April 28, 1915

The Register,

Wednesday Evening, April 28, 1915

A Kings County Boy.

Under the heading, "Special Display to Honor Wizard Ryan," the San Francisco Bulletin of April 9th, says:

The greatest illumination effect and the most sensational fireworks display that have been seen at the Exposition will feature the celebration of "illumination night," scheduled to take place next Tuesday night. The occasion is to do honor to W. D’Arcy Ryan, chief of illumination of the Exposition.

The celebration will open with a short formal programme in the band concourse in the Court of the Universe. President Charles C. Moore will make an address and personally will present Ryan with a bronze plaque. Ryan will respond with a short address.

A special battery of searchlights will play an orange glow on the inclosure until the spectators are seated. The screens then will be removed and the band concourse will be made as light as day with a dazzling white light.

Immediately following the formal ceremonies the fireworks display will be held on the Marina. Effects that never before have been attempted will b shown.

"Wizard Ryan" is Walter D’Arcy Ryan, son of J. W. Ryan, Esq., of Kentville.