Zacheus Burt + Elizabeth Burt

Family of Zacheus Burt and Elizabeth Burt

Zacheus Burt, son of Joseph Burt and Elizabeth [-?-], was born in 1780 [19,20] in North Carolina [1,2]. He was married to Elizabeth Burt, born about 1780 [1], the daughter of William Burt Sr. and Elizabeth Hurt [3]. He first appears in official records in 1788, when he was listed in his father's estate settlement in Halifax County, North Carolina.

By 1801, he was apparently living in Warren County, Georgia, as he is listed that year in the county's tax digests [4] as was Nicholas Burt [5]. The 1805 land lottery registrant list shows him still living in Warren County, where he failed to win on either drawing.

During this time period, other family members were also present in Warren County. Warren County marriage records show that his brother James Burt married Rebecca Burt (a sister of Zacheus' wife Elizabeth) on 6 Aug 1803 [6]. An Elizabeth Burt of Warren County was also listed in the 1805 land lottery registration, receiving a prize on the second draw. It is unclear who Elizabeth was: one possibility might be Zacheus Burt's mother, although she is not listed as a widow.

The following deeds involving Zacheus Burt were recorded in Warren Co., Georgia: [17]

Book B, p. 620 20 Nov 1802
John Mathews to Zacheus Burt, land adjoining Nicholas Williams
Book B, p.619 19 Feb 1805
John Mathews to James Burt, land adjoining Zacheus Burt and Nicholas Williams.
Wit: Zacheus Burt, William Banks
22 Dec 1806
Benjamin Wright to Archilaus Flewelllin, land adjoining John Lock, Elisha Hurt, Nicholas Williams and David Mims.
Wit: Zacheus Burt, James Burt
Book C, p. 492 12 Oct 1807
James Burt to Nicholas Williams, land adjoining Zacheus Burton [sic]

By 1813, Zacheus and Elizabeth Burt had moved to Putnam County, Georgia, as he is found in the tax list for that year, along with Joseph J. Burt, James Burt and Richard Burt. The 1820 census for that year recorded Zacheus Burt in Putnam County, along with James, Richard and William Burt [7]:

Zacheus Burt 2m < 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45, 2f < 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45

By 1850, Zacheus and Elizabeth Burt were living in Talbot County, Georgia, as shown by the following census record [1]:

  22nd District, #653
          Burt, Z.         70     M       Farmer  b NC
          Burt, Elizabeth  70                     b NC
          Burt, Martha     18                     b GA
          [Bart?], Hillian 30     M               b GA
          [Bart?], Sarah   20                     b GA
          [Bart?], Joel    3                      b GA
          [Bart?], Anna    1                      b GA

[Note: Hillian Bart above is Hilliard Burt, based on other information on this family].

Living nearby was the family of nephew William Blount Marshall [10], another Burt household - that of Joseph Burt born about 1815 in North Carolina [11], and daughter-in-law Mildred Owen Burt and children [12]:

  23rd District, #261
        Burt, Mildred   37                      b GA
        Burt, Sarah     14                      b GA
        Burt, Joel      12                      b GA
        Burt, Daniel    10                      b GA
        Burt, Jane      8                       b GA
        Burt, Zachariah 6                       b GA

On 16 June 1851, Elizabeth Burt died at the age of 72 in Talbot County, Georgia [8].


  1. Nancy Hurt Burt [19]
    b. 2 Feb 1803 [prob Warren Co., GA]
    m. Samuel R. Pitts
  2. Joel Hurt Burt [9] [15,19]
    b. 2 Jan 1807 [prob Warren Co., GA]
    m. Mildred Ann Owen 17 Jan 1833 Talbot Co., GA
    d. 8 Jun 1847 Pleasant Hill, Talbot Co., GA
    b. Daniel Owen Cemetery, Talbot Co., GA
  3. William Washington Burt [19]
    b. 11 Oct 1812
    m. Jane E. Leseur 13 Dec 1839 Russell Co., AL
    d. 28 Jan 1888 Salem, Russell Co., AL
  4. Hilliard Zacheus Burt [16]
    b. 17 Sep 1815 Putnam Co., GA [18]
    m. Sarah C. Smith 1 Sep 1846 [18]
    d.27 Jan 1897 Marion Co., GA [13,18]
  5. Emily Elizabeth Burt [19]
    b. 3 Oct 1818
    m. Sterling Pitts
    d. 1854 Lee Co., AL [?] [21]


