Historic Forts of Wyoming


Historic Forts Of Wyoming


Fort BridgerFort Caspar
Fort D. A. RussellFort Fetterman
Fort Fred SteeleFort Halleck
Fort Philip KearneyFort Laramie
Fort McKinneyFort Reno
Fort SandersFort Washakie
Fort Yellowstone  

Several forts had more than one name over time.


Changed To

Fort CarringtonFort Philip Kearney
Fort John BufordFort Sanders
Platte Bridge StationFort Caspar
Fort William
Fort John
Fort Laramie
Fort ConnerFort Reno
Camp BrownFort Washakie
Fort D. A. Russell
Fort David A. Russell
Fort Francis E. Warren
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base

Temporary camps and other auxillaries.

Camp Carlin
Camp Carling
Cheyenne Depot
See Fort D. A. Russell
Camp Cloud Peak on Goose CreekSee Fort D. A. Russell


If you have any information on any historical fort’s in Wyoming or any military records from these old forts , or family stories about these forts and would like to share them with our viewers please email the Administrator for Wyoming Old Forts.

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