royal who d. 9 Dec 1951. [AS 7 Feb 1952 obit].

Kinsman, Joseph Chase, died at Centreville, 28th inst, age 84 years.[A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Larkin, Mrs. Catherine wid/o Walter Larkin, died at Publico, 17th inst, b. Wilmot. [BFP 30 Apr. 1868].

LeCain, Agnes M., w/o George LeCain, d/o James F. Hoyt, died at Annapolis, 23rd inst, 26 years.[BFP 30 April 1868 Thurs].

Lockhart, George see Palmeter, Arthur.

Lockhart, Minnie see Palmeter, Arthur.

MacDonald, Alexander see Cameron, Mary.

Marshall, Richard M., died at Lower Granville, 2 April age 44 years. [BFP 18 Apr 1867].

McArthur, Mrs. Daniel, died at Avonport, 1 Oct 1887, age 40 years.[A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

McCormick, Ambrose, died at Digby, 31 Aug. [AS 7 Sept 1883].

McCrae, George B., born to at Lower Franville, 13 July 1890, a son.[AS 18 July 1890].

McGowan, John, died at Bridgetown, 24th ult, 21 [?] years. [AS 7 Sept 1883].

McKay, wid/o John McKay, she b. Galspie, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, March 1803, removed to NS in 1822 m. 1823 John McKay, who removed from same place in Scotland, and who died Earltown, 1869; she died Tues last at Lavat, Pictou Co., buried Fri. last at Earltown, Col. Co. [AS 18 July 1890 Friday write up].

Messieh, Nehemiah, East Indies, married at Lower Granville, 18 Feb to Margaret A. wid/o Christopher Winchester. [BFP 11 Mar 1869 Thurs].

Mills, Hebert Hall s/o Robert Mills, died at Granville Ferry, 1 Apr, 20 months.[BFP 18 Apr 1867].

Milne, Zecheus see Ditmars, Mrs. Addie.

Milne, Elizabeth Lucy see Ditmars, Mrs. Addie.

Misner, Charles, born to at White Rock, 30 Aug 1887, a daughter.[A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Morse, Sarah Jane, d/o William Morse, married 4 June 1873, at Bridgetown, to C. H. Jones, of Bridgetown. [BWM 12 June 1873 ].

Muldown, Ellen, died at Clements, 29th ult, 28 years.[BFP 10 Sept 1868 Thurs].

Munroe, Capt. A. D., born to at Anna. Royal, 5th Sept a son.[AS 7 Sept 1883].

Nutter, Annie see Shafner, Lewis F.

Nutter, Darius see Shafner, Lewis F.

Palmeter, Arthur s/o Robert Palmer, Long Island, married at Kentville, 14 Oct to Minnie Lockhart d/p George Lockhart, Kentville. [A&GPA 16 Oct 1896].

Parker, Mary Seraphina see King, Mrs. George.

Phinney, Edward H., married Lower Granville, 25th inst, to Sophia, d/o Andreas Bohaker. [BFP 11 Mar 1869 Thurs.].

Phinney, Isaac, died Sunday last, at Granville, 79 years.[BFP 18 April 1867 Thurs].

Ritchie, Jennie see Jefferson, Jesse L.

Robblee, Amelia d/o John Robblee, married at Granville, 28 March, to Capt. James K. Bogart, all of Granville. [BFP 18 April 1867].

Rudolph, John M. F. see Ruland, A. A.

Ruland, A. A., Bridgewater, married at Digby, 7th inst, to Anne M. d/o John M. F. Rudolph, Canning. [ BWM 15 Nov 1882 ].

Shafner, Lewis F., Canning, married, 27th Feb, to Annie M. Nutter d/o Darius Nutter, Bridgetown. [BFP 11 Mar 1869 Thurs.].

Siemens, Alex., born to, at London, 10 Nov, a dau.[BWM 15 Nov 1882].

Sproul, Clarise, w/o Elijah Sproul, died at Clarence 16th inst, 27 years.[BFP 30 Apr 1868 Thurs].

Spurr, Maj. Shippy, married at Aylesford, 24 Feb, to Lizzie Campbell d/o John Campbell. [BWM 10 Mar 1975].

Sinclaire, George Augustus s/o Dr. Thomas Sinclaire, died at Hannibal, Missouri, 25 Oct 1869, 39 years. [BFP 11 Mar 1869 Thurs ].

Smith, Garfield, s/o Ezra Smith, died at Bayside, Anna. Co., 11 Dec 1902, 22 years. [AS 9 Jan 1903].

Smith, Reuben S., born to at Somerville, Mass., 5 Oct 1896, a son.[A&GPA 16 Oct 1896].

Spurr, Charles F., died at Granville Mtn., 21st inst, 33 years.[BFP 30 Apr 1868 Thurs].

Thomas, J. Burpee see King, Mrs. George.

Thorne, Frederick H. see Worster, Mary.

Thorne, Mrs. Stephen S. (Mehitable), died Bridgetown, 13th Nov, 85 years, buried Camp Hill. [BWM obit 15 Nov 1882].

Troop, Milledge R. s/o William B. Troop, died at Granville Centre, 2 Sept, 17 years 2 months 4 days.[AS 7 Sept 1883].

Uhlman, George, died at Graywood, 3 Jan 1903, 77 years.[AS 9 Jan 1903].

VanNorden, John, died at Hebron, 21st ult, 67 years 7 months.[BFP 30 Apr 1868 Thurs].

Wallace, Mrs. Isiah, died at Avonport, in 82nd year.[A&GPA 7 Oct 1887].

Wheelock, Mrs. Parney, died at Torbrook, 24th ult, wid/o Abel Wheelock 1st, in 93rd year. [BWM 10 Mar 1875].

Wheelock, William Wallace died at Nictaux Mtn., Tues. [BFP 18 April 1867].

Williams, Charles, Moschelle, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth (Harris) Williams, died at VG Halifax, Wed last, 72 years. [AS 14 Feb 1952 obit].

Williams, Benjamin see Williams, Charles.

Wilson, Elizabeth wid/o Rev. William Wilson, died at Windsor, 10th , in 56th year. [BWM 12 June 1873.].

Winchester, Christopher see Messieh, Nehemiah.

Woodbury, Abram, died at Kingston, 21st ult, 28 years.[BWM 10 Mar 1875].

Worster, Mary d/o Quinn Worster, Lower Granville, married at Lower Granville, 6 April 1867 to Frederick H. Thorne, Digby. [BFP 18 April 1867].