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Family of Joseph Burt and Ann Reed

Joseph Burt, son of Joseph Burt and Elizabeth [-?-], was born about 1770 in Halifax County, North Carolina. He married Ann Reed in Halifax County, North Carolina in 1788 [2]. Ann Reed was born about 1770, also in Halifax County, North Carolina [3].

The 1790 census of Halifax County, North Carolina recorded the household as follows:

p. 63 Joseph Burt 1m>16, 3f (3 slaves)

This was on the same page as his mother Elizabeth Burt and brother John Burt, and Richard Burt.

In 1800, the household was listed in Halifax County (p. 290):

Joseph Burt 2m <10, 1m 26-45, 3f <10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45 (5 slaves)

and again, in 1810 (p.8):

Joseph Burt 4m <10, 2m 10-16, 1m 26-45, 2f <10, 1f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f 26-45 (3 slaves)

In 1820, they were found in Halifax Co., p. 141

Joseph Burt 2m<10, 2m 10-16, 1m 16-18, 1m 16-26, 2m >45, 2f <10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26 (2 slaves)

Joseph Burt came to Autauga County, Alabama in January 1822 [1]. Arriving with Joseph Burt were his sons-in-law John Coleman and Henry Hunt [1].

Although the family history states the family arrived from North Carolina, they may have spent a short time in Putnam County, Georgia, where other Burt relatives lived, as the name Joseph J. Burt appears in the Putnam County tax list for 1813 [10].

Once in Autauga County, according to the family history written by Samuel Smith and Martha Mathews [1]:

Mr. Joseph Burt bought land of Phil Fitzpatrick on the Washington and Vernon Road about a half mile west of the old Thorington Rice place; he remained here as a farmer a year or two when he purchased a place 1 mile west of old Washington on the left hand side of the road. While living here his second son died with consumption and was buried on the place. This was in 1825.

His presence in Autauga County during this period is confirmed by probate records: on 20 Oct 1824, Joseph Burt was listed as owning $27.76 1/4 to the estate of Mily Wakman [4].

The family history continues:

He remained at this place several years and in 1828 he moved on a place owned by Charles Rush, a half mile north of old Washington; here he made a crop in 1828. In 1829 he moved up in the piney woods and bought a place now owned and occupied by Mr. William White.

The 1830 census of Autauga County, p.135, listed the household of J. Burt: 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30, 1m 60-70, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40, 1f 60-70

Deeds during this time period include:

13 Nov 1830 Joseph Burt to Mrs. Mary Matthews (witnessed by James C. Burt)

9 Feb 1832 Henry Hunt and wife Sarah Hunt to Joseph J. Burt

22 Feb 1837 Edmund J. Feldon and James Bradford to Joseph J. Burt

9 June 1837 J. J. Burt to Jonathan Mayhew

Jan 1838 Joseph J. Burt to T. G. Marable

(Some of these later ones could be Joseph J. Burt Jr.).

He carried on a farm here until 1831 when his wife died and was buried by the side of her son Wm. at the old place 1 mile west of old Washington. After the death of his wife his son-in-law Henry Hunt came to live with him, but only remained during the year 1832. In the early part of 1833, he broke up and went to live with his son Stephen, who was then living on the east side of Swift Creek, seven or eight miles northwest of Kingston in a settlement called Big Hungry. Here he [Joseph Burt] remained until his death in 1841.
Mr. Burt was buried near the residence of his son-in-law Thomas Coleman, who was living on the west bank of Breakfast Creek, about a half mile of its confluence with Autauga Creek. Mr. Burt was a Baptist in faith, but had never connected himself with any church. Mrs. Burt his wife was of the same faith but like her husband never joined the church.

Based on Autauga County probate records, Joseph Burt appears to have died in 1840, not 1841. On 30 Nov 1840 the will of Joseph Burt, deceased, was presented to the Autauga County Orphans Court; in it, Joseph Burt requested that his estate be divided equally among all his "legal and bodily heirs" with the exception of his daughter Sophia who was to receive one dollar as her fair share, and appointed his son John Burt and his "relation and friend" William Burt as executors. At that time, William Burt testified that he had seen Joseph Burt sign this will. The court ordered that Martin R. Burt be appointed administrator of the estate, and received a bond of $5000 from Martin R. Burt along with James C. Burt and Charles Booth [5]. It would appear that JosephUs son John Burt was deceased by this time, as on 19 Jan 1841 Martin R. Burt was listed as the administrator of the estate of John Burt in the appraisement of Joseph Burt, deceased [reference?].

On 17 Oct 1842, the final settlement of Joseph BurtUs estate was made and $172.37 1/2 each was distributed to the following heirs: Nancy Coleman, Thomas Coleman in right of his wife Martha, Barret Vincent in right of his wife Elizabeth, Stephen R. Burt, Martin R. Burt (administrator), Henry Hunt in right of his wife Sarah, James C. Burt and Joseph J. Burt [6].


  1. Nancy Burt
    b. ca 1789 Halifax Co., NC
    m. John Coleman probably ca 1813
    d. 26 Feb 1864 Autauga Co., AL [1]
    b. Oak Hill Cemetery, Prattville, AL [1]
  2. Martha Burt
    b. ca 1790 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Thomas Coleman
    d. Nov 1850 [1] Prattville, AL
  3. Elizabeth Burt
    b. 14 Nov 1793 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Barret Vincent 31 Jan 1811 [8]
    d. 1845 AL
  4. Stephen R. Burt
    b. ca 1796 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Catherine Billingsley 1829
    d. 1870 Weogulfka, AL
  5. William Burt
    b. ca 1798 Halifax Co., NC
    d. 1825 Autauga Co., AL
  6. Sophia Burt
    b. ca 1801 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Timothy Walton Matthews
    d. after 1885 AL
  7. Martin R. Burt
    b. 17 Oct 1804 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Delilah A. Griffis 1829 [Autauga Co., AL?]
    d. 29 Jun 1870 Prattville, Autauga Co., AL
    b. Martin Burt Family Cemetery, Autauga Co., AL
  8. Sarah Burt
    b. 17 Mar 1807 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Henry Hunt Jun 1825 [Autauga Co., AL?]
    d. 20 Jun 1901 Autauga Co., AL
    b. Pine Level Methodist Church Cemetery, Pine Level, Autauga Co., AL
  9. James Creth Burt
    b. 20 Jun 1809 Halifax Co., NC
    m. 1) Elizabeth Baird 1843
    m. 2) Frances Ann Gibson 1849
    d. 16 May 1896 Talladega, AL
    b. Oak Hill Cemetery, Talladega, AL
    Moved to Talladega ca 1838 [9]
  10. Joseph J. Burt [11]
    b. ca 1810 Halifax Co., NC
    m. Elizabeth G. Baker [7] by 1838
    d. after 1840
  11. ?John Burt?
    d. ?before November 1840 ?


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