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Artifacts Page

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From the 1st page of the
Fisher ledger. Dated Somerset April 1st 1884
Has a pencil sketch of a woman in a dress.
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From the 2nd page of the
Fisher ledger. Dated Somerset April 1st 1884
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From the 4th page of the
Fisher ledger. Dated Somerset April 10th 1884
The 1st page of transactions
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Summary of audit from the second ledger.
Dated Oct. 1st 1894

Notes: The Ledgers were found in a wall of the present home of Roy Misner of Somerset.

There are two ledgers. One is dated (starting at) April 1st, 1884 and ends in 1887, and belonged to A. L. (might be A. C. or A. S.) Fisher of Somerset. The second ledger is dated (starting at) Sept 28th, 1894. The second ledger does not seem to have an owner’s name but I assume it belonged to the same gentleman due to its location when found.

Most of the names (not all) in the first ledger are as follows below (please note, some of the initials are hard to read). Please note that sometime before the 1st of March, 1886 the entries are from a business in Waterville. I assume the same Mr. Fisher relocated his store.

L. B. Thomas
D. Woodworth
Geo. W. Fisher
Edward Parker
Charles West
C. (might be G.) Wolfe
Emma Fisher
Chas. Norwood
Callahan (no initials)
N. Best
C. O. Nichols
Henry Best
Mrs. Chesley
Bowles girls
Bill Bent
F. McIntosh
Mrs. Walker
Mrs. Anthony
Prim Neily (keeps appearing as Prim?)
Fred Pineo
J. W. Johnson
Noble Lyons
Earnest Miller
Outhit & Eaton
James Morton
M. E. (might be N. E.) Parish
W. K. Bennett (might be W. R.)
M. Fisher
E. Nichols
W. W. Pineo
R. Lydiard
Thos Margeson
Byron Johnson
Chas. Sanford
Wm. Hiltz
L. Bowles
Ina Miller
Will Pineo
Geo Pineo
W. W. Pineo
Gramp Healy
Will Sandford
Isaac Ells
Robt. Pineo
Hattie Forsythe
Geo. Salzman
Sydney Osborne
Andy Skinner
John Lyons
S. Pelton (might be L.)
Fred L. Fisher (might be Fred S.)
P. Woodworth
E. R. Fisher
Ed Pineo
John Power
Miss Bent
Moses Shaw
Maggie Best
Mary Foster
F. Best
G. D. Pineo
Miss Foster
Herb Campbell
J. P. Pineo
Harris Best
Mathew Webster
Wesley Sandford
Chas. Mahar
Robt. Rockwell
A. E. Chipman
F. A. Clark
Henry Best
Fred Woodworth
Andrew Spicer

The second ledger contains transactions concerning store goods and very few names are used (most are very hard to make out.) I will not be listing names from that ledger.

Along with the two ledgers there is a book with the initials A. S. Fisher, 1874. Mr. Fisher used his seal on the second page in this book. The seal reads:

A. Stanley Fisher
Aylesford, N. S.

The book is "History of Greece", by William Francis Collier, LL.D., Trinity College, Dublin.

The "Note" page has June 1866.