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Chair's Notes - 30 July 2001

Chair's Notes - 20 August 2001

Chair's Notes - 17 September 2001

Chair's Notes - 19 November 2001

 Chair's Notes - 30 July 2001

After reviewing the minutes from the 2000 reunion, we got a treasurer's report from Tommy and Colleen (past acting treasurer). We have a balance of $1,559.50!! We'll need to discuss if Metaleen should add her name to the checking account (in addition to Tommy's and Colleen's, who thinks her name should be taken off due to her stroke).

Derick Hartshorn has also taken himself off the reunion committee due to a stroke (is there something in the water the reunion committee drinks?) as well as his wife Lana. This leaves us with the question of who can manage the Cline mail list and the Web site. Derick has offered to help (unless it become too big a job), but the committee would rather get replacements - for Derick's sake. After some discussion, the reunion committee decided to ask Jean Hefner if she would oversee the mail list, and John Yoder of Illinois to administer the Cline Web site. We also discussed recruiting some "mail list detectives" to hunt down lost Clines, find new addresses and phone numbers, maybe obtain e-mail addresses. We also discussed the possibility of someone being in charge of PR (see "needed jobs" below).

The committee reviewed the 2000 reunion evaluations (attached if this is an e-mail). The only question not included was #13, which contain people who volunteered for various jobs. This list will be used in future committee meetings.

Needed jobs for 2002 Cline reunion:
a.     Mail list - Jean Hefner?
b.     Web master - John Yoder?
c.     PR - to oversee the mailings and announcements to newspapers
d.     graphics - to create the fliers (Bill Jones?)
e.     registration -
f.     mail list detectives
g.     ?
h.     ?

Some of the "givens" for the 2002 reunion are:
a.     Mt. Zion Lutheran Church will be our reunion location (Colleen reserved the church for the reunion)
b.     Holiday Inn Express is the motel of choice (reserving a block of rooms is in the works). Bill Jones is checking on this and as well as the cost at other motels.
c.     Dr. Gary Freeze has been invited to be a keynote speaker again

The committee liked meeting in the Founder's Room at Lenoir-Rhyne College (since one of the founders is a Cline) because they can cheaply eat supper as we meet. We therefore decided to held our next meeting there - 20 August 2001 beginning at 5:30 pm.

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 Chair's Notes - 20 August 2001

While eating a good meal from Lenoir-Rhyne College's cafeteria, the committee reviewed the chair's notes from the July meeting and was informed that there was no change in the treasury. Metaleen gave Tommy Stine some checks and money she had received for Cline souvenirs over the past year.

Jean Hefner will be taking over the Cline mail list. She will not be overseeing the "Cline detectives" but will enter the changes into the mail list data bank. She will contact Derick Hartshorn about getting his mail list file transferred to her computer. Charley Little and Bill Jones agreed to be "on call" if help was needed. Vance Hefner, of course, will also help his wife (right Vance?)! Metaleen gave Jean the bag of returned Cline fliers from the 2000 reunion.

We agreed to call some of the Cline volunteers to see if they'll help with locating lost or relocated Clines. We're calling these people "Cline detectives" (or should that be Cline bloodhounds?). Once we get a committee operating, Jean may wish to distribute the returned fliers to these people. Several people had volunteered at the last reunion. They are:
Jim Lance, 703-368-6238 (Manassas, Virginia)
Charles Cline, 828-465-1959 (Newton)
Janie C Wray, 704-482-3781 (Shelby)
Lila G. Kuehnert, 828-465-7144 (Conover)
Linda Werdal, 252-353-7113 (Greenville, NC)

John Yoder has agreed to be our Cline Webmaster. He wants to know what we want on the Cline Web page. We discussed the idea of putting on:
The names and a contact numbers for the reunion committee
Dates and information about the 2002 reunion
Photographs of past reunions (especially the 2000 reunion)
Maybe the Cline souvenirs after checking on liability (taxes across state lines) and thinking through who and how these would be distributed/mailed.
Maybe put the Cline mail list online after getting permission from people. Maybe we should only put people with e-mail addresses, if they wish to be listed.
The 2002 registration form (if we could figure out how their money could also be sent in).

John Yoder will be in Hickory 1-13 September. Some of us hope to meet with him during that time (Harry Hickman, Jean Hefner, and Metaleen).

Bill Jones reported on the group rates for blocking out some motel rooms for the reunion. He wants to also call the corporate offices of the various motels to try to get even cheaper rates. He'll report back at the September meeting.

Mary Gay was not at the meeting (sick), so we did not discuss her idea of selling Cline arts & crafts during the reunion.

