Memorial Cross Erected At Morden

The Register,

Wednesday Evening, October 8, 1924

Memorial Cross Erected At Morden

The old familiar wooden cross that has for many years marked the place where the fleeing Acadians erected a cross in memory of the first death in that ill-fated band, now gives way to a more befitting memorial. A beautiful stone cross, mounted on a concrete base, marks that historic site. A polished slab has been set in under the arm projections, bearing the inscription, "French Cross, 1755." This slab was donated by the Middleton Granite and Marble Co., of Middleton. The monument is an achievement and well merited praise is due the two ladies who undertook this work, Miss M. Chase of Kentville and Mrs. James Dodge of Aylesford, who worked assiduously in collecting the Building fund. The formal unveiling will take place some time next summer.

The undersigned wish to report the following account:


A. G. Kirkpatrick $1.00
Mrs. A. G. Kirkpatrick 1.00
Elizabeth Lingley .25
Mrs. C. H. VanBuskirk .50
Mrs. J. A. Van Buskirk .25
Clarence Keddy .50
Mrs. G. M. Hofferty 1.00
John Duggan .50
Mrs. J. Cassidy .15
Frank Cassidy .25
Mrs. B. W. Atkinson .50
Mrs. Dorey .25
Thomas Hussey .50
F. M. Nichols 1.00
F. Small .25
S. B. Hicks 1.00
Edna Bowlby .25
J. F. MacMahon 5.00
Beatrice Welton .50
F. A. Brennan .50
H. H. Nichols .50
W. A. Blackburn .50
E. H. Nichols 1.00
C. H. Melvin .60
Mrs. MacMillan .25
H. Grey .50
J. H. Dodge 1.00
Mrs. J. H. Dodge 1.00
M. S. Chase 1.00
L. McCormack 1.00
Mrs. L. McCormack .50
Wm. Graves .25
James Jones .25
George Hussey .25
Boyd Dorey .50
Edward Dell .30
Thos. A. Johnston 1.00
Clyde Dorey .25
William Finley 1.00
James McNally .50
Mrs. James McNally .50
H. McMullin 1.00
Mrs. H. McMullin 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Clark 5.00
Kenneth Lingley .25
Robt. Stark 1.00
Miss Kearney 1.00
Watson Graves 1.00
Walter Graves .50
James Sealy 2.00
Winnifred Melish 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. L. Davidson 2.00
Walter Bennett .50
Wesley Graves .50
Mrs. E. M. Lutz .50
Mrs. John Caldwell 1.00
Alex Durno .50
S. W. Webster .50
L. Graves .50
Perley Smith 1.00
Fred McCormack .50
B. Hussey .25
John Stark 1.00
W. Cashman .25
Rev. A. R. Donahoe 2.00
A. S. MacMahon 2.00
D. M. Collins 2.00
Miss Elsie Smith 1.00
B. Hudgins 1.00
Mabel Harris .50
Lingley Patterson 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick 3.00
Austin Smith 1.00
Reginald Briggs 1.00
E. F. Graves 1.00
Capt. J. C. Minnis 1.00
Mrs. Susan Minnis 1.00
Robt. K. Minnis 1.00
Dr. Devine 1.00
Geo. Power 1.00
A. Friend 1.40


Cement – 15 bags $13.10
Mason’s wages 28.50
Mason’s board 4.75
Trucking 6.00
Mason’s helper 15.00

Balance will be used for detail work.