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"Contrary to the

general opinion in

the large centers of

population in the

east, there is the

very best of good

society in the west.

By this we do not

mean fashionable

society, with all its

attendant evils of

dissipation so

destructive of

health, morals

and life itself,

but an intelligent

society, and one

in which all

the rational

pleasures of

social life are

reasonably enjoyed.

"Churches, schools,

literary societies,



dramatic societies,

dancing clubs and

the various secret

and benevolent

orders are found

even here on the

frontier, and ...

Wyoming affords

to its people all

the advantage of

a social character

that you will find

in the east."

The Lusk Herald, 1889

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Greetings from the foothills, mountains and plains of Wyoming. 

Like our state, this site is steadily growing and changing.

Please visit often to see what's new and different.

Currently, the site offers thousands of links to a variety

of websites relating to Wyoming life and history.
It also contains a number of exclusive pieces,

written by interested folks from across the state

and nation and found nowhere else on the Web!

Just click on a link and come on inside!

Or, if you want to see what Wyoming looks like right this

very  minute, check out one of the state's many web cams!



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