Cahawba Chapter, NSDAR, Birmingham, Alabama


Cahawba Chapter, NSDAR
Birmingham, Alabama




Cahawba Chapter was organized May 15, 1945, in Birmingham, with Mrs. Nell Winston Fallaw as organizing regent. The chapter started with a membership of twenty five.

Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month, September through May (excluding January,) and begin at 10:30 a.m. An exception is the December meeting, which is held on the first Saturday. Meetings are held on Saturday to accommodate working women in the community who promote patriotism, preserve U. S. history, and support educational programs.

About DAR Eligibility

Qualifications to join the Daughters of the American Revolution can be obtained from the National DAR website.  Prospective members are welcome and we would like to receive Email from you.

DAR Insignia

The graphic featured at the top-left of the page, is the DAR Insignia. The golden wheel represents a spinning wheel, the platinum or white gold distaff carries the colors of the society (blue and white) and the stars represent the original thirteen colonies.

"Our emblem is a golden wheel,
banded with deepest blue.
Each shining spoke tipped with a star,
the distaff shining through;
The only jewel in the world
that money cannot buy
without such proof of ancestry
as no one can deny."

"The hub: Each loyal daughter's heart.
Each spoke: A thought of those from whom we part.
The tie: A noble life well rounded out.
Each star: A deed of kindness as we go about.
Each flaxen thread: A cord of love to bind us closer day by day.
The distaff: The rod of love to guide us all the way. "



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