Rev. G. O. Huestis and Family

Rev. G. O. Huestis and Family

October 11th 1899 - Letter from G.O.H.: My thoughts of the Valley, and of the Southern shore of the Bay of Fundy..

February 12th 1900 - A Letter from G.O.H. Regarding Lunenburg and the Valley.

Aug. 7th, 1902. - Letter from Rev. G. O. Huestis. The name of my first circuit was all Cornwallis; then, 1849 ...

September 10th, 1903 - Letter from Rev. G. O. Huestis. Points of difference between Kings County, and that of Lunenburg.

October 1, 1903. - Letter from Rev. G. O. Huestis. I resume talking about the two Counties, Kings and Lunenburg.

March 6th 1902 - A Lunenburg Sensation, a letter to the Editor about rum selling. T. B. H.

April 14, 1904 - POETRY. A History of the Morden Road. T. BRUNSWICK HUESTIS.

April 11, 1904


The wife of Rev. G. O. Huestis, of Lunenburg, passed away on Thursday, August 4th. Of the family of eight children six still survive her, three sons – E. E. Huestis and Theodore Huestis, contractors, of New York, and F. W. Huestis, captain on a vessel from New York and now in Australia – and three daughters, Mrs. B. Balderston, of Charlottetown, wife of the provincial auditor for P. E. I.; Mrs. H. M. Reinhardt, wife of the Custom officer at LaHave, and the unmarried daughter, Elizabeth, who are all at home at present. Rev. G. O. and Mrs. Huestis were married in the Brunswick St. Methodist church, Halifax, in 1851.

From "The People of Kings County, Nova Scotia"
By Jack Dugan.

References for:

Huestis George O Rev            (1820-    )    census 1891: methodist clergyman
 Margaret                       (1828-    )    census 1891: born in NB
 - Elizabeth                    (1858-    )    census 1891: born in NS
 - Theodore                (18/5/1863-    )

census 1891: born in NB
Marriage Records Kings County 1890:

census 1901: Born in NB. Contractor

 - Frederick W                  (1866-    )

Marriage Records Kings County 1893: 

 - Margaret                     (1870-    )    married Henry Reinhardt, Lunenburg

Marriage Records Kings County 1889: 

References for:

Huestis Theodore           (18/5/1863-    )

census 1891: born in NB
census 1901: born 18 May 1863 in NB, age 36. Contractor

 Monvilla                  (4/11/1871-    )    see William Reed Minniss

aka Monvilla/Monavill/Minille
census 1891: both Theodore and Monavill were living with Rev GO Heustis
Marriage Records Kings County 1890:

census 1901: born 4 Nov 1871, age 29

 - Geo Oxley               (28/6/1893-    )    census 1901: born 28 June 1893, age 7
 - Hattie R               (26/11/1894-    )    census 1901: born 26 Nov 1894, age 6
 - Edna                    (15/7/1897-    )    census 1901: born 15 July 1897, age 3

Click here for a picture of Hattie Huestis sitting on the doorstep of the Morden School. This image is on Jack Dugan's site as well as the above information.