We discussed the basic scope of the reunion. We liked the 3-day format. We liked having meals and keynote speakers. We may change the Saturday night meal to make it the "highlight" by serving the banquet then, maybe seeing if Gary Freeze would like to speak at that time (since more people attend that event than the Sunday noon meal). We also like the idea of workshops, but not offering as many. We also want to send out a notice this fall about the reunion - and to send it 1st class mail in order to get those returned that could not be delivered. We also decided to ask Derick Hartshorn to again offer a computer workshop and to help with the computerization of genealogy activities. We also want to ask Dr. Harry Hickman to again set up the "Cline Genealogy" station where people can print out their part of the family tree.

Tommy Stine shared that he is willing to create a Sebastian Cline painting with duplicate prints. We discussed whether it should be black/white or color, about what size it could be, how many prints we might could afford to make and sell. We were thrilled at the possibility! He will do some checking on cost to bring back to the September meeting. We even discussed that the first painting should be of Sebastian only. If the idea is successful, he might be able to add more Cline paintings later. Metaleen took him around to see the items we believe are connected directly with Sebastian. He even got to see the original photograph of Ervin Seitz as a baby in front of Sebastian's home. Even if the photograph only shows half the house, Tommy can add the other half. The photo also showed two barns - both of which Tommy wants to include. He may include Sebastian's hearth stone, grave, and/or Will. The committee felt that using Sebastian alone for this first print would be best.

We talked about the idea of posthumously highlighting a "Cline" at the reunion - maybe one who did something good for society. No decision was made.

The committee also talked about creating an e-mail group. In the fall reunion announcement, we could ask people to share their e-mail addresses for such a group. With an e-mail group, lots of reunion information could be disseminated quickly and cheaply.

Dr. Harry Hickman printed out some information about Rev. William Pickney Cline, one of the two main founders of Lenoir-Rhyne College. His family may have a mini reunion within our larger Cline reunion in June.

Metaleen will write the 1st draft for a fall mailing, including the names and contact numbers for each committee member. We'll also include a request for e-mail addresses.

We will invite volunteers to join the reunion committee, including Susan DC Hughes of Conover. Jean Hefner will also contact Ann Brock (Carl Cline's sister).

Next meeting Monday, 17 September at Lenoir-Rhyne College, maybe beginning a half-hour later, at 6 pm.

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 Chair's Notes - 17 September 2001

Only a few of the Cline committee met at Lenoir-Rhyne College, but we made many decisions! Tommy Stine, treasurer, reported that we have $1,655.50 after depositing some Cline souvenir money. I spent $5.84 mailing souvenirs. Tommy will contact Colleen Blackburn (former treasurer) about the checkbook.

Bill Jones was not present to report on the motel choice. Although Mary Gay Hickman was not present either, we did discuss her thoughts regarding the sale, display, and give away of Cline art and craft items. This suggestion was also made on the evaluations from the 2000 reunion. We want to put this request in the fall mailing (see attached).

I talked with Carolyn Cline Ollom about the possibility of honoring her grandfather, Rev. William Pinckney Cline, who was one of two main founders of Lenoir-Rhyne College. She has sent an e-mail to her family members to see how they feel about it, though she was pleased and honored. The committee agreed to pursue this idea, if the immediate family approved.

Dr. Harry Hickman, Jean Hefner, and I met with John Yoder, September 12th  to discuss the Cline Web site. The reunion committee would like to include the following:
1.  An attractive opening page with clear links on the left, a Cline photo, and the "Klein/Kline/Cline" logo. The site title chosen was "Klein/Kline/Cline Family of Western North Carolina; focusing on the descendents of Sebastian Cline."
2.  A page (link) on Cline souvenirs complete with a printable order form that can be mailed to Tommy Stine, 1923  36th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601.
3.  A page (link) on Cline reunions, to include sub-links with:
a.  an online form for people to enter their name, postal address, home phone, e-mail address for the Cline mail lists  - to be submitted online to Jean Hefner
b.  reunion announcements (such as dates, reunion plans)
c.  Cline Reunion Committee meeting notes
d.  reunion committee members with phone numbers or e-mail addresses
e.  photos of past reunions with captions
f.  a registration that can be printed and mailed with a check for the 2002 reunion
4.     A page (link) focused on genealogy, to contain:
a.     a form for people to enter changes into the Cline database (births, deaths, marriages)
b.     a link (with explanation)  for people to provide narratives (such as short biographies, stories, information about a way of life, family  beliefs, education, even Wills) to be included in the WorldConnect Genealogy (Klein)  site by John Yoder
c.     a way for people to submit digital photos, current and past
d.     a way for this information to be submitted online possibly to Mike Gentry, Harry Hickman, and/or John Yoder for entrance in the Cline database (or all three)
5.     A page (link) of Cline family members who gave permission to list them with their e-mail addresses. There needs to be a form they can fill out online, which automatically adds them to the list, WITH a copy sent to both Jean Hefner and Metaleen Thomas to be included in their two member lists (one postal, one e-mail).
6.     A discussion group (with threads)
7.     Links back and forth connecting the Cline Family and WorldConnect Genealogy Klein site. Each site should have an explanation on how to use the site.

