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Donna Havel Sun Feb 16 09:12:30 1997
Looking for any information regarding the name PISTO. >From Italy. Settled in a mining town in eastern Wyoming which shut down in 19??. Family moved to Gillette and Sheridan. Also Sheridan part of family changed name to PRESTON in 1920's to 1930's. Lived at 120 West 6th Street in Sheridan.

Susan D Slade-Grossl Tue Feb 11 16:22:29 1997
I am looking for information on my Grandfather Frank Sullivan. He married my Grandmother Nona Wallace in Wyoming sometime in 1926. They were then divorced at the end of 1927. Grandma was pregnant with my dad Joseph Bates Sullivan. He was later adopted by my Grandfather Slade. I believe they were married in either Superior or Rock Springs. I would like to find a copy of the Marriage and divorce papers. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Clara L. Smith Sun 27 Apr 1997
I am searching for information on Frank DeForst Smith and families. They lived there 1892 until about 1933. ch. Clark Eli, Blanch, Clure, Harry, Charles Henry, Lou, and Lloyd DeForest, b. 31 Jul 1988, m. 5 Dec 1932 to Susie Donohoo b. 23 Oct 1904, d. 5 Feb 1971. Thier childern were Frank LeRoy, George Lloyd, Harry Eugene, Martha May, Clark Deforest, Una LaRae, and Keitha. They were listed in the 1920 census; Frank died in Cody, and Susie had a sister still living there for some time.

Heidi Hafner Tue 02 Dec 1997
I am researching my g-uncle Joseph Jay Warren and his family. Joseph was born October 01, 1856 in Liberty, Clay County, Mo and died February 21, 1942 in Pinedale, Wy. He was first married to Emerita Dye (marriage date unknown). They had six children, of which 2 lived through adulthood. I assume that the children were born in Wyoming, but I am not certain. Joseph and Emerita moved from Missouri to Colorado Springs, Co and then to Pinedale, Wy where they purchased land and livestock and homesteaded. They bought extra land to make a section (640 acres_. The Green River ran through their property. Eventually Joseph built a Victorian Ranch house there. Emerita died in 1917. After her death, Joseph married Emerita's nurse, Rachel Washburn Rosser Joseph was a 33'd degree Mason and his son J.O Warren was a 32'd degree.
I hope this is enough information for someone to be able to help with any info at all.

Ida Johnston Thur 5 Feb 1998
Researching George Wesley Bloom born 1860 Monroe, Green Count, Wi. Died 1909 on family ranch near Pinedale, Sublette, Wy

Paula Michael Sun 14 Jun 1998
I am searching for an Alexander Jamieson born February 4, 1868 in Ill. He and his wife and 2 daughters came from Oklohoma and were never heard from again. I do not know their names or ages.

Harry Failing Sun 19 Jul 1998
Looking for information on Minerva Westfall, daughter of Morris Failing. Born 4/1/1850 - died 6/28/1906. Lived in Cora, Wyoming. Would like information on her and any of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Trina Miller Brooks Sat 8 Aug 1998
I am looking for any information that I can find on my Great Grandmothers side. She lived in Bonderant Wyo for 50 years. Her name was Daisy Dean Hatch Hicks Franscio. Daisy's fathers name was Joseph Clyde Hatch, and Her mothers name was Joanna Rebecca Hathenbrook. I am having a hard time finding any thing else on her parents. Daisy was married to a man name Ralph G. Hicks until he died. She then married a man named Gene Franscio. Can you help me find any information. I believe that Daisy and her husbands are buried in the Pinedale Cemetary.

Donnell Redlingshafer Wisniewski 25 Aug 1998
I would like information on the town of BONDURANT. I am a descendant of Alexander Conley BONDURANT from Iowa, through Emma BONDURANT (1862-1921) who married John W. REDLINGSHAFER (1861-1936). They settled near Kalispell, Montana and had four children, Harold, Ruth, Paul, and Helen. I have extensive information on both of these families to exchange with interested parties. A.C. BONDURANT also established the town of BONDURANT near Des Moines, IA. Thank you. Donnell

Richard Hanson 19 Sept 1998
Voin Gilson worked on a ranch in Big Piney in about 1940-41. His sweetheart was the ranch owner's daughter. Voin died at age 23 in WWII and I'm writing his history. I have pictures. Would like to find what ranch he worked on and possible name of sweetheart.

Julie Seely 15 Oct 1998
Hi i'm looking for some to look up a family on the 1905 state census please. It would be the Frank J. & Laura McLin whom is supposed to live in Wy. from 1904 to 1908. Thank You! Julie Seeley

Phil Hitchcock 16 Nov 1998
Am looking for historical book describing the cruel branding of a cowboys wife, by the jealous husband. I believe the title to be "TheBranding Iron" and the factual events occured approximately 1918. I don't recall the author, but would like to purchase a copy if it could be found. These events occured outside Daniel, on Horse Creek, approximately 10 miles northeast of Daniel,on the ranch formally owned by Frank Tyler. If it is available in any old bookstores there or you would know an email list of bookvendors in the area, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance, Phil Hitchcock

Julie Kropushek 21 Jan 1999
Looking Kropushek's ancestrial back ground.  The name may be spelled slightly different towards the end.   Family from Yugoslavia.  If any ideas where to look, I'd appreciate any help!!!   Thanks!

Christopher Avery 27 Jan 1999
Any info about the Erramouspe's who lived in Sublette county.  My grandfather was John Erramouspe who was married and may have had children.

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