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Although I've only been doing genealogy for about three years, I've been 'doing' history my whole life. I intend to use these pages as an opportunity to link the bare names and dates of my genealogy to the history of the places, times and people who make up my personal history in hopes that it my be of some help to others.

So that it won't become too cumbersome, at least at first, I plan to concentrate on surnames of my four grandparents: TULLY, FERNAN, MARKS and SANFORD.

According to his death certificate, my paternal grandfather, Michael KEARNS TULLY, was born April 29, 1875 in Harrisburg (Dauphin Co.), PA. But was he? His son's 1908 birth certificate says that he is 42 years old - pushing his birth back to ca. 1866. His parents, at least according to the death certificate, were Michael TULLY and Mary KEARNS, both Irish immigrants.

His wife, Anna (Annie) FERNAN, was born in 1873 in Susquehanna Depot (Susquehanna Co.), PA. Her parents, Thomas and Catherine (surname unknown) FERNAN, were also from Ireland.

My maternal grandfather, Charles Elwyn MARKS, was a dairy farmer - first at Shehawken Lake, Preston Township (Wayne Co.), PA and then at Deposit (Broome/Delaware Cos.), NY. He was born at Galilee, Damascus Township (Wayne Co.), PA - the son of Albert Sidney MARKS, probably of German descent, and Amanda Maria THOMAS, whose grandparents were immigrants from Cornwall.

In 1901, Charlie MARKS married Lottie Ann SANFORD, born 1880 at Shehawken Lake (then Island Pond). She was the daughter of Edgar J.SANFORD and Georgiana KILPATRICK, of English and Scots-Irish descent respectively.

Starting with these four, I hope to begin thejourney of discovery.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

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