Jean Hefner met with Derick Hartshorn and got the Cline mail list from him. She is now ready to begin the editing process. Several people have agreed to be a "Cline bloodhound volunteer" to track down lost or moved family members. They are Lynda Werdal and her mother Rebecca Stine, as well as Lila Kuehnert. Three other people are being contacted who have expressed interest in this task. Others are invited!

It was decided to try to mail the first reunion announcement in October. Jean will print the labels. The letter will be single page, folded, taped, and stamped (no envelope). The first draft is attached.

We briefly discussed suggestions that have come in on the reunion format. The need to preserve family stories is at the heart of one suggestion to have a workshop based on family narratives  (thanks Mike). Another suggestion is to somehow begin to record family stories that could be included in a Cline family book later (thanks Nell). The Klein/Cline Web site (WorldConnect) has a way to include family narratives. It was also suggested that we again include historical groups at the reunion, such as the DAR. Nell Thomas will be our contact with the DAR. We also discussed having Cline souvenir order forms available in the Cline Store during the reunion.

Two people have expressed interest in joining the reunion committee. We are looking for more people to help with the basics of the reunion. No special skills are required.

The Sebastian art print was discussed. The committee felt that giving Tommy Stine a stipend for his work was the right thing to do. This way he would give the painting to the "Cline family" to sell year after year, all profits going to the reunion efforts. The fee of $300 - $500 was discussed (he refusing to accept more) with over a hundred prints being made. Tommy will begin work on the print after Christmas. He feels that the type of picture he would draw may be around 11x14 in one or two tones. Having copies with fewer colors is more cost efficient and this type to picture lends itself to black and brown tones only. Metaleen gave him three different copies of Sebastian's will (all slightly different) to include if he wishes.

The next meeting of the Cline Reunion Committee will be Monday, 15 October in the Founder's Room of Lenoir-Rhyne College.

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 Chair's Notes - 19 November 2001

Several new committee members joined us, including Lila Kuehnert, Nell Thomas, and Luther Beaver. Tommy Stine reported that we have a balance of $1,326.16 with debits for postage stamps ($311.84) and a return address stamp ($17.50). I also gave him the ticket for the flier printing, Scotch tape, and committee information copies, totaling around $52.

The main item on the docket for the meeting was the taping, stamping, and labeling of 808 fall announcement fliers. Big thanks goes to Jean Hefner for getting the labels printed, and to Lila for being the Cline "return address." This job took eight of us about 3 hours to accomplish. But while working on the fliers, we discussed the following items.

Three hotels are being used for the reunion. There is some confusion as to their names since some corporate buying has recently occurred. However, so far, they will be blocking rooms for the reunion at around $55 - $62 with occupancy of 1-4 people. Bill Jones is working on this.

We discussed the developments of honoring Rev. William Pinckney Cline, one of the main founders of Lenoir-Rhyne College. Carolyn Cline Ollom and her family have given us their permission to do this (actually they were overjoyed) and she is helping to collect some information. Lenoir-Rhyne College has a lot of data we can also use in the presentation, plus a Christmas ornament of Cline gym, named in honor of Rev. Cline. We'll consider whether to use the ornament and how to incorporate the special honor during our planning sessions after the holidays.

We talked about collecting family stories - maybe for a future Cline book or maybe beginning simply as a collection of family stories we can print for each reunion as it "grows." A workshop on writing Cline family stories has been suggested, as well as putting a notice in the next mailing. More discussion will follow.

Nell suggested that we not have a Daughters of the American Revolution booth this year, but she would be willing to represent that organization, explaining how one joins, and explaining the documented research on Sebastian Cline for female descendents. Maybe she could explain the DAR during some of the reunion's total group sessions. We'll discuss this more later and maybe also look at how to incorporate the other historical organizations into the reunion.

We discussed the three-day schedule and liked the general formal. We prefer having about 4 workshops (not 18), and liked adding a "more formal" program Friday night. Nell suggested that we invite the Rev. David Ridenhour to present his musical lecture on the Clines as they related to Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

The committee decided to give Tommy Stine a stipend of $400 to draw the Sebastian collage for the reunion. In return, Tommy will give the print to the Cline family to sell copies at all future reunions. After discussing what the reunion expenses we will have in the next few months, we feel that we will be financially secure. Besides the expense of the spring mailing, the only other major expense will be to replenish the Cline souvenirs.

One item not discussed was the booking of caterers.

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