March 22nd, 1916

March 22nd, 1916

Death of Dr. E. M. Saunders.

The Rev. Dr. Saunders, formerly pastor of the Second Cornwallis (now the Berwick) Baptist Church passed away suddenly at the home of his so, Mr. John C. Saunders, Ottawa, on Wednesday of last week

Edward Manning Saunders was born at Lower Aylesford, Kings County, 1829. He attended Acadia College, whence he graduated in June, 1858. In July of that year he entered upon the work of the ministry in Berwick, and was ordained pastor of the church on December 13th.

He remained pastor of this Church for nine years, severing his connections in July, 1867. During he pastorate he spent a year at Newton Theological Seminary, having leave of absence for that purpose.

On leaving Berwick Mr. Saunders became pastor of the Granville Street (Halifax) Baptist Church, where he served faithfully for fourteen years. On account of failing health, he then gave up continuous pastoral work. For several years he was editor of the Christian Visitor, published in St. John.

Since his retirement from pastoral and editorial work, Dr. Saunders has attained much prominence as a writer of historical works. His history of the Baptist Church in the Maritime Provinces was published in 1902. He has since written Three Premiers of Nova Scotia (Johnstone Howe, Tupper), and a life of Sir Charles Tupper, not yet published.

The funeral of Dr. Saunders took place in Halifax on Sabbath last, and was very largely attended. Few men in the province were more widely know or more highly honored.