The Star 1866

The Star, Berwick, Nova Scotia
NSARM mfm #4012 ; Published on Thursday

1866 No data 6 Sept.1866, 27 Sept. 1866, [4 Oct. 1866 not legible], 11 Oct. 1866

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Barry, Peter, died at St. John, NB, caught in sawmill machinery, crushed. [1 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Beckwith, Mayhew see Beckwith, Rebecca A.

Beckwith, Rebecca A., d/o Mayhew Beckwith, married at Upper Dyke, Cornwallis, by Rev. S. B. Kempton, to Mason [?] Sheffield, M.D., Berwick. [9 Aug 1866 The Star].

Bent, Caroline see Elliott, Abraham.

Bishop, Joseph, died at Lower Canard, diphtheria, 17th Nov. age 26 years.[20 Dec 1866 The Star].

Boles, Elizabeth, w/o George Boles, died at Grafton, 27 Dec [?]. [27 Dec 1866 The Star].

Brenan, Harriet, Cornwallis, married at Somerset, 20 [?], June by Rev. R. E. Crane, to Benjamin Elliott, Cornwallis. [19 July 1866 The Star].

Chipman, Mary, w/o Watson Chipman, died Pine Grove, Annapolis Co., 20th., age 70 years.[27 July 1866 The Star].

Chipman, Watson see Chipman, Mary.

Coldwell, John, died at Black Rock [Kings Co.].[7 June 1866 The Star].

Coldwell, Rebecca E. see Davidson, Nathan.

Colpitts, Rev. W. W., Wesleyan Minister of Margate, PEI, married , 18th , at Horton, to Cornelia A. Davidson, 2nd d/o Lewis Davidson. [27 July 1866 The Star].

Condon, Mary Eliza see Potter, Isaac.

Condon, Samuel see Potter, Isaac.

Cox, Thomas W. see Eaton, Eunice A.

Davidson, Cornelia A. see Colpitts, Rev. W. W.

Davidson, Nathan, California, formerly of Horton, married at Berwick, 27th inst., by Rev. E. M. Saunders, to Rebecca E. Coldwell, Berwick. [29 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Eaton, Eunice A., d/o Gurdon Eaton, married at Hantsport, 2nd ult., by Rev. W. Burton, to Thomas W. Cox, Cornwallis. [22 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Elliott, Abraham, married at West Cornwallis, 24th ult., by Rev. R. E. Crane, to Caroline Bent. [27 Dec 1866 The Star].

Elliott, Benjamin see Brenan, Harriet.

George, Rev. W., wife of and sister of , drowned at Parrsboro.[7 June 1866 The Star].

Gilliatt, Israel [?], Clementsport, married at Berwick, 21st inst., to Rachel Willett, Granville Ferry, by Rev. John Reed. [25 Oct 1866 The Star].

Gould, E. Rebecca P., d/o John Gould, all of Wolfville, married at Wolfville, 5 Dec. by Rev. John Storrs, to James S. McDonald. [20 Dec. 1866 The Star].

Gould, Capt. William see Gould, Luseta.

Gould, John see Gould, E. Rebecca P.

Gould, Luseta, w/o Capt. Edwin Gould, died at Black Rock, 21st., age 28 years. [also her infant son died age 10 weeks 23rd]. [27 July 1866 The Star].

Graham, Henrietta, died at Canard, diptheria, age 16 years.[20 Dec 1866 The Star].

Griffin, Samuel, died at West Cornwallis, 23rd inst., age 70 years. [29 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Huntington, Ebenezer, died at Weston, 20th ult., in 85th year ; one of the first settlers of Western Cornwallis, Baptist, leaves 10 children [further brief note]. [18 Oct 1866 The Star].

Jefferson, H. E. see Jefferson, Maria.

Jefferson, Maria, s/o William Jefferson, died at Round Hill, 25th inst. age 58 years, mother of H. E. Jefferson, Berwick. [27 Dec 1866 The Star].

Loomer, Elmer E., s./o John & Mary Loomer, died at Weston, Cornwallis, 22nd ult., age 1 year 7 months. [2 Aug 1866 The Star].

