Wilbur Twelker family history

Wilbur Packard Twelker family history

Wilbur Twelker was born January 14, 1894 in Missouri. He married Gwen Pollack June 14, 1929. They had 2 children. Wilbur died February 8, 1988 in California. His wife Gwen died May 28, 1984. Niece Phyllis Karsten writes;
Wilbur and Gwen managed Esther's (Wilbur's sister) finances for her in her declining years and found suitable rest home accommodations for her. As good private homes that were "in the budget" were hard to find, this entailed much searching over a wide area. Even though the homes might be some distance from their place, they made regular visits to see Aunt Esther. Aunt Gwen wrote to Mother regularly and usually reported on these visits to Aunt Esther. My recollection of this couple and my acquaintance with their son, Bill, is of a gentle family willing to go many extra miles.

Wilbur and Gwen moved up to Cupertino to live with their son and his wife, Bill and June. Gwen had cancer and Bill and June carried on the family tradition of devoted care. Mother and I visted them there, and I was impressed with Uncle Wilbur's physical strength at the age of 92. (On that visit I returned a first edition of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. It had been in our family for as long as I could remember, but when we were packing Mother's household, she said it was Wilbur's. He was happy to have it back and to be able to pass it on to his family,. But it was a difficult thing for me to do!).

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