Special Announcements
Mark your Calendars!

The next Cline Family Reunion will be held in the Hickory area of North Carolina, 28-30 June 2002. The reunion committee is currently working and making plans, hiring caterers, securing local motels, obtaining keynote speakers, and workshop leaders. We have both new and old items developing for the reunion.

For instance, do you remember the 25,000 names of Clines we put all over the church walls during the last several reunions?  That database was built by one of us, John Yoder. Besides continuing work on our Cline database, John is also our Cline Web Administrator.  He plans to enhance our Web Site, creating a Cline Family site with lots of pages and links.  There will be information about the reunion, photos of past reunions, souvenir, and registrations forms to print out and send back to us.  We'll also have some forms online where one could submit changes in the genealogical database (such as births, deaths, marriages), but also forms to submit your address for our master Cline mail list.  Isn't this going to be great?.

Another wonderful new development for the 2002 reunion will be a Sebastian collage by our artist, Tommy Stine.  We'll have prints you may purchase with all proceeds going to the reunion fund.  Tommy is such an excellent artist I do hope you got to see some of his work at the last two reunions.

Also, by popular demand, Dr Gary Freeze will be one of our keynote speakers.  We also have some workshops, but not as many as last time so you'll have time for local tours (also by popular demand).

One feature of the 2002 reunion will be the display of Cline artifacts as well as the sale (with some to give away) of Cline art and crafts.  So, start creating now.  Clines are so talented!

We are working with the following motels for special rates.

Holiday Inn Express
104 l0th Street Place NW
Conover, NC 28613
800-465-4320 (reservation number)

Days Inn of Hickory
1710 Fairgrove Church Road SE
Conover, NC 28613
800-528-1234 (reservation number)

Ramada Inn
1607 Fairgrove Church Road
Conover, NC 28613
800-824-0427 (reservation number)

During the coming holidays, feel free to make copies of this notice and hand out to the family.  If anyone wishes to be added to the Cline mail list to receive notices of the family reunions, they can send their postal address to Jean Hefner (e-mail address below).  For quicker information on about the reunion (and the reconstructed Cline Web site) send Metaleen your e-mail address and she will send you announcements via the Internet.

We need help with some of the jobs both now and during the reunion itself.  Contact Metaleen for more information.

Registration forms, schedules, and reunion details will be mailed to you in the spring, but for now, make plans to come.

Feel free to contact any of the following Cline Reunion Committee Members, especially with new postal and
email addresses for our mail lists (underlined names are linked to an email address):

Metaleen Cline Morgan Thomas - Chair
Tommy Stine - Treasurer
Jean Hefner - Mailing List
Bill Jones
Charley Little
Dr. Harry Hickman

Please duplicate this announcement and give to any Cline family member.

Also coming in March 2002, will be a 4-day bus tour of Pennsylvania Dutch Country to see where the Clines, Hefners, and Yoders lived before moving to North Carolina. This tour will be lead by Don Yoder.  For more information, call John Cline at 1-800-345-5651.