August 27, 1924

Wednesday, August 27, 1924.

Family Reunion At Old Homestead

It is somehow the way of life, that the members of a family, after they have grown to manhood and womanhood, become widely scattered, and often do not meet each other for years. It is always an interesting occasion when the members of such a family meet again in happy reunion. Such an occasion occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Powers, Windermere, last Wednesday afternoon, when, with one exception, all the living members of the family of the late Josiah and Annie (Rainforth) Borden, met together at the old homestead. The members present were: Mrs. John B. Powers, Delancey Borden, Colorado; Thomas Borden, Port Williams; Arthur Borden, Berwick, and Mrs. McConnell, Boston, Mass. Freeman Borden, the only other surviving member of the family, is in California, and could not be present. Those present besides the brothers were: Mr. John B. Powers and family, Mrs. Arthur Borden, Mrs. Thomas Borden, Miss Esther McConnell, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Palmer, Welsford; Mrs. Ambrose Palmer, and daughter, Alice, Mr. and Mrs. John N. Chute, Mr. and Mrs. B. Borden, Mrs. John D. Gardiner, Miss McKitrick, Kentville; Miss Grace Boyd, Miss Marjorie Boyd. After a pleasant social afternoon together the company sat down to a bountiful supper. The Misses Grace and Marjorie Boyd and Miss Alice Palmer furnished most enjoyable music for the occasion.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Powers where the reunion was held, was the old Rainforth homestead, where Mrs. Josiah Borden, who before her marriage was Annie Rainforth, was born and reared One Hundred years ago. Her father, Christopher Rainforth, one of the early settlers of Kings County, cleared away the forest, built a log house and began the work of reclaiming from the wilderness a farm and home. In this he was eminently successful, and the section in which he began his work as a pioneer, is now a community of prosperous farmers.

The Borden family, Christopher Rainforth’s grandchildren, was quite a large one, all the members of which were born and reared at the old homestead, and in course of time became widely scattered. Three of them Mrs. McConnell and Delancey and Freeman Borden, have lived for a good many years in the United States. Delancey, whose home is in Colorado, had not visited his native place for many years, till this summer, and it was largely in his honor that the reunion was held.