Trails to the Past


Uinta County

School Graduates
1903 Graduates of Evanston High School
Anna Marie Cragin
Florence Alyce Hocker
Edna Lorina Peterson
Fanny Kettlewell Graff
Grover Francis Summers
Mary Loretta Forbes
Mary Josephine Murray
Daisy Elizabeth Duncombe
1906 Graduates of Evanston High School


Frank L. Arnold
Alfred Blackham
Donald C. Foote
Myra Galbraith
Mayme E. Long
Nellie M. Mahar
Margaret F. Murry


Above is the Class of 1907  Of Evanston High School
The Seniors were the the following:
Charles W. Peterson
Florence M. Arnold
Helen Smith
Maude Moslander
Kathern M. Whittle
Estella A. Murray
Bertha Parkinson
Sarah E. Gerrard
It was not written on the photo as to who was sitting where or left to right.
1910 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Colors Yale Blue and White
Emma F. Fischer
Lillian G. Cook
Andrew Coutts
Malcom I. McCuaig
Harold S. Gunnell
1911 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Colors: Yellow and Green
Class Motto: Excelsior
Mae M. Carruth
Flora Miller
Rhea F. Nash
Florence E. Peterson
Fae M. White
1912 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Colors Red and White
Class Flower Carnation
Class Motto "Victory"
Fanny Thomas
Bessie Blackham
Frank Gorman
Frank Chisholm
Lillian Starkey
Esther Ewer
Lawrence Cheese
Arthur Gutting
Mary Coffman
Violet Gerrard
Ivor Davies
Thomas Miller
Mabel Pugh
1913 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Colors Purple and White
Class Motto Ever Onward
Janet Crawford
Jennie Peterson
Elizabeth Kimmitt
Clara Graham,
Elvira LaRevier
Waldamer Anderson
May 19, 1913 Graduates of Bridger Valley
Lyman Graduates
Myrtle Herder
Walter Eardley
Norman Evans
Dewey Rollins
Maud Hamblin
Richard Stewart
Hugh Hamblin
Lottie Blackner
Orson Jarman
Clarence Jarman
Ida Briggs
Ethel Searcy
Chester Brough
Lennie Marshall
Darius Syme
Kate Forman
Elsie Larson
Eunice Wall
James Rollins
Juanita Hollingshead
Garland Pope
Rita Rasmussen
Bessie Syme
Fort Bridger
Pearl Casto
Harold Hater
Albert Micheli
Mary Rochford
Annie Rasmussen
Eunice Rasmussen
Sarah Erickson
Gladys Hawkins
Basil Eyre
Beulah Eyre
Eva Fackrell
Gerald Eyre
Mountain View
Ida Gourley
Lulu Kidman
Juanita Wilson
Etta Wall
Ray Wright
Leone Danks
Susan Smethurst
Lamar Thacker
Mary Sharp
Beatrice Dav
1914 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Flower Carnation
Class Colors Pink and White
Class Motto We Will
Vivian Baden
Gertrude Butcher
Jeanette Butcher
Mary Cheese
Helen Coutts
George W. Ewer
Marie Foley
Lillian Hammerson
Shirley Kastor
Mable McGraw
Bertha Malcolm
Mary Miller
Helen Mosey
Myrtle Murray
Alex Nisbet Jr.
Emerson Pugh
1915 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Officers
Will Reeves President
Matthew Nisbet Vice President
Ellen Peterson Secretary
Ella Corless Treasurer
Class Colors Purple and Gold
Class Flower Red Rose
Class Motto B2
Ella Corless
Margaret Crawford
Herbert Danks
Ethel Martin
Erma Morrison
Matthew Nisbet
Ellen Peterson
William Reeves
Gladys Starkey
Leona Whittle
1916 Graduates of Evanston High School
Class Officers
Dewey Anderson President
Elmer Ewer Vice President
Constance Gray Secretary Treasurer
Class Colors:
Emerald Green and White
Class Flower:
Pink Rose
Class Motto:
"Climb though the rocks be rugged"
Ester Hummel
Dewey Anderson
Ceicil Dean
Clarence Cook
Constance Gray
John Mills
Breta Bird
Daniel Gerrad
Hattie Pugh
Elmer Ewer
Rowella Cashin



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