Loomer, John & Mary see Loomer, Elmer E.

Margeson, John, drowned [overboard] at Black Rock Lighthouse, 30th ult., age c. 20 years, s/o William. [7 June 1866 Vol.1 #1 The Star].

Margeson, Sarah A., w/o Benjamin Margeson, died 10th inst., cancer, age 37 years. [no place given- 19 July 1866 The Star].

McCully, William, died at Amherst, Sat. last, at the residence of his brother.[13 Dec 1866 The Star]

McMillan, Maggie see Parker, Rev. Isaac N.

McDonald, James S. see Gould, E. Rebecca P.

Messenger, David see Messenger, Leander.

Messenger, Leander, s/o David Messenger, died at Upper Wilmot, 3rd inst.. [6 Dec. 1866 The Star]

Milberry, Solomon, s/o Wesley Milberry, died at Black Rock, Russia Road, 24 Aug, consumption. [30 August 1866 The Star].

Milberry, Wesley see Milberry, Solomon.

Montgomery, Mrs., died at South Mountain, of dropsy, 24th ult. [23 Aug 1866 The Star].

Morton, John, died at West Cornwallis, 25th inst. age 11 years. [29 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Murray, Miss see Verge, Mr. W. L.

Pelton, Henry, married at Berwick, 7 Nov., by Rev. E. M. Saunders, to Almira Spicer, both of Billtown. [8 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Parker, Rev. Isaac N., Wesleyan Minister at Hillsborough, NB, married at Elm Hall, Boiestown, to Maggie McMillan, eld/d/ Miles McMillan, Boiestown. [12 July 1866 The Star].

Pineo, Sarah, w/o A. A,. Pineo, died at Cambridge, NS, 5th inst. age 2 years 6 months. [7 June 1866 The Star].

Ray, John W., s/o Henry Ray, died at West Cornwallis, 25th inst., consumption.[27 Dec 1866 The Star].

Robinson, Arthur, died 29th ult., drowned, adopted s/o G. M. White, Waterville, age 4 years. [2 August 1866 The Star].

Porter, Eben, died at South Mountain, 8th inst., at the residence of Shubel Woodworth, 13 years. [13 Sept. 1866 The Star].

Potter, Isaac, Clementsport, married at Union Square, Cornwallis, 18th Sept., by Rev. E. M. Saunders, to Mary Eliza Condon d/o Samuel Condon. [20 Sept. 1866 The Star].

Shaw, Harriet, d/o Sidney Shaw, married at Waterville, 14 Nov, by Rev. E. M. Saunders, to William N. Witt [?], of Cornwallis. [15 Nov. 1866 The Star].

Sheffield, Aaron, died at Upper Dyke, 7th inst. age 63 years.[13 Dec 1866 The Star].

Sheffield, Mason [?] M. D. see Beckwith, Rebecca A.

Slocomb, Jacob see Young, Joseph H.

Slocomb, Mary Emma see Young, Joseph H.

Spicer, Almira see Pelton, Henry.

Tupper, Abner, died at West Aylesford, 24th ult., 3rd s/o Thos. Tupper, age 23 years. [12 July 1866 The Star].

Verge, Mr. W. L., married at Halifax, 18th inst., by Rev. Botteral, to Miss Murray. [2 Aug. 1866 The Star].

Walker, James, died, age 50, of consumption. [19 July 1866 The Star].

White, G. M. see Robinson, Arthur.

Willett, Rachel see Gilliatt, Israel [?].

Wilson, Love Minetta, eld/d/o Christopher & Charlotte Wilson, died at South Berwick, 17th inst., age 3 years 7 months. [23 Aug 1866 The Star].

Woodworth, Shubel, see Porter, Eben.

Witt [?], William N. see Shaw, Harriet.

Young, Joseph H., married at Poplar grove, Wilmot, 25th ult., by Rev. I. N. Parker, Wesleyan Minister, to Mary Emma Slocomb, eld/d/o Jacob Slocomb. [16 Aug 1866 The Star].