August 28th, 1929

August 28, 1929

Celebrates 100Th Birthday

Resident of White’s Corner, Kings County, Passed the Century Mark Aug. 23rd.

Miss Sarah Alice Mahar, of White’s Corner, has passed another milestone, having celebrated her hundredth birthday on Friday, August 23rd.

Although last year it was reported that she was ninety-eight, the family records have been searched and it was found that she was born in 1829, instead of 1830 as previously reported, thus making her one hundred years old.

Sarah Alice Mahar was born in Woodville, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Mahar of that place, and when in her teens the family removed to the North Mountain. Her mother, a Miss McKenzie, had come out from Ireland, and Miss Mahar’s Irish wit is still keen and spontaneous.

For a number of years in her early life she lived in Chelsea, Mass., where she took an active interest in the Sailors’ Bethel Church. Returning to Nova Scotia, she took care of her sister’s family at White’s Corner for twenty-five years. Twenty-six years ago she suffered a fall which left her quite crippled, and for the past eight years she has been cared for by Miss Annie White.

When anyone has been "Aunt Sarah" as long as she has, she fills a unique place in the community. Retaining her faculties to a surprising degree, with an active mind and good memory, she is an interesting person to visit and all the home comers plan to call on "Aunt Sarah," knowing they will find that she remembers them and is interested in their doings.

The usual birthday celebration had been planned, but owing to her health being not quite so good the past few days, the arrangements were cancelled the morning of her birthday. However, she had quite a number of callers and she was able to see and enjoy them. Among the number were Rev. and Mrs. T. M. Slater, of Montclair, J. J. Mr. Slater had a short service of worship with Miss Mahar, which she greatly enjoyed. When quite a young girl she joined the Methodist Church and her faith has continued strong through the years.