August 10th, 1905

August 10, 1905

A Strange Bit of Family History.

About the year 1822 William Craig came from Londonderry, Ireland, to Nova Scotia and settled at Morristown, Aylesford. About the year 1825 his brother, James Craig, left the old home in Ireland and came to Philadelphia. Here the two brothers lost sight of each other for life. William Craig remained in Kings County and raised a family, off of whom settled in their native province. His brother, James Craig, married in Philadelphia and went as a missionary to India, where he died in 1845. Mrs. Craig with four little children returned to her former home in Philadelphia where she raised her family. These two families, cousins, lived on for some sixty years, one in Nova Scotia, the other in Pennsylvania, each entirely ignorant of the existence of the other. Last autumn Miss Annie Craig, of Philadelphia, in a mysterious way, heard that there was a family of Craigs in Kings County, Nova Scotia. She at once wrote to them to know if they were descendants of William Craig, her uncle, who, as she had heard, settled in Nova Scotia. A correspondence at once began between the two families, and on Saturday last Miss Craig from Philadelphia arrived in Cambridge on a visit to her newly discovered cousins, who were overjoyed to meet her, having never previously seen one of their relatives on their father’s side. Miss Craig, who is a very intelligent lady, is much pleased with the country. She is at present the guest of her cousin, James Craig, and his family.