The Canning Gazette 1889

The Canning Gazette, Canning, Nova Scotia
20 April 1889, 4 May 1889, 1 June 1889 and 24 May 1890 only available

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Bezanson, Annie E., d/o Joseph Bezanson, married 1 May at the home of the father of the bride, to Frank A. Meister, s/o Benjamin Meister. [4 May 1889].

Bezanson, Joseph see Bezanson, Annie E.

Borden, Abby, died at Cambridge, 17th inst. age 92 years.[20 April 1889].

Campbell, Mrs. Emma H., see Illsley, B_____R.

Elder, George, married at St. John (Presbyterian Manse) 16th inst. to Mary J. McDougal, both of Carleton Co., New Brunswick. [20 April 1889].

Chute, Hiram E., Yarmouth, married at Yarmouth, 22 May 1889, to Clara Cuddy Lewis, 2nd d/o T. M. Lewis. [1 June 1889].

Elliott, Joseph B. Lakeville, married at Canard, 1 May, 1889, to Julia A. Thorpe, Lakeville. [4 May 1889].

Franke, Endavilla Maria see Pineo, Joseph Henry.

Harper, Arthur E., Lee’s Creek, N.W.T, married at MacLeod, N.W.T., Canada, by Rev. Ronald Hilton, to Jessie Eagar, y/d/o late Dr. Henrie Shaw, Kentville, NS. [20 April 1889 no date].

Herbert, Grace E., d/o Alfred G. & Lucinda Herbert, died at Richmond, Halifax, 18 May, age 4 days. [24 May 1890]

Illsley, B____R., Lawrencetown, married at Hebron, 17 May , to Mrs. Emma H. Campbell, Weymouth. [1 June 1889].

Lewis, Clara Cuddy see Chute, Hiram E.

Lithgow, John, eld/s/o late John Lithgow, Halifax merchant, died at Bermuda, 20th April, pneumonia, Age 32 years; buried in Halifax. [4 May 1889].

McDougal, Mary J. see Elder, George.

McLean, George W., Woodville, married at South Berwick, 29 May, to Rachel Skinner, 2nd d/o Edward Skinner, South Berwick. [1 June 1889].

Meister, Benjamin see Bezanson, Annie E.

Meister, Frank A. see Bezanson, Annie E.

Morse, James C. died at Berwick, 16 April. [20 April 1889].

Pineo, Joseph Henry, s/o John Pineo, married 23 Apr. 1889, at Cornwallis, to Endavilla Maria Franke, d/o James Franke, Lawrencetown. [4 May 1889 Canning Gazette].

Rand, Ebenezer, died at Canning, 18th inst., paralysis, age 69 years. [20 April 1889].

Shaw, Dr. Henrie see Harper, Arthur E.

Skinner, Edward see Mclean, George W.

Skinner, Rachel see McLean, George W.

Stearns, Frank A. see Woodworth, Alice.

Thorpe, Julia A. see Elliott, Joseph B.

Woodworth, Alice, formerly of Wolfville, married at Boston, 23 May 1889 to Frank A. Stearns. [1 June 1889].