July 19th, 1922

July 19, 1922

Celebrates 100th Birthday

Mrs. Sarah Ann Todd, of Dalhousie, Annapolis County, celebrated the hundredth anniversary of her birthday on July 13th. The old lady still possesses her faculties to a remarkable degree and is much more acute than many a woman twenty-five years her junior.

Her lifetime has extended through the reign of four British Sovereigns: William Fourth, The long reign of his successor, Queen Victoria and of her successor Edward VII, and George V, the present ruler. Few persons now living have had their lives pass through such remarkable periods of industrial development and modern invention. All the latter so called have come into being during this period, and marked developments such as these from the tallow dip to electric light, from travel on foot and by horses and carriage to railway travel, autos and aeroplanes; from tardy communication by letter to telegraph and telephone, radio; from sailing vessels to ocean greyhounds and so on through the long list.

Mrs. Todd, (Sarah Ann Dargie), was born at Dargie Settlement, near Annapolis, her father being Sergeant William Dargie, of Lord Dalhousie’s regiment. He served with distinction through phases of the Napoleonic wars and won a medal which is now in the possession of Mr. Charles Dargie, of Annapolis, a nephew. The sergeant was also regimental school master and after the regiment disbanded received a grant of land in Nova Scotia. Mrs. Todd’s late husband was also from soldier stock.