September 15, 1915

September 15, 1915

In France

Mrs. J. B. March has favored us with some letters from her son Cyril of the "Princess Pats."

The first one dated August 7th, written from London contains an interesting account of a visit to that city. Another dated August 22nd, is also written from London. In this he says: "Time for writing is very, very scarce. The only time we have had has been evenings, and on many of them, because of danger from Zeppelin raids, all lights were ordered out …. I have not seen Preston Ilsley yet. Have seen W. H. Snyder, Kinney, Milton Robinson. Henry Pineo is taking an officer’s course here; I have not seen him yet though I hope to before long.

"The poor old Russians seem to be getting it pretty hard these days. However, the day for the Allies is coming. Things are getting lined up all right. I would not be in any other place than here for anything, for the old world can never move along in it s usual channel until this war is settled and settled as it should be."

The following day, August 23rd, he writes from Southampton.

"It was only yesterday that I wrote you from London. This morning at 4 a.m. (I got back from London at midnight) I found all preparations had been made for our embarkation today. I certainly had to hustle and get my kit together. We sail some time during the afternoon."

Then comes a picture post-card showing "Rouen: La Cathedral" on one side. On the other under date of August 25th, is this message:

"Dear Mother, Arrived safely and soundly in beautiful France; we are all feeling fine, never better. Splendid arrangements are made for the comfort and convenience of the boys, France is very brave and noble in these days, Cyril."

Address, Pte. A. C. March

McG. 195

P.P.C. L.I



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An Explosion.

The Hiawatha, a Newfoundland steamer laden with oil and gasolene at Halifax, was destroyed by an explosion on Friday morning last. The captain and two seamen were killed; another seamen was badly injured. The cook, Thomas Farrel, whose attempt to light a fire in a stove ignited gas fumes thus causing the explosion, saved his life by leaping overboard.