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            Marshall, James         14                      b GA
            Marshall, Stephen       12                      b GA
            Marshall, Samuel         8                      b GA
            Hurt, Amanda            24                      b GA
            Hurt, William            5                      b AL
    According to Sarah Sharpless, William Blount Marshall was the son of Stephen(s) Marshall and Elizabeth Burt (daughter of Joseph Burt), and grandson of David Marshall and Mary Davis. He was born 16 May 1796 in NC. He married Martha D. Turner 20 Feb 1817 in Putnam Co., GA. He was secondly married to Mary Annice Flournoy
  11. This is probably Joseph Burt (son of Joseph Burt Jr. and Ann Reed) and his wife Elizabeth Baker (dau of Willis Baker):
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            Burt, Elizabeth 27                      b GA
            Burt, Amanda    10                      b GA
            Burt, William   7                       b GA
            Burt, Lucinda   4                       b GA
            Burt, John      1                       b GA
            Green, William  68              Laborer b VA
  12. Source [9] gives the following children:
    1. Alpheus Joel Burt b 16 Mar 1834, m Amanda Kimbrough 5 Oct 1858, d 1907.
    2. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Burt b 28 Apr 1838 Talbot Co., GA, m William Roscoe Gorman, 1856 d 27 Feb 1911
    3. Emily Isabella Burt b 29 Jul 1841 d 18 Jun 1911
    4. Mildred Owen Burt b 5 Nov 1846 m Jesse Belton Butts d 22 Mar 1922 b Meriwether Co., GA
  13. Two other as-of-now unconnected Burt marriages, probably children of Hilliard Burt, from [9]:
    John P. Burt m. Fanny Lou Blount (b. 1852)
    Hilliard Eugene Burt m. Carolyn Evelyn Jones
  14. Probably a daughter of Zacheus and Elizabeth: Emily E. Burt m. Marbary H. Pitts 1 Dec 1836 Talbot Co., GA (from AA CD)
  15. Probably named for Joel Hurt (or a descendant), whose name appears in many deeds in 18th century Halifax Co., NC as a neighbor to Richard Burt.
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  21. Information and comments from Sarah Sharpless:
    According to Frances Benson Chandler's book on Daniel Grant Owen, a Sterling Pitts reportedly married Emily Burt, dau. of Zacheus Burt & Elizabeth Burt. Barbara Goodson (e-mail of 25 July 1997) says that an Automated Archives marriage CD shows Emily E. Burt m. Marbary H. Pitts, 1 Dec 1836, Talbot Co., GA. Marbary Pitts also shows up on the Talbot Co., GA, GenWeb site: Marriage -- Mabray H. Pitts & Emily E. Bush [sic], 1 Dec 1836, Talbot Co., GA. (

    A Sterling and Emily Pitts are buried in the Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Lee Co., AL.
    Our Father / Sterling H. Pitts / Born / Jan. 19, 1815 / Died / May 24, 1891 Our Mother / Emily E. / Consort of Sterling H. / Pitts / Born Dec. 3, 1818 / Died Aug. 28, 1854

    From a transcription of census records:

    Russell Co., AL, 1850:
    Sterlin Pitts, 35, M, Farmer, $2,500, GA
    Emily, 32, F, GA
    Ann, 8, F, AL
    Emily, 5, F, AL

    Lee Co., AL, WB A, pp. 337-338. Will of Sterling H. Pitts, w. 29 May 1884, p. 8 Jul 1891:
    "my grandson Sterling Pitts Wiggins" - $150
    "my Grand Daughter Annie F. Wiggins" - $150
    "my Grand Daughter (Linnie ?) Bell Wiggins" - $150
    "my Daughter Emily Fletcher Marshall"
    "my grandson William H. Kimbrough" - Sterling Pitts divides the rest of his property between Emily Marshall & William Kimbrough.
    Exr: Samuel Marshall, William H. Kimbrough
    Wit: H. S. Pitts
    The Samuel Marshall named in Sterling Pitts' will may be the son of William B. Marshall of Talbot Co., GA.

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