January 22, 1941

January 22, 1941

That Hockey Game Of Thirty Years Ago

Dear Mr. Hatfield,-

In scanning this week’s Register I noticed where I was a member of the Nighthawk hockey team of Weston, which played St. Mary’s Club of Aylesford just 30 years ago. I think that 30 year marker will be always impressed on me.

Getting up to make a fire the coldest morning of the recent blizzard, I jumped on the floor and landed with one bare foot which chattered up to my remaining teeth. I lost no time in starting to procure kindling. While breaking up some, I overlooked a large board nail which drove into my left palm or hand half an inch. In case of rust, I sucked out some blood, then lit the fire. The few words I said at the time I don’t think quite reached The Register office. I then searched for the missing sock, and happened to look upwards towards my knee. Lo and behold there was the missing member. The mystery was easily explained; while heating my feet the night before I had burnt the whole toe out, causing it to slip upwards. Then reading your paper I realized it was the 30th anniversary of my entry into hockey.

Getting back to that Weston team, Harold Robinson and myself were both Berwick boys who lived very close to the Weston border, and Berwick had no hockey team that season. If we expected an easy victory at Aylesford we did not get it, s the St. Mary’s Club were finely conditioned, and like the Weston Club had great stamina from skating on outdoor ponds, and after both teams battled in a friendly manner the game ended 1-1 after 60 minutes of thrilling play. To this day I have never enjoyed a game better.

In a summary of the members of that Weston team today, Ogilvie, the goal tender, has passed on; C. Crocker, point; E. Skinner, rover; Joe Taylor centre, are residing in Weston; C. Crocker, coverpoint, and Joe Taylor centre, are located in Western Canada, and myself in Berwick.

Jas. Wilson, who referred the game at Weston, has passed on. I suppose in another 30 years, if this happens to be published, there will be few of us that will remember a game played 60 years previous. The games to which I refer were played with less convenience than today as enclosed rinks were few in that period.

Weston later went on to prove a very formidable team and in 1914, in the Cornwallis Valley League, lost the Morton & Craig trophy to Canning only after 40 minutes overtime play, the final game ending 2-1. Thus this clean, fast skating team from the small community of Weston proved a credit to Kings County.


Berwick, N. S.

Jan. 18, 1941.