August 21st, 1929

August 21, 1929

Gypsies Meet Their Match At Somerset

Local Merchant Discovers Theft From Store and Makes Members of Wandering Band "Pony Up."

A band of Gypsies passed through this district last week, stopping enroute at Somerset and Berwick. While in the former village, several members of the band visited one of the local stores, where a small purchase was made. Soon after their departure a parcel containing a generous hunk of salt pork was missing from the counter where it had been placed by the store-keeper. Upon discovering his loss, the merchant’s suspicions were aroused and he lost no time in climbing into his car and giving pursuit to the nimble-fingered band. He followed them to Berwick, where, before an interested crowd of spectators who had gathered, including our vigilant Chief of Police, he sternly demanded the return of the stolen parcel. After a few moments deliberation, the pork was handed over and the Gypsies were permitted to proceed on their way, but not before they had listened to a severe reprimand from the merchant whose pickled pig they were so eager to possess.