December 19th, 1907

The Register

December 19, 1907

Death of A. M. Caldwell.

Arthur McIva Caldwell, son of Rupert Caldwell, Esq., of Berwick, died in Banning, California, on Wednesday, Dec. 11th. The news of his death will be heard with sincere regret by hosts of friends. Mr. Caldwell was formerly in business in Berwick. He left here for California in 1903, on the advice of his physicians. His little daughter, born in Berwick, died recently in California, and the shock of her death is said to have unsettled his health, which up to that time had been improving. He leaves a widow, formerly Miss Maud Pickering, daughter of E. Pickering, Esq., of Berwick, and one child. These, so sadly bereaved, have, with the parents and other relatives of the deceased, the heartfelt sympathy of all